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Coderkid’s Colossal Contest!

The contest has ended! Winners will be posted soon, and accounts sent. Good luck to all!

In this contest we’ll be giving away:

  • 10 Poptropica Accounts with:
    1100 Credits,
    a custom name,
    all advertisement cards (from new and old ads)!

But how do you cash in on this crazy contest? Simple. Just fill out this form, along with your answer to the question: “What’s the BIGGEST thing Poptropica could do to improve?” I’ll leave you to  think on it!

If you’re looking for something that will increase your chances of winning, here’s some things that will help, sometimes DRASTICALLY.

  • Having a PHF account (include your username in the form)
  • Joining Lockerz. (links to a PHF thread)

So the things you’d need to include in your comments are:

  • Your email,
  • Your answer (to the question above),
  • The custom name you’d like your account to have,
  • and Optionally:
    Your PHF account username,
    The email you used to join Lockerz.

And as in every contest, here are the rules:

  • No cheating,
  • Use good grammar (xD),
  • and no double accounts/comments.

That’s it! Enjoy the contest! The contest ends Jan. 10, 2010! So hurry! Don’t miss out! And remember, be fair! Special thanks to Mr. French Dude (above) for sponsoring our contest! 🙂

I should clear some things up. I’m giving away 10 Poptropica accounts, meaning one account per winner. Also meaning 10 people will win. Just to clarify. 😉


301 thoughts on “Coderkid’s Colossal Contest!”

  1. Two questions- why would joining Lockerz and the PHF help your chances of winning? If you want more members, just SAY SO. And if you did not sign up for one or both of them, would that mean that you don’t get chosen as one of the winners? Just curious, because this isn’t a random contest (you said it was to increase your chances of winning.)

  2. Poptropica could improve by making a store item where you could redo an island, so you wouldn’t be so bored

  3. I think there should a list of buddies you can make, and you can sent mails to friends, sent your highscore on games, and plus, a automatic messege for you that your friends open a new mutli-verse room.

    I want my name: ThunderSharkPanda

  4. Before this is made, I need a question answered. Do I HAVE to join the PHF or Lockers? I dont think my parents will let me….. (as ive said b4)

    Hijuyo: No, it’s not required, but it will help your chances of winning if you do. 😉

    1. No offense, but don’t you think that it is kind of unfair that a PHF and Lockerz account will help your chance of winning? My parents won’t let me join them. I think I have a pretty good entry though. But good luck to everyone. May the best ten win.

      1. I can sign up 4 lockerz, but not sure bout PHF. Gotta ask them (PS dont tell my parents bout lockerz *shifty eyes*)

  5. Email: [email protected]
    Custom Name: Mustacheinator
    PHF username: darthmustache
    Locerz email:[email protected]

    I think the best thing that the Poptropica Creators could do to improve is to have more mini-quests (like the haunted house) that you can get credits from completing

  6. my idea would be that you could beat islands with a friend and see them on it. but there could be something you can buy to chose maybe 1 or 2 friends to do the poptropica islands with and you could type in there username and they will come up. and that is my idea for poptropica.

    btw i love yall ideas

      1. It isn’t. I’m sure of it. Cos there can be heaps of Neat Whales. I’ve found around seven other Orange Tummy’s, but that doesn’t mean there are more

