Issue #9: February 2010

Issue #9
Date: February 7th, 2010

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s ninth issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! Love (for Poptropica… and cheese!) is in the air as Valentine’s Day is approaching.


Need some help with Poptropica? The experts are here to answer your questions!

Do you get to pick your own names for Poptropica avatars, and if so, how? ~Calm Starfish

Typically, a player has to choose from Poptropica’s default set of names. However, some Poptropica hackers are able to [secretly] figure out how to get custom names for their characters. And naturally, the Poptropica Creators made the game, so they can pick their own names.

How does one get the Pop Star shiny gold cap and outfit? ~Mighty Fox

Some Poptropicans have it. The golden pop star costume is a limited edition item previously sold on the Poptropica Store (for 75 credits). It is not possible to get it now, though, because it was removed from the store some time ago.

Recently, I got the Honey Nut Cheerios costume, but I want to take it off and just wear my regular clothes I first registered with. It’s not in my inventory, so how do I take it off? The costume is okay, but I don’t want to wear it forever!!! Also, when I finish Super Hero Island, how can I take the super hero outfit off? It wouldn’t be in my inventory either! PLEASE HELP!!!!! ~Costume Confusion

To change your Poptropican character’s clothing, you’ll need to look for different parts of clothing that you might like. When you see someone else with some clothing you might want to wear, use the Costumizer (green shirt button in the top-right corner) to also wear what they have on!


This section contains lovely enjoyable stories for the Poptropica Help community’s lovely fans!

The Unknown Island [Part 6]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!] The two girls nodded as Shiny Shell told them all she knew about the island.  Once she finished, Friendly Heart said, “Now,” she looked around her, “we need a plan.”  She handed Shiny Shell a large piece of blank paper and a pencil.  “Can you please make a map of this island?  It doesn’t have to be too specific, but as much as you know.”  Shiny Shell nodded and took the paper and pencil.


“Done!” Shiny Shell said, holding up her finished map.  “Great!” Green Seal said.  Shiny Shell showed them the map.  There was a very detailed sketch of the island.  There was a large old factory which was used to house the captives and used to be abandoned on the left, and on the right were small tents where guards lived and a big tent which was the leader’s home.

Then, Green Seal and Friendly Heart huddled and brainstormed plans.  “What should we do?” Green Seal asked, biting her lip nervously.  They had only thought about how to get to the island, not what they were going to do once they were on it.  Why had I been so dumb?, Green Seal thought angrily.

Friendly Heart smiled.  “Why are you smiling?” Green Seal asked her friend.  “I have an idea, that’s why.” Friendly Heart replied happily.  “What is it?” Green Seal asked anxiously.  “Well…” she began.


“I like it!” Green Seal exclaimed..  “Finally,” said Friendly Heart.  The two girls walked over to Shiny Shell, who had been staring into space while sitting on a rock.  “We’ve got our plan, Shiny Shell,” said Friendly Heart.  “Oh, good,” said Shiny Shell, standing up and brushing herself off. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Official Adventures of Silver Sneeze: Chapter 5, Glueberry Sadness, Massachusetts Diggers: by Silver Sneeze/Berry Fudge Yummy

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!] Then a tall, formal man wlked up to the main microphone.
“Ahem. Today, Blueberry Madness Technology, Inc will be releasing their technology to the world tomorrow. Please sit down and enjoy your dinners.”

I sat down, feeling a sort of goo. And also, I heard a sickening ‘squelch. Bubbles said she did too. Once dinner was served, my heart and stomach seemed to warm and I ate as slow as I could. Mostly with the pork. oh, that butterry pork. How nice! When I/everybody was done, we started to get out of our chairs, when the formal man siad for everybody to stay seated. We did. But I was busting to go to the toilet and I finally gave up. I stood up quickly, but my chair stood up with me. Everyone including Bubbles laughed. But she stood up to help my chair get foff my butt, when her chair stood up with her. Then everyone stood up, along with their chairs. The guy at the microphone stood up and so did his chair.

“Arrgh!”he screamed like a girl. For a moment, I thought he was a girl. I curiously walked up to him/her and tugged at his hair.
“Hey!”he said. Wait, he is a she because the face/mask came off to reveal the same face as the girl who stole the time machine. “Give back the time machine. Now!”

“No way!”she ran on the slippery floor towards a door labeled ‘explosives.’ I followed her and called Bubbles/Sour Honey. Inside the explosives room there were 2 other doors named ‘helium’ and ‘oil’. I went in helium and Bubbles went in oil. The culprit was in my room actually. It was a dead end. She was about to run out when I appeared in the door opening.

“Tell me your name and I’ll give you the time machine or give a ‘no’ and I’ll give you a beating. I know karate.”she pronounced ‘karate’ like ‘karatey’

“Cookie Dough.”

“Ha! Now I have your name I can do all sorts of off stuff! But you can have the time machine.”she gave the TM. I went into the oil room and fetched Bubbles. Then we went to Sweet Thunder’s lab an gave him the time machine.

“Okay, hold the key, symbols, shovel and time machine in your hands. Type in 548390 in the time machine. You will land in Masachusetts, in 2094. Go to the visitors centre and say you got plastic surgery on your eyes. Then ask where th Molly Hover Platform Station is. Dig under it, but first talk to Mickayla’s sister, Jemma, the one guarding it. Good luck!”
We obeyed. then a blinding light appeared from the time machine and we spinned, and spinned, and spinned, untill we were dizzy enough to faint. Then just before we had a fit, we landed in Masachusetts.

