Black Flags

This tribe intends to plant the flag of victory in the heart of Poptropolis – and we suspect they’ll stop at nothing to do it!

official tribe colors: black & white

Common room

~thanks to Poptrickia for the image! click to enlarge.


Emerging from a hole in the ground, the first thing you hear is the crash of thunder and the pattering of rainfall. Beside you, there’s a shimmering golden statue of a mermaid admiring a pearl in her hands.

As you continue moving, your vision turns black for just a second as another round of rain begins. You’re breathing hard, but soon you see a cannon and start to have some fun firing from it.

Dozens of bullets later – but luckily, no casualties – you decide to keep exploring. To the left side of second floor, there’s a bird skeleton in a cage, and you’re surprised to find it still able to caw when you give it a little prod.

Moving up to the third floor, there are still lots of gold pieces laying around – wow, this tribe sure has a lot of loot. On the left, some wooden planks have been fashioned into a staircase that leads to a spinning captain’s wheel.

Going up even higher, you find the crow’s nest of the ship – and tied to a stick, waving gloriously in the wind and dark sky, is the eponymous Black Flag. Arrrr!

Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

Check out this Black Flags concept art, which includes an early (rejected) sketch tweeted by Poptropica, plus the eponymous flag at the digging-up of the 2013 Poptropolis Games from the PHB’s Daily Pop sneak peek archive. Also, here’s the common room cannon in action!

visit our Tribes page to learn more about the other tribes! 🙂
do you sail with the Black Flags? show your support in the comments below!

159 thoughts on “Black Flags

  1. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    As a Black Flag, I am proud to stand at the mast of that pirate ship and watch the titular flag wave in the gale force winds as thunder echoes in the common room.

    If you’re a Black Flag, too, I nod in approval. 😉

      • bushra says:

        a group of wildfire invade black flag place another nano bots place another flying squid base and yellow jackets base and i go to pathfinders place so wildfire invasion everywhere

      • black flags rules says:

        hey bushra nice to meet past me past me get this straight i made a mistake for joining the wildfire so lets make a black flag invasion TOGETHER ok? ok

    • Cheatswow5 says:

      Yes go black black is the colour the flags go hi but they don’t go low,we rise to the top win win the flags are coming

      i made that myself 😛

  2. Fallingspear says:

    Gentle Spinner, Strange Cat, please drop the argument. I am unsure about which tribe would win, it could be Pathfinders, Nanobots, Seraphim, Flying Squid, Wildfire, Yellowjackets, Nightcrawlers, or Black Flags. The answer is unknown until Poptropolis comes again. We all have different opinions about different tribes, but that doesn’t mean you can argue about which is better all day.

  3. icy skull /wolf says:

    I was a wild fire, ): I belong on the dark side now… I always have, a place were the cool sea wind fades you’re battle scars and were sea gules scream , I’m changing now, it’s a pirate’s life for me Gibbs it’s a pirate’s life for me. ( that last part was a Pirates of the Caribbean quote )

  4. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

    hey iv’e been making up songs for the tribes. Here’s the one for black flags :
    (music starts)
    We, Yes us the black flags,black flags
    It’s us, In the dark and stormy night,
    the other tribes struggle to find light,
    but only we can take,
    take the storms of the night.
    We, Yes us the black flags, black flags.
    We are the tribe of survival.

  5. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

    Song for black flags
    We are the black flags,
    We live on storms,
    We are the black flags,
    We shoot cannonballs
    We Are as black as midnight
    We can darken all the light,
    We black flags
    We black flags
    Are the greatest tribe of all.
    add me as kkool223

  6. cheriebell1 says:

    EVERYBODY! Stop all your fighting and face the fact! Nanobots is the awesomest tribe! Always have been the best tribe, always will be the best tribe.
    NANOBOTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is ( add me as kkool223) says:

    well i’m not a wildfire anymore, I’m a nanobot
    NANOBOTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

        This so much. Don’t do it people. It’s agitating,aggravating and irritating. Once you start,you cannot stop. If you do it,then you’re…er….a pillow-sucking wet doody-head! Okay? So strap your mouth with duct tape and don’t say anything. Okay,I think I conveyed my message. I’m outta here.

        NANOBOTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lucky Storm who wants to be a mermaid says:

    My favorite thing about black flags is the mermaid statue. Oh yeah, and the fact that its a pirate ship. Now if you’ll excuse me i’m off the the library.

