A Party “Four” the PHB: Happy Birthday!

As you may know, this Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) turned four years old on July 26th! PHB readers were invited to join the mega party on the PHC and it was a blast.

The chatroom was filled with lots of people, the conversations were rapid, there was some DJing with the YouTube player, and the Multiverse room exploded in fireworks, balloons, and birthday cake hats. Many authors showed up for the PHC/PHB Author Night – Slanted Fish, MT, Shaggy, Super Thunder, Brave Tomato, Rainbow Dash, and even past author Cool Wing.

There were lots of chat regulars and new faces, so thank you to everyone who came to hang out with us and have fun! And for those who couldn’t make it, remember that the PHC is open all the time as a regular chatroom for Poptropicans. 🙂

Happy birthday, PHB!

It’s been a great 4 years & we hope it only gets better.

P.S. At the time of this posting, we have 6,865,329 total hits!

27 thoughts on “A Party “Four” the PHB: Happy Birthday!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Sorry to hear that you weren’t shown, but because of the amount of people it would have been quite a task to fit everyone into a picture without spamming the whole post. I’m glad you were there for so long though! Hope you had fun! 🙂

  1. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    I wish I was there too. I wasn’t allowed to enter the chat, and I don’t know why, my mom just said “no!” Changing subject, I can costumize all handheld items! It might be only in my computer, but I can!

  2. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    Is there a way to costumize the Zaggy Mondust costume? Because I really want it and is for members. 😦

  3. Silver Wolf says:

    Fishy, not trying to be off topic, but how do you make picture like that and the header? Is it a special program, if so, what is it? Thanks! I’m trying to make my blog the best of the best (besides yours, which is pretty improbable to beat). 😉

  4. Samwow5 says:

    Um, Fishy I have Gimp 2.8 and I’m messing around with tools, but Ican’t figure out how u merged those pictures above into one and put paint splatters behind the words. Can u help me plz?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      To put the pictures together, just copy them into the file you’re working on. Put a layer under the text layer and use splatter paintbrushes (downloadable from the internet) on that layer to keep them behind the words. If you need more help with using Gimp, there are plenty of other places on the web that can give information; just Google what you’re looking for.

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