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Full of flavor – that’s what the new PHN design and your Thanksgiving meal have in common!

Ladies and jellybeans, I present to you – the new design for the Poptropica Help Network! That’s where you can access all of our services and more. Check it out now!

As you may know, the PHB is only one part of our Poptropica Help community, the rest of which can be found on The new layout lets you preview content before jumping right in, and it’s pretty easy to navigate. Hope you enjoy! :mrgreen:

So, there’s another little gift to be thankful for this weekend. The Creators say that they’re grateful for PiratesNinjasChocolate FactoriesThe Jersey DevilWimpy KidsCarrotsRail TravelAngry GodsSpacemenEspionage, Horses, and YOU. Hey, if it weren’t for that last part, you’d almost think they were only trying to advertise some of their favorite islands! *clicks on Horses* Oh wait… 🙂

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and made it out alive from the intense crowds of Black Friday! But that’s only the beginning of the shopping season, isn’t it?

That’s why the PHB now has a new article titled Merchandise: A Guide to Poptropica Shopping! You can find it under Cool Stuff, and it lists all of Poptropica’s merch so it’s easy to find them all in one place if you’re looking for what to add to your wishlist.

*rides off on my little pony*

Horse. I meant to say horse. But now my voice has gotten hoarse…

10 thoughts on “Full of flavor – that’s what the new PHN design and your Thanksgiving meal have in common!”

  1. LOL! Thats funny! Anyways, cant wait to add merchadise to my wish list ! :mrgreen:

  2. YES! “Thankfully” I am back home to my marvelous computer where I can now play Poptropica again and check in on the PHB! And what do I come back to? A new page on the PHB, which is always awesome! And a closet for non-members! What can be better?!? 😀 Now I just have to survive school until Christmas… 😛

  3. SF have you been looking at the Daily Pop sneak peaks lately? I really think that there is going to be some sort of mall. Maybe or maybe not included with this city/zombie island that’s been hinted at. All I know is that there were Chinese restaurants, Smoothie places, kiddy rides, a pizza place, and… a security room. I can’t wait until the Creators announce what’s next! :mrgreen:

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