  9. Friendly Lion says:

    Dear Tribes,

    Please forgive my comrade, Gentle Spinner of the Pathfinders for the rude comments. I know that pathfinders is 1 of the tribes with the least members. but I want to highlight something else.
    The creators only created tribes for fun, but i think we got the wrong idea by making fun of other tribes. In my honest opinion, they should delete the tribes and give poptropolis a similar but diffrent plot. (like poptropicans against invaders or something, just saying. I think that’s a weak plot too.). *salutes poptropicans with no tribe* I’ve been to all the tribes’ common rooms and they’re all as nice.I stand beside all poptropicans fighting for peace and are against tribal war.

    Yours truly,
    Friendly Lion of the pathfinders, flying squid, wildfire, seraphim, yellowjackets, black flags, nightcrawlers and nanobots.

    p.s. Thanks for reading it. I’m honestly a neutralist, so the order of the tribes is just by coincidence.

  10. Poplover says:

    Ummm…. I honestly love all tribes( my best friends are in seraphim and nightcrawlers), but I really do think black flags is the best( It’s my tribe, anyway. I’m showing team spirit!) Don’t kill each other over the best tribe you guys. Just support yours.

  11. jashan (or u cud call me adventuretimesmarceline) says:

    black flags are
    and never give up
    if joinin this tribe means all this, i think evry1 shud join it
    🙂 🙂

  12. Quick Fang, (AKA awesomeness) says:

    The Black Flags Anthem:
    We’re blcak flags one and all and together we belong.
    We wear our patches over our eyes and stay pirates that are strong.
    This is the Black Flags Song… And its not too terribly long!! Black Flags FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Strange Monster (And conscious) says:

    Black flags are honestly the best. GO. BLACK. FLAGS. ALL. OTHERS. BOW. BEFORE. US.
    (please excuse my friend strange monster. isn’t she a bit strange?)
    Uh…you know I’m right here?
    (well, yeah, obviously, but-)
    and that you’re just another form of me, right? my conscious or something?
    (yeah, yeah, of couse I know that, I just thought-)
    ANYWAY! Black flags are the best.
    (again, please excuse-)
    oh, shut up for once. If you’re me, then you will agree that Black Flags rule, its just logic.
    (oh, fine. ALL HAIL THE BLACK FLAGS!)

  14. Funny Monster says:

    Seriously? The last comment for blackflags was in october? we are SAD!
    song for blackflags (please note that this song is not meant to be offensive)
    to the tune of we will rock you
    buddy you look up you see a wi-nner raising a black flag high avove your HEAD today
    you got a FROWN on your face
    you big disgrace
    so you better come on and join the black-flags RACE!
    we are we are blackflags!
    we are we are blackflags!

  15. Benjamin Gonzalez says:

    Although nanobots and wildfire got 1st and 2 nd this year, Black Flags still picked up a medal. GOOO BLACK FLAGS
    Forevery we fly for the salty winds
    For pirates life and our own kin
    We’ll endure the stormy night
    Black flags will win, THIS IS OUR FIGHT!
    Oh and for people looking for this years stats it was
    3)Black Flags
    6)Flying Squids
    And 8)Big suprise, the Yellow Jackets.
    BTW I used to be a Seaphim when they were #3

  16. Anime.Neko.Girl says:

    btw this,
    3)Black Flags
    6)Flying Squids
    8) Yellow Jackets
    is what you got. other people got different scores.
    ~ Anime.Neko.Girl, of the Flying Squid, Wildfire, Black Flags, Nanobots, Seraphim, Pathfinders, Nightcrawlers, and Yellow Jackets.

  17. Arrow says:

    I only joined Black Flags because of the band. And out song should be No Values or .
    You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal Against You, but sadly there is a minor bad word in the second song. And I really dont care about who is the best tribe, if we all have fun and that boring crap.
    Add me?
    In game name-Little Kid

  18. Francis Goldenlion says:

    I’m a pathfinder, but tbh I think it doesn’t matter what your tribe is. We’re all friends here. As @SkylarBrookes said, we should not be dissing each other’s tribes. so leave it alone. No, Pathfinders aren’t the best tribe, But neither are black flags! so leave it alone, k? Btw I’m Lions4580, feel free to friend me. you don’t have to, though, I’ll be ok with that.

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