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Poptropica Help Blog: 7 Million Hits Contest!!

Wow, seven million visitors to the PHB. That’s pretty huge. I started this blog about four years and a month ago, and look how far it’s come! ๐Ÿ˜€

[NOTE: This contest is now closed. Click here to view the list of winners!]

So anyway, let’s celebrate with a contest! Here you’ll get a chance to win one of seven Poptropica accounts with rare items, pictured above. (Thanks, elphangor.) All you have to do is comment on this post telling us how you discovered this blog (or if you don’t remember, Poptropica itself). What island guide were you looking for? Did a friend introduce you here? Or were you bored and randomly Googled something, and what was it? We’d love to know! ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t forget to enter a valid email address in the email section of your comment (no need to display it publicly). We’ll need it to contact you in case you win. Winners are chosen at random, so don’t worry about it! You have until the 21st of September. Sound off now in the comments below!

Browse the prize accounts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

-slanted fish

160 thoughts on “Poptropica Help Blog: 7 Million Hits Contest!!”

  1. well my sister introduced me to poptropica and a couple of weeks later this AWESOME website! BTW keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I googled “Poptropica”, and the PHB was one of the first results that came up, and clicked on it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I started playing Poptropica in October of 2007, when our computer teacher introduced it to us. Eventually, I became stuck on an island, so I searched “Poptropica Help.” That’s when I discovered this amazing world known as the PHB. This blog inspired me to create my own Poptropica blog, . I don’t post on it nearly as often as you would here, but it’s always been my dream to work on this blog.

  4. Hey, I am a regular reader of this blog. How I met this blog…..:
    I was walking around in my school. It was Lunch Time, so practically my school lets us do anything at Lunch Time. I saw some enemies of mine near, so, I hid near them, listening to their talk. I thought they were talking bad about me, but to my surprise, they were talking bad about me then they started talking about a blog. They said, aloud, ”Gee, Eshani [my name,…I am a girl!] is so stupid, but PHB is an awesome site. It tells us all about the Poptropica islands and all.” That was quite enough for me. I knew Poptropica, loved it, but was stuck in a island. I wanted to see the ‘PHB’ they were talking about. I Googled PHB. At first, nothing came, but then, ‘Poptropica Help Blog’ came up. I knew this was it and clicked this site to see it. After reading some of the posts, I decided to read this blog every day. I love it! That’s how I met this blog.

    1. I discovered poptropica about 1 year ago at school; in Elementary, always when I went to ESL class one or two computers were on poptropica, (because the class before was for third grade), and I looked at them
      And thought; hmm… It looks interesting; (BTW it was in Super Power Island) so at home I googled “poptiotica” because I didn’t remember the name. Then google told me: maybe you wanted to say, poptropica” so I clicked on it to discover the best game ever!!

      Username: Coolbump1
      (frnd me!)

      I discovered this blog in my iPod touch,( where I always comment in the PHB) once surfing the web, typed poptropica blog, because I wanted to see the Creators’ Blog and I didn’t thought there was another Poptropica blog, so I searched and discovered this blog!
      I clicked on it and Ta-daa!!!
      I’ve been on this blog for only 3 months!

  5. Hmm, let’s do some math, if you’ve got 7,000,000 hits and there’s 7,000,000,000 people in this world; that means than about 1 of every 1000 people in the world had seen this blog!!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ congrats! :-$

    1. Actually I think hits get added when a person comes on the site. It can be somebody who’s already been here. But I don’t know. And I’m not 11.

  6. I started playing Poptropica on February of 2009,( i remember it cause that’s when Big Nate island came out) i was bored and i was looking at some websites, that’s when i saw I found poptropica when i saw their ad on the sides and got interested in it and started playing it. And to my dismay, i got stuck on an island, so i searched “Super Power island guide” (the first island i played on poptropica) and that’s when i discovered the awesomeness of PHB.But i didn’t actually focus on the guide here, because i prefer a video guide, but i need some news or updates because im new on poptropica, That’s when i always check on PHB for news and updates, i also found out there were video walkthroughs there, So this is how i found Poptropica and the PHB!!!