We found the visitors centre and siad I had plastic eye surgery while Bubbles read a sort of book with a movie player stuck to the front. Then I asked for directions to the MHPS.So we went there. I practically had to destroy the book with a Nabooti jewel while the tourist guide wasn’t looking. Then, I could pull her away. We talked to Mickayla’s sister and made another shovel. She also said she was going to accompany us. We digged and digged. Jemma didn’t. She started thinking up names for us.

She came up with ‘Masachusetts Diggers’. Didn’t really require much imagination, to be honest. We dug for 2 hours until we saw a door, on it was symbols that could be pressed. I took out the sheet of paper with symbols on them and pressed it. It opened. We were in a tunnel maze. But Jemma said she memorised the way. Finally, we came to a door with a keyhole and I unlocked it with the key. Soon, we came to a chair very creepy-looking.. Then we heard a silvery, whispery voice.

“I knew you’d come”the mystery voice whispered. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Counterfeit Case [CHAPTER TWO]: by Neat Whale

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!] The Forgery Detection lab turned out to be no trouble at all–just a few tests on how to prove if something was fake. Neat Whale exspecially enjoyed that second one… She couldn’t help but take a picture of the rediculously ‘of course that’s not right’ signature on the bottom corner.

NW jumped for joy when the assistant said she’d passed, and gladly took the key he gave her. She decided to check the supply closet for anything, and picked up another small peicae of paper. The picture was turning out to be a really creepy looking dragon.

She spent the rest of that day at the museum, and not really admiring the artwork, either…just kind of wandering around, until she looked out the window and saw that night was falling. She left the guard and walked down to the docks. Neat Whale always loved the look of the sea at night, the beautiful perch of the moon’s reflection settled on the water’s surface, and was even able to ignore the smell of old fish when she was up close to the soft salty water’s surface.

But then, of course, she heard a man with a tough, gruff voice say, “Hey…over here!” It was the man with the scar. NW grudgingly followed–she didn’t quite trust this man–and he told her to head in. NW walked in the exit of the Underground Tunnel, which she had walked out of just that morning, and ran a bit too far. She stumbled into a low-hanging rope with a lightbulb, and noticed one last peice of paper up on another. She grabbed the rope and climbed, and finally, reached out for the paper. Picking it up, she went backwards and walked over to the door.

Was it just her, or was this lock familiar? Then it hit her: It was the picture of the monster she just completed! She ripped out the paper, and turned the lock into place. It opened when she got the last detail right.

Walking into a darkened supply cabinet, NW groaned as she looked for her key. She sighed, relieved, when the lock opened, and she ran right past the guard at the desk. “this is easy,” thought NW, but she changed her mind pretty quick when she saw the museum’s statue room had infa-red lasers everywhere!

Neat Whale moved forward, hiding behind every statue she could see when lasers came toward her. She smiled happily when she realized the lasers didn’t go behind there, and made her way over to the painting room with a little ease. When she saw the painting, she smiled, and walked under it. “Now I’ll just hang by this rope and jump down on the theif when they come by!” she whispered, and jumped onto a rope.


“Oh crap.” mumbled NW, as a woman screamed, “FREEZE! YOU’RE UNDER AREST!” at her. NW couldn’t even move…she was either too tired or just consumed with shock. Neat Whale could, though, scream, and she did, yelling into the night, “I’M INNOCENT!!!”

When they reached the jail, they threw her in a cell and locked the door. Neat Whale, though, couldn’t stop herself; she flipped over onto the dirty, rusty bed, closed her eyes, and fell asleep. She couldn’t take any more that day.

Early the following morning, the woman, an investigator, unlocked the jail cell, and told NW to sit dow, as she pulled out a lie-detector. Then, she started asking the questions:

IW (Investgator Woman): What is your name?
NW: Neat Whale.
IW: Where are you?
NW: Counterfeit Island.
IW: Did anyone contact you about ‘The Scream’?
NW:Yes, a strange man.
IW: Why were you at the museum last night?
NW: I was trying to protect ‘The Scream’.
IW: Why were you hanging from the lamp above ‘The Scream’?
NW: I’m half monkey and I like to hang on things.
IW: Wrong!
NW: Fine, fine. I was trying to catch the theif.
IW: Do you know the Black Widow?

NW: Uh…no, I don’t know the black widow. And I’d rather not get bitten by her.

The lady sighed, relieved. “I’m glad you passed the lie detector… I knew you weren’t resposlible.” she said. NW’s jaw dropped again. “You did?! How?!” she exclaimed. The lady sighed. “The painting was stolen last night after we caught you.” she said, shaking her head. “Who told you that it would get stolen, anyways?” the lady asked. Now it was Neat Whale’s turn to sigh and shake her head. “I don’t know. A strange man,” she replied.

The lady looked NW up and down. “We need to check the security footage of last night. meet me at the Security office in the building.” she said, and turned her back and left. NW stopped for a moment and ran a brush through her hair, and held it back with a pink headband. Then, she followed, her feet aching with every singal step she took.  At long last, the reached the office, and Neat Whale plopped down on a chair, exhausted.