  7. Your email: [email protected]

    Your answer: I think that a Private Island would be good. On your private island you could change what it looked like- Palm Trees, Snow and Igloos, a desert, etc. The best way to do that might be to just collect things from the different islands to put there or to have somethings in the store from either upcoming islands or just things for the private island. On the island you would have a house, also customizable. (Sorry, not stealing ideas on purpose!) Inside it would look like a normal house, and you could change what rooms you want. Some ideas would be a library of costumes, like the Costumizer we have now but with more spaces. Maybe the more islands you complete the more spaces in the library? Another idea for a room would be a store that includes all of the items in the normal store, but you can walk around and try things on before you buy them. (I love the idea of being able to sell things back, thanks to all who have already posted that.) Something else on the island would be a pet shop, where you can get different animals to follow you around, from the cat on 24-Carrot island who already followed you, to some of the dogs on Spy Island, to other animals that you can create and customize, like giraffes, elephants, lions, etc. I think that maybe you should be able to finish one island in order to unlock it… but having it be the first thing you land in when you get to Poptropica would be good too. You could also find friends and invite them to your private island, and vice versa.
    Another idea I have to improve Poptropica would be to Costumize hand held items. There’s some really cool ones that I’d love to have but I can’t Costumize.
    The custom name you’d like your account to have:Turquoise Puppy
    Your PHF account username: Friendly Dragon
    The email you used to join Lockerz:[email protected]
    I hope everyone has fun with this! I know I have. ; )

    1. Oops, sorry for the length! And I promise I didn’t copy off of anyone, this is an idea me and my sister have had since we first found Poptropica, which was when the only island was Early Poptropica. : )

      1. Oh, and we forgot something! Another building (or room) on the Private Island would be to change the colors of outfits. Like, say you really like the shirt with the purple flower on it and you don’t like purple. You could change just the flower to blue, and make the background light blue. You could also change the black shorts into different colors, and change the pant legs different colors from the rest of the pants, like Francine’s pants from the Electric Company Ad. You could also change the colors of accessories, and hand held items.

  8. oops sorry messed up on the phf username (that was my other you know what i think)
    my phf username is Golden Dragon

  9. What if you already have an account on Lockerz? BTW I think that the lockers thing is kinda wrong lol…

  10. E-mail: [email protected]
    Custom Name: teh1337zorz
    PHF Name: 1337zorz
    Lockerz E-mail: (need question answered!)

    Ok I think that they should have something in the islands other than just like a mystery mission, maybe more mini-games and fighting or something because thats pretty much all the island missions are, mysteries. The only “fighting” one is sort of Astro-Knights. Also, I think they should have chat in the multiplayer rooms, like your parents could approve something so that their kid could chat because the multiplayer rooms are so boring nowadays. So thanks

  11. Wait; suddenly I’m confused. Is the custom name the USER NAME; or GAME NAME? Like; E.g. A game name is ‘Red Spork’ and User name is ‘Ilikerubikscubes383’. So which one do we give? Because I’ll have to change my entry >.< Sorry…

  12. My email: [email protected]

    custom name: Death Blade

    PHF account: Messy_Icicle

    Lockerz email: [email protected]

    Probably one of the biggest things they could change in poptropica is they made it so you could customize beards and hand held items (You couldn’t customize store hand held items obviously.)I know my idea wouldn’t be that helpful but then you could customize the more rare items without waiting for icostume or trying to find dummies.

    1. 😦 sorry OMG OMG I am so sorry (do not use the other names just this one) . my final name will be: Cheez Wiz

  13. Your email: [email protected]
    The custom name: Skulleyes
    Your PHF account username: Skull_eyes
    Lockerz email: [email protected]

    My answer would be… They should have an island called pet island. Someone keeps stealing their pets. You find out who and get them all back. You get 100 credit and one pet of your choice. Ounce you have it it follows you around. You can take it off like a piece of clothing and you can feed it and play with it.

    my other one is they should make a cloths costumizer. They have a basic white shirt and pants. Then you can color it and add a pattern. And shape it differently.

    And maybe a hilighter in the poptropica store that gives you highlights in your hair! You can pick any color in the rainbow.

