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Poptropica Help Blog has over 2,948,500+ hits right now – getting close to the big THREE MILLION! Thanks to all our loyal readers for visiting! 🙂


Anyway, the Poptropica Help Team would like to introduce one of our Pop communities: our Poptropica Help Videos [PHV] channel on YouTube! With PHV, you can view, comment, rate, and subscribe to tons of cool video clips made by Poptropica players just like you!


^Click the link above to start watching Poptropica films! There are mini-game guides, island help guides, music videos, tours, and so much more. Check out a snapshot of the community you’re interested:

Poptropica Help Videos

Navigation is quick and simple. To the left, there are playlists for different themes [mainly island guides]. These playlists are a collection of videos all with the same topic to keep things organized. For even more awesome Poptropica video clips for your entertainment, check out our own ‘Uploads’ or ‘Favorites’ at the bar on top.

But of course, to get the full enjoyment out of all this, you’ll have to come and experience PHV on YouTube for yourself! 😉

What do you think of Poptropica Help Videos?

100 thoughts on “Poptropica Help Videos”

      1. I beat RTV! Its the easiest island ever! I beat it in like 10 minutes! Usually it takes about an hour! Anyways, it’s a very good island!

      2. I’ve got the entire guide:
        Go to RTV, then go to the supermarket.Click on the man with a brochure.Get it, then tear out the form.Then go to the TV store, change a channel on the TV. Then go to the motel office.Get a pen, then later go to the phone and type in 555-PETE.Tell him to deliver it at room 4B.The lady will forget what room it is so you deliver it.Meet a guy called Lucas, then give the pizza.Later talk to him and he’ll give a stamp for the form.Use the form(don’t forget the stamp 😛 )and mail it in the mailbox.The next day you’ll find a helicopter on the roof.Climb in, and you’ll be on the show!To win the games:READ INSTRUCTIONS.(For cheaters:refresh the page)At the end of each game, you will have to vote someone off(winners get invincibility)You win!Later there will be a man in a suit who give you the medellion.Hope this helped!

  1. I think these are much more easy then the Guides, eh? This is gonna help me with RTV Alot! 😆

    Hijuyo: That depends on whether you learn better with visual guides or through our written walkthroughs. 😉

    1. Thats why my island guides are videos.

      Hijuyo: Some people prefer videos, and others like using written guides. That’s why you can choose whether the PHB or PHV will be more helpful to you. 😀

    2. are you going to have a guide for rtv Wednesday or not until march 24th

      Hijuyo: We’ll have it up as soon as possible – both a written guide for the PHB and video[s] for the PHV. 🙂

    3. I make video guides for ads, and I’m gonna make a guide for RTV too.


      Has anyone noticed anyone in multiplayer rooms with a shirt saying, 5 on it? 😐
      Is this a new ad?

  2. only 51,309 hits to go until 3,000,000

    Hijuyo: We probably won’t reach the big 3mil mark overnight – but we’re getting closer! 😉

  3. it’s because most memberships end up going all out and practically forcing people to buy membership to get anything out of the site. Let’s hope this does not happen to poptropica as I am already jealous that they get a month of early access. 😉

  4. Hooray for the PHB!! *Throws a party* I think you’ve expanded well over the past few years, and the video guide is a great addition. I won’t be using it much though, as I prefer written guides. 🙂

    1. i voted for completing islands on the poll. i guess everyone else did the same 😮 thats alot of numbers

      Hijuyo: Same here. The Creators have to work hard to please their audience. 😛

      1. If you round it, you’ll get 3,000,000.Once you get 3,000,000; make it to 6.6,000,000,000,000,000!….kidding!

    1. OMG! We hit 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 hits!

      (just kidding) (mabye in a million years)

  5. Yepperino (I made that up!)!!!!!!! It’s about a green cave and a weird green thing that I think is a monster claw, and I bet it’s from Mythology because of the old fashioned boat in the picture and the (possibly?) monster claw. Oh, and it was posted by Master Mime.

    1. I thought that too! Cool! Also, did you notice that the way Master Mime writes his name under his pic is different than the other owners? Weird….

    1. Omg, we can finally get a beard without hacks! Codiens beard contest is now lame! we didnt need to enter codiens contest! We can just buy magician!

      Hijuyo: That doesn’t mean it’s “lame”. Please mind the way you speak. 😉

      1. It was never lame. Besides, Codien’s beard contest didn’t waste your credits, but the costume does.

      2. 1)I don’t think it’s lame.
        2)It comes with a mustache’ 🙂
        3)I have membership, but the coustume doesn’t last with 3 month membership.
        4)I was in it for the beard. 😀

  6. yes it is definitely the river styx since its underground your in a boat and there is only one thing in greek mythology like it

    1. actually,there are five rivers. the river Styx is the river of hate. the river Lethe,the river of forgetfulness. the river Acheron the river of sorrow. the river cocytus the river of lamentation. and the river Phlegethon, the river of fire. the river in the picture could be any of those. i bet you only know the river Styx because you read it in Percy Jacson! 😀 haha

      1. and they are all in the underworld. according to greek mythology, you have to drink from one of the rivers when you die. most souls drank from Lethe to erase their memories of when they were living. the Hero Achilles was bathed in the river Styx ,except for his heel,and it made him immortal. but when Paris shot him in the heel with an arrow,he died because that was the only part of him that was vulnerable.

        this island is going to strange

    2. actually i know its the river styx because and well yes i did read the books it is a well written series anyways back on topic it is because of the boat and i admit it is a guess

  7. I think that’s awesome! Especially for the fact that like about 6 of those videos are actually by me, Haha xD Thanks Hijuyo!

    Hijuyo: And thanks for making them! 😀

    1. Your welcome 😀 Oh for those of you who’s wondering. Mine are the Sky Dive & Hoops Guide for Mini Games and all the Counterfeit Guides 😀 Haha xD

  8. I just had a look at the PHB user and, ermm, what’s that? You’re FRIENDS with the Poptropica Creators!?

    Hijuyo: They accepted our YouTube friend request. Awesome. 😀

  9. You guys should mke help videos demonstrating what the gold cards do. just so that people can know what they do before buying them

    Hijuyo: Thanks for the suggestion. If someone uploads a good Poptropica video for YouTube, we’ll usually put it on the PHV channel.

  10. It is possible that the green cave could be the Underworld, where Hades is? Plus from the past post about Hades, it sounds like he is the villian of Mythology Island. As for the helpers, one of them could be Zeus.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they released a Greek warrior costume on the Store? To add to the drama.

  11. Everybody! I found a glitch in Spy Island! ok, when you walk through the town, you are walking on the sidewalk. Here is how to walk in the street:
    Put your bowtie on. Then jump on the line above the city. When it shoots you up, shoot your bowtie at the ground. When you hit the ground, you’ll be in the street!

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