NW walked over to a computer, and began to play the footage. After a while, she yawned and said, “There are hours and hours of the video! I need to find that guard and see where I should begin…” and NW took off, knowing exactly where to look.

Neat Whale was correct–the security guard was hiding away in the clown store, trying to cheer himself up. Neat Whale looked at him, and affectionatly said, “Aw…” when he told her he just stepped out for a minute when the theif came in. He handed her his timecard, and NW read it and saw that the time to play it by was 6:30, AM.She turned on her heel and ran back to the museum.

She started up the computer, and played the footage from 6:30 AM, only to see…the man with the scar! NW growled, about to explode in anger. He could be anywhere…! She ran to the Investigator, asking if she knew anything, but her anwser was no. So, with that, Neat Whale went out to ask some people on the streets. She asked everyone in town, until only one person was left…Master Mime, the creepiest guy in town except for Bobo the clown! (Why the heck did that rhyme?!)

Neat Whale pulled out a picture, and asked him if he knew where this man was. He did, and started tapping his foot and making it act like he was blowing into a horn. It took NW two seconds to guess what he meant–the Jazz studio! Neat Whale thanked him over her shoulder as she ran off, to catch the theif once and for all. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Travel through the Games – Chapter 2:  Gingerbread Llamas Are Insane – by Llama Lover/Cheerful Cheetah

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!] Tough Cheese blinked…again. Those weren’t marshmallows right? no, of course not. they couldn’t be! But where they? Suddenly a ginerbread Cookie came up to her and said- CATCH ME CATCH ME CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! I AM A GINGERBREAD MAN!

the only odd thing about it was, it wasn’t a gingerbread man. It looked like it was a gingerbread llama. “Mr.Cookie? I don’t think your a man. It looks like your a gingerbread llama…  I KNOW!!!!! Geez, most people just think i’m a man, when i’m clearly a llama.

Why did you say your a man then?    I DON’T KNOW! I’M JUST A LITTLE MAD YOU KNOW!

ummm…the mad Gingerbread Llama? Where the heck am I?

“Do you know how to get out of here, Gingerbread Llama?”

“Get me outta here, cuz my eyes are burning, hehe, you know from the song? It’s celver cuz…never mind. You have to follow the squares. Duh! There’s a race starting in 10 minutes.” said the gingerbread llama.

“What race?”

“Wow, you must be pretty stupid.”
“Well, you know, how people go around the squares…”
“…to get to the castle! Oh! I remember now!”
“You should probably get going. THe races start in 7 minutes. Come, Come. Follow me.”

When Tough Cheese finally got there, they were about to get started. She quickly joined, and then a marshmallow rabbit said “On your mark…Get Set…GO!” And they went! They all had little cars , which they rode down the road. Tough Cheese was in third. The carts were made of gumdrops, gingerbread, and licorice. On the side of the road, she saw a little rainbow. All the other competitors didn’t see it, as they were just looking at the road. She crossed it, and suddenly, the banner at the bottom of her cart changed! She was in first now! AWESOME! She thought! She passed the lollypop fairy, and then queen frostine.

Queen Frostine gave her an ice cream to lick. She got stuck at the chocolate marshes, and her competition caught up! But Tough Cheese had played this in Poptropica millions of times, so she got out, And WON! The Castle was beautiful, made out of all the yummy stuff, like ice cream and peppermint and candy and everything! But the moment she stepped into the castle, it changed. Now she was riding in a little silver car. Where am I know?  She looked down and saw the word “GO” . Oh No. She thought. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Secret of Reality TV: by Blue Shield

It was a day like any other day at my house at early poptropica island, except I had a feeling it would be diffrent becasue of something but i just couldn’t remember it. maybe if I check the poptropica news blog. I went on my computer which was quite slow and typed then it hit me Reality tv is out!

I got my backpack which I bring every time I do the quest and ran as fast as I could to the blimp, but there was a sign that read “The blimp is closed for repairs, sorry for the convienunce then I hoped down and asked a friendly poptropican if there was another way to get to islands she replied “In the store there is a teleporter machine in the cool stuff” perfect I thought. “thanks” I said I hope I have enough credits I ran to the store and bought the teleporter I flipped the swich to Reality Tv Island and pressed the button. I couldn’t believe it.

I walked around and saw a poster that read “Do you want to be on tv sign this form and you will be on the new survivor show!” I sighned the form an put it down the box. I started to get hungry. I found a nearby resturant that was called Mcpoptropicans it smelled good i looked at the menu while I was in line then a girl in a uniform asked me “can I take your order?”

“sure. I’ll take a chicken nugget kids meal with fries and a soda” I said to her “ok that will be 10 credits please” I handed her 10 credits. There was a playground in the next room I decided to play on it until my food came it had a basketball hoop and some trampilions and in the playground you had to climb nets and then the next net was pretty hard i slipped and fell down and skid my knee it was okay but it was bleeding.

