LEGO Poptropica

A journey into the world of theater!

The currently unnamed (or is it?) Theater Island seems to be gaining momentum as the Creators have posted a new preview showing off an upcoming character!

A Journey Into the World of Theater!

Well we obviously have the director of a film working their magic in this preview! But other than that I can’t tell you much more about this (new?) island, shrouded in mystery…

What I can tell you, though, is that you now have a new way to show off your Poptropica swag with an all-new Poptropica supporter badge. You just have to print it off and then you can totally show off your support to anyone and everyone!

Apparently, the goal is to get the Poptropica LEGO CUUSOO project to 10,000 supporters by March 4!

So… are you ready for this upcoming theater-themed island or are you more excited about being able to show off to all of your friends that you helped make LEGO Poptropica a reality?

10 thoughts on “A journey into the world of theater!”

  1. My brother likes Legos…I think he wants me to print out the badge now. I really hope that a movie island comes out! First comment!

      1. I think that is an actual character. That would be a pretty crummy Members Only Costume like Zaggy Moondust (In my opinion, I don’t want to start something bad here) but I hink there could be something better for a Members’ Only Costume. 😉

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