    Here’s my account anyways if you want to friend me : spritedog

  7. Here’s how I discovered Poptropica:

    I’m was in First Grade, when two older friends were playing the original Poptropica (Yes, when there was just Early Poptropica! I’m 99.9% sure of this.). I think they found it on Funbrain, because we were allowed to go there for the Math Arcade.

    You what’s funny, is that now-a-days, I can’t do a Island without you guys. Thanks for the fun, laughs, and 7,000,977 hits!

      1. Hey! I’m 11 too!
        Did you know that 11 is basically the average age to play poptropica?
        Anyway, you can still play poptropica if you’re 6 or older…
        Just like….
        Thinknoodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 6 or younger will maybe just don’t know what to do)

    1. I was in first grade too! I found it on funbrain because I loved funbrain, I was homeschooled. are you in 6th-7th grade now? I am in 7th this fall.

  8. how i discovered this blog? well, first it’s a long short story- my friend (who just started playing) got me interested into playing poptropica. but then, on s.t. island, i got stuck on that puzzle so i looked up poptropica help, and i saw this blog! it was an amazing site! there was poptropica island help, and i couldnt do it without u guys! ๐Ÿ˜€ also, i discovered poptropica on funbrain

  9. I’ve been playing Poptropica since I was 10-11 years old(I’m 16 now), ever since I discovered it on Funbrain. I dont rememeber when I first read this blog, but it helped me so much for the Astro Knights puzzle at the end. I completely forgot about this WONDERFUL blog until 2010(during the summer…I think?)when I rediscovered it. It was a huge help and thank you very much PHB.

  10. I’ve been playing poptropica for about three years now and i got stuck on islands alot of times so the poptropica help blog came up a lot on Google when i searched for help i went on it once and now i go on almost everyday!

  11. You probly won’t pick me but here I go anyway! Okay so one day I was looking up how to beat Steamworks island I got stuck from the bigening and so I stummbled opon this awsome!- web site (: (And yes I did beat the island.).

    1. Hey, I am Eshani! Just I logged onto WordPress, that’s what. Read my story…’s the 2nd comment! I just wanted to say, if u pick me, just give me an account of a girl poptropican! I don’t want a boy. But if u don’t pick me,…..well…….just leave it. Love u, PHB!

      1. I am like, the only person where the only fun games at school are Civiballs, Fireboy and Watergirl and the magic temple, and B-cubed. No one gets that poptropica IS educational. I keep saying: It take a long time and a very logical mind to solve an island alone! Or: Come on! Poptropica is educational!

  12. oh and i discovered poptropica when it started ( or when i was 6) now im 11! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. The prize accounts do not have membership on them (that was never promised), but they feature cool, rare clothing items. If you do win an account, you are welcome to change the password and/or add membership, since the account will then be all yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks sooooooo much ๐Ÿ˜€ and PS will you be an honary author for a week on my blog?

        Slanted Fish: You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think I have the time; sorry. (For any posts, since the PHB already takes up time)

      2. Aww…how bad! I really, really wanted a membership account! My Dad doesn’t allow me to put membership on Poptropica or any other play sites like Poptropica. It’s sooooo bad!!!!!!!! Gee, I thought it would have membership.

      3. Sorry about that. It is difficult to gift membership to others on Poptropica, since it requires a credit card or game card, which I don’t have access to. Credits also seem to be unavailable for purchase at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      4. Even if I didn’t continue to update the blog, I’d probably still leave it here for those searching for some Poptropica help, since we have lots of great resources available already and it would be a waste to take them down.

        Also, please make sure you are posting relevant comments relating to the post/page you write on. A better place for this question (or other “miscellaneous” questions) could be the PHB’s About page. ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. hey slanted fish could their be a phb multiverse party to celebrate the 7 million viewers on the blog? ( their should be more then one because they might get crowded) just an idea

      6. It’s a great idea, and you’re welcome to share a Multiverse with others online at the same time on the PHC. There’s often people online, so make a room, share the code, and have fun! We could make a Multiverse party in the future, like we did to celebrate past PHB anniversaries. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. How I met Poptropica:

    I was watching T.V.. In that moment, my brother, Matias, was in the computer. I thinked he was downloading songs for the cell phone, so I ignored him. Then, I decided to do the school homework. When I finished, he was still there. ‘What are you doing?’, I said. ‘I’m playing Poptropica’. ‘It’s good?’ (We don’t say ”great” or ”cool” in Argentina). ‘Yeah, more or less’. I decided to start playing and… IT’S GREAT!! (Yes, I said ”great”).

