Wimpy Boardwalk Island

I want the high score, so I gotta play more!

What’s your Thunder Volt high score? Members can play this retro shooter video game as the bonus quest at the end of Wimpy Boardwalk Island. It looks like even Friendly Bug wasn’t able to beat Greg’s high score of 10 million… and that makes him/her an idiot, according to this high scores list!

Having trouble with this arcade game? Our PHB Wimpy Boardwalk guide has tips and instructions on how to beat the game, so give it a try! Do you have what it takes to put Greg out of his shame?

8 thoughts on “I want the high score, so I gotta play more!”

  1. Well, greg is not a baby, he CAN take care of himself to get outta his SHAME and he just lost a piece of dollar he can find it himself!

  2. Oh really?
    I wouldn’t say that if I were you.
    I just wish Jeff Kinney keeps adding more and more islands.
    And I constantly am wishing that he would write more books of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. My father likes it, but he just won’t buy one of them until a new one comes!
    Oh dear!
    I hope my wishes come true!

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