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Please vote! [PHF update] + Steamworks Travelogue!

*TV static* We now interrupt our normal broadcast to bring you…this! A post wherein a sad boy will beg and plead for the fate of humanity!!!

…But not really. What I really need to ask is that you guys PLZZZZZZZ (notice, that’s 7 times the z’s!! THAT’S A LOT OF Z’S) take this poll!


So…I’m just gonna walk off this stage here-*falls* MY SPLEEEEEEEEN

In other news, Steamworks Island will be available for non-members in about six days! 😀 To build up excitement for it, Captain Crawfish from the PCB posted a travelogue of his adventures in this new land:

Captain Crawfish’s Steamworks Island travelogue

Believe it or not, we’re only a week away from opening Steamworks Island to everyone! During the Early Access period, I’ve ventured away from Skullduggery Island to explore the mysteries of Steamworks.

Lucky for you, I took pictures! Settle in for a vacation slideshow like you’ve never seen. And no talking until I’m done.

One of the great things about Steamworks Island is how many different ways there are to get around. You might overlook this little bit of simple machinery on first glance.

But look what happens when you stand on it and start running!

It takes you all the way up the thread of the screw.

I know there’s a mystery to solve on Steamworks Island, but I was having too much fun with this. As it turns out, that was a recurring theme of my trip.

avatar image

Don’t forget to vote in the poll above! 😀

6 thoughts on “Please vote! [PHF update] + Steamworks Travelogue!”

  1. SW was easy only things that were hard was the end and the first steam terminal…… so yeah…

  2. Lord, months away from you, Motion, and I forget how hilarious you are

    The creators are starting to annoy me with their constant posts of Steamworks Island….

  3. The iCostume was cool, but the PopMatrix sounds really cool too… why do we have to choose just one?

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