Reality TV Island, Sneak Peeks

Berries, our source of survival.

“Must… get… food!”

Comic Kid had been in Reality TV Island’s jungles for days searching for food. Now he was scanning the horizon for any signs of a meal. “Aha! Over there; a berry bush!” Excitedly, he runs over to the ledge where the bush was and jumps on it. “Mmm, I can just taste that sweet berry in my mouth.” He yanks a bunch of berries of the bush and starts popping them into his mouth.

Not just a treat, but a way to survive. Reality TV is going to be tough!

Blog Post Title: More than a treat
Description: These berries are more than just a treat. They’re the way to survive on Reality TV Island!
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Image Name: berries.jpg

Because of Comic Kid’s blog post description, we can now confirm that “Reality TV Island” may indeed be the exact name of the much-anticipated upcoming island! :D