Never Say No to a Panda

Otherwise, the panda’ll destroy stuff. Or at least that’s what I know from Egyptian commercials. As a girl on the east coast of the US, don’t judge me for not knowing anything about pandas besides what I see in the media.

Is there ever a bad time for pandas?

A little over a year ago, we released an Island in cooperation with our friends at Magic Tree House. It’s called Red Dragon Island, and if you haven’t played it, you’re missing out on a thrilling adventure through old Japan with Jack and Annie, the heroes of the Magic Tree House series.(Oh, and you also get to master a bunch of awesome ninja skills like climbing up walls and using a grappling hook.)

Whether you’ve been through Red Dragon Island before or not, now’s a great time to head back. Not just because it’s a great adventure, but because the Magic Tree House store has been updated with the latest, greatest books from the series. Head on over to Poptropica and visit Red Dragon Island to get the scoop on A Perfect Time for Pandas, and its accompanying Fact Tracker, Pandas and Other Endangered Species.

And then find the ninja master and get to work!

avatar image


Bossy, aren’t you, Captain Crawfish, there? Well, how about you take this Panda cheese and it’ll make you understand.

😐 I’d take it if I were you. Now. Please. D:

Anyways, um… yeah… books… and stuff… I swear that panda is freaking me out… o.o *grabs three cartons of Panda cheese* I gotta go, BT out!

*runs away, screaming “DON’T DESTROY ANYTHING!!”*

Crud, too late. o,o


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