Then I tried again and made it now you had to go on these pools if you slided down you’d have to do the whole thing again I almost made it until Zany Thunder accedentaly bumped into me and i slid dwon and fell she jumped down and asked “are you okay?” “ya” I replied Zany thunder was in my class at big nate Island middle school I finally finished the corse and at the end there was 100 credits you get for finishing it then I sat down and ate my food it was delichous then I was about to walk out the door but zany thunder stoped me and asked “DO you want to work together on the quest?” “sure” I said. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Cased Closed for the Case of The Missing Merlin: by Silver Star

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!] “So what are we going to do now?” Silver Star asked. Shy Bug was about to reply when they heard a racket coming from the castle grounds.

HE’S MINE! I WAS SUPPOSED TO FIND HIM!” Shy Bug and Silver Star ran over to the castle grounds to find the princess’ assistant and Bridget, the girl who belonged to the society, yet hung out in the Rumour Mille. Bridget was holding Merlin as she pinned the princess’ assistant.

You don’t want this evil thing!” Bridget hissed in the Princess’ assistant’s ear. The Princess just then popped out of the castle’s front door and gasped at the wrestle before her. A cry of surprise came from main street and everyone at the castle grounds turned to see the Planetarium owner looking at the princess’ assistant and Bridget, who were staring right back at him because on the Planetarium owner’s shoulder was Merlin.

“Merlin!?” The two girls cried at the same time.

The Planetarium owner grew angry, “Not Merlin! His name is Pluto!”
“You renamed Merlin!?” The Princess accused.
“No, this was never Merlin, this is just a duplicate.”
“How do you know if Merlin’s not copyrighted?” Shy Bug asked.
“He’s not, I checked,” A voice said. The Poptropica store merchant came up behind the Planetarium owner.

“So that’s Merlin?” The Princess asked, pointing towards the owl her assistant and Bridget were fighting over.

The assistant stood up a little straighter and stuck her chin out, “Yes, and this… creature was trying to destroy him,” She pointed at Bridget.

Bridget’s face darkened along with her tone, “Of course I was. Merlin is vile, dark, evil, and a loyal follower to Mordrid, and now we have two!” She glared at Pluto.

“No way your destroying him!” The planetarium owner cried. “I’ll probably go out of business without him!”

“Wrong!” The Poptropica store merchant said, “The creators will be pounding on your door tomorrow demanding you get rid of him and accuse Merlin of being copyrighted- which is far from the truth! They’ll kick you out of the business if you keep Pluto!”

“I have far worst things to worry about!” The Princess snarled. “Bridget you give Merlin back or you will be thrown into the dungeon!”

“Ha!” Bridget scoffed, “As long as Merlin’s destroyed, I don’t care what happens to him! I bet you’ll be thanking me after he’s gone!”

“For what?” Silver Star asked.

“For destroying Merlin of course!” Bridget cried. “He was programmed for evil!”

“He was programmed before evil, you mean,” Shy Bug said. “Mordrid was good when he programmed Merlin, his ways twisted after creating that innocent owl, so Merlin was originally programmed for good.”

Originally,” Bridget repeated, “Which means he was reprogrammed to become evil.

“I’m not sure of that,” Shy Bug admitted. “But no matter what, we can re-reprogram him if he was already reprogrammed.”

“Yeah right!” Bridget laughed. “Reprogramming an Einstein of an owl is like performing brain surgery on Einstein himself unless you Mordrid!”

“I programmed Pluto,” The Planetarium owner confessed. “It was a little difficult, but how hard is it to reprogram Merlin?”

“You have to get rid of all the evil stuff about Merlin and I bet that’s probably getting rid of all of him about,” Bridget said stubbornly.

“Well, if it’ll make you happy, we’ll do that!” Silver Star said with exasperation.

“No!” The Princess cried, “I like Merlin the way he is!”

“Well, I can’t help but agree with Bridget,” The planetarium owner said, “He may be dark, the eye doctor on spy island gave me an enemy detector. He uses it when new spy equipment comes in.”

“Does it work?” Silver Star asked with interest.

“Yeah, during the BAD days they got bucket loads of bad spy equipment a day. Now we know why,”
“Your telling me,” Shy Bug said.
“Anyway, I can get that enemy detector if you want,”
“Please! If it will protect Merlin!” The Princess urged. The planetarium owner went to his beloved planetarium and returned with a device that looked like a spatula.

“It’s supposed to look like that,” The planetarium owner explained. “Without it I’d be more than slightly bald,” He ran it over Merlin as a screen showed up on the flat part of the spatula.

“Point one percent evil,” The Spatula announced in a robotic voice.

“View evil spot,” The planetarium owner commanded.
“Say, ‘evil plans Merlin?'” The Spatula prompted.
“Evil plans Merlin?” The planetarium owner asked.
“Plan: kidnap Princess- charge ransom- take over,” Merlin explained. “Plan failed,”
“See?” Silver Star said. “There’s nothing evil about Merlin,”
“Hmph,” Bridget said. “He should still be destroyed!” She grabbed Merlin and shook him hard.
“No!” The Princess screeched. Her assistant sighed in agony. She had a headache already.

“Okay, okay…” The Princess’ assistant muttered. She launched her self on Bridget, who had succeeded in taking Merlin’s battery’s out. Now he was lifeless.

An idea popped into Silver Star’s head. She murmured the plan into Shy Bug’s ear, who murmured the plan into the planetarium owner’s and the poptropica store merchant’s ears. They nodded their heads in agreement as Silver Star launched her attack.

