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Spying on Spy Island

Hi Gs,

I’m going to make one more prediction: Spy Island is the next to be updated!


Thanks to Elphangor and raqk for figuring this one out, lets go in order here… first, Elphangor revealed a new soundtrack for Spy Island.  You can listen to it here.  One, I love it, and two, what?!  This is crazy!  But still not crazy enough!

Next one goes to raqk, who found a background for Spy. That’s not much of a discovery, eh? Let’s take a look at the link:

See anything interesting?  The new “sound improved” island’s url are always /game/, while the old island’s url are always /base.php/.  So, the conclusion is, Spy Island is most definitely coming next, and also, it’s already been uploaded?  I’ll let you guys muse over it while I eat donuts.  I dunno why I said that… 😛


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