The PHB’s Third Annual Halloween… Pumpkin Patch!

To continue tradition, the Poptropica Help Blog is once again holding a Halloween contest adventure (of sorts), and as usual, all are invited to participate! Click to This year will be a little different – previously, those who entered went and dressed their characters up in the spookiest customization they could think of and judges picked winners – and this year, we at the PHB are going to celebrate Halloween in Pumpkin-Patch style!

What does this mean? Well, a pumpkin patch is, of course, full of pumpkins – each one unique, big or small, short or tall, thin or wide, you get the idea. The Poptropica Help Network is a diverse community, and everyone is different. So this year, you get to share Poptropica Halloween in your own style! Maybe not everyone is a fashion kind of person, so instead of limiting yourself to costumes, you could try something else.

Remember, the theme is Halloween and Poptropica, so try to stick to that, but don’t be afraid to let your creativity run loose! All you have to do to join in the fun is post comments, as many as you like (as long as they’re not spamming, of course). You can also comment on and critique others’ work if you like! (And, if you’re not the type of person to comment, you can still have the fun of reading and appreciating.)

Here are some ideas of things you can do…

  • Costumes
  • Scary Stories
  • Role playing
  • Art – eg. drawing, collage
  • Poetry/songwriting or parodying
  • Jokes
  • Extension – Combine a few of the above! 🙂

The prize is for everybody – and that’s the fun and joy of expanding the pumpkin patch of creativity and awesomeness! From now until the end of Halloween (October 31, 2011), ANYONE (that includes you, yes YOU!) is encouraged to share something here – feel free to share as much as you can come up with! 😀


&Happy Halloween! -from the PHB

109 thoughts on “The PHB’s Third Annual Halloween… Pumpkin Patch!

  1. MΛch↑nΞ LΦrd says:

    I’ve always wanted to share my costume ideas! I’ve got 2.
    The first is what my poptropican usually wears. I call it Astro Knight Villain number 2.

    Hair: Brain cap

    Mouth: Pointy teeth, preferably the ones that are frowning with the pointy teeth.

    Eyes: Put the Binary Bard eye thing on.

    Face: Mechanical face

    Shirt: Templar Knight shirt from the store

    Pants: Templar Knight pants

    Hand: whatever you want

    Chest accesory: Limited Edition Renegade Robot chest accesory, if you don’t have the LE one, go ahead and use the regular Renegade Robot one

    Belt: Sword belt from the Templar Knight

    I hope you enjoy that one, I sure do!

    My second one is more simple in terms of description. I call it “Fiendish Knight”

    Put on the knight armor from the guards on Astro-Knights. Leave the helmet off. Then put on the devil horns from the monster in the Poptropica Store. Go to Spy Island to get bald hair. Put on the yellow eyes from the zombie costume on Haunted House. Don’t forget to get a black cape from there! Oh, and use the same pointy teeth from the costume above. For a hand item, you could use the scythe, but I prefer to use the Lantern from the glitch on Cryptids Island.

    Enjoy! 😀

    • Hijuyo says:

      Preferably yes, I suppose it’s encouraged since this is a Poptropica community, but you don’t have to if you’d rather not. A non-Poptropica Halloween drawing is better than none at all, of course. 🙂

  2. jo man jim says:

    hi madhatter i never seen you before. I have a costume get torch, pantom (max seting), and minimiser you are almost invisible. 🙂

  3. Invisible Bee says:

    I had an idea for a scary costume for girls.
    Hair-Vampire Girl 1 (or any long hair), with the girl in the green toga in herc’s hero hut, mythology island’s makeup/hair thing
    Mouth-Girl on main street, Counterfeit Island, with the blue jacket/white skirt
    Top-Vampire Girl 3 (or any black shirt)
    Belt/Skirt-Goth girl in the rumor mill, Astro Knights Island
    If you want you can carry the scythe from the end of haunted house or wear the spy island medallion. If you have followers (spook pack) you can use one of those too, or the phantom effect.
    I’d post a picture, but I’m not really good with computer stuff….
    I hope you like the costume!

