The Giant Hawk Adventures are a collection of Poptropica fan fiction stories written by PHB staff writer Giant Hawk, and illustrated by CraftyPoptropiqueen. Watch this space for GHA tales coming your way!

Also, the Giant Hawk Adventures is a significant part of the Orb Timeline, in which it shares a universe with the epic fan-made RPG, Orb Legend.

Prequel Short

An Afternoon at Queequeg’s

Taking place a day before the events of the series, prepare to meet Giant Hawk, straight off his job as a small-time reporter. He’s all too ready for his big interview. However, that’s not until tomorrow, and right now, he has a prior engagement with his closest companion, Nice Seal!

Early Poptropica

Chapter 1: The Hero’s Audition

Chapter 2: TBA

Chapter 3: TBA

Chapter 4: TBA

Chapter 5: TBA

Chapter 6: TBA

13 thoughts on “GHA”

  1. This may be my favorite fan fiction from Poptropica, just because of how thorough and well written it is – and that’s saying a lot, because I don’t enjoy many fan fictions!

    1. I’m very excited to read GHA! It’s going be so great! And, HP, did you ever read my fan fiction, the Totem Curse? It’s on my blog, Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog, and ECC. I think you’ll enjoy it. 😀

      1. Now i want a blog to put it on!! LOL, All i have is a Youtube channel without videos yet.

  2. I just found this today. Well, i knew it existed, cause i saw the announcement of the Adventures, but i didn’t know when it was coming out. I am now hooked. Totally. Hoping I’ll make a background appearance… Doubt it will happen, but it’ll make my day.

  3. Does anyone know when the rest are coming out? Also, I really hope I’ll make an appearance!!!

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