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Sometimes as you’re exploring Poptropica, you’ll discover new places! This page shows you where each place is by giving you maps of each island. To find out how to unlock each area, visit the island’s quest walkthrough by clicking the (guide) next to the island’s name.

UPDATE: As of April 2016, clicking the Map icon on classic islands (non-SUI) will bring you to the Poptropica island-choosing map instead of the island maps like the ones shown here. The maps posted below are relics of the past now!


UPDATE #2: In May 2016, several new features were added to the home Map. The image above, compiled by Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote, shows what the Map looked like prior to the major update. Click to enlarge image.

mapupdatedYou can access these maps yourself while playing Poptropica! To see the map of the island you’re on, just go to the top right corner and click on the Map icon next to the Inventory (backpack).

The newer “SUI” (sound-updated islands) do not come with the Map feature. However, we have made a few fabricated maps that are substitutes for the removed feature.

Images by Slanted FishFuzzy-BHPuterpop, and Shaky Skunk; modified from Poptropica.

Early Poptropica Island (guide)

Shark Tooth Island (guide)

Time Tangled Island (guide)

24 Carrot Island (guide)

Super Power Island (guide)

Spy Island (guide)

Nabooti Island (guide)


Big Nate Island (guide)


Astro-Knights Island (guide)

Map of Astro-Knights

Counterfeit Island (guide)

Reality TV Island (guide)

Mythology Island (guide)

Skullduggery Island (guide)

Steamworks Island (guide)

Great Pumpkin Island (guide)

Cryptids Island (guide)

Wild West Island (guide)

Wimpy Wonderland Island (guide)

Red Dragon Island (guide)

Shrink Ray Island (guide)

Mystery Train Island (guide)

Mystery Train

Game Show Island (guide)

Ghost Story Island (guide)

S.O.S. Island (guide)

Vampire’s Curse Island (guide)

Twisted Thicket Island (guide)

Poptropolis Games Island (guide)

Wimpy Boardwalk Island (guide)

Lunar Colony Island (guide)

Super Villain Island (guide)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island (guide)

Zomberry Island (guide)

Zomberry Island Map

Night Watch Island (guide)

Night Watch Island Map

Back Lot Island (guide)

Back Lot Island Map

Fabricated Maps for SUIs

These are fabricated maps to accompany you on the new sound-updated islands (SUIs), which do not include the Map feature. (created by HPuterpop)

Virus Hunter Island (guide)

virushunterisland map

Mocktropica Island (guide)

mocktropica map

Monster Carnival Island (guide)

monstercarnival map

Mystery of the Map Island (guide)


Timmy Failure Island (guide)


Monkey Wrench Island (guide)


We hope you find these maps helpful! Travel to different islands via the Poptropica blimp on Main Streets and go exploring!

Like this page? Check out more at our Pop Plus collection!

103 thoughts on “Maps

    • Giant Cheetah says:

      What about a map for the newest island,Virus hunter?When is that going to be shown here?

      Slanted Fish: Virus Hunter Island doesn’t have a map like the others because of the new navigation.

  1. Rainbow bird says:

    Scary tomato, how did you put all the words for each place together?

    Scary Tomato: I take pictures of the name on top of the place’s picture one by one, and then I edit it on Microsoft Paint. 😉

  2. Curious Crab says:

    Scary tomato,
    This is so cool! Did you make these maps yourself?
    Well, if you did…woah
    love, curious crab

    Scary Tomato: I used the in-game Maps on Poptropica, and copy and pasted to mix the words and pictures together. 😉

  3. Crazy Penguin says:

    Why isn’t Nabooti Island on the map, and what is the Poptropica font called?

    Scary Tomato: Nabooti Island is on the Map on, and we’re going to put one here soon, so be patient while we work on it. The Poptropica Font is called ‘Creative Block BB’. 😉

  4. poptropicacheats101 says:

    Are you going to put the Nabooti Island map up soon?

    Scary Tomato: Sure we are. It’s being worked on right now so please be patient. It’ll be up soon. It’s here. 😉

  5. Magic Storm says:

    Great job on the maps, Scary Tomato!!! It’s really cool how u did the maps. U must b REALLY good with computers!!!

  6. Magic Storm says:

    Ur going 2 hav 2 put a BIG NATE ISLAND map up here u know!

    Scary Tomato: It’ll be up soon. Please be patient, it takes time. 😉

    • Shifty Crush says:

      Can’t you get the early ticket?

      ST: Even so, the map still takes a while to make (I have to unlock all the areas first.). Anyway, it’s up now! 😉

  7. Silver Claw says:

    Hello PHB,

    These maps are great.

    lovin’ Poptropica, but lovin’ Poptropica Help Blog more. 😀

    — Silver Claw

    • Scary Tomato says:

      Perfect Dolphin – As Winner123 said below, it’s coming soon. I’m working on the Astro Island map, and it should be up soon.

      I’ve uploaded it! You can now find it on this page. Thanks for your patience.

      Winner123 – Thanks for your help!

    • Barefoot Sun says:

      I see you wrote this comment long ago. If you still play poptropica, you actually have more islands to complete. They keep adding islands so it could be more interesting.

  8. Happy Storm says:

    PHB, can I use some of your Maps for mah blog? Thanks AGAIN. 😀

    Hijuyo: You can’t copy and paste directly, but what you can do is give a link to the map images. 🙂

  9. Bony Raptor says:

    This blog is probably one of the highest quality blogs on the internet. Easy to travel, easy to communicate. Thank you PHB team for all the work you have put into this. You have raised the standards of blogging. 🙂

  10. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Wow, this hasn’t been updated for a while now. 😛 Especially with new islands coming out like almost every month.

  11. weof5 says:

    Do you have to go to every part of the island or is it ok to skip a few parts?

    Hijuyo: You can’t really skip parts, because you have to do one thing to get to the next.

  12. Giant Gamer says:

    i wish i complete all the islands but i completed shrink ray island,early poptropica island, great pumpkin island, sos island, mystery train island, big nate island,24 carrot island, super POWer island,shark tooth island, time tangled island, spy island, nabooti island, reality TV island, and mythology island. 😛

  13. bony lobster says:

    Where is the map for mystery train, ghost story, sos, vampire,s curse and twisters thicket

    Hijuyo: Unfortunately, due to its time consumption, we will no longer be updating with new maps. You can still access them on Poptropica though.

      • Slanted Fish says:

        “The using up of a resource” eg. eating, drinking, ingesting. Do note that it’s probably easier for everyone if you look up words you don’t know, because this a Poptropica blog.

      • shinykid157 says:

        You can also know it by a root word consum- It looks like consume right? You can then infer the meaning of the word, which is what SL explained

  14. Kate says:

    This is great and all, but the main game map (with all the different islands) is not working for me. Today I tried to leave Mythology Island and start on Hook Line and Sinker, but my game freezes what I try to land on an island (Any island!)

  15. Mad Eel says:

    I was looking for the map where you choose the missions and things I went into backlot but I wanna go back!!!!!!!!!But I can’t!!

  16. robieethos12 says:

    Hey Scary Tomato,are you going to make a map of the episodic islands and Galactic Hot Dogs,MOtM island and Timmy Failure?

    slantedfish: No, the colored islands don’t come with maps of their own.

  17. Tall Cactus says:

    The Creators should make SUIs have maps. Mystery of the Map has a map as an item, but not an actual menu icon for it, which is kind of strange.

  18. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

    It seems that maps have gone the way of the dinosaur on both SUIs AND non-SUIs due to the latest inventory interface change. Clicking on the non-SUI map icon will now take you back to the overall Poptropica map instead of showing the actual island’s map. . .

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