    —Signed the Poptropica Times administrator

  14. Your email: [email protected]
    Your answer: I really think Poptropica should have real-life published books. It’s a great way for the Poptropica to be advertised around big book stored, and lots of kids between the ages of 6-15 has lots of imagination and interest in reading. I mean, the books can be whatever they can be about Poptropica and sure, Poptropica doesn’t have so much to talk about but it’s a book – It’s not like it has to be ALL about Poptropica, it can just be stories ABOUT poptropica like fantasies in Astro-Knights or stuff like the villians and their evil powers taking over Poptropica. And hey, it can be comics/graphic novels too! Doesn’t alot of people these days want to read comics? Reading Poptropican Comics will DEFINITELY be worth buying for – It will so feel like taking you to Poptropica without your computer but in a portable book. Just like those Club Penguin commics, you know? I’ve always had this idea, Just wanted to share it for a long time 🙂
    The custom name you’d like your account to have,and Optionally: Goldenbutterfly
    Your PHF account username: Goldenbutterfly
    The email you used to join Lockerz: Have not quite joined yet but will =P

    1. And, I don’t know if many people know this but, Jeff Kinney, the author of the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid made, designed, and created Poptropica. So, it would be a great idea for Poptropica to have a book series.

  15. the absolute best thing poptropica can do is let us chat freely,like,using our keyboards and all.and inappropriate words would be censored,you know.and,like,on a main street,you can like get food,like,a hot dog or something and then you can eat by some means.
    My idea… this is slightly different then the poptropica houses. in the store, you can buy the house item for 350 credits, then click on the friends icon, then there will be two places in friends. one for multiverse, one for houses. click the multiverse one it takes you to the page for making/going to multiverse, and if you click the house icon, it takes you to a house page, where you could make a house(if you bought it), or you could go to other people’s houses. you’d type in a code, like the multiverse rooms, but it will be their username. about making the houses, if you click make, thats where you can costumize the house, add pets, or other things. you can come back and edit them further.

    Your answer: I really think Poptropica should have real-life published books. It’s a great way for the Poptropica to be advertised around big book stored, and lots of kids between the ages of 6-15 has lots of imagination and interest in reading. I mean, the books can be whatever they can be about Poptropica and sure, Poptropica doesn’t have so much to talk about but it’s a book – It’s not like it has to be ALL about Poptropica, it can just be stories ABOUT poptropica like fantasies in Astro-Knights or stuff like the villians and their evil powers taking over Poptropica. And hey, it can be comics/graphic novels too! Doesn’t alot of people these days want to read comics? Reading Poptropican Comics will DEFINITELY be worth buying for – It will so feel like taking you to Poptropica without your computer but in a portable book. Just like those Club Penguin commics, you know? I’ve always had this idea, Just wanted to share it for a long time

    Your answer: Adding music and sounds to all the islands. These days when I walk though Poptropica I’m bored out of me wits. The creators need to step up and add some cool tunes, even if it’s just some repeating soundtrack. And if they really wanted to go BIG, they could also add in custom soundtracks. You could either buy new music from the store, or some sort of “music maker” where you could make your own music to use.

  16. Your e-mail: [email protected]
    My Idea that will would help Poptropica:
    Poptropica creators should change the main colour. There. That’s it. If you don’t get it, I mean .. well, you know how it’s always blue? They should change it a bit.. for example, some days it should be red, or yellow, or orange. If they don’t like this idea, they can put this in their Store, where players can buy and choose their own colour, for an amount of credits.

  17. Your email: [email protected]
    The custom name: Kitty
    Your PHF account username: Incredible Singer
    Lockerz email: [email protected]
    (If I win, can you please make the log in name Kitty_Poptropica)

    My idea: I think poptropica should be more community centered. They should allow comments on their blog (after being moderated) and also maybe an email where players can contact them. Going with the community idea, players should be able to be friends with/contact people they know in real life. Each player should have a ‘friend code’ which they give to their friends.
    And adding on to that, people should be able to have pets, like everyone can choose a common pet. (cat, dog bunny, ect.) But if you spend 500credits (or somthing like that) You could get a special pet (Like a pig, lion, Seal, ect)
    Also, Maybe we could buy houses. Maybe different types of houses should be different prices, like a cottage would be cheaper then a normal house. You should also be able to choose a theme for the house(sorta like how you choose rooms in multiverse) Like princess, coded, Cats, Underwater, ect.

