Not shipwrecked. Castlewrecked because of the television-wreck.

The story below is a sequel chapter to the “TV Time” chapter from a previous post on the PHB. Please note that the story below is a work of fiction; written by the PHB Team to entertain its readers. Enjoy!

The Old but New Adventures of Comic Kid
Ned Noodlehead by day, Comic Kid hero by night.

 Chapter 2
Lost in the Wreckage

“I can’t believe this,” moaned Comic Kid. “How could they be showing Sponge Pop Circle Pants instead of the X-Popman Heroes?! What are they THINKING? This is a terrible disgrace! What about Super Pretzel Boy’s fights for crime? And I’m supposed to be his assistant, Super Hot Dog Boy! This CAN NOT be happening!” Frustrated, Comic Kid stormed upstairs and slammed the door.

After he’d finally calmed down (during which he’d fallen asleep on the floor because of his temper tantrum and then woke up), it was already morning and the sun was shining brightly through his pretzel-patterned bedroom curtains. He trudged down to the bathroom and came out feeling very refreshed. Then he hustled into the kitchen to fix himself some breakfast, thinking, Surely Sponge Pop’s silly show has been cancelled by now? But no, when he turned his TV on again, hoping he’d see Super Pretzel Boy handcuffing Sir Rebral, he was so upset that he threw his toast on the ground (which the ants chased after). There was Sponge Pop cooking spaghetti at the B.A.D. Bistro, laughing away. “That’s IT!” he yelled. “I’m gonna have to find another TV. The royal family living in Astro-Knights should have better TV shows than this. Time to get one!” And with that, Comic Kid – or should I say, Ned Noodlehead – strapped on his cape and took off into the skies.

Boom! The wind was moving unusually fast today, and Ned accidentally landed head-first into the vast King and Queen’s castle of Astro-Knights Island. Fortunately, he was okay, but he had a big bruise on his head. “Ugh…” he groaned, struggling to his feet. Then he looked up and all around him. “What on Poptropica has happened to this place? The walls are cracked, the paintings are hanging sideways, the bricks and wooden planks are falling as I speak… it’s a disaster!” Now, where are the TVs?, he thought.

Two hours later, Ned Noodlehead had searched the castle (or at least, the parts he was able to even step on) from top to bottom, finding no TVs. Zero. “Impossible,” muttered NN. But he was very worn out after all that climbing and crawling around the demolished leftovers of the building – if you could call it one now. He didn’t know about any UFO crashes, but he had recognized some parts of the structure from his previous journeys. I wanna go home!, wailed Ned’s brain. So Mr. Noodlehead looked around. But he could find no exits – he could see outside through all the holes and windows, but he wasn’t about to jump out so dangerously! I wish my donkey was here to save me, dreamed Ned hopefully. But of course that didn’t happen. In fact, it looked as if Ned and the donkey would never be reunited together again… He, Ned, was lost, and all he cared about right now was that 1. he was tired, and 2. he wanted to sleep. He found a servant’s bed, and within seconds was fast asleep.

Blog Post Title: Lost in the Wreckage
Description: While I was exploring this vast damaged structure I got lost. I could see the countryside through holes and windows, but exiting through them wasn’t an option.
Image Link:
Image Name: lost-.jpg

Oh boy, looks like Comic Kid’s having a rough time. We’ll see what happens next… what other disasters are waiting in Astro-Knights Island? 😛

15 thoughts on “Castlewrecked!

  1. cookie345 says:

    Ooh, NN is traveling everywhere, but why can’t we? What more must happen before we can save the king and queen of Astro Knights Island?!

    • Cheerful Claw says:

      Yeah. I don’t get it either. When I first saw it, I thought,”…what?” Sorry, Purple Sword. Can’t help you there.

  2. Noisy Hopper says:

    I was looking at that hermit thinking picture and i think it is like a part of the programming on says stuff like (Bomb,doExplode,EnterFrame,doDrop) , Which probably means like your character drops a bomb, it explodes,you enter another frame and it does it again.

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