  4. Zany Dragon says:

    Here it is! Hope you guys like i! 😀
    The Flame’s Place
    Ch. 1
    “You are SO DEAD!”
    12-year-old Zany Dragon ducked and squealed as a sticky glob of pumpkin seeds sailed over her head. “Ahhh! No!” she screamed just as a second mess of seeds hit her in the face. She swept it off. “Bronze, quit it! We’ll never find a good pumpkin like this!”
    “We’ll get a Jack-o-Lantern- as soon I’m finished with you!”
    Zany smiled. “Fine. Have it YOUR way.” She stooped down, picked up the clumps of pumpkin seeds, and hurled them, one by one, at her sister.
    Bronze tried to run, but the seeds got her in the back. “No! I’m sorry! I was just kidding!”
    “Too late for that!” Pretty soon, the twins were running around the pumpkin patch, giggling and screaming.
    “What are you brats doing here!?”
    Zany and Bronze froze. Uh-oh. Mad Sock. Their new neighbor(also their older sister, Pink Storm’s, ex-boyfriend) had moved to the island next to them just a few months ago. They could already barely stand to be in the same string of islands as him. Unfortunately, the pumpkin patch happened to be on HIS parents'(Purple Flame and Icy Bee) home island.
    Zany looked up. “It’s a free island, Sock. This patch doesn’t even belong to you.”
    “Mom and Dad aren’t going to like it, though.”
    Zany stood up a little straighter. “Oh, so you’re going to tell your MOMMY on us? That’s cute.” Bronze managed a weak little chuckle. “Relax. We’ll just grab a pumpkin and go.”
    Sock’s eyes narrowed. “You’re not messing up MY patch.”
    “Leave them alone, Sock,” a familiar voice deamanded. The twins whirled around to see their sixteen-year-old sister, Pink Storm.
    Sock’s face flushed bright red. “Pink.. what are you doing here?”
    Pink smirked and rolled her eyes. “Don’t get your hopes up, Sock. I just needed to check on these two doofuses.” She winked to show she was kidding.
    Sock scurried off like a scared little puppy.
    “Thanks, Pink,” Bronze sighed gratefully.
    “No problem. Now let’s find a pumpkin and get out of hjere before that jerk comes back.”
    They selected a large, ripe-looking pumpkin and lugged it onto the speedboat.
    “Hey,” Zany cut in, grinning. “Before we leave, why not give this blockhead a taste of his own medicine?”
    “Revenge?” Bronze smiled. So did Pink. “We’re in.”

  5. **☠ All Hallow's Brave Tomato ☠** says:

    I guess I’m the first person that posted a story… well here it is (delete it if the pics don’t work)

    Dare You: by All Hallow’s Brave Tomato (as seen on Super Thunder’s Blog)

    “Trick or Treat!” Calm Owl, Green Axe, Young Burger, and Perfect Ring shouted at a house.

    “It’s not even Halloween yet!” the annoyed Poptropican shouted, closing the door.

    Calm Owl turned to Green Axe, saying “I told you that this isn’t going to work!”

    “Shut up!” Green Axe responded. It was only 15 days before Halloween, yet the group were getting theirs done early. Practice.

    They decided to go to another house. “Trick or Treat!”

    “Is today Halloween? Let me check… NO!” the Poptropican shouted, closing the door once more.

    “Hmmph!” Perfect Ring scoffed, “The nerve! I just wanted to get some sweets.” She twirled in her princess costume. Green Axe was dressed as Frankenstien, Young Burger as… a hamburger, and Calm Owl as Medusa.

    “Calm down, Perfect,” Calm Owl sighed, “I know you’re on the same page as Green Axe but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a princess.”

    “But I am a princess!” Perfect Ring shouted.

    “Yeah, and I’m a burger!” Young Burger shouted. Everyone else stared at him.

    “Well, if you two want to trick or treat so bad, how about you go to THAT house? I dare you.” Calm Owl said, pointing to a mysterious cottage.

    “No thanks! Creepy places frizz my hair,” Perfect Ring disagreed.

    “I don’t think anybody lives there anyways,” Green Axe said.

    “Well then why don’t you check it out then?” Young Burger asked.

    “Oh alright, fine, come on, Perfect,” Green Axe sighed.

    “No, NO! I don’t want to go there!” Perfect Ring shouted.

    The duo walked (and dragged) to the conspicuous cottage and knocked on the door. After a moment of waiting, Perfect Ring said, hesitantly, “Well, I don’t think anyone’s home.”

    Just as the duo turned around to go back, the door creaked open. They quickly turned around and said “Trick or… treat.” There was no one at the door.

    “See? It’s abandoned!” Green Axe shouted.

    “Can we go now? This place is giving me goosebumps…” Perfect Ring shivered.

    “Nu-uh! We dare you to go inside!” Young Burger shouted back.