    I hope you like my idea!! 🙂

    1. Sorry if my ideas are simalar to anyone elses, i did not read the comments.

      ( I really hope I win!! Good luck everyone!)

  18. Poptropica name: Smart Berry
    Custom name: Fionn Skye
    Email: [email protected]

    I think that the best thing they could do for Poptropica is if they made a “sell” button for the Poptropica store. You know how you buy an item or costume, and you end up regretting it? If you could sell items, that would solve that problem.

  19. Your e-mail: [email protected]

    The Custom Name: Megalodon

    Lockerz e-mail:[email protected] (i just signed up though)

    The PHF Name: Mega Boy

    My idea: Is to put some music in the islands and an inter islands quests like in counterfeit where we go to early poptropica and that we can buy a house(different kinds of houses) and furniture and pets and anothor thing that chat is enabled in the multiverse that you plan with your friends and it needs moderation ofcourse and if anyone uses any inappropriate language should get banned from chatting and they should add more mini games and mini quests in the islands so we don´t get bored in poptropica until a new island releases and that the islands become online like in clubpenguin were you can see all the other penguins and chat and that we can finish the islands with our friends and a cloths customizer where we can customize our cloths colour and design our cloths.

    Thank you and thats all

    -Perfect Shark

  20. Email: (censored – edit comment to see)
    Custom name: Peanut Butter Jelly time
    PHF: None, soon to get one though, will update when I do
    Lockerz: Same as the email above

    My idea is new multiplayer features. To do this, think the should add Cyber Cell, a very large phone with multiple abilitys. With Cyber Cell, you can do many things. You can go onto Cyber Network, which allows you to look up peoples poptropicans. If you find one you want to add as a buddy, you can send him/her a request. Once you are buddies, you can invite each other to the Multiverse or whatever multiplayer room your in, or if Pop makes houses and/or Custom Islands you can invite them there too. You can also add them as close friends or even family (family will just have the same features as close friends, though). If one of your friends/ close friends have multiverse, that person could make a friends or close friends room. If it is a friend room, which applies to to all friends of the room creator, you can use safe chat, allowing you to chat WITHOUT having to be next the character, but still limits what you can say. If it is a close friend or family room, it will be close friends or family only (only the room creators friends and family) and you can use free chat, but it is stiill moderated with words you cant say EVEN if they are not cussing, as ong as they are bad you cant say them. You can also send messages to your friends, close friends, or family, but the form of message chat will be based on their multiverse only rooms (friends will stil have safe chat, etc) Also, in some challenges on an island or a WHOLE island, it is multiplayer and you can invite your friends to play with you. This will only apply to some islands and some of these islands and challenges can ONLY be completed with friends, close friends, etc. You can challenge your friends (of any kind, I DONT WANT TO LIST ALL 3 AGAIN) to a game WITHOUT having to meet eachother in a multiplayer room. In addition, there will be new games like multiplayer scooter and boat races (from Counterfeit and Big Nate) For your Cyber Phone, you can unlock (or buy) new skins and shapes for your cyber phone by completing some islands and challenges, usually with multiplayer islands and challenges. You can also add unlock (or buy) new features, like a list of Multiverse rooms available and their owners.

    *huff puf* FINALLY ITS DONE *deep breath*

      1. Thanks SC. And Tiny Knuckle, I know there were alot of ideas about buddies and stuff. Who cares, a billion people are repeating the same things. Anyway I added a LOT more stuff onto it than other people, and I mean ALOT

  21. Email – please edit comment to see! Thank you!
    Answer – I think that there should be an item in the store that allows you to teleport to any place on an island. Personally, I have found it frustrating to travel several areas across an island just for some little detail for the quest. Teleportation would drastically improve this. However, if there are some places where you can’t teleport (getting past security systems for example) it will say, “teleportation not allowed here” just like it does for the time freeze.
    Custom Name – I PWN U

