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“I really want to Costumize that outfit from the NPC in that ad that was on SUIs only. Can a glitcher make an ASG for it and post it on the PHC?”

Sometimes, Poptropicans might use a complex vocabulary, and if you haven’t been around for very long, you might not catch everything they mean! Fortunately, this lexicon guide is here to help you out when it comes to the esoteric linguistics of the Poptropica community. Don’t worry, it’s not hard!

The Poptropica Lexicon

{ in alphabetical order }

adsnoun. Advertisements on Poptropica, which often give out limited time prizes that some people like to collect. Through glitching, there are ways they can keep the ad prizes even after they have left the game.

ASG noun, verb. Avatar Studio Glitch – the process of cloning an account’s costume in order to obtain rare clothing. ASG can refer to the account being cloned as well as the act of cloning.

Costumizernoun. A tool used to copy clothing from other characters, activated by clicking the shirt button in the menu and selecting the character you wish to customize.

Creatorsnoun. The people behind Poptropica, from programmers to artists to writers and everyone that makes Poptropica the game it is.

creditsnoun. The currency of Poptropica, earned by finishing Islands for the first time on an account. Credits can be used to buy costumes and gold card items in the Store.

Custom Name Genienoun. A glitching tool where you fill out a simple form giving information for a custom name you want on Poptropica and a glitcher helps you create the account.

Daily Popnoun. A feature within Poptropica that offers a variety of games, comics, stories, and perhaps most importantly, sneak peeks. Sometimes called DP for short. The sneak peeks themselves may also be called Daily Pops.

dev consolenoun. Generally locked to the public, the Poptropica developers’ console is used by a few glitchers use to get behind-the-scenes looks at Poptropica’s files.

dummynoun. A mannequin useful for the fact that you can Costumize every single thing they are wearing. Sometimes found in ad rooms or user accounts created by glitchers.

glitch – nounverb. The act of manipulating in-game functions to obtain something unintended by Poptropica. Also used as a verb: glitching.

iPopnoun. A glitching tool that allows for anyone to customize their character with any clothing item, add to their battle ranking, and much more.

Islandnoun. A quest in Poptropica, which is made up of many Islands. Each Island has its own unique storyline which the player is supposed to explore through interacting with the characters, scenes, and items.

Membersnoun. Players who pay ~US$3.5 per month (more or less depending on which monthly plan) for extra benefits including unlimited Store access, early access to new Islands, and more.

MPIPnoun. My Place in Poptropica. A PHB series where Poptropicans in the community share their stories of how they came to find Poptropica and their involvement with the game and community.

Multiverse – noun. A feature in Poptropica where you can create a Multiverse party room which comes with a Multiverse code that you can share with friends to invite them into the room. Code expires when everyone has left the party room.

New Poptropica – noun. A new version of Poptropica in development in 2016, later unveiled as Poptropica Worlds. Read more about it on this post.

NPCnoun. Non-Player Character.

Our Discovery Islandnoun. A Pearson-owned game meant for teaching English to young children that uses Poptropica’s game engine but is otherwise unrelated to Poptropica. Also known as “ODI” or “Orange Poptropica”.

Popnoun. short for Poptropica.

Popcornnoun. The PHB’s Poptropica fan magazine.

Popspiracynoun. Poptropica conspiracies.

Poptropicanoun. The game surrounding this community, played at poptropica.com as well as on the Poptropica mobile app. Involves playing “Island” quests and more.

Poptropicannoun. Person who plays Poptropica.

PCBnoun. Poptropica Creators’ Blog. The official Poptropica blog where Poptropica news and other information is given by Creators. Check it out here.

PHB – noun. Poptropica Help Blog, i.e. this Poptropica fansite you’re currently reading.

PHCnoun. Poptropica Help Chat. The PHB’s chat hangout, hosted on Discord. You can access it via the link discord.me/thePHC at any time to chat with other Poptropicans online.

PMFMnoun. Poptropican Meme Face Mondays. A post series on the PHB where meme faces are applied to Poptropican character faces.

Stay poppingverb phrase. Used as a goodbye phrase among Poptropicans in a neutral or positive way, similar to “Stay awesome”. Could possibly mean “Keep playing Poptropica”.

Storenoun. The place in Poptropica where you can buy cool costumes and other fun items for your character using the credits you earn from playing Islands. Members can get everything in the Store without credits.

StoryArc Medianoun. Poptropica’s parent company, which also owns Funbrain, Galactic Hot Dogs, and more. See their website here.

SUInoun. Sound-Updated Island. A newer island that has ambient music, sound effects, and a larger screen for gameplay. Sometimes associated with more frequent (negative) glitches, but not always.

walkthroughnoun. A step-by-step explanation for how to do something; in the case of Poptropica, how to finish an Island quest. This website, the PHB, contains walkthroughs (also called guides) for every Island here.

Are there any terms you see in the Poptropica community that you’re confused about? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try our best to help you out!

🌟 Stay popping, Poptropicans! 🌟

And stay tuned to the latest news on the PHB!


7 thoughts on “Poptropica Lexicon”

  1. Third comment. But anyway, that’s a very useful list of lexes for new Poptropicans, to the game or the PHB – and Poptropicans who don’t know the general ideology of Poptropican things outside of the actual game. 😉

  2. Or should I say, new Poptropicans to the game and the community, since the PHB isn’t the only situate within the community. 😛

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