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Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic! (Part 5 of 6) & LEGO panic!

The penultimate page of the Pandemic Panic! comic is here! If you missed the previous parts, you can catch up from our previous posts. Here we see Dr. Lange finally realizing her deathly mistake…

Well, at least there’s still that last cup of maple syrup she can attempt to calm her nerves down with… assuming it’s not contaminated too, of course.

Also, the LEGO CUUSOO project Dr. Hare has gone on and on about since last winter is almost to its 10k goal, currently with 9,325+ supporters! A final prize has been promised for when we do get there:

So, let’s keep going! These Dr. Hare Light & Shadow outfits won’t be available until the 10,000 mark – so if you haven’t supported the project yet, be sure to cast your vote and earn the bragging right to say you helped with the project (which has gotten over 2 million views)! LEGO has closed comments on the project page on the grounds that “there were too many off-topic comments,” but, of course, you can still share your thoughts here on the PHB.

22 thoughts on “Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic! (Part 5 of 6) & LEGO panic!”

  1. The Creators truly made an epic prize, I missed that Night Hare costume, and I only have the regular Dr. Hare costume, but now I can get a two-in-one bundle!! I can’t wait for that costume, and the number of supporters seems to have sped up. I can’t wait for that costume!

  2. When this comes out there will be the original pink Dr. Hare costume, the blue Night Hare costume, and “light” white and “shadow” black costumes.

    With Pink, Blue, Black, and White variants of the same costume world domination will finally be mine. Or maybe I’ll just have four colors of the same costume.

    Either way, this is the most excited I’ve been about a costume in a long time,

    1. Agreed. I think I found a loophole with the Costumize Anything glitch, because I found another way to do it. I REALLY want that Night Hare. Could you put it on for me?

  3. Wow, we may get this Light and Shadow Hare outfit tonight or tomorrow! We’re already past 9,600 supporters, and if people keep going like this, we’ll hit 10k in no time flat!

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