    How I met PHB:
    When I played Poptropica, I was stuck in Skullduggery Island. (Yup, I completed all the other islands for myself). I typed ”Poptropica. How to win Skullduggery Island” in Google and I came across this, and now I come everyday.

    -I was 7 years old when I met Poptropica; now I’m going to be 13 years old in October 21st.

    So there you are, that’s how I met Poptropica.

  14. I discovered Poptropica when I was about 9. When I was 8 I was spending all my time on and my mom said to start doing more educational stuff on the computer. So she looked up ” educational games for kids” and got funbrain gave us a link to” the playground ” and the playground gave us a link to poptropica! BEST WEBSITES EVER!
    And I stumbled upon PHB when i was looking to finish steamworks island. I loved the way u guys did the walkthroughs and came on here every time I wanted to finish an island. Now I see that there is much more to this websites and just want to say thank you SO MUCH for creating this wonder websites

  15. I found this blog around the time Counterfeit Island came out (my fave island btw.) I typed in poptropica on google and kept scrolling down and saw this site. I clicked on it and loved it! This was maybe three years ago.
    I actually discovered poptropica when it first launched. I was probably 8 or 9. Im a freshman now ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep up the great work!

  16. I was 6 years old.Everyone in my class was talking about a fun game called poptropica.I typed in poptropica and poptropica help blog was under it.I clicked it.I found this is the best website for poptropica help.

  17. I played poptropica when first cam out beat a few times and got tired of it. So I searched to see if there was any more poptropica things about 2 years later not knowing there was another island (shark tooth) so I found phb. I looked at the articles and loved them and found out about shark tooth. So I’ve known phb for a while and love it! Thx!

  18. I first discovered the PHB when I was looking for help on Spy Island, I kept looking for guides on how to solve it and I finally decided to go by the one here because I liked the format. I stayed here for about a year before I discovered there was a chat for here and I joined, though I was banned forever recently. Of course, that’s neither here nor there. Welp, there’s my story

  19. I don’t think I remember how I discovered this blog, or Poptropica. But I do know when, I discovered Poptropica somewhere in March of 2011, I was about 9 around that time, i’m 11 now,and a couple of months later, I was stuck on an island, and I decided to type in: “Poptropica Help” on Google. And that’s how I discovered this awesome blog!! Huh, I guess I do know how I discovered this blog.

  20. How I Found Poptropica:
    A few years ago, my cousin, who’s a year younger than me,told me about a game she started playing and it was Poptropica. She helped me make an account, but I started losing interest in Poptropica, so I forgot the username and password of that account. A year after that, I made another account since I was bored and I’ve been playing ever since.

    How I Found the PHB:
    I was looking for a walkthrough for this island, I can’t remember which. I came upon this site, found the walkthrough, and completed the island. I was suspicious of this website at first since I had never heard of something like this and I’m a very cautious person. I forgot about the PHB for a while, but then I came back since I was, and always am, bored. I looked around and found out that the PHB was legit and so now I’m on here almost everyday.

  21. In 2007, I was doing an assignment on Funbrain and I saw Poptropica. I clicked on it. My 2nd grade teacher gave me a 0 for that, but i’ve been playing ever since!

  22. I was at a new school with no friends. I then made friends, and everytime we went to the computer lab we both finished our work fast, so we got free time. He always played a site called poptropica, so I asked him one day what site he is playing, he said poptropica. He said that it was really fun and that I should try it out. I went home and typed poptropica and made an account. I had no idea what to do, so I typed “Poptropica help” and I found the “Poptropica Help Network”. I was going on this site all the time since then. When someone had trouble with something on poptropica I always recommended them to view your blog. This blog convinced me to make a blog of my own!

    1. I’ve a feeling that you’ll win one of the prizes because of you’re story.
      ( no, really, I think is cool, mine sucked!)

