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The guide is coming

So guess what showed up on the PCB today? Well, a new post, and this isn’t just any new post ;). Look back in your mind to all those months ago when the creators showed us…eh, some new book. Remember that? You could pre-order it on Amazon, but it hasn’t been released yet. Well, that release date is close to coming according to the PCB!

This book is titled Poptropica – The Official Guide! It was mentioned inย  a previous post and sounded pretty big. After all these months, we haven’t gotten any info on this book…until now.

The picture from the PCB (above) was snapped apparently at their office. We learned that the book is 190 pages of color and art and even island guides. I can’t wait to see how they wrote their island guides, probably different than the ones here. And there’s more, even a fold out map, that could be found no where else, is included in this guide They announced the official release date is October 13th. That’s just about a month away!

Will you get this book? Comment below and share your thoughts!