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Zomberry: Day Zero- Part One of Six

Now, the Creators have done something that they haven’t done in a LONG time…. made a comic promoting an island! It’s called Zomberry: Day Zero, and it’s going to be a 6-part comic describing the origin story of Zomberry Island! The first page has been released today. Here it is:

(click on this image to see a larger version)

Joe Puddy… that’s one of the names on the Dawn of the Dead spoof printable poster! But it seems like the lady with the beret’s going to be important to… who is she?

It seems like in a city filled with fruit-eating Poptropicans, Joe’s the only one who prefers meat. And the lady’s pretending Joe’s a hungry lion with the “banantelope” being his prey or something like that. Well, we’re probably going to find out more about this new comic in the days to come! In the meantime, we can only wonder what caused this Zomberry Apocalypse.

BT out!

15 thoughts on “Zomberry: Day Zero- Part One of Six”

  1. First of all I like your Christmas name BT! I mean A Very Merry Brave Tomato if you like your full name. I’m changing my name for the holidays too, from Spotted Dragon to Jingle Dragon, but I’ll change it back later. Second, maybe the girl is trying to get Joe to eat the fruit by pretending it’s an animal or “meat.” Third: Day Zero? Sounds suspitious… 🙂

    1. Thanks! You can still just call me BT, makes life easier! 😉
      Day Zero DOES sound apocalyptic-y, doesn’t it? Dangit, I thought we had enough of unstable berry stuff after Violet Beaureguard…

  2. 😳 Oops I forgot to change my name. *Types J… I… N… G… L… E…* There! Oh wait. *Basckspaces S… P… O… T… T… E… D… * There! Oh wait. *Puts space in between Jingle and Dragon* Ok… I think I’m done! Maybe…

  3. Yay! I’m a big fan of comics! Also, don’t you guys see a pattern in the islands? Ones good, the next ones bad, the next ones good, etc. On the schedule, though, ZOMBERRY ISLAND IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!! 🙂

  4. Here is my zomberry story.

    The case of zomberries part1

    Cool Bite went to the city store to buy some fresh blueberries but soon, the wind started to blow. “Well, I’d better be quick before that weather becomes worse” Said Cool Bite as she picked up the blueberries and putted them in the shopping bag, checked out & rushed home but soon… “Uh oh!” Cried Cool Bite. Everything has lost power and the storm came in.

    To be continued.

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