      1. I did that blog a long time ago, then the PHB convinced me to make another blog of my own. I then made another wordpress account with another blog. (This is the other wordpress account)

  23. My cousins showed me Poptropica, and I needed help with an island, so I googled Poptropica Island Guides and i got here! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Well, believe it or not, I started playing Poptropica in January 2012. So, I’ve been playing for almost 8 months. Anyway, I read about it on Jeff Kinney’s bio page on the official Diary of a Wimpy Kid website. I decided to check it out, so first I went Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia) and found out that there was a Wimpy kid-themed island called Wimpy Wonderland. I had to check it out, as I had just got the 6th book, Cabin Fever, that day. At first, I was having trouble, not realizing anything was left of Greg’s house (I mean the direction). After I got frustrated, I gave up, and decided to continue the next day. So, I did. But first, I read further along the Google page for Poptropica, and found the Poptropica Help Blog, It has helped me ever since. And, Wimpy Wonderland is my first medallion.

  25. I was looking for a Poptropica cheat for something, ( can’t remember what)
    and this site showed up, it has been verrrrry helpfull, keep up the great amazing work!

  26. It was just before the release of… Astro Knights Island I think. I was bored. I typed in “Poptropica” but my hand slipped and I must have typed something like “Poptropica encq8nc” (you get the idea). Anyway, the first result was your blog, so I clicked on it and… well, here I am now! ๐Ÿ˜€
    BTW I don’t particularly need a new rare account but those accounts look awesome. How did you get them?

  27. in the spring of 2009 my teacher said we can go on the cmputer for a while and my classmate told me about poptropica when i got home that day i never knew that i would be playing it for almost 4 years and how i found the poptropica help blog is when i was in the first year i started playing poptropica i asked my brother for help on a island and he told me to go check out the walktroughs on the poptropica help blog and i have been in love with the poptropica help blog and poptropica

    1. thanks for the laughs (nonstop laughs pretty much) smiles and the help this is truly the blog that people will never forget good luck with the years to come

  28. I found Poptropica back in elementary school. We were on Funbrain, as our teacher instructed us, and we were aloud to browse through the site. I saw an add on the side called “Poptropica”, and was oddly intrigued. Out of curosity, I clicked on it and quickly saw it was the type of website where you have to make an account and everything. I exited, because I knew I would get in trouble otherwise, and forgot about it the rest of the day.
    But, for some reason, the name popped back in my head later when I was home, and I searched for it. Of course I typed in something like “poptoecia”, but I eventually found it, and immediatly became hooked.
    I also found the Poptropica Creators Blog at the same time, and one day I found this blog on the same search page. I clicked, and I’m still a daily reader as of today ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. How did I discover this blog? Hmm, the memories are a little fuzzy, but I remember vaguely how I discovered Poptropica in general: I was in the computer lab at my school (now the physical education room), and I saw my friend Chase on a website called Poptropica. I wanted to play it, so I tried to find it. Unfortuneately, I have autism, so I forgot the link, and typed in Poptown (i know, weird name) instead of Poptropica. After a few tries, I finally got the link, and here I am today!

  30. Lots of interesting stories! I’ll share mine.

    I discovered Poptropica through my brother, who found it on Funbrain. (Funbrain is also where we read Diary of a Wimpy Kid before it was even published.) At the time, I also saw many WordPress blogs about Club Penguin, and was inspired to make one. However, while choosing a URL, I saw that wasn’t taken yet, so I created the PHB from there. (Yes, this almost was a Club Penguin blog o-o)

    We started on the PHB together, but he actually stopped shortly after, so it was just me most of the time, even back in the days of “Hijuyo” or even “Scary Tomato.” I had a boy Poptropican at the time because I thought that the girls’ clothing was weird, though that’s changed now and I do have a girl Poptropican (Silver Rock). ๐Ÿ˜›

    For those wondering about the boy/girl Hijuyo, it really was just mostly me, so technically the same person. As you know, I now go by Slanted Fish, and that brings us to the present. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I discovered poptropica about the time Ghost Story was available for all.
      So I’m basically new. ๐Ÿ˜€
      Anyway, SL, I have a question, do you play other games that are not Poptropica?
      (I don’t, because of time and stuff.)

