Multiverse free for all!

One of the most popular and expensive gold cards in the Poptropica Store is now free! That’s right. Remember the good old Multiverse that came out a couple years back? You could create a room if you had it, then by clicking on the friends icon and entering that room code, you can get into your friend’s room. A cool way for a private game server in Poptropica.

Well, now this baby is going free. Yep, it once cost 350 credits, a price higher than any other gold card. But now? Now the creators have finally made this feature free for all. No longer will you have to ask someone “who here can make a room?” because guess what, anyone can! You can now get this sweet feature for free!

The creators also mentioned and posted a video of their first Multiverse Party since they liked it so much. Here’s the video. It shows the creators using the Flower Power item from the Poptropica Store when it was first released:

A short yet awesome video.

EP out!