  22. PHF Forum name: Flashmeteor
    Lockerz E-mail: [email protected]

    The biggest thing Poptropica could improve is things to do after island completion. I mean don’t you get bored waiting for the next update? So, in order to fill the nasty void. I have come up with an idea. “Island Creator” where it gives you the option to place characters, script, buildings and much more. Then, like Mulltiverse, you could get a code for your island. Then you could share it with friends and they could complete your island. Another option would be able to place billboards where you can advertise things. This would be the most awesome ever to improve on. Especially after you have beaten all the islands. 😀

    1. ok nice idea. i think that also its like game maker where you drop your objects you programed.(i program games)

  23. email: [email protected]
    Phf account(sort of): Quiet moon
    Custom name:Purplepanda
    Idea: I think you could have something called pages that you could buy at the poptropica store. Once you buy one you’ll get a code like multivereses. Then you can put widgets on it like medals,a favorite things block, or a place where you can type comments (moderated first, of course.) You could also pick a background color. If you got a code from someone you could type it in on the friends page. It would look like a multiverse room except only one floor and all your widgets would be the background. One more thing, you could buy more widgets at the Poptropica store for about 50 credits.

  24. my NEW idea dont care about my old one and dont email me because my dad deleted my email PLEASE DONT EMAIL Me if u do give the prize to some1 else >=( ok? so my idea is that u can buy superpowers at the poptropica store like telekenesis shape shifting invisibility etc. and its 500 credits and it dosent work on super power island unless u beat it. enjoy my idea my costom name i want is Rat Girl

  25. OMG, I cant believe the contest was over almost one year ago!!! Coderkid, I think it should be January 10 2010, and NOT January 10 2009. P.S. I’m posting this from my DSi.

    Hijuyo: It says January 10, 2010… where’s the problem? 😐

  26. I really like this blog. When I first started going to this blog often, I thought it would be awesome to work on this blog with the other Owners. Now I realize there is no chance for this, but I still love to come to this blog and read 911s and other things.

  27. My idea is that Poptropica could have ads for more new books/movies such as New Moon, or 2012. They could be separated by the age, for example, if the movie was PG13 only Poptropicans over 13 will get the ad. It would be fun to see how New Moon comes up with a costume.
    Another idea is that you can buy, “Partners,” which will allow two Poptropican users to go on one island together, and help each other out. Hope this helps.

  28. Hey, um, I havent got the Lockerz email. When will I get it? Anyway, how will Lockerz and PHF acc. help you with the contest?

  29. my email is [email protected] (i was making an email account for one of my brothers friend…and i spelled geek wrong and i had to keep the account xD )

    PHf account: DJ friend

    I think the biggest thing poptropica needs to change is maybe an extra part to the islands. I get really bored of poptropica once i beat all the islands. Maybe for super power island, the prisonors escape againa nd you have to catch them again and they are twice as strong.

    For Spy island, Director D come sback and tried to amke everyone bald again. For early pop., the old poptropicans lose even more stuff.

    There are tons of ideas for extra parts of islands i have. I just think poptropica need to change extra parts to the old islands.

    IF i were to win, my accoutn name i would like it to be:

    Hot Dog

    Good luck to the rest you guys 😀

  30. To improve Poptropica, I would like islands to come out faster, about once a month. That way, you would be less bored waiting for an island and you would earn free credits more often. That if they came out once a month you could earn 1200 credits a year! More stuff to buy! Another thing about islands coming out faster is that there would be more places to explore. Some islands have little minigames on them like the computer game in counterfeit, with more islands out, there would be more little minigames like that to keep you less bored. As well as more credits and less boredom, you would have more options of where to go to for a multiverse room!

    My custum name is Silver star, my username is silverstar5040, if I won I would like my account name to be clever cookie, and my email is [email protected]

  31. E-mail:[email protected]
    Custom Name:HACKER XD
    PHF Account: Giant Eel
    My idea: The Creators should make some shortcuts on islands that are EXTREMELY hard to find. With those shortcuts, you skip really hard portions of the island, such as getting past the part in which you need to avoid the lasers and foil Director D.s plans, and the two clock that you need to strike midnight in Haunted House.

