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Minimizing and Bobbleheading?

Its GE here. School and homework is gone for today. Today was a good day…unless you count me almost going to detention and sobbing like a maniac on the way there totally day-wrecking. Curse my fear of “utterly destroying” my permanent record. Well…i learned a lesson. Don’t follow your friends into Art class 2 minutes before Language Arts starts.

Onto a more “pleasant” subject, the Creators released the Minimizer and the Bobblehead-ifier in the Store. I decided to check it out myself, since the PHF is down and i couldn’t see if anyone noticed before me.


“Remember kids, with a little determination and hard work, you can make things from Microsoft paint look decent!”-Kevin the Whale.

And speaking of Kevin the Whale…i might post him on the PHF soon. He’s such a cute little fellow!

Away from my eye-disintegrating attempt to follow Kevin’s advice…the Creators made a post about it. This time it was by


Minimizer and Bobblehead

Make yourself tiny with Minimizer, or shake things up with Bobblehead. Head over to the Poptropica Store to check out these awesome new items!

I myself would be very delighted to meet a mini-Dr.Hare. ^_^ I never met a normal sized one anyway.

I’m out my dear associates.

(On a brighter note, i will most likely take the SAT in early December or early next year. ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe i’m over-doing it…but i started to look at Ivy League college qualifications. =| )

Update: Thanks to some very kind people on the PHB chat, i found out that there is a new “Ye Old Poptropica Store” on Astro Knights Island (bottom picture). Its basically just a cart that shows a featured Poptropica Store item. Plus, the Poptropica Store screen has been updated to have some new categories, like “Most Popular” and “Creators’ Picks” (top picture).

Updated store

Poptropica Store cart