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F is for Friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me…

url update

Well, I managed to renew blog.poptropicahelp.net after all, so guess we’re still sticking with that URL for the PHB. Don’t forget you can still use poptropica.wordpress.com anytime to access this blog. 🙂

poptropica friends

Since Poptropica doesn’t have any new updates yet, let’s talk about Poptropica Friends!

Find Friends Now: Did you know that clicking “Find Friends Now” from the Add a Friend feature (the + sign) leads you to an Enchanted Forest Multiverse-type room, that isn’t actually a Multiverse? (There’s no room code.) There, you’ll find some other Poptropicans who have also clicked that button, and you might be able to make some new friends that way.

Random old man Poptropican gif (thanks Loud Shark!)

PHB Friend Finder: However, there’s a better way to find friends, and that’s with the PHB Friend Finder, of course! You can find it listed on the Cool Stuff page. We list interesting accounts you might want to add, and in the comments, you can find other PHB readers and share your username too!

Costume Closet: Also, recently, Poptropicans have been able to customize clothing from their friends’ costume closets, even certain handheld items their friends had in there! Note that you’ll need to be a member to save outfits to your public costume closet which can be accessed from your Friends profile.

Poptropica Help Network: Other great places to find Poptropica friends are the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat), the official PHB chatroom, and Breezy, the official PHB forum.

Also, we’ve reached 6.9 million hits! Thanks for visiting the PHB! 😀

-slanted fish

3 thoughts on “F is for Friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me…”

  1. I didn’t know about what the “Find Friends Now” button did, but I had never really noticed it before. Also that gif made me laugh so hard, it is awesome. Great job!

    Also I saw there is a new Advertisement for ParaNorman.
    When you walk in talk to Norman. He says that he has a problem, that he dead are rising from their graves! He then says to talk to his friend Neil. After you talk to Neil you start the game. You have to click to dig holes to “return zombies to the ground” so they don’t reach the archive building. There is a maze of graves that zombies walk through, but the catch is that you cant dig a hole in the same spot twice same spot twice so the zombies make a safe path to walk on (also zombies see holes coming and don’t go that way so dig the holes as close as you can to the zombies). Once all of the zombies are reburied you win the prizes, Bub Follower and Special Zombie Power. Here is a photo.

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