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Old news is an oxymoron

One of the greatest things about the summer season: no school! So what are you going to do with all that spare time? Well, if you’ve found that lately your life has mostly been about sleep, food, and the computer, why not check out the new website for the Poptropica Help ChatΒ (PHC)?


There are links in the side navigation, so there’s no excuse for not knowing the Rules, understanding the RanksΒ if you’re new, and reading up on the Wall is just a click away! (*Edit: For some unknown reason the links have stopped working; will try to get it fixed ASAP)

Don’t feel too overwhelmed, the Poptropica community is a great place to be. If you’ve finished reading the day’s blog post on the PHB and want to stay longer, you might find some other Poptropicans online on the PHC! As long as you respect the people and the rules, you’re always welcome. You don’t even have to talk about Poptropica there.

The live chatroom does have moderators, so it’s a safe environment as well. So, whether it’s your first time at the PHC or whether you’re a regular, come check out the all-new chat.poptropicahelp.netΒ and keep using it!


On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, the PHC will be throwing a huge party to celebrate the Flamin’ Skulls’ 1-and-a-half-year existence. There will be Multiverse parties, rocking out with music, and more chatting! Hijuyo, Popular Thunder, and plenty of people will be there, and we hope to see you too! Depending on your time zone, this is when the party will be happening (if your time zone is not listed, check with a converter to see what time it means for you):

  • 10-10:30Β pm CST USA
  • 11- 11:30 pm EST USA
  • 8-8:30 PST pm USA
  • 11 to 11:30 am Hong Kong time (June 23)

CC: Uh, is the ad done yet? I have a post I wanted to get to.
Hijuyo: Seriously, did you have to interrupt? Well, why don’t you join the PHC too? πŸ™‚
CC: I… okay, I’ll say it. I’m afraid I’ll get nommed there.
Hijuyo: HAHA! Sorry. Nah, don’t worry. That’s more of a PHB thing. The PHC doesn’t bite.
CC: Really? You think so? *wipes tear*
Hijuyo: Eh, as long as you behave, you’re good. πŸ˜›
CC: Ooh! Yay! Sounds good. So anyway, here’s the post. *dramatic hand gesture pointing downwards*

The 20 rarest items in Poptropica, part 2

To celebrate the launch of our 20th Island, Shrink Ray Island, we’re counting down the 20 rarest items in Poptropica history.

16. Astro-Knights Medallion

Astro-Knights is one of the toughest Islands we’ve made, so it’s no surprise that not many Poptropicans have this medallion in their inventory. But it’s not out of reach! All you need is a little perseverance.

15. Goofy Glasses

Another treasure hunt item, the goofy glasses were briefly available in the sewers of Super Power Island. But if you missed out then, you can still get them in the eyeglasses shop on Spy Island!

14. Wild West Hero

All Poptropica Members who played the cattle-rustlin’ preview game for Wild West Island were granted this exclusive Wild West Hero outfit. But this wasn’t even the most rare item from that game!

13. Sunglasses

The sunglasses were briefly available on top of Pendulum’s lab on Time Tangled Island. The dark glasses will return, however! Players who get the Spy Island 3″ action figures will receive a code that will allow them to wear a Spy Agent costume that includes these killer shades.To be continued tomorrow!
avatar image
Hijuyo: Haha, I remember those hidden items from oh-so-long-ago.
CC: Good, can you explain it to me? Because I don’t remember them at all.
Hijuyo: You weren’t even around then, smart one. They were released for a short while during August 2008. Yeah, pretty old.
CC: Can I admit something to you?
Hijuyo: Yeah, sure, Cap’n.
CC: I think I like the goofy glasses more. *giggles*
Hijuyo: Can’t imagine that. *slips a pair of sunglassesΒ over CC’s eyes* Don’t you think these shades are cooler?
CC: Hey yeahhhh… I look good!

*fangirls spot him, scream, and huge mob chases after CC*


Β CC: …Time to go.

8 thoughts on “Old news is an oxymoron”

    1. You get’em in the Silly Glasses store on Spy Island…….. Well, remember wen we were talking about China and Chinese ppl? Well this is cool I have a chinese student in my school!!!! I asked her to write her name in chinese, and she did. its cool to have a person from a different contry in your school!!!!

      1. Hey, Shaggy are those ( or that pic you have ) from your trip? I really wanted to see the pics you took from your trip!!!!

        Hijuyo: He posted his trip pictures in his welcome back post. You can click here to view them.

  1. Astro Knights is definitely not the hardest island. Sure, it’s difficult, but less so than, say, Skullduggery, where how long it takes you to complete the island depends on how quickly you get gold.

    Hijuyo: I think they’re both somewhat difficult islands, but Astro would be harder because of all the challenges like boss fighting across several different planets. It’s more intricate than Skullduggery, which might take longer but isn’t necessarily harder.

    1. I agree Skullduggery is WAAAAAAAY harder. When you have to get all of the coins from diffrent islands. I don’t think i’ll ever finish that island it’s so hard. It’s the only one I didn’t finish.

  2. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    Ohmigosh, this post is epic win. 3 reasons: 1. It’s on the PHB. 2. I have a majority of these items. 3. POTC reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert fangirl squeak* πŸ˜€ (Yeah, total POTC fangirl)

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