    2. Nearly a Club Penguin blog?! O.o I used to play Club Penguin (before it was members this, members that). It was better in the early days. So glad your blog is 100 percent Poptropica!

  31. I was playing Poptropica ( which I found through Funbrain ) and desperately needed help on an island. ( 24 Carrot, I think..? ) So, being the knowledgeable youngin I was, I googled ‘poptropica island help’ and found the PHB. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve been a, uh.. “fan” I guess, for over 3 years yay me

      1. And that he’s gonna attack Hijuyo with wieners?

        โ€ขโ€ขโ€ขcan’t hold laugher!โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข

    1. Remember, you should put the email you want us to contact you with in the email section of your comment. Using two different emails (commenting with one and then posting another) makes it more confusing.

  32. Poptropica-
    When I was in 4th grade, my computer teacher let my class have ‘free time’- she said we could go on Funbrain. I saw some boys sitting behind me playing a game that looked fun. Some goats were bucking their characters(Nabooti)! I looked for links and saw that it was called ‘Poptropica’. I made my first saved character, silvercat916, and when I went home, I asked my parents if I could go on. They let me play it because I had done it at school, and I’ve been playing ever since. I’ve made a ton of characters, and I’ve baeten 14 islands altogether- but not on the same character! My favorite character is Blue Star.
    PHB- In February, I wanted to beat Vampire’s Curse, when it had just come out. So, I went and looked up how to get across the moat. I found it, and soon I had beaten the island! With the guides I beat Counterfeit, Vampire’s Curse, Ghost Story, SOS, Poptropolis Games, Mystery Train, and 24 Carrot with this blog! Thanks so much!

  33. I was on funbrain, when i saw an ad for poptropica, and instantly fell in love, later i was stuck on astro knights so i looked up walkthroughs and came upon this awesome blog!

  34. I think Poptropica became famous because some of the creators have kids, and told them about Poptropica, and then their kids told then to their friends, and their friends to their friends,and their friends to their friends,and their friends to their friends,and their friends to their friends…

  35. How I found Poptropica: About 5 years ago, I was at my school’s computer lab, where the teacher let us go on Funbrain. I saw a cool ad for Poptropica on the side, but the school’s computer didn’t have the right flash player to play Poptropica. Feeling disappointed, I tried to go on Poptropica at home. I made an account and was instantly hooked. I loved everything about it! My original account when I used it back then got deleted when I went on summer vacation to a place with no internet and couldn’t get on my account. -sob- But I made a new one in 2009 and have been playing on that one ever since! Back then, it didn’t seem like anyone I knew had heard of Poptropica. Now, it’s insanely popular! I feel sorta proud that I’ve been playing since the beginning. ๐Ÿ˜›

  36. If I win (I’ll probaly not but who knows?) I will choose between Nice Shark and Zany Coyote.

  37. i first found this site because i had trouble with some island. so i looked and looked and looked … then there it was a thing called p h b so i was like cant hurt to try and then it was like i struck gold , it was like i saw hope at the end of a tunnel it was like well i guess u know what i mean but what i really want to say is thanks its not about winning the cool prizes its about complementing you cause without poptropica my life would be bad so thanks thanks to all those great posts thanks to all those great guides, sneak peeks , thank you for all of it.

  38. I found the poptropica help blog looking for the Nabooti cellphone cheats. What I got was much more – a website with walk throughs, tricks, cheats, and so much more!

  39. The way I found this blog is I was on WikiAnswers and I searched “How do you get the cat whiskers on poptropica?” and the first result was “Leaking items of monster carnival”. I was really interested, and I clicked on it. This was about, maybe a month ago, so I haven’t been on here for long.

    The way I found POPTROPICA it’s self is at about the release of RTV, My cousin played it at her school, and then she told me about it.

  40. Slanted Fish, I have a question.
    Do these have credits? Not that I need them to have any, if i win.

    Undefined Undefined

    1. The prize accounts are new, so they just come with the 75 credits from saving the game for the first time. Of course, if you win an account, you’re welcome to do whatever you want with it.