For a couple minutes Bridget was winning as she dodged the punches of Silver Star and the Princess’ assistant then Silver Star gained control. She pinned Bridget down and placed her super handcuffs from super power island on Bridget’s wrists. “There!” Silver Star said triumphantly. “Looks like super power island can use another prisoner.”

“Arghhhh!” Bridget roared she rammed her head into Silver Star while the Poptropica Store merchant and Shy Bug were able to grab and keep a strong hold onto their con.

After Bridget was put in the super power prison, Shy Bug, and Silver Star returned to Astro-Knights. “Before you consider the case cracked, I have to admit, if Bridget didn’t steal Merlin, I would have… to sell,” The poptropica store merchant said, “I would have said that the creators told me to take and sell Merlin.”

“Bridget didn’t take Merlin, I did!” The Princess’ assistant said, “I sensed that some one was going to take him, so I took him as protection,”

“Look! I know your shenanigans, I read your diary!” The Princess announced angrily.
“Fine, but at least I didn’t want to destroy it!”
“You were still selfish,” The Princess pointed out before turning to face the planetarium owner. “How were you able to duplicate Merlin?”

“I found the blue prints in the garbage. This was after you cleaned Mordrid’s place out, so I figured that’s where they came from and that you didn’t want them. I hope it’s okay, I made him to fit my needs so he’s quite different from Merlin,”

“It’s fine,” The Princess muttered. “Thanks for helping me you guys,” she added, looking at Shy Bug and Silver Star.

“No problem,” Silver Star explained.

“Case closed,” Shy Bug said. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Shaggy Starfish (Part 4): by Shaggy Starfish

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!] The spy noticed I was staring at something, but when he turned around to look through the window, the blimp shadow had sped up and disappeared. At that point, I started yelling at the butler.


But he remained calm. “I am afraid that is not my job, Miss Starfish. That is the pilot’s job.”
“Well, where’s the pilot?!”
“He’s controlling the plane in the cockpit. It’s in the front of the plane.”

I sped past the butler, and ran all the way to the cockpit. I threw open the door, and found the pilot snoring on his chair. He gave a very loud snort as I walked up to him.

“WAKE UP!!” I shouted.

“Wha-wha-what? Hey – um, what is it, director?”
“It’s an emergency!”
“What happened?”
I quickly explained.

“Okay, then. I’ll just make this thing go faster..”

After waiting for ages, the blimp came into view. But it was becoming foggy and hard to see. I could see a blur of yellow that disappeared into a cloud, and reappeared again. We were getting closer. I saw the Bard, controlling the blimp, something orange…

Something orange? Did they already have the diamond?

And Director D was staring at me, holding something big and black.. And then I noticed something. I leaned in close to the window, and realized that Director D was pointing a gun at me. A very large gun. He was starting to pull the trigger.

Then it hit me. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Mysterious Poptropican, Chapter One: Stuart Thompson: by IkeWB

Stuart, just a young boy, was walking downtown to his favorite place, the library, when he noticed a white owl swooping down to him with something in its talons.

“A barn owl, I assume,” he said to himself. He knew barn owls lived all over the world, but it was extremely rare to see one in the big city where he lived, not to mention how rare it was to see an owl during the light of day.

The barn owl landed right in front of him and dropped what it was holding. Then, just like that, it flew away. Stuart picked up the what the barn owl had dropped. It was a letter, an “SOS” letter at that, so he carefully read through it.

The letter read: “To whomever reads this: We have been captured. The last place we saw was Nabooti Island. Then the man who captured us put a cloth with some sort of chemical on it over our faces, which made us fall asleep instantly. If you have received this letter, talk to the people on the west side of Nabooti Island. If they saw a black van driving fast, ask them which way it was headed, and please send help.” To this, Stuart gulped. What could he do? He was just an eleven-year-old bookworm. The only choice he had was to get help. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Magic in the Well: by Rough Glove

My name is rough glove a normal poptropican girl i live near the castle in Astor nights.

remember when i said normal? well i not normal. to tell you my story i have to tell the wells twas an after noon at the nights fair the queen and king hosted one every year later that night everyone was gone except me but hen i notice something glowing in the distance it was a well with a sign that said make a wish and wait i didn’t have a wish but threw a quarter anyway the next morning i felt kinda weird but then i notice my hands were blue but then turned back into my skin color i also notice something on my bed magic book of spells

how did this get here”i said to my self i opened a page up i read “cozmo ele floatme”i said and all of a sudden i started to float “umm stopnofloat” she was back on the ground but soo confused how did i get these powers so i decided to go to the kingdome and ask the princess since she realy smart “ah yes i do know what happen did you use the well last night”,she asked “umm yes but i dident make a wish”rogh said “well since you dident make a wish the well picked one for you” “so you mean il have these powers like forever”rogh siad shocked the princess nodded “you will have to get used to them till there is a cure”

trying to control powers school

1.zapped the teacher turnd her into a frog while trying to sound out a word
2.she turn red wolf into orange at lunch
the super markert
1.turnd the store upside down when i wanted upside down cake
one week later she went to see the princess
“do you have a cure”i said she nodded “but are you sure you want to give up your powers”princess said at that moment they heard a scream “HELP” the gaurd was about to fall off the castel at that moment i got out my book and yelled  i read “cozmo ele floatme” the gaurd starded flying up into the air

“FLOAT ON TOP OF THE LANDING PAD”i yelled he went over  “stopnofloat” he landed on the landing pad where my spaceship used to be but thats another story “umm on second thout i might wanna keep the powers”,i said. Ever since that they rough glove has been saving lives. And that is my story.

