Kids Talk

GA loves makin' logos. xD


Hey guys, Coderkid will probably want to post his own post about this later, but for the sake of getting the news out I decided to post it myself.

This post is to inform you all that the PHF (Poptropica Help Forum) is changing, I’m not sure whether the entire PHF is being converted or if it is going to be a new site. But The PHF is being transformed into a sort of general kids talk forum instead of just Poptropica.

For more information please visit one of the links below.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

This is GA signing out.

14 thoughts on “Kids Talk”

  1. You mean you could talk about Club Penguin too?

    GA: Sure if you want to. It’s going to be general so you can talk about whatever you feel like.

  2. So, is it going to be that the PHF Forums are going to be about poptropica, and there’s going to be another one for anything else, or will there be a new site with a poptropica page in it?

    GA: It could be either, Coder hasn’t released many specifics.

    1. Just saw a link of a pic of Coder’s plans… it’s gunna be a single forum site with several sections for different games like Poptropica,Club Penguin,Runescape… and the theme colors will be whit-ish and more bright

  3. Why are you renovating it? I saw in the first link that the amount of traffic on the website has gone down, but you’re now just making a forum where you can talk about anything… originality slipping…
    im just saying that you should stick to one or two things… sorry if i sounded too harsh 😦

    1. well,if he sticks to the old way,the PHF will keep declining and dying until it has to be shut down… how’s that option?

      1. I’m just saying that you could add a few more things to talk about, like club penguin or PartyWithHobos instead of making the whole forum all about everything, because there are many other forums on the internet that talk about everything.

  4. The PHF is… very low in activity… and is pretty much dying slowly… Coder figures if he can get a new forum which is not specialized in poptropica(so to bring much more topics of conversation),he can bring the forums back to life…and the black/gray color of the PHF is too gloomy…

    1. If you had a Poptropica forum but with one or two more topics, like Max-Dan-Wiz, you would have a one of a kind website. I’m just saying you could just modify it a bit, not renovate the whole thing. And with the color problem, couldn’t you just change the theme?

  5. Would we have to sign up again? And would the posts all be deleted, or the forum’s just going to be modified?

    Hicoga: Yes, the PHF has been deleted. Please register again at the new forum. thephf.com/digitalk

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