Poptropica Getaway

If you’re like the creators, you’ll be buried in snow.

If you’re like me, you’ll be cooking in temperatures of 40 degrees C. (104 degrees F)

Sick of snow or hating the heat? Then just transmit yourself into our favourite virtual world, Poptropica! Sorry, I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do this, so figure it out yourself. Though I mightn’t know how, I do know where!

(Holiday – Hawian music plays)

The gods only want the best, and they're happy with this place, so you should be too!

Remember to put on your sunscreen, this place has a bad name for sunburn...


And this final destination is an old family favourite, a great place to take your little brother or sister…

... if you really dislike them that much!

Green Boa ๐Ÿ˜‰

19 thoughts on “Poptropica Getaway”

    1. :O YEAH If you see on the real creators blog it says. The boga shark does have a taste for crawfish! I wonder if the creators are reading this blog! That would be awesome!

    2. That’s so cool that the Creators mentioned eating crawfish on their blog! I wonder if the Creators really have seen this blog, if Captain Crawfish is offended because he is always getting eaten. Oh well…if he is, it’s his fault for being so tasty!

  1. 104? Really?! the current temperature where I live is.. 3 degrees F. really. yes, it is cold. With snow. With really, cold cold winds.

    Anyway, really great post! Just inspired me to go jump into the water of Poptropica when I have some more free time. Stay Warm!

  2. I’m like the creators. Lol, I’m covered in ice for 2 days. YAAAAAAYYYYY! SCHOOLS OUT LETS SHOUT! i GET IT! in the pic he’s by the skull thing and it looks like its eating him.

    1. Counterfeit island is my second choice for home, Cryptids my 1st. Cool tip: If you’ve completed the quest, you can pretend the cottage is you home! Super-random tip: In Cryptids Island, you can use gardening shears on the bush next to the prissy lady with the poodle. She’ll call her attorney even if you sculpt it into a poodle. XD

  3. Monster Carnival was a real island! look aty the Daily Pop!

    Hijuyo: The exact words are “an early sketch for a long-rumored, never-completed island.” We’ve already confirmed that, though.

  4. Curious Bee was forced to live in Early Poptropica until she runs away. I’m living a nice, peaceful life in Shark Tooth Island…
    Uhh… never mind about the peaceful part.

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