  32. Poptropican User: tie34
    Desired name: Nalani 😀
    email: [email protected]
    (I’m sorry if I copied someones answer, I don’t have so much time to go through every coment, but I think Poptropica should have their own home and can visit anyone else to. Also instead of traveling by a balloon and choosing from the map I think maybe it would be cool to make like a Poptropica globe and you could travel by plane 😀 also maybe just maybe there will be like resturants and parks that you can meet other people, A beach, water slides, and ect. Like what we like to visit. And if it isn’t to much maybe we will be able to have our own car and travel will it. Also we can create our own coments. But well thats my opinion.
    ~Cooky Monzta (mrgreen)

  33. My (parents) email: [email protected]
    custom name: Beta Ninja
    Idea: this is very unlikley to happen, but it would improve poptropica drasticlly.
    It is… a crossover with Club Penguin! THere would be a new island called Penguin Island and it actually be Club penguin! Your job would be to stop an evil Polar bear from destroying Penguin and taking over Poptropica!!!

  34. For some reason I can’t see the comment I made earlier. IUt was on another computer….

  35. name:steelers
    email:[email protected]
    i think to improve poptropica u could put music and their could be a new store item every wednsday and it could be somthing like make a movie with your character and a mini quest at least every month wich means more credits.Another item in the store could be a pet like the cat on 24 carrot the seal on big nate and the bird to,maybe even the rat on super power. I hope i win because this is the second time i have entered a contest and my sister said i will never win so i hope i do because my sister said if i lose im lame

  36. Email- [email protected]
    Custom Name- Fauna Reed
    PHF- About that… I’ve tried making accounts on there a bunch but the thing is everytime I try logging on later, it always tells me that it doesn’t recognize my username and such.
    Lockerz Email- [email protected]
    My idea- I’m a little lazy to read all of the comments, so this idea might have already been suggested. It would be cool if yo could have superpowers– or have a pet with superpowers. If that’s been suggested already, then my idea is that people could design their own outfits instead of scavenging for the perfect one with the Customizer. You could choose different color schemes, shirts, shorts, skirts, etc. It would be nice if Poptropicans had shoes too. xD

  37. Adding sounds and adding a map where you could click on places you want to go instead of running around all the time, which takes forever.

  38. My username on the PHF is pizza boy.
    My email is [email protected]
    I think the biggest thing poptropica should change is the tips. In Time tangles, they give you tips about history. I think in each island there should be a poptropica that can give you tips about the island.
    For spy island: a poptropican can give you tips about the FBI and CSI.
    For Nabooti: tips about the book series and about africa 😀
    For super power: A poptropican can give you tips about marvel comic books 😀
    Big Nate: tips about the comic strip
    shark tooth: tips about fish and sharks.
    I want to learn more about what the island is about 😀
    if i win, i would like my account to be named Pizza Boy 😀
    Good luck to all.

  39. Well, I can’t give out my email here but you could see it in the comment editing thing. Now, anyways:

    Email: I told you in the top part…-.-
    Answer: One of the best things that Poptropica could improve on is maybe giving credits out in a different way such as coin codes, more contests, etc. This game also needs to have something like email verification in effect giving us the ability to chat. Servers also have to be put in! Poptropica slows bandwidth down a lot! Then my parents make me get off the computer, then… yeah.
    The custom name I’d like my account to have: Queen of Idiots (That’s what my friends call me. XD)
    Your PHF account username: Happy Storm
    The email you used to join Lockerz: Don’t know how so have none.

    Creators probably have been looking at this a lot. 😀

  40. I think that we should be able to type in what we wanna ask the person.Also have pets maybe some house and more creidts and more in the mirrors then just 3 maybe like 6 or more. Plus get cooler outfits from the store and be able to make a poptropican crazyly cool looking

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