5 years of Poptropica Help!

This Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) turned 5 years old on July 26th, 2013, and we celebrated with fun and friends new and old on the PHC and Poptropica. Thanks to everyone who came to the party!

5thPHB recap

Ubiquitous color-changing 5th birthday balloons, head-to-head game battles, and special effects like Fireworks took place in Multiverse rooms that tended to fill up quickly, while on the PHC, people were chatting and got to meet some of the PHB authors – Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, Fuzzy-B, Enclosed Lightning (who retired), as well as other Poptropica bloggers like Spotted Dragon and Silver Wolf.

Even if you couldn’t make it this time, remember that the PHC is always available for you to hang out with other Poptropicans! Thanks to all you readers for sticking with the PHB and we hope to continue being your Poptropica key! Don’t forget to be awesome.

happy birthday PHB!

ps. look at dem 9,097,313 hits!

44 thoughts on “5 years of Poptropica Help!

  1. Slippery Dolphin says:

    MAN!!! I wasn’t able to make it either. Had a family crisis. 😦 Anyways, you guys should really make more of these parties, since they seem to be so popular (just a suggestion ;))! 😀

  2. Comical Turtle says:

    It was an awesome party! At first I thought I missed it because I had been on vacation for 3 weeks but then a truly amazing coincidence happened. I read the invite at the exact time it started! It was so fun even though I was only there for a little bit. I even created my first multiverse room for it! I agree with Slippery Dolphin; you should do these more often!

    • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

      Okay,see,when I came,I was really excited.Then I immediately asked for the multiverse code.And Fishy gave me it-ADL12.I logged in and came on.I think Fishy,White Paw,Edalfrey ,ayman*insert no.s here* and Silver Wolf were there.I was really excited and walked around looking for some others. But that was it.The party was getting over.

      Then halfway through,I saw Fishy trying to go through the trees. I told her that the trees were unbreakable.She replied,”I’m also unbreakable. 😉 ” Hence,I also started to break through the trees,but not before someone threw a cake at me,making me permanently blue for the rest of the party. XD . Meanwhile,Obi,SW and a moderator called Leo were having a conversation about SW’s Google+ account.

      Then SW asked me if I lived in India. I asked her why she wanted to know. She said it was only because one of her friends was from there,but not before Obi replied,”Because India is hoarding up the gold prices nowadays.” Then Obi and Leo started pestering me saying, “GIVE US GOLD”

      I would have almost replied,”No,I don’t have any,but you can still get minecraft,” ,but I think it was around that time Fishy made me a member. I immediately I said,”Thx Fishy”,with maybe a :3 in it. Then,SW asked me to check out her Google+ profile. I simply replied,”I don’t want to be a stalker!” Yes.

      I mean,who would be bad enough to ask you which country you’re from? I don’t want to be a stalker,thanks. Then I went back to Poptropica and saw that people were leaving. I think only me and White Paw were the ones remaining. I asked why no one was in the multiverse anymore. Leo said,”Because no one cares about Poptropica anymore.” I said,”ooooooohhhhhhh”

      I also asked when the cake was going to be brought,but no one replied. It was a fun party. But I had to leave,leaving White Paw in the ruins of the party…all alone. 0_0 Then I said I was leaving. They said bye to me,even Fishy! I think that’s when I took the screenshot. Anyway,I guess that’s a good summary of what happened in the party,bye!

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