Issue #8: January 2010

Issue #8
Date: January 3rd, 2010

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s eighth issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! This month we’re kicking off the new year with never-before-seen Poptropica content!


Need some help with Poptropica? The experts are here to answer your questions!

Can you earn credits from playing advertisement buildings on Poptropica? ~Fast Leopard

Poptropica TokensUnfortunately, no – playing advertisements does not give you any extra Poptropica credits. Only playing islands will earn you credits, and the island can only be played once for credits.

How can you purchase Poptropica credits and how long will they last? ~Hopeful

To buy credits from the Poptropica Store, click here. Credits your buy will not go away from your account unless you spend them for bonus items for your Poptropica character.


A new year, a new start. What paths lie ahead for these curious young Poptropicans?

The Unknown Island [Part 5]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

[Continued from December 2009’s newsletter!] The guards froze, sniffing the air.  “Chuck, what is that smell I’m smellin’?”

“Quiet, Dan, I’m tryin’ to figure it out,” said Chuck, his huge hands on his hips, sniffing through big nostrils.

“Well, I ain’t got no idea what the heck it is.”

“I ain’t care, I’m leavin’, leave you losers to yerselfs,” said a guard with green hair.
“Hey, I ain’t gonna smell this either.”
Then, every guard left, careless of the consequences.  Green Seal and Friendly Heart waited until the very last of them left, then landed quietly on the island. “Ugh, did that stink bomb always smell like that?” Friendly Heart asked.  “Well, I did add a little something…” Green Seal said mischievously.

“Okay, now put on the suit,” Green Seal instructed, handing Friendly Heart the chameleon suit, and slipping one on her herself.  In seconds they were invisible.  “It’s amazing how things from other islands help A LOT,” Green Seal said.  Friendly Heart nodded, but it was hard to tell.

Something rustled in the bushes, and Friendly Heart and Green Seal stood still.  The rustling got louder and louder, and suddenly a poptropican crept out from it, old and withered.  She had pink hair which had partially faded grey, a raggedy shirt that was torn and stained, and a skirt that was matted with mud and grass.  “Good, the guards are finally gone,” she talked to herself.

Green Seal whispered to Friendly Heart, “Let’s tell her.  She might be able to help.  By the looks of her, she’s obviously not a guard or anything.  Maybe she’s another prisoner.”  “Okay,” said Friendly Heart, and they took off their chameleon suits.

The old lady gasped, falling a few steps back.  Green Seal and Friendly Heart helped her up, and introduced themselves.  “I’m Green Seal and this is Friendly Heart.”

“I’m Shiny Shell,” said the old lady.
“Are you one of the captives?” asked Friendly Heart.
“Yes, sadly.  Me and 53 poptropicans have been held captive for about, uh…” She counted her wrinkled fingers, “About 3 months.”
“We’re going to help you!” said Green Seal.

“But, for us to help you, you have to give us a little info about this place,” added Friendly Heart.
Shiny Shell nodded her head vigorously.  “Of course!  Well, I know that the rest are being held captive over there…” She pointed her finger towards her right, “And…”  [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Official Adventures of Silver Sneeze: Chapter 4, Cookie Dough and Sour Honey the Super Spies: by Silver Sneeze/Berry Fudge Yummy

[Continued from December 2009’s newsletter!] “Good evening, ma’am.”said a lady wearing black behind a desk. “May I have your letter?” “Sure” I handed her my letter. She read it and then gave it back.
“Director D is on the bottom-left location computer platform 2.”
“Thanks.”Me and Bubbles went there. There was a locked door with only a keyhole on it.
“Why don’t you try the key that Mickayla gave you?”Bubbles said.
“Alright.”I put the key in the keyhole. To my surprise it opened. A man wearing a T-shirt saying “D” on it was standing next to a giant screen.

“Hello. Can I have your letters?”Said Director D. I gave it to him.
‘Ah. Okay, so Mickayla sent you. Yes. You must fill out the paperwork. Here.”Director D handed us both three sheets of paper. We set to work. We were done thirty minutes later. Director D read it.

“So now Tiny Bubbles is Sour Honey and Silver Sneeze is Cookie Dough. Please go back to the main desk and ask for Sweet Thunder. And also, Sour Honey, he’ll give you a machine that let’s you return at exactly the same time as you left, so you won’t miss a bit of filming on the show. Ta, ta!”Director D said. Me and Bubbles went to the main desk and asked for Sweet Thunder. He was a short man with glasses and a bad haircut. His assistant had a flat-top, which was much better looking in my opinion.

“Ah, yes. Follow me.”He led them to a huge room, which I guessed to be his lab.

“Here is my latest technology. A time-travelling machine which you will use to find a tablet with markings on it which is a key.”He pointed a small, round locket thingamy. Then, a girl in black ran in, grabbed the machine out of my hands, ran out, except she dropped something.

Grape Sherbet is invited to the launch party of Blueberry Madness. Please come in a dress. It is on this Sunday, at nine pm. Please attend. It is at the Technology Plaza. Tall Dwarf.

“So, are we supposed to go there? It’s tonight!”I asked.
“Yup. Go on. Meet me here when you have it. There’s a clothing store just ’round the corner.”he replied.”Bye, bye!”

“Okayyy. Let’s go, Bubbles!”I said. She followed me to the clothing store. It was all black really. We took ages to choose what we wanted to wear and they were all dumb outfits anyway. I chose a short, sparkling dress and black Converse shoes. Bubbles chose denim pants and a Diva Disco tnk-top. Then we asked for directions to the Technology Plaza. We had to go through a series of spider webs and bee hives. Quite annoying, really. I was dumbstruck when… wait