Nabooti Island, Sneak Peeks

Choose Your Own Adventure: Pyramid Items

Another sneak peek was released for the upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure Island. It is featuring an ancient tomb. Perhaps it has something to do with the Think Sphinx, the second Choose Your Own Adventure sneak peek! Also it appears to be about a missing mummy. I have included the picture of the sneak peek below:

Comment and tell me what you think! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure: Pyramid Items”

  1. I love how the mummy has a Poptropican face. xD

    Also, I’m pretty sure I can recognize at least one of those hieroglyphics. It’s probably just for decoration, though.

  2. I think those are hieroglyphics…

    Maybe they might have made them up, but I think one means water.

    Also, on The Lost Jewels of Nabooti… the jewels are supposed to be magical and they were stolen from a museum. If the magic is real, it has the potential to save or end the world. I got that from the Wikipedia page of The Lost Jewels of Nabooti. I’m pretty sure that’s the main thing the island revolves around. Well, it should if they follow the book accurately.

  3. so.. this is the mummy statue?
    it looks cool i wish all the island come out 1 day 1 island..

    Scary Tomato: It’s just a sneak peek for Choose Your Own Aventure Island (CYOA), an island coming up soon. It is possibly a mummy.

  4. Im studying Egypt in school and I think I can recognize some of the hieroglyphs. The squigly one is N or something like that. The cane thing is C. The bird is either A,V, or W.

    Scary Tomato: Interesting. :mrgreen:

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