Hades’s Problem: by Friendly Gamer

Friendly Gamer was walking down Reality Tv Island at night, it was so dark no one was in sight except this mysertious Gothic Girl, when Friendly Gamer was walking a huge bump from the ground smacked him all the way from the clown store to the muesume!!! Then Friendly Gamer heard I voice, HADES IN DA HOWWOSSS!!

The gothic girl ran intot he clown store and got a balloon and quickly pumped it up she flew away,Haha she screamed carrying me up, You will never get us now! We stayed in the blimp all night, we had a chat I talked first. “Who is this guy?” I said. “Hades,he wants to bring Poptropica in outerspace!!!” So we slowly walked acroos main street in the morning we say hades on top of the jazz cafe, he was pumping up the growned with balloon gas to make Poptropica go in outerspace! I talked to Hades, “Listen, your supposed to be in Mythology Island working your butt off!”

Not pumping up other peoples butts! I said. He scratched his head, “Um…” He smacked me and the gothic girl. We woke up in the underground mind, it was full of ballon gas. I woke up and woke up the gothic girl, Hades is in that door! I said. We ran into the door “Its locked!” We bothed screamed at the same time. then the door opend and hades threw us with one hand all way off the Planet Poptropica! Gothic Girl couldn’t breathe I couldn’t either, we needed help but we heard this voice!

“101000101010101010011010100111111001010101!!!!” It said we both nodded and said “”Binary Bard” So binary bard grabbed are hand and put us on the ice planet. We were freezing until a robotic fish swiped gothic girl , binarybard, and I in side the ice cold water- Everything went black… [To be continued in the next issue of the Poptropican’s 911!]

Squeezy Sinker’s Adventures: by Squeezy Sinker


My name is Squeezy Sinker. I just moved house. I now live in Early Poptropica. There is nothing to do here actually. My mum, Squeezy Seal only moved us to Early Poptropica because Spy Island is a dangerous place for girls like me. The shed needed clearing out and Squeezy Seal wanted to paint the shed and make it look more cheerful. She told me not to go in there. Not fair.

-Chapter 1-

I gingerly opened the shed door, checking to see if Seal was around. There were spiders and bluebottles crawling all around me. Ugh. Pretty disturbing if you ask me. I suddenly jumped in surprise to see a man with a face as pale as dry plaster. He was munching on chocolate and he was chucking wrappers on the floor.

“Hey! What are you doing in my spot?” he squeaked. “Back off, and don’t you even think of touching my chocolate!”

“Sorry,” I replied calmly, kicking the spiders that crawled around my feet. “I just wanna say that we are gonna clear the shed,”

He told me to scat so I did.

I flicked my blonde hair with a pretty blue clip and got out of the shed, wiping the tears that rolled across my face. I didn’t know why I was crying. I went inside to see what my room looked like. I thundered up the stairs and stormed into my room. Thankfully, it was a medium-sized room with a computer desk. There was no computer. My bed was well, like a bed. I saw a note on the floor. It said:

Dear Squeezy Sinker,

Please help me. I have been kidnapped by one of the B.A.D agents and been put in a cage. I managed to find a piece of paper and a pen and wrote to you. An agent found this letter and send it to the post. The leader of B.A.D is called Director D and he told the agents that he is going on holiday. You got to help me.

Your friend, Nice Bubbles.

I looked at the note one more time. I threw a tantrum. How could they?! How could they do this to my friend?! I angrily got my backpack, put a water bottle, the laser lipstick I got from Green Seal for some cheese, my water pistols and mobile phone inside. I am going to find Director D. I will. [To be continued in the next issue of the Poptropican’s 911!]

Island Ideas

Where are you taking your special friend to?

Latin America Island: by Enclosed Lightning

You’ve won a cruise liner to Latin America for 3 months. During those months, you meet Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet; Che Guvara, a army leader; and natives. The natives will tell you that their homes are destroyed and your the only that can stop this madness. Problem is, the Cuban Border Police (led by Che)can’t let you. It’s up to you and Pablo to save the day before time runs out.

Candyland Island: by Fadel H.

There is a mean nanny who hates candy and takes all the candy from Poptropica. We need to rob her so the kids get their candy. The nanny is stealing candy because she hates it and she doesn’t want anybody else enjoying it. Plus, she loves apples. We have to trick her into a closet and tell her that the closet is full of apples.

Easter Egg

Flying Upside Down

It seems logical to fly up, but have you tried it the other way around? Check out this cool cheat from Coderkid:
  1. Head to Early Poptropica.
  2. Bust out your JetPack.
  3. Go to the Poptropica Towers.
  4. Jump continually on the clothes lines until your Poptropican is upside down!
  5. Fly using the JetPack. 😛
Note: It’s not much of a hack/cheat/glitch, but it was something cool so…*runs*


Did you know?  If you meet a dummy in a multiplayer room on Poptropica, you can Customize their handheld item! Are you being attacked by cyborgs, bunnies, or some dark mysterious figure? Just defend yourself with the end of that spear. Then use a balloon to express the way you’re feeling!