    Perfect Ring’s jaw dropped. “Seriously?”

    “Oh fine!” Green Axe sighed. They entered the house.

    Back outside, both Calm Owl and and Young Burger snickered. Sometimes, Green Axe and Perfect Ring are just so gullible.

    “Just wait for it. They will come out screaming any second,” Calm Owl snickered.

    However, they haven’t come yet.

    One minute turned into ten, ten into thirty, thirty minutes into an hour. The moon glistened over the pecuilar scene. The crisp, chilly air of an October night got to them.

    “This toga is so not warm,” shivered Calm Owl.

    “Well, I’m hot in this hamburger…” Young Burger panted.

    An hour became two hours. Each minute ticks by and Calm and Young are getting more worried. Fog started to roll in. However, Calm and Young stayed where they were.

    “Do you think we should go in now?” Young Burger asked.

    “No, not yet! They are probably just exploring,” Calm Axe responded.

    “But they would’ve came out screaming ages ago!” he shouted. He ran to the house.

    “Young Burger! Wait!” shouted Calm Owl, running after Young Burger. He shot through the doors and looked around. It was a quaint, yet spooky place. A glass chandelier hung from the ceiling, swaying back and forth slightly with a little creak.

    Creak creak. Creak creak.

    Young Burger stared at it in wonder. “Wow.”

    Calm Owl followed. “Wow is right.”

    “Calm Owl! Calm Owl!”

    She turned to see Perfect Ring running towards her.

    “We need to get out of here, now!” Perfect Ring shouted.

    “Wait, where’s Green Axe?” Young Burger asked.

    “He’s holding them off. Go!” exclaimed Perfect. She turned and screamed, running away.

    Young Burger and Calm Owl looked at each other. “We’re not leaving without Green Axe,” said Calm Owl.

    They both ran in farther. A person with a green face dropped down. Both of them screamed.

    Then the person laughed. He took off his mask. Behind the Calm-Young duo, Perfect was laughing.

    “I knew I’d get you two eventually,” Green Axe laughed.

    They gave Perfect and Green death glares.

    “We knew that if we stayed in there for about two hours, you’d start worrying. Then I pulled out the whole Green Axe holding them off thing,” Perfect giggled.

    “I seriously want to slap you right now…” Calm Owl said, annoyed.

    “Let’s just make like a tree and leave,” Young Burger sighed.

    “Yeah…” the other three agreed. They walked out of the cottage, back into town. Back at the cottage, a strange, ghostly figure giggled, then disappeared.

  6. Lewis says:

    Here’s a Halloween Poem/Acrostic,but I will probally post something else too like a story or costume idea.

    Haunted creatures roam every place in sight
    All Poptropicans dress up for the night
    Little kids hunt for treats throughout the neighborhood
    Lets not let Halloween be in Dr Hare’s control
    On top of all that, just think of what would happen
    We gotta watch out for Crawfish the captain
    Even Black Widow as scary as she can be,might ruin Halloween for you+me
    Evil Binary Bard might steal all the candy in town
    Now’s time to watch out for those villians and make them feel like the clowns

    (Sorry if this was not really good, I tried to improvise most of this)

  7. jo man jim says:

    hears a costume binay face and eye brain head retro robot armor and wings ( you can actual use any robot armor.) and finaly a laser blaster. I call it the robot of wonder.

  8. Zany Dragon says:

    The Flame’s Place
    Ch. 2
    “What are we DOING in here?” Bronze whispered.
    “Revenge,” Zany whispered back. “DUH.”
    “We’ll get caught!” Pink rasped. “You must be CRAZY! When I said that we’re in, I didn’t mean break into the guy’s house!”
    “We could get arrested!!!!!!!!!” Bronze whisper-shouted.
    “Oh, stop whining,” Zany said dismissively. “We escaped Mystery Island, remember?”
    “What are you guys talking about?” Pink asked, her eyes narrowing.
    “Er, nothing,” Bronze muttered, shooting a glare in Zany’s direction. “What are we even planning on?”
    “This,” Zany said, pulling an old, wrinkled item card out of her pocket.
    Bronze squinted at the faded text. “A baby doll!?”
    “A whole set,” Zany confirmed. “Remember my third birthday?” She shook her head and sighed. “Aunt Owl never knew what I wanted.”
    “We’re going to sneak this into his room?” Pink asked, grinning now.
    “Yep,” Zany grinned. “His friends will love it.”
    Th trio crept quietly into Mad Sock’s bedroom, making sure no one was there to catch them. Zany pressed one finger to the USE button on the card, and four baby dolls materialized on Sock’s bed.
    Zany pocketed the now empty item card. “Now let’s get out of here.”
    Just as they were about to walk out, a small, pitiful sound drifted over to them- it sounded like gasping, maybe crying.
    “Run!” Pink cried, not bothering to whisper anymore. She grabbed her little sisters by their wrists, dragged them out of the mansion, and shoved them onto the speedboat.
    7 seconds later, they were zipping away from the island as fast as they could, the sound of someone screaming for them to “GET OUT!!!!!!!!!” trailing behind them.