      1. Thank you for answering! (Yes!( I’m new on here!) I finally got a reply from Slanted Fish!)

      2. This is me on a different computer. I was also wondering why I’ve seen about every one of these in the closets of the authors?

      3. I don’t know about the other authors, but I don’t have most of these in my closet, but was able to access them through certain accounts. I’d assume they were also able to find ways to access these clothing items as well.

      4. I know but I have to scroll through about 100 of my friends to get to her! So I thought maybe she may have gotten membership.

      5. I chose not to get a Poptropica membership because it felt like it wasn’t worth the money to me. Of course, other people may think differently, and that’s fine as well.

        Free membership sounds cool, but unless you or this person can actually show us how, it won’t do anything. Do you plan to tell us? ๐Ÿ˜›

  41. I kinda noticed that mostly ALL of these outfits were in my closet months prior, and they were kinda unique and no one had them, so hmm I’m kinda confused. Some are very similar which is kinda scary. My username starts with jara, and I’m not saying the rest to prevent hackers.

  42. I found Poptropica when I was five, on funbrain. Its strange, I remember it was 2006 when i found poptropica, so poptropica couldnt have started in ’07. :l I’m 11 now And I’ve been playing since. ๐Ÿ˜€ I found your blog when i searched for a Shark Tooth Island guide. I love your blog, and its so easy to understand, even a 6 year old can use it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Fine with me, I’m leaving the US on December!

        P.S. Every time I check this post, about 100-700 hits more.


  43. Can’t believe all those days on the computer playin’ normal lil’ flash games.
    Because I didn’t know Poptropica!

    Wait a minute!
    I just got a idea for a cool song!!

  44. I googled “poptropica help” because I was stuck on an island (I dont remember which) and needed help. Thanks, guys! You really helped me complete Poptropica islands.

  45. I. Don’t want to be picked! Pick someone else. I’m just sharing what I know.

    I don’t want to be picked because I am am growing up and doing high school and now I am behind two islands. And I don’t need a prize like this.

    I found Poptropica when my mother found Funbrain and I started playing on it. With that there was the ads of Poptropica. I decided to join, I think I had to wait only a little bit for Shark Island to come out. After that, Time Twisted came onto the map saying “Coming Soon” beside that island was Monster Carnival saying “Coming Soon”. They actually had a banner under the game before signing in that said “Monster Carnival Coming Soon”.
    Time Twisted came out soon, and I excitably started on that, except I got almost all done except I could not figure out how to make a old car go, so I tried to search it on Google. except there was barely any results that I wanted and any Yahoo questions was unanswered, and Google was suggesting “Did you mean: pop tropica” ? Finally, I found Legoless’s blog post of Time Tangled and his blog post help me with a simple result of “duh”.

    I waited, waited, waited, waited for Monster Carnival to come out, and well, it never did, it just disappeared.

    Sometime else I was looking for more help, and found the search results filled with poptropica stuff. Then the Creator’s Blog came out and of course I followed it for a while. And then I found the Poptropica Help Blog, with Scary Tomato, Smockers, and Codien.

    Commented on Legoless blog : April 2008
    Joined Club Penguin: September 2006.
    Started Reading PHB: Don’t remember.

  46. Oh I just have a quick question! Is everything or at least some items that the prize accounts are wearing customizable?

    Please answer! x3

    1. I’ve seen a few things that I know are customizable, But a few items I don’t recognize.

  47. I found poptropica back in second grade (2006). We were on Funbrain, and someone clicked on an ad for poptropica. The word spread around the room, and soon everyone was playing it because our teacher was nice enough to let us.

    I found the PHB one day when I was looking for a list of friends. I stumbled upon “Friend Finder” and kept an eye on this blog ever since.

  48. I started playing Poptropica on April 17th 2007. My brother came home from school one day and said that some kids at school were playing this game in the computer lab. Now I am a Poptropica addict. Everyday I’m playing and my brother is saying “I should have never intrduced you to that game.” Once I was playing and I lost track of time and I accidently was playing until 1AM. I was stuck on Super Power Island and then I Googled Super Power Island Cheats. Then I scrolled down and there it was, Poptropice Help Blog. I read this blog every single day. (BTW my username is bre8240 if anyone wants to friend me.)