Fan Art

We’re all a big, happy family here! ^_^

The PHB [A song dedicated to Seph/to the tune of ‘YMCA’]: by Hyper Star

There’s no need to feel down
I said, Poptropican
Pick yourself off the ground
I said, Poptropican
‘Cause you can’t finish an island
There’s no need to be unhappy.

There’s a place you can go
I said, Poptropican
When you’re stuck in the goo
You can read it, and I’m sure you will find
Many ways to be happy

It’s fun to read the P-H-B!
It’s fun to read the P-H-B!

They have everything, for you all to enjoy
You can hang out at the chat…

It’s fun to read the P-H-B!
It’s fun to read the P-H-B!

You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal(at the King Carrot Diner)
You can do whatever you feel(except break the rules)

Poptropican, are you listenin’ to me?
I said, Poptropican, what do you wanna be?
I said, Poptropican, you can make real your dreams
But you’ve got to know this one thing

No Poptropican does it all by themself
I said, Poptropican, put your pride on the 911
And just go there, to the PHB
I’m sure they can help you today

It’s fun to read the P-H-B!
It’s fun to read the P-H-B!

They have everything, for you all to enjoy
You can hang out at the chat…

It’s fun to read the P-H-B!
It’s fun to read the P-H-B!

You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal(at the King Carrot Diner)
You can do whatever you feel (except break the rules)

Poptropican, I was once in your shoes
I said, I was down and out with the blues
I felt no man cared if I were alive
I felt the whole world was so tight

That’s when someone came up to me
And said, “Poptropican, take a walk up the street
It’s a place there called the PHB
They can start you back on your way”

It’s fun to read the P-H-B!
It’s fun to read the P-H-B!
They have everything for Poptropicans to enjoy
You can hang out at the chat
It’s fun to read the P-H-B
Poptropica, Poptropican, there’s no need to feel down
Poptropican, Poptropican, pick yourself off the ground

And just go to the P-H-B
Poptropican, Poptropican, I was once in your shoes
Poptropican, Poptropican, I was down with the blues

The land of Poptropica and the Fantastic Help Blog (Home, Sweet Home!): by Magic Storm

An awesome message to all Poptropicans connected to the PHB – Keep on rockin’!

Poptropica Calendar: by Fast Runner

Use it as your wallpaper to… well… keep track of the date! Hope you like it!

My Poptropican: by Maddie F.

Amazing artwork of one Poptropican’s self-portrait!

Bye Balloon Boy: by Maddie F.

A cute drawing depicting the Balloon Boy mishap from Counterfeit Island.

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)

355 thoughts on “Issue #9: February 2010”

      1. *Grabs NW and cheese and runs* Uh… What cheese do you speak of?

      1. *takes cheese back* Rusty! Don’t ever take the whole thing without sharing again!

      1. *turns to Cuddly Knuckle* Did you eat the cheese, Wilbur?
        CK: *shakes head*

    1. Cool, I’m in one of the multiverse pictures. xD Nice computer backrounds. I guess no comics this time? And, I think all the cheese is gone, so I guess none is left for me. xD And to Hijuyo, how did you put a picture in your comment? O_o

      Hijuyo: With an HTML code… why?

      1. We need to share the cheese, everyone. You can’t just take the whole thing and eat it.

      2. That’s right.

        If you eat the whole cheese, no one could eat it. The cheese will have your germs and if you spit out that cheese and someone eats it, then that person would become sick and have your germs. So I need all of you to share the cheese.

      1. *turns back to normal* Hijuyo, Chistmas Clown is trying to tease me! 😡

      1. *comes back to life as normal*Hey,no one took the chocolate when I offered it,so I ate it! 😡
        Fine,have one. *takes another year’s supply of chocolate and stuffs it in blame it on the love of rock and roll* Now,happy?And don’t attack me again,otherwise,the only succeeding comments to this will be:

        You:*kills me*
        Me:*comes back to life*
        You:*kills me(again)*
        Me:*comes back to life(again)*


      2. Don’t give me chocolate anymore-I’m allergic!

      1. CHEESE! YAY! I♥Cheese! I want some (or maybe… ALL the) CHEESE!! MY CHEESE! And my Shar Pei will protect me from Cheese theives!! I♥My Shar Pei MORE THAN CHEESE BUT I♥CHEESE!!!!!!!

      1. *gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. *builds rocket and goes to every random planets and throws bombs on each hiding place*

      3. *helps Hiphop and shoots the last prank robot before anything happens*

      4. *saves* Run! *we run away from New Year Party Goofer Clown and get into the rocket*

      5. *lifts rabbot, touches it, and climbs into a window at home* Whew.

      6. *tiger comes back to life*

        Elder Tiger Demon (ETD):Do not underestimate me,child.I am the nightmare.Not just any nightmare,I am the nightmare.Mere bullets do not penetrate my skin.Now,come,face me yourself.

        You:Ha!Let’s see you fight me!