  9. clean tornado says:


    Eliza Holmes was walking to her house after a Halloween party. “Eliza, I dare you to go into the woods until morning. I’ll give you $50 if you do.” said one of Eliza’s friends, Mary. “Yeah, go do it Eliza.” said another friend, Beth.
    “Okay. I’ll go do it you give me $50 dollars, EACH.” said Eliza. “*groan* Okay.” said Mary and Beth at the same time. They give Eliza her $50, each.
    “Okay. I’m going to go do it.” said Eliza. It was 5 minutes till midnight. She walked to the woods. When she arrived there, it was midnight. “This isn’t scary.” said Eliza. Then, she heard a noise. “Okay. That was scary, but not really scary” said Eliza. The trees started swaying side to side. There was noise that sounded like a man running. Eliza looked at her watch and saw the date. Friday 13. Eliza gulps. “Not good. Never good.” said Eliza. The noise kept on getting louder and louder Which meant the person was getting closer and closer. “Mwahaha!” said a voice. “What? Who’s there?” said Eliza. “Turn around.” said the voice. Eliza turns around.”AH AH AH AH!” screamed Eliza. There was a guy with a hockey mask on and had a machete. The man thrust up the machete and lowered it down. The machete cut right through Eliza. She fell to the ground. The next morning, Mary and Beth went out to look for Eliza in the woods. They found her dead on the ground. They both screamed. The man who killed Eliza walked to Mary and Beth. He raised his machete and killed Mary and Beth.


  10. Hicoga says:

    Hey guys,
    Sorry I’ve been so distant lately.
    High School came around and sort of distroyed any hope of keeping up with an online community. I feel I really need to focus on school right now considering that the grades I get in school now can effect the rest of my college career and even the rest of my life.
    I don’t want you guys to feel like I’ve abandoned you completely so maybe I can post some comments or do some things here now and again.
    You can bet I’ll make some posts here and there and when summer comes around, I’ll be as active as ever. 😉


  11. Coda says:

    Behold, the terrible story that’s trying to scare you.

    Creepy, stinky, ugly. Witches. They’re scary, frightening, horrible. They prey off young children, burning their toys, and doing the worst to them.

    Violet Rider is brave- so brave she’s going trick or treating by herself. She’s heard the stories of witches – but who cares? She herself is a witch, so what. Everyone she knows is afraid of witches, they only come out at Halloween.

    Violet knocked on a house, it was old and dirty. Dog poop was all over the place, the disgusting smell going up Violet’s nostril. The door didn’t open. Violet pounded harder
    ”What kind of house doesn’t answer?!” She pounded harder, kicking the door. Finally, it creaked open..

    ”Sister Mary! Oh, you’re just in time. The ladies and I are breaking some grooves!” A witch greets Violet, leading her in. Violet didn’t think they were real witches, maybe just weird adults that like celebrating. As Violet enters the ballroom, witches who have taken off their disguise boogie. Green faces, scalpy hair, ugly noses. Yes, a witch. They’re all dancing, until a large figure pops up. She is the ugliest of them all. Tall, long but messy hair. Her breath stinks. Her toenails yellow. Her tongue green. She, is only the bad main witch.

    All witches are turned, and seated down. Violet follows, she kinda fits into the crowd. There are some old had witches that are her height.

    ”I have the perfect plan. Instead of placing them in paintings, or turning them into frogs..I know something better!”

    ”YES!” All witches shouted, all except for Violet.



    All witches cheered, and Violet knew she had to get out
    probably wont finish

  12. Comical Joker says:

    This is my entrancee in the Poptropica Help Blog Halloween Contest, a Scary Story:

    Once upon a time, along long time ago in a galaxy far far away (Galaxy Poptropica to be precise) there was a Poptropican. The Poptropican’s name was Bony Bones. He had three good friends, Shiny Star, Green Eye, and Blue Bird. And their favorite activity was crime-busting. They busted the Black Widow on Counterfeit Island, Dr. Hare on 24 Carrot, and many villains on Superpower. But their greatest challenge yet was to bust all the spooky things on Poptropica.