  49. My frenemy Francis was playing Poptropica and told me about it and that’s how I decided to play.

  50. Well hello everyone!

    I started playing poptropica in 2010, there were some hard islands so I started searching for poptropica island guides and I saw all the guides, were written in such a way I cannot understand suddenly froma cousine of mine I heard the name of this website and I started to go to this web.It is the best guide web ever.I wish all thew best lucks for the creator of this web for the future.

  51. I emailed a friend one school holiday, saying something like “OMG I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. It’s too hot for anything outside. What do I do?” He replied with the link to poptropica, and I got stuck on Nabooti island. After 5 days of trying, I searched for a guide. I found this site. After a long time I became an author, and though I have been busy with school lately and I have been inactive, I still love this blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. it was only a year ago…
    My Arch-enemy was talking about this game called “Poptropica”
    I was wondering what it was about and as I listened it sounded fun so when I got home from school I went on my Laptop and went online I made my first player…. Rough Crab (Don’t make fun of my name!) I still have her. It was a few days after that that a new island came out (25 Carrot Island) I was stuck on a part and gave up so I decide to look up online “Poptropica Help” I scrolled threw the results and near the bottom I found a website called “Poptropica Help Blog” I looked at it and I fell in love with PHB and I commented and named my PHC person Clover and my “Commenter” person PERSONSAREWEIRDO12 A.K.A. PAW12 and I rate this blog for cheats, island help so I give it 5 stars!!!! Keep it going!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


  53. I first found this site when I typed in a phrase on the internet, sadly don’t remember what the phrase was.I found a new blog I haven’t seen before, so I clicked on it. I made my way around the blog, and I loved it! Thx 4 bein 2 awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. I started playing poptropica from an ad from funbrain(At that time, there was only early poptropica available) I found this blog when I was searching for the creators’ blog on google then I accidently found this website.

  55. Well it was really a while back when I didn’t have a WordPress account so,here we go. xP

    Well, I wasn’t the sort of person who like video games,etc,but I loved to study and read,so I would probably be associated with the “nerdy” stereotype. So,on my computer I used to search up studying websites,revision sorta stuff,if you know what I mean,but I did get made fun of for a while ;o;
    So,on this “faithful” day if I must say so myself xD I was looking for some sort of educational website,and of course,I came across a website called Funbrain so I clicked and well,I liked the extreme of going on it in my ICT breaks at lunchtime instead of reading quietly in the girls toilets (TMI *o*)

    And after I comnpleted this maths arcade game (like a board game almlst) I saw an advertisment for Poptropica. Well,then I thought “what kind of a name is that” XD so I clicked,but heres the funny thing. It took AGES to load so I ended up exiting the tab then just continuing doing this maths game I had on hold on a different page (web tab). But I did not forget about that website. It was stuck in my head for AGES until I finally let go of the stupidness of the name. And I guess I got addicted,to the exterior of searching for cheats,new adverts,when I came across a blog,called Scary Tomatoes Blog. I clicked,and I fell in love. The detail in the posts was amazing and I loved the Nims Island post,the golden trophy at the grass skirt stand in Shark Tooth Island..I desperately wanted to go on the blog but I guess I was too young at the time ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’m so sorry that this is long,and I really wish you guys the best in what you do,I’m not committed to running a blog as I thought,but you guys don’t quit.
    I’m so proud of the progress you guys have made.

    ~Abbey xoxo

  56. For the past few years I have been searching websites I could play on. I was so board just by playing the same games over and over again! We went to go pick up my cousin from school because his mom was working. Anyway, when we picked him up and went home he told me about poptropica and how fun it was. He also told me he played it at school with his friends. I made an account and found the perfect website for me. I was so happy! That was the best day of my life! Now I won’t be board anymore, infact I have completed all the islands so far and I can’t believe I’ve been playing for 5 years when i started at six years old!

  57. I needed help on Spy Island (I just LOVE those kinds of movies!) and I searched Spy Island Help and found a gaming blog, and somebody mentioned in a comment to go on the PHB! So That’s how I found this AWESOME blog!

