Hellos & Goodbyes

The Graphics Man

“Oh no. What has Tomato done. Another person has been captured in his grasp.”
But don’t worry.

I am a new staff member that will work on the graphics of the site. I will make this site the best on the WW-Web.

I hope you guys will get to know me. (And like me 😛 )


56 thoughts on “The Graphics Man”

  1. your the best member so far,i even have your hair(for anyone who dosen’t know, codiens hair is sir rebral’s hair)!

      1. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s quite obvious he’s a boy. Look at the picture on the post. A BOY poptropican. Why don’t you ask Codien yourself?

      2. Well, the picture has changed, but I still think Codien is a boy. It does say “Graphics MAN”.

      3. No, but on the Dr.Hare video Codien made, when it showed what keys to press, one of the Annotions said so. If you don’t believe me, watch it, with out turning the Annotions off.

      4. Oh, wait, never mind… I read something on a post that said you were right… but then what was with the notes on the video saying differently? Watch it…

        ST: Was it a video created by the Poptropica Help Blog? (If not, then the video probably wasn’t made by Codien.)

      5. OH! Well, then you were right, Sparkle Star. It thought it was made by the PHB because it was the Dr.Hare Glitch video, but I read the words above it, and it said it was created by Blooberry.

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