    Shiny Star had heard of a incredibly small island just off the shores of Early Poptropica (their homeisland) that supposedly had a haunted house on it. After paying the blimp manager 200 credits (a high fee, but well worth it), they set off.

    Not 10 minutes later a thick ghostly fog had settled around them. Blue Bird fell out of the blimp because he couldn’t see the edge!!!! But Bony Bones, heroic as ever, snagged him by the foot at the last second.

    “O.K. kids, this is getting dangerous.” said the blimp manager. “Time to turn around.”

    “No wait!” yelled Green Eye. ” I see land right there!”

    “it’s too foggy to land.”


    “Fine.” Then the blimp manager steered the Poptropica Blimp into the unknown.


  13. Comical Joker says:

    Part 2 of Comical Joker’s Scary Story:

    It was a rough landing. Green Eye twisted her ankle and moaned in pain. “Go on without me.” she said. “I’m no use with this ankle.”

    Since the blimp manager stayed with her (he told the kids to be back in 5 minutes) it was only Bony Bones, Blue Bird, and Shiny Star left. Before long they could no longer see the blimp.

    BANG! Blue Bird had kicked something with his foot. “What’s that?” he asked. “Looks like a cellar door to me.” said Shiny Star. “Also I think I see the outline of a house! ”

    The cellar door had been unlocked. The three bold adventurers crept up the stairs to the first floor. They rummaged around for a while, but found nothing.

    “Maybe this isn’t really a haunted house, just an old building.” sighed Blue Bird. “Anyway, we should have been back to the blimp ages ago. Let’s go.”

    Just then three figures stepped through a door. “A ghost cat!” exclaimed Shiny Star. “A witch!” Then the third figure, a zombie, grabbed her. “HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “I’ll save you!” yelled Bony Bones, but the witch cast a spell and he fell asleep. Blue Bird, dragging Bony Bones, ran away as fast as he could.


  14. Comical Joker says:

    Part 3 of Comical Joker’s Scary Story:

    They told the blimp guy Shiny Star had found another way home. What could they tell him? A zombie had eaten her? No way. Noone would believe that. He grudgingly agreed, and they went home.

    Did I say home? Sorry about that. They lied to the Blimp Guy and told him their home was on Great Pumpkin Island. If they went home people would notice Shiny Star was missing. So they had to find her. They hadn’t been planning on going to Great Pumpkin, but what better way to find a girl kidnapped by a zombie then asking a magical flying pumpkin?

    When they showed up at the island, the first thing they noticed was that the Poptropicans here were much different looking. They were almost cartoon characters. They saw a bald kid in a yellow and black shirt running up to a girl in a blue dress holding a football. He kicked at the football, but the girl pulled it away and he fell on his back. “Missed again, Charlie Brown.” she said.

    After booking a room in the Peanuts Hotel (whatever that meant), they waited for nightfall.


  15. scaryfoot ( poptropica news ) says:

    what’s next? this is my scary story
    Once, 3 months ago, the brothers scary foot & barefoot melon had a new sister, fuzzy pear. But they wouldn’t know what would happen. Fuzzy pear was a hunter of Artemis, Scary Foot was Percy Jackson, but Barefoot Melon made this creation. He planned to make every island haunted with boredom. FP & SF had to stop him! They had to find mythologic items from Mythology Island…

  16. comical joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 4:

    Night came quickly. The three bold Poptropicans headed to the pumpkin patch, only to find a small boy already there.

    “My name’s Linus!” he said. “I’m waiting for the Great Pumpkin!”

    So they waited with Linus. About 3o’clock in the morning, the girl in the blue dress came to get him. Not 5 minutes later, a weird laughter was echoing through the air. “What little children want presents?” laughed a booming voice. Suddenly, a giant pumpkin with eyes and a mouth appeared in the air.”my, my. These Poptropicans have journeyed quite far, quite far. All the way from Early Poptropica Island. What candy would they like, they like?”

    “We’re not here for candy.” said Blue Bird. “we need your help. Our friend Shiny Star has been taken by a zombie. Can you get her back for us?”

    “To get your friend back, you must journey to another planet. Planet Earth. There you must find a creature called the Jersey Devil.” said the Great Pumpkin. “GOOD LUCK!” Then the Great Pumpkin faded away.


