PHB Sneak Peeks: Up next is… Virus Hunter Island!

Thanks to PHB reader Aang, we’ve got the name for our next Poptropica island – Virus Hunter Island! It turns out that Poptropica artist Nasan Hardcastle has posted pictures on his blog for characters he has designed, including this image below of what looks like characters for the next island:

EDIT: About a day after this PHB post, the image above was taken down. Looks like someone’s been checking up on us! But they can’t take back what we now know. ;D

(By the way, check out Nasan’s site, Soft-Shack, for more cool Poptropica artwork.) A Whois search for confirms that Poptropica has owned the domain since March 12, 2013, and it even re-directs to Poptropica. Hmmm…

You may remember or have noticed the Daily Pop sneak peeks featuring Poptropicans exploring the human body’s interior, which shows us that the next island, Virus Hunter, will involve exploring a Poptropican’s insides. Plus, from the characters above, we can see it has something to do with a gym. Cardio exercise time!

Now… what about Dr. Lange? (First of all, is she named after Poptropica designer Ashley Lange? Creators’ inside joke, perhaps?) Silver Wolf and BT think she may be a suspicious character (evidently, red goggles + lab coat = PURE EVIL). But who knows?

So… Virus Hunter Island! Get excited like an electron in an excited state! (*ahem* chemistry joke) Stay tuned to the PHB for more updates!

29 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Up next is… Virus Hunter Island!

  1. Brave Tomato ★ says:

    My assumption kinda depends. She may or may not be evil, I get that. However, Poptropica has a history of evil, hypocritical, or strange doctors, so that’s why I thought so. Who knows- she might be the first doctor that’s actually normal. Well, only time will tell.

    • Brave Tomato ★ says:

      (And yeah, I know that Dr. Romero was pretty normal, but when you first meet him, he’s a zombie.)

    • Slanted Fish says:

      She did look kind of evil in one of those sneak peeks, so it’s a possibility. And yeah, there are some pretty strange characters on Poptropica who have the “Dr” title. Makes you wonder if they really earned it. 😛 (Dr. Hare might have a degree in World Domination, except he failed.)

      Well, it’s Poptropica; there’s gotta be a mad scientist somewhere. Hope we’ll find out soon!

      • Clean Shark says:

        And notice that Dr.Lang is the first character in Poptropica that has Red goggles, rather than green, so the Green and Mean title goes to Dr.Hare and Sir Rebral, and she looks… Suspicious. Well, let’s go and find out!

      • Sleepy Feather *The Girl Who Waited* says:

        Well, really, if you have a PhD you’re known as ‘Dr’ no matter what degree you did. 😀

  2. strange beetle that can wait to watch the night watch says:

    awesome! virus hunter island! i gotta get membership right away

  3. dragoniteluver598 says:

    hey guys it’s me strange beetle! i changed my username to dragoniteluver598! and i have an idea for what the new island is going to be about:
    ok so a doctor or scientist will shrink us down into a test subjects body(since the sneak peek we saw earlier)
    Then, since it’s named Virus Hunter island, we might be battling viruses in the test subjects body and “hunt” viruses, but that’s what I think 😛
    Strange Beetle A.K.A. Dragoniteluver598
    P.S. I know this is off topic, but I just started a WordPress Blog, which Im going to post about Poptropica, Mario, and Pokemon!

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