        ETD:*spits out Gangsters rule out of stomach* I told you not to underestimate me.You will suffer your true punishment. *pounces*

        You:Help!! *you start to bleed*

        Me and Gangsters rule:AHHH!HELP!911!!HELP! *runs to find police*

      7. ETD: (to gangsters rule) You forget that I am the nightmare,child.I am not to be tempted by food.But perhaps-you! *pounces*

        BiotLoRoR:NO! *jumps on tiger*

        ETD:*turns to BiotLoRoR*You cannot defeat me,child. *gives a roar so loud that BiotLoRoR,me (who just came with the police),cool bite,and the police fall a kilometer away* Now,is the time,to– be more nightmarish. *grows 10 feet larger and looks even more nightmarish*

        Me:Look,uh…a flying buffalo is attacking a ninja on a bicycle!

        ETD:Where? *turns*

        Me: *throws 10000 ton anvil at ETD*

        ETD:Hiss! *turns into a completely normal tiger* Grrr… *runs away*

        Me:Great,the anvil made him less nightmarish!Now let’s get him!

      8. Gotcha. *calls zookeeper*
        Zookeeper: *puts tiger into cage*
        Me: *brings gangsters rule (Mike) back to life

      9. Yeah.
        Tiger: *growls as the zookeeper locks him in the zoo*
        Zookeeper: Sorry. You will not escape this time.

      10. AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes cheese and runs away* NOW who has the cheese touch?

    2. Gets in astro zone, buys a pink rocket made of cheese and zooms by you all, and grabs cheese while I’m at it. Hey, anyone know what earth is? I’m stuck there.

      1. Races to all cheese, injects it with a serum, and gives it to birds. Birds attack all evil people.

  1. Hey, Hijuyo didn’t I send you a story for reality tv island?

    Hijuyo: That you did. It’s included in the 911.

    1. Just wondering, but How did you get the mini guitar? is there any way to get it WITHOUT randomizing your poptropican?

      1. O_O CHEESE *chases everyone away, takes the entire cheese, and stuffs in mouth* No more cheese. Sorry.

      1. I have an idea! *grabs bounder and throws it to Sticky Clown and Samwow5*

      2. You can’t kill the replica!The only way to stop it is to put 10 pieces of gold in it’s lungs,and you can’t get them before he wakes up again!This is coming from the Jungle Planet,try to come here,and I will try to help you! *replica comes back to life again and starts chasing you*Hurry!

      3. *my cat scratches replica, bites it, carries it outside, and meows*
        Good job, Felix!
        Felix: Meow!

      4. Didn’t you hear me?!The only way to stop it is to put 10 pieces of gold in it’s lungs,and you can’t get them before he wakes up again!This is coming from the Jungle Planet,try to come here,and I will try to help you! *replica comes back to life again and starts chasing you*Hurry! *voice turns into static*

      5. *puts ten pieces of gold in its lungs and goes to Jungle Planet*
        Felix: Hiss!
        Me: You want to go, too? Okay.
        *rocket blasts off to Jungle Planet*

      6. Good,thanks cool bite!Wait,I sees screen back on earth* NOOO!There are only 9 pieces of gold in it’s lungs! *replica comes here with a jet pack and jumps on the Mother Phoenix* Hurry,everyone! *grabs Laser Lance and jumps on unicorn* I’ll try to defend you,but you’ll have to find a way to attack it! *battle begins*

      7. *firefighters spray water on my hot skin and the replica vanishes* AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Mall manager clown, Where is the replica. *whole body turns normal except her head* has anyone seen the replica?!?!?!?!?! *eyes become as bright as a car light* *teeth become hot*

      1. The replica was on fire, but now it turned to ashes. Wait. Felix?
        Felix: Meow!
        Me: Felix, you good boy!

    1. No problem. Wait. Felix? Felix?
      Felix?! Felix, where are you?
      *groan* Felix.
      Felix: * Walks to my feet and meows*
      Felix, I’m sorry I forgot about you!
      Felix: Purr.

      1. You will need some ice for you not to burn up again. *drops ice cubes*

  2. issue Nine is awesome!!
    I’d like to give a shout out to fast runner and maddie.f- the calender and the ballon boy comic were awesome!!!!
    Might have to get that calender!
    This issue has been the best issue YET! Can’t wait for the moment when 1 and 0 are together in ISSUE 10!
    And issue 10 had better be ten times as good!LOL

  3. Heres my idea for a island

    Primate Island all the primates on the island have broken out of a zoo and you have to round them back up or else.

    1. Well, I’m thinking there may be a miniquest buried in CI. The locked chest in the Black Widow’s house….Balloon Boy unrescued…..what do you think?

  4. Hi Hijuyo, I like the 911, but in the monthly reflection you wrote “…in this crackling canvas caper?” instead of “paper.” And when will the 10th one come out? It’s been at least 2 Sundays at March.


    1. No, Hijuyo meant to do that. Caper means a mystery, like the mystery of who wanted to steal the scream. “Paper” does refer to art, but with the mysterious CI, “caper” seems better.

      1. *stomach growls* Oh, rats. I can’t talk to you on an empty stomach.

      1. *grabs cheese* Ah, much better. Yuck! I feel sick! *throws up and falls down with stomachache*

    1. Raymond: But *points to Wilbur* He said-
      Me: I told you kids. I was hungry, and I want all of you to share the cheese! *poof* There! *points to cheese*

      1. Wait- Where’s the cheese? Raymond? Cool Bite? Mall Manager Clown, where’s the cheese? Oh, nevermind.

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