  17. Comical Joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 5:

    “This can’t be real!” cried Green Eye. “No, no, no!”

    “You’ve got to admit, this is pretty bad.” said Blue Bird. “Shiny Star is gone, we can’t get home because the blimp guy thinks we ARE home, and we have to travel across the universe, when we can’t even get off the island.”

    Bony Bones sat down and started thinking. He thought some more. And some more. And even some more. Then his eyes lit up. “I have a plan he said. It probably won’t work and it’s real dangerous, but I have a plan.”


  18. scaryfoot ( poptropica news ) says:

    now that is spam, anyways…
    “Oh man, I didn’t bring my pen (Riptide).” said scary foot. “It’ll be OK.” ,said fuzzy pear. “Come on let’s get to the Island!”, said scary foot. Merely moments later… BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong island, 1 hour later, “We finally reached the island! We should check out the mueseum here and search for food.”

  19. Zany Dragon says:

    The Flame’s Place
    Ch. 3
    Golden Sky was indignant.
    “Where have you three been!?” she scolded, pacing back and forth across the gold and purple patterned rug. “I’ve been waiting here for hours!!!!!!!”
    “Mommy?” 7-year-old Zippy Lightning poked his head through his bedroom door. “Are you okay?”
    Sky’s face softened at the sight of her youngest, innocent child. “It’s okay, sweetheart,” she said soothingly. “Go on back to bed.”
    Just as the three were about to sneak away while their mother was comforting their brother, Sky spun around, her eyes blazing. “We are NOT done here.”
    The girls gulped nervously.
    “Where. Have. You. Been?”
    Zany, as usual, was the first one to speak up. “You know, Mom. Pumpkin-picking…” She trailed off as it became clear she wasn’t buying it.
    “Is that all?”
    Zany looked down. She had never been able to lie to her mom before.
    Before she could come up with something convincing, Sky let out an exaspeerated sigh. “We’ll talk about this in the morning. I’m too tired to do anything now. Go up to your rooms. You three-” she pointed at each of them “-are grounded for three weeks.”
    The girls, of course, started to protest, but Sky held up one hand and pointed at the stairs. “Go. I don’t want to hear a word out of any of you.”
    As soon as their mother was out of earshot, Zany grabbed both of her sisters’ arms and whispered frantically. “We’ve got to find out what was in that house!”

  20. jerseydevil says:


  21. jerseydevil says:


    P.S. if you dont understand binary, use

    • Zany Dragon says:


  22. Asliey5 says:

    hi this is asliey here and i will tell you a scary story here

    part 1 the halloween suprise,by:Asliey5

    it wa dark night in poptropica all of the kids were dress up in thier coustumes to go trick or treat but they did not know they been watch by Dr.Hare and his felles,Dr.Hare looked at his teliscope and saw me and my buddy scary tomato, he was mad and told them he has a plan. meanwille scary tomato or who ask me to knock on the door so i knock on the door and we said “trick or treat’ they gave us candy in our bags and we went to another door that is strange what is that house i asked i don’t know lets go inside and find out. said scary ok i said we went inside the creepy house and we heaerd a laughting and snarling it was Copy Cat,Speedy Spike,Sir Rebral,Ratman,Crusher and Betty Jetty they grab us and took us to Dr.Hare he was smiling evily and said “well well well look who came you and Hijuyo. uh wait his name is Hijuyo…..oh i get it now i said well i will get Director.D, Binary Bard, and Black Widow Dr.Hare said in hie evil voice i gasp in horro wait please i got to tell you somthing! i yelled oh what? he said.

    coming soon part 2 of the halloween suprise

  23. Comical Joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 6:

    Back at the Peanuts Hotel, Bony Bones explained his plan. “Remember in the Black Widow’s Lair I found those old books? Well one of them talked about a prophecy on a crystal asteroid, that “when four of the order are gathered here, the Chosen One may use the portal to rescue the princess.””

    “So?” asked Green Eye.

    “Assuming we get to that asteroid, one of us will be the Chosen One and use the portal to rescue Shiny Star, who I think is close enough to a princess to count. We’re not an order, but we’re a club, and there are 4 of us.”

    “But one of them is Shiny Star, and she’s the one we’re trying to rescue!”