  58. Hey, hey, hey. I’m an all time PHB fan, first time commenter! I found out about Poptropica like 6 years ago from some friends on the bus. They said it was awesome, so I checked it out, and no doubt it WAS awesome! Ever since then I’ve been an ultimate fan, and have beaten every island so far! I found out about the PHB from just searching Poptropica, so I checked it out, and it was as awesome as the game itself. Therefore HUGE fan ever since!

  59. Just so you know, I know how to get the apple, and identicle apple glasses. Go to the Poptropica store and enter the promo code: applebees12. You’ve got it! Hint: press spacebar to activate an awesome power!

  60. I first started out playing Poptropica after I played on Funbrain at school. If you have ever used it, then you know that there are a lot of advertisements for it there. I checked it out at home and was instantly hooked. Not long after, I found out about the Creator’s Blog, which made me wonder if there were any other Poptropican blogs out there. I did some research on Google and this site automatically popped up. I have been a loyal PHB fan ever since, and it has even inspired me to create my own blog! Thank you, PHB!

  61. My little sister showed me Poptropica when I was 13. She needed help on beating either Early Poptropica or Shark Tooth Island. I’ve heard of Poptropica from school from Funbrain but I could never access it because of school security. So after I helped her beat it, I set up my own account. I went through endless hours of picking a decent name. Finally, I found the first decent one: Bronze Rider. I liked the sound of it and so I chose it. I still play it from time to time, to look up new island or to answer the daily question. As to how I found the Help Blog, I can’t remember which island I needed help on. My gut tells me to go with 24 Carrot Island but I don’t remember. I stopped coming because my favorite people were Codien and Smockers. When they left, I don’t know. I really was nice when I was the runner up for that Halloween Contest 2 years ago. Elder Soldier. I liked it. Anyway, then there was Youtube for the guides, so I just look that up. I’m a visual guy so I rather do that than read it.

    And that’s my story.

  62. I was playing on funbrain, and after seeing so many poptropica ads, I tried poptropica out and I loved it!

  63. When i was in first grade, we had to get on a math program and poptropica was being advertised. I found out about PHB when i was googleing help for Wild West. I have now been on for 7 years although i don’t still have my original accout. I think it is pretty cool you all are doing this for us.
    Thank you
    Shifty Cloud

  64. I saw this blog because I needed help with Shrink Ray Island, and that was roughly a year ago? My friend introduced me to Poptropica two years ago, and…yeah. Congrats on seven million hits! Many more to come I bet.
    My membership just ended and I’m really bummed! Just saying to everybody, membership was worth it. =)
    – Silver Heart

  65. I was on funbrain and I accidently clicked on the poptropica ad. When I was about to get rid of it, I thought it looked intresting. So I joined poptropica. I found the phb when I was looking for an intresting poptropica cheat website on google. The phb was the perfect one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. I found out about Poptropica after school, a few years ago. My friend was going on about this new addition (Spy Island) to this site she really liked and enjoyed. I asked her what site she was talking about and she told me about Poptropica. When I got home, I went to search Poptropica. I clicked Poptropica and checked it out and LOVED IT.

    I found out about PHB around a two, three years ago. I had told some of my other friends about Poptropica (some who got seriously addicted to it as well!), and one of them had searched up a site that had walkthroughs. She came across this site and couldn’t wait to tell me. She came over to my house later and showed me to this site, and ever since then this has been my go to site for help and new things about Poptropica!!

  67. When I was smaller, in 2007, september, I was a Funbrain ADDICT! Funbrain is a website that is supported by the same company as poptropica.(pearson education) So, naturally, there would be advertisements for poptropica. I found Poptropica on the DAY it started, because I would go on Funbrain every day. I remember it was only one island, Early Poptropica. I played, and I was hooked. I was a fish and Poptropica was the bait. Since I was little, I needed help, and no one was willing to help me, so I googled Poptropica help, and this blog popped up. (funny thing is I found this blog in ’08) I remember when there was no membership, and credits were 100 per island, you could buy early access passes for 500 credits. I loved poptropica during 07-09 I love it more now!

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