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Tough Icicle & the PHB’s Poptropica Christmas Party 2013

Psst! If you’re looking for the Mocktropica Island Guide, click HERE! The party has now ended, but you’re always welcome to go on the PHC! A recap has been posted on the blog.


Hey everyone! When I became an author, I decided to ask Fishy about a party, so… here it is: the first ever TIB/PHB Christmas Party! If you don’t live in the US, use this time converter to find what time the party will be in your time zone. For US residents, the party will be at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST.

Bring your Santa hats, candy canes, and other Christmastime gear! Get ready to battle in Multiverse rooms, add some new friends to your list, and maybe even win a rare costume prize! The party takes place on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat), and along with chatting on Xat, we’ll be sharing Multiverse codes so we can meet on Pop!

To access the chat, click “Chat” in the navigational bar at the top of this blog or go to The chat will be moderated, so it’s safe, and any rule-breaking will result in a kick or ban, so please don’t spoil the fun. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments! It’s going to be tons of fun, so join in the party!


48 thoughts on “Tough Icicle & the PHB’s Poptropica Christmas Party 2013”

    1. I have, but may unsticky it if something else comes up that readers might also be interested in. It’ll probably be stickied again as we get closer to the actual date of the party, but for now there’s still a couple weeks to go.

  1. That is so cool. Um what do you guys do at these parties because I have never been to something like this 😳

    1. As it says on the invitation, you get to chat with other Poptropicans in the chatroom (the PHC is a safe moderated environment), join in Multiverse parties (Sam might bring in some rare costumes), play games (whether on Pop or the PHC), and in general have a good time! We’d love for you to join!

  2. Also, I had super important stuff come up an hour after the party so I’ll be there for an hour. Sorry everyone! Hopefully Fishy can take some pics after I leave for the recap post i’ll write later after the party.

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