Skullduggery Island

Shiver Me Timbers!

Skullduggery Island will be available for non-members this Thurs, June 17, 2010!

Arrrrr, be yer blimp not flying or yer rocket rusty? You got no way to get around? Well how ’bout a ship from the island of Skullduggery? If you can manage enough loot…

You’ve got to work your way up in this world. One day, you’re a lowly deckhand, sailing on a ratty old sloop and taking orders from a nasty old sea captain. But if you’ve got the right stuff — if you can defeat pirates and sea monsters, and outwit crooked traders to make your fortune — you just might take become a nasty old sea captain yourself. Only then can you take the reins of a mighty ship… like some of the ones below!

Of course, there are even bigger and better ships out there, if you can find them.
Poptropica’s Skullduggery Island will be available to everyone this Thursday!

Check out all those boats! Be any of them to your liking?
[Warning: Spoiler] The names of the ships are, from left to right:
  • The Old Raft
  • Jimmy Rigger
  • Carabelle
  • Sea Sultan
  • The Koi
  • Steaming Fury

Of course, Like Cap’nย Crawfish said, there is a bigger ship out there, and it name be the Pheonix Warbird!

Captain on Deck!

We have a help guide for Skullduggery Island written by Zey-Shomi here. Last but not least (wow this is a looong post) there is a new PCB poll about Skullduggery! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

What are you looking forward to most about Skullduggery?

  • Battling Pirates and Sea Monsters!
  • Getting Rich!
  • Becoming the captain of my own ship!
  • All of the above!

So far “All of the above” is way winning. That’s all for this post! xD

Green Boa… AWAY! *flies awayย into clouds*

16 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers!”

  1. Is the Phoenix Warbird the multiplayer room?

    Hijuyo: No, the Skullduggery multiplayer room is The Broken Barrel. The Phoenix Warbird is the biggest ship you can buy.

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