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Warning: Keep Away from Small Children. Children may choke on the awesomeness of these new toys.

Yes it’s true, the new poptropica toys are available! 

There are many different types to choose from, as well as different characters. Not only do these toys make awesome displays for you’re bedroom. They come with special one of a kind codes to unlock items in-game for your poptropican!


  • Astro Knight Six Inch Toy:  Sir Cador Knight Costume
  • Dr. Hare Six Inch Toy:  Dr. Hare Costume (With a holdable carrot)
  • Shark Boy Six Inch Toy:  Shark Boy Costume (With a holdable fish)
  • Two Character Three Inch Spy Island set:  Spy Agent Costume and Stealth Agent Costume (Never before seen)
  • Two Character Three Inch Super Power set:   Crystal Crusader Costume (Never before seen) and The Green Hawk Costume
  • Two Character Three Inch Skullduggery set:  Captain Cobalt and Captain Crimson (Both never before seen)
  • Two Character Three Inch Shark Tooth set:  Booga Shaman and Shark Surfer (Never before seen with holdable surfboard)
  • Dr. Hare Plush Toy:  Holdable Dr. Hare Plush Toy and Hare Club power.
  • Cool Kid Plush Toy:  Holdable Cool Kid Plush Toy and Cool Kid Camera Power.
  • Shark Boy Plush Toy:  Holdable Shark Boy Plush Toy and Jump the Shark Power.
  • (New Inflatable blimp toy coming soon!)

More Information can be found here at the official poptropica website.

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12 thoughts on “Warning: Keep Away from Small Children. Children may choke on the awesomeness of these new toys.”

  1. I’ve got the money,and my dad might take me to our local Toys R’ Us to get me the Dr.Hare 6-inch.

  2. They look so COOL!!!!!!! I saw someone named Moody Beetle wearing the Crystal Crusader costume and it looked awesome. In my opinion, everyone should buy the Dr Hare 6 inch(who doesn’t want 2 be a pink bunny 8) ) or the three inch set. (its 2 costumes)

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