Rev your engines! With this game guide, we’ll prep you on how to give whiplash ‘n’ smash your Crash-n-Bash high score.

To start a game of Crash-n-Bash on Poptropica, visit the Blast-off Arcade on Home Island and look for the Crash-n-Bash game machine near the top right. This is a single-player game, so itโ€™s all on you to crash and bash your way down the speedway!

How to play

Dodge fires, pick up batteries for boosts, and make your way to the finish line. Along the way, bump into as many cars as you can to rack up points!

Before you get into the action, step one is to choose your car. There’s the blue Wicked Dragster, the purple Shredder, and the green Dark Force. It doesn’t make much difference which you pick, so go with your gut.

Tips & Tricks

As you barrel your way down the speedway on the vehicle of your choice, the main thing is to crash and bash into as many other cars as you can, since this will give you more points and clear them out of your way.

Along the way, you’ll also come across batteries, which will give your car a nice boostโ€”great for knocking more cars over with adrenaline! At the same time, though, you’ll want to be careful to avoid fires (of which there are surprisingly plenty for a race track!). Go aflame nine times and it’s game over.

When time is up and you’ve made it to the finish line, you’ll be presented with your score. Your high score is recorded on the game machine in the arcade, so you can always come back and try to beat itโ€”along with the weekly high score!

Did you know? Crash-n-Bash first launched in late 2018 as an ad for Cars 3, and you could race as cars from the movie: Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, and Miss Fritter. Also, the mini game was almost called “Crash Derby.”

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5 thoughts on “Crash-n-Bash”

  1. Just in case anyone wants to know, the highest possible score for this game is 7000, and for Blaster Attack it’s 13500 (both of these scores are quite hard to achieve and require a lot of memorization!)

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