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What a wimpy winning

Well, we were going to show you a new Wimpy Boardwalk update… but it looks like it’s out of order.

All those lovely stuffed toys you see in the background, but the claw picks up this?

Bored this summer because Wimpy Boardwalk isn’t here yet? *rolls in the advertisements*

  • Icy Comet’s Poptropolis Games Guide for the PHB is up!
  • Rules and Ranks have been added to the PHC – just scroll down!
  • Talk to other Poptropica players on our Poptropica Help Chatroom (PHC)! Meet in Multiverses, play games, chat about your favorite things, and have fun!
  • The 100th episode of former PHB author MT’s Party With Hobos was recently added to the PWH site!
  •, our Poptropica Help Network (PHN) homepage, was given a few improvements. Take a look, and if you haven’t seen some of our networks listed there yet, be sure to check those out as well.

As you may or may not have noticed, I changed my screen name from Hijuyo to Slanted Fish. My Chinese name can also be translated to mean slanted (wan) fish (yu) by using different tones. I felt that it suited me more and I do like it better. As far as nicknames go, I guess you can use Slant, Fishy (to differentiate from other Poptropican “Fish”s), or stick with Hiyo/Juyo until you’re used to the new name. :3



please enjoy this irrelevant gif of Harry Styles

34 thoughts on “What a wimpy winning”

  1. I was wondering what was up with the slanted fish suddenlybeing your name. I think that little fish is cute. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out you were Scary Tomato, too! Yeah just to tell ya,I’m new here, and I didn’t find out alot of things until recently… Yeah, kinda embarrasing…

    1. Yeah, I know, I have a hard time deciding on names, so hopefully this is the one. 😛

      Scary Tomato is a common Poptropican name (and the initials ST are used by two of the PHB staff right now xD), and Hijuyo includes “ju” which was formed with my brother’s name, but I wanted to have my own name. 🙂

  2. So you changed your name again? 🙂 This’ll take some time to get used to for me, Fishy… 😛

  3. Gosh, Fishy, when are you going to stop trying to confuse us? 😉 It’s gonna take a little while to start thinking of you as Fishy instead of Hijuyo.

    Slanted Fish: trolololo >:D

  4. I’m already used to it! Since I’m new here and everything, I didn’t set completly on Hijuyo, so I have no problem getting used to Fishy! Can I say Fish Girl, Slanted Fish?

    Slanted Fish: Ehhh.. maybe not. 😉

  5. Hey Fishy, can you add something to the rules under controversial topics? I don’t wanna say anything here though.

    Slanted Fish: Added, but I don’t think it’ll be as much of a problem here as it is on the PHC. 😛

    1. Cause you-know-who keeps bringing it up whenever he notices I’m there. Eventually I just ignore him and leave. So…

      He also documents stuff I say and puts it into his “Shaggy” folder. O.o I have no idea what to think of him now.

    2. I didn’t make controversial topics forbidden in case some people did want to discuss them (some people enjoy debating so..).

      However, if he brings up something you don’t want to talk about (most likely just to annoy you or hope you’ll lose your temper), just ignore it and say “I’m not having this conversation with you.” Don’t say anything you’re not comfortable saying. 🙂

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