Junk boat: a Skullduggery sneak peek!

Poptropica Creator Hades posted a sneak peek with “SkullduggeryIsland” in its name, so that could be an island coming soon to Poptropica for all we know. The word “skullduggery” refers to dishonorable acts, which means we may be dealing with dishonesty on Poptropica… not digging skulls. 😛

Blog Post Title: Shiver me timbers!
Description: Ahoy! We’ve been sailin’ the high seas for more Poptropica adventures! Arr…what be this new port?
Image Link: https://poptropica.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/beb1e-skullduggeryisland01.png
Image Name: SkullduggeryIsland01.png

You know what that sneak peek REALLY looks like?

A classic junk boat from my home city Hong Kong. 🙂

Lastly, happy birthday to PHB author XBrokenRoseX! 😀 Well, that’s all for now.


50 thoughts on “Junk boat: a Skullduggery sneak peek!

    • xXmoonyXx says:

      Wow that’s really cool. The ships look exactly the same. That city is sooo cool, all skyscraper Hi-Tech and all that. I can’t wait for the Pirates!!!

      Oh, and to the creators, they better make the wait time WAAAAY shorter than they have… 2 weeks max.

    • candy queen says:

      cool, is it part of pirate trade island?

      Hijuyo: The first picture is Skullduggery Island; the second isn’t Poptropica at all. 😛

      • awesome pony says:

        I thought so…I con’t wait for mythology island to come out 1 more day yay…I don’t have membership so yeah…I can’t wait for skullduggerly island to come too!!!! I wonder whats after that :/ 😀 :v

  1. Zany Dragon says:

    LOL, this reminded me of a book called Skulduggery Pleasant. It’s spelled different, so it’s not TECHNICALLY the same, but yeah. THe “real” sneak peek looks cool!

  2. friendlycrumb says:

    Great job with the hong kong thing. If you look at the background of the ship, you see a hong kong-ish tower.

    Hijuyo: Hmm – looks more like ancient China than modern Hong Kong. 😛

  3. Fierce Scorpion says:

    Maybe you help the revolution guys defeat the pirates and british guys at different ports. I’m probably on the wrong track.

    • Neat Tornado says:

      BTW, It says it’s AVAILABLE NEXT MONTH (with membership). You know, IT seems us members Get a early access to a island when non-members just get a island that we had for about a month.

  4. shaggy tornado says:

    Hijuyo is right about the islanf name!!! Skulldugery Island is awesome! Look at PCB and homepage for more info!!!

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