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Zomberry: Day Zero- Part Two of Six

Hey guys, Part 2 (of 6) of Zomberry: Day Zero has arrived!

(click on this image to enlarge it)

Sheesh, this Joe Puddy guy doesn’t give a care for those fruits. Especially not that “Banantelope” (RIP). I don’t think an apocalypse possibly caused by fruit smoothies would change his mind at all. But… hmm… I’m getting suspicious of him. It looks like he wishes people would shut up about fruits. The lady (it looks like she could be either his wife or his sister) is really trying to shove that banana down his throat too.

Now, what’s gonna happen next??? We’ll find out most likely tomorrow!

BT out!

10 thoughts on “Zomberry: Day Zero- Part Two of Six”

  1. Cool! Maybe he’s the one who starts the apocalypse! He get’s tired of everyone trying to make him eat fruit and shows people how bad fruit can really be! MWWWAAHHH!!! *Then in sweet, little girl voice* Tee Hee! 😀

  2. I agree with Jingle Dragon, I’m really sure that Joe Puddy guy is the one that starts the zombie apocalypse !! Also, I changed my name for Christmas !!

      1. I’m aware of that, I just said that so like, anyone that was looking at this and didn’t see the whole thing yet and was looking at the comments would know. OK, Mall Manager Clown? ;-D

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