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Costume Party

Have you seen our new section?

On our new Page ‘Cool Stuff’ you can find the link to our Costume Page.


It is a database that is still growing of some famous, old, or just plain cool outfits.

You can help contribute or sit back and enjoy the Outfits.

Your Graphics Man

Scary Tomato: Don’t forget to check out the new poll located on the right side. :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “Costume Party”

  1. maybe it is right but you won’t know till they announce what the knew island will be.
    And about the new poll on the Creators’ Blog I
    have 4 stars.
    Mitchell Brett- How did you get those happy faces

  2. Icy Spider – Cool. 😛

    Mitchell Brett – Good for you. 😆

    Mat888 – Please stay on topic. Thanks. 🙂

    Icy Spider – That’s true. The happy faces are little pictures you can type out in your comments. 😉 You can learn more about them on the “Cool Stuff” page.

  3. Nobody actually knows where those items were from. If any of you Poptropica players have been playing before time tangled came out then you should know Monster Carnival island was cancelled.it was going to come out after “Time Twisted” but it wasn’t. It might have gotten replaced with 24 carrot.I was waiting for that island ever since I joined Poptropica.Nowi’ve preety much givven up hope.

  4. on youtube there are all of these sneek peeks from nabooti island, probably coming from america. i try not to watch them cos i don’t want to know everything about it before it comes online in australia!

    Scary Tomato: Actually, when Nabooti Island is released in America it will also be released everywhere else, including Australia. Where you live doesn’t matter. 😉

  5. im half way done with nabooti all i have to do is get one more dimond and i can”not get on those logs thay always fall down i will give u my name and password my name is fishgirl14 and my password is mathias

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