    “I’m talking about us three and my dog. So basically, we get Snoopy the World War I Flying Ace to take us to Early Poptropica, where we pick up my dog Mitzi. Then we travel to Astro-Knights, and get a spaceship pilot to fly us to the asteroid. The Portal should take the Chosen One to Planet Earth, where they can find the Jersey Devil, which will rescue Shiny Star, like the Great Pumpkin said.”

    “Great plan.” said Blue Bird. “But I still think it’s impossible.”

    “Well, let’s find out.” said Green Eye and they left the Peanuts Hotel.


  24. Comical Joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 7:


    Our three heroes were aboard the World War I Flying Ace’s (a.k.a. Snoopy’s) doghouse. They’d taken several hits from the Red Baron and were going down.
    “Early Poptropica straight ahead!” yelled Green Eye. The land rushed up to them way too fast.


    They’d landed. “Bony Bones, get a move on, we don’t have much time before we have to leave for Astro-Knights!”

    “I’m going, I’m going.” 5 minutes later he was back with Mitzi, a black and white Poptropican German Shepherd. She barked a few times.

    “Now how do we get to Astro-Knights? That good-for-nothing Snoopy has already flown off with his malfunctional flying doghouse!” said Blue Bird in a rage.

    “Keep your cool Blue Bird, we’ll have to swim.

    Much later, three soaked to the skin Poptropicans pulled themselves onto the beaches of Astro-Knights Island. After much search for a Spaceship, they found out the bad news. The pilot was vacationing on Reality TV island. He wouldn’t be back for months. There was nothing to do but go home. They had lost. Shiny Star was stuck with that zombie. Or maybe not? As soon as the spaceship cleaner turned the corner, the three snuck into the spaceship.

    “Let’s find out how to fly this thing.” said Green Eye.


  25. Comical Joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 8:

    Finally, a stroke of good luck. Green Eye could actually pilot the spaceship without crashing. “APPROACHING ASTEROID BELT” said the monitor.

    Navagating expertly through the Asteroid Belt, Green Eye took them in for a landing on the Crystal Asteroid. The gravity was very weak, and they bounced up to the portal easily. Mitzi couldn’t make it through the portal, but that had been expected. Green Eye couldn’t either. “The Chosen One must be you, Bony Bones.” she said. But Bony Bones couldn’t make it through.

    “Does that mean the Chosen One is me?!?!?” asked Blue Bird incredeously. He touched the portal and was suddenly gone.


  26. Fierce Dragon/ Fierce Lion says:

    mine is roronoa zoro from one piece (if you don’t know what one piece is look it up. It’s a manga):
    -Shirt and pants from cabin boy on skullduggery island
    -Sword belt from who knows where (look up bkh8888 on avatar studio to see belt with sword)
    -Samurai sword from Samurai costume in store
    -Sword on back from Ninja costume from store
    -Biker hair from Biker outfit from store

    Thanks for reading this post

    P.S. I like pie.

  27. Zany Dragon says:

    The Flame’s Place
    Ch. 4
    “Uh, you want to go BACK there?” Pink hissed. “We’re already grounded!”
    “So,” Zany reasoned, “we’ve got nothing to lose. The worst Mom can do is yell at us.”
    “Or ground us for longer,” Pink protested.
    “Or call the police!” Bronze exploded. “Out of all your plans, Zany, this has got to be the craziest.”
    “What about the screaming we heard?” Pink ranted. “And the crying!”
    “THAT’S what I want to find out about,: Zany said impatiently. “Either way, I’m going, with or without you guys.”
    After a moment, Bronze and Pink sighed in perfect unison. “Fine,” Bronze muttered. “What’s your plan?”

  28. Silver Sky says:

    Awesome stories and costumes, guys 😀 Sorry for not joining in the fun, it’s not really my type, but you’ve done outstanding work. Have a great Halloween :V

  29. Lewis says:

    I got a costume. It”s Hester Prynne from the book The Scarlet Letter.
    1. Go to Mystery Train and costume everything from the girl in all brown(including hair).
    2. Lastly get freckles and the frowny face from the girl serving the robo granny on game show.
    (the only bad thing about this costume is Hester’s hair is black, and you might not be able to change the hair)

  30. PAW12 says:

    Halloween is so fun!!!!
    By PAW12

    Halloween is lots candy treats!
    But all I want is to sleep!
    I am sneezing
    We will vist the sunkin ship
    Ghosts,costumes,candy fun!
    Halloween is so spooky!
    Lets get all kooky!
    Celabrate this great day it only comes once a year!
    Happy Halloween Everyone have spooky fun!!!!

    heres my pop. person:

    the second code is:

    you get a guide book again 😛

  31. Comical Joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 9:

    Blue Bird landed on a cement walkway next to a road with cars on it. Everything here looked strangely, well, real. It was much more detailed and three-dimensional than Planet Poptropica. “I hope I’m in Jersey.” he said. Then Blue Bird saw a green sign saying ‘New Jersey Turnpike’. “Rats. Off by just a New. I wish I could’ve shown up right next to the Jersey Devil.”

    Suddenly the road, cars, and blue sky were gone. He was in a dark, dark forest standing in front of an old, old house. Fog was all over, he thought he heard weird sounds in the distance but it might’ve been his imagination. He hoped it was. Blue Bird sighed. “Nothing to do but go onward. Into certain death.” He approached the house. The front path was broken up and he stumbled and tripped his way up to the doorstep. The steps creaked. So did the door. It opened inward to reveal a rotten and broken-down interior.

    Blue Bird advanced slowly, making as little noise as possible. Nothing in the kitchen. Or the dining room. Or any other room as far as he could see. “Haha.” he chuckled quietly. “Guess I can leave now.” Then he saw the looming steps right in front of his nose. “Rats” said Blue Bird. “Gotta keep going. For Shiny Star.”


  32. Comical Joker says:

    Comical Joker’s Scary Story Part 10:

    Two of the steps broke underneath him. The narrow hallway was covered in mold, moss, and…………………………..something else. Something slimy and gooey and green. Blue Bird checked out all the bedrooms. Nothing there. He checked out the bathroom. Nothing there. He even poked some of the slime stuff with his finger, but it got him no further. “Now I have to go into the attic.” he complained to noone in particular. “There’s just one rule for people in Haunted Houses: Don’t go into the attic. And I’m doing it! How crazy I must be!”

    The attic wasn’t that scary. At least it wasn’t that much scarier than the other rooms. He rummaged through old trunks and boxes, looked under every painting and floorboard, and even searched the walls for secret passages. Nothing. “Are you telling me I wasted precious time being scraed to death in a Haunted House when it was all for nothing?” Then he saw it. The Jersey Devil.

    It was huge and leaning in through the window. It looked like someone had combined a horse, bat, goat, and lizard and supersized it. It was beyond ugly, yet in some way, strangely beautiful. Blue Bird started to faint. Clumsy as usual, as he fell out the window, he wasn’t certain if he would die from the fall or from the Jersey Devil. But he was certain of one thing. He would die. And Shiny Star would be doomed.


  33. Short Hero says:

    My username is jackson1780, and my costume is bounty hunter (with a backpack with the poptropica guide for directions). =)

  34. Zany Dragon says:

    After a LOOOOONG wait, here it is! 😀
    The Flame’s Place
    Ch. 5
    “Bronze, come help me!” Zany whisper-shouted, attempting to pry open the bedroom window- and failing miserably. Reluctantly, Bronze reached over and pulled on it.
    “I don’t know HOW you talked me into this,” Pink muttered, a little too loudly. Zany pressed a finger to her lips, shushing her. Pink stuck out her tongue, but Zany had already turned back to the window.
    “Okay, remember the plan,” she said. “We lower you, then climb out, close the window, tie the rope, and rappel down.”
    “What if we don’t make it?” Bronze whispered, not bothering to hide her anxiety.
    “We’re going to,” Zany reassured her.
    They did- but it involved a lot of crashing, screaming, and almost waking up their mom. Finally, they made it to the speedboat.
    . . .
    The floorboards creaked underneath their feet, threatening to give them away if they made one false step.
    “What exactly is our plan, anyway?” Pink hissed at her sister.
    “We’re searching for the ghosts,” Zany said vaguely, not breaking stride.
    “Ghosts!?” Bronze squeaked. Zany put her hand over her mouth.
    “Really, Zany?” Pink said incredulously. “I never thought even YOU could jump to such a crazy conclusion.”
    “How else do you explain it?” Zany asked, a little sharper than she’d intended. “That didn’t sound a thing like Mad Sock. He never cries, anyway. It definitely wasn’t one of his parents. There’s something here… something… not human.”
    “Oh, please,” Pink sighed, rolling her eyes.
    Suddenly, a crying sound caused them all to jump.
    Slowly, all three turned around to face a dark, shadowy man with scars covering nearly every inch of his body- that wasn’t hidden in his black clothes.
    “What- are- you- doing- in- my- home!?!?!?”

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