The Big F-I-V-E!

Guess what I ended up finding in the Counterfeit Island common room completely unaware?

It looks like Poptropica’s 5th birthday celebration is on! Wow… five years already? Pretty cool! 🙂

The prize you get from finding the 5th birthday blue balloon is this costume: a little similar to last year’s cake, except a little more extreme with fireworks and all that.

If you want to celebrate this occasion more subtly (or if you’re having a hard time finding the balloon), then there’s a color-changing 5th birthday balloon available for FREE in the Poptropica Store!

Wowzers, 29 islands between then and now. 29. Soon, it’ll be 30,  but as of right now, 29 islands between 5 years is pretty cool.

Happy Birthday, Poptropica! 😀

BT out!

57 thoughts on “The Big F-I-V-E!”

  1. ****************************************
    Dear Poptropica.

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear Poptropica.
    Happy birthday to you

    Your’s Truly. Cool Bite

    Wish a happy birthday comment here!

  2. Ohmigosh! I just found the balloon in the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica! I recommend you look for it there because it’s smaller than the other common rooms, just sayin’.

  3. Hi Hijuyo! Fact Monsters’s username is dummy1063! In return will you pls create a post tell how to get the golden sword your poptropican is holding? Thxs!

      1. It was wrong! You put dummy1036! dummy1063 in my friends list and hes fact monster! Yes really! Try it urself!

      2. No, as I explained, it’s a clone because of the “dummy” in the username. An actual Creator wouldn’t pick that as a username. It does have the name and appearance of Fact Monster, but that can be achieved through some sort of cheat/hack or cloning. (I don’t know how, but someone else might.) I did input dummy1063, not dummy1036. Also, you can’t really claim credit for “discovering” this username if you just found it on a comment on this blog that I already replied to, meaning I’d seen it already. It would also be appreciated if you would post your comments where it is relevant (not on this post).

      3. You know if it was a cheat it would say “poptropican” in the friends but it says fact monster in friends. you dd type incorrectly on the database in the daabase you typed dummy1036 also I figured this out myself that I starting viewing this blog for couple days.

      4. Ok last comment here. 🙂 To prove my theory you know how codien changed his name using a cheat? His name is codien on the avatar studio bht on the friends his ame is poptropican but dummy1063 name is fact monster on BOTH friends and avatar studio hope this confirms for you!

      5. I see your point about the name cheats. However, the username still makes me doubt that it’s an actual Creator’s account and not someone’s “dummy.” Someone had incorrectly informed me about dummy1036, but before that, there was information about dummy1063, which you probably found on this blog. As you said, this should be the last comment about it – if you want to continue the discussion, please do so where it is relevant (the Creators Database page, in this case).

    1. Also the avatar link for dummy1063 matches the avatar link in the database! You put dummy1036 on the page and its not him! It’s dummy1063 it doesn’t say poptropican in the friends in the friends it’s name is fact monster so it is the REAL fact monster not a cheat one! If it’s the cheat it will say poptropican in the friends! Try it on the avatar studio!

      1. OK listen… go on creators database and then go 2 fm and then add fmonster see the difference?!? hint: EYEBALLS!

    1. in the rooms it a big and kind of small bloon it will have a 5 on it and the bloon that your talking about it in the stores get will be gone

  4. Is it just me, or did it seem easier this time around to find the birthday balloon? I’ve found it twice, but I never found any of the other balloons. Am I just lucky this year?

  5. I have 5 notes for you, guys:

    1.Say ”Happy Birthday Poptropica !”
    2.There are 2 new ADs in Poptropica: one is the Ranoy CunningHam AD (like Shifty Hopper said) and the other is the Monster High AD.
    3. I discovered PHB could also mean ”Post Happy Birthday” or ”Poptropica: Happy Birthday”.
    4. I found the birthday balloon!
    5. I also discovered a ”costume cheat” in the Monster High AD. But you have to enter the AD at least once. Then I’ll tell you (it’s easy so you might have discovered it yourself).

    1. Sorry, I forgot:

      6. In honor to Poptropica 5th Birthday I’ll be dressed with the Birthday cake costume (you’ll know this if you added me: chiko12 is the username 🙂 ).

    2. I’ve gone in the Monster High ad, but I can’t seem to find it anymore! What’s the costume cheat? And BTW, happy birthday Poptropica! I actually got the costume on my 3rd try, adding a whole new meaning to the phase ‘Third time is the charm’.

      1. Okay, I’ll tell you the costume cheat:

        1. Go into the Monster High AD.
        2. Enter Robecca’s dorm.
        3. Go all the way right till you see the next: ( then click it ).



        4. You’ll get the ”JETPACK POWER”. Use it.
        5. Your ”char” will use special glasses and jetpack.
        6. Right after you have ”blasted off” press CTRL + SHIFT and S.
        7. The special glasses and jetpack should now be part of your costume.
        8. Gongrats.

        – If the cheat does not work, change your skin color right before you touch the ground after you blasted off.

        -My computer isnt working well, so I couldnt put the exclamation mark next to the word -congrats-.

  6. So I turn off the computer but don’t logout of poptropica. Then I turn it back on and I’m dancing! It always happens on spy island though!

    1. It’s basicly anything a poptropican has ever done! Also, in the mh ad, the dummy started rocking out in Rochelle’s dorm!

  7. I want you to look at these Daily Pop pictures more closely:

    In outline: This might be concept art for the island described in that birth of an island sneak peak because there is a subway and a place called Sluggy Smoothies. Remember the “Empty Smoothie Cup” from the item list?

    Sleep Now: Captain Crawfish is floating in the box to the left.

    Also here are some more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Daily Pop pics.

  8. Omg look at the new pub post! They have confirmed the Charlie and the chocolate factory island! Maybe this is the island on the piece of paper with the items such as the smoothie cup and the car keys? Try to figure out the name of the island by entering things like, and see if it redirects to poptropica!

  9. Grrrr… found the balloon on my other account but not this one. BTW, found in the Billiards place on Reality TV Island. Add me, type in pringlesfan7109!!

  10. Yeah! I finally got it on, like, my 100th try (but who’s counting). I love this costume sooooo much! But for some reason, I could only find the balloon on one of my accounts. Is it just rigged that way?

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