Wheewhoot! I’m back from my vacation and had a mildly good time…. Knotts was amazing… I got some sketchbooks… And came home to a happy happy happy puppy dog. x3

(For anyone who gets the farewell message, kutos to you!)

Hobey ho, lets go.

-Tsuki Yoha

*Hijuyo interrupts* That deserves a PARTAAYYY! Welcome back, Tsuki~!

Steamworks premiere party!

Poptropica Members have been having a blast on Steamworks Island. Besides trying to solve the mystery of what happened to the Island’s inhabitants, Poptropicans have also been spending a lot of time at the Steamworks Gear Shop — that’s this island’s common room.

It’s been fun to see Poptropica Members hanging out on a new Island, with all the zany combinations of costumes and items they can imagine. Check out this motley crew!

I dropped by, too, but nobody told me there was a dress code! I felt out of place not wearing a Mech Pilot costume.

Always a wallflower…

Keep an eye out for the Poptropica Creators in the Steamworks Island common room. Maybe we’ll see you there!

avatar image

Yup, and maybe a Poptropica Creator will be nice enough to party with the PHB people. 🙂


37 thoughts on “IM BAXXXX

      • Golden Rider says:

        Denduron: Alder
        Cloral: Vo Spader
        First Earth: Vincent (Gunny) Van Duke
        Second Earth: Bobby Pendragon
        Third Earth: Patrick Henry
        Veelox: Aja Killian
        Eelong: Kasha
        Zadaa: Loor
        Quillian: Elli Winter, Nevva Winter
        Ibara: Siry Remudi

        These books are awesome. I finished them all last year. Glad to know someone else likes these books. Which do you think is better? The Travelers or the Acloytes?

      • ★☽тѕυкι♠уσнa☾☆ says:

        Travelers by far! I need to get the last book then I need the Travelers books 1, 2 and 3. I absolutely love Cloral and Spader. 8D

  1. Sanderian says:

    Pendragon!!! 🙂 those outfits in the common room look pretty cool, but I think the ones for the loyalty giveaway are a bit better. Has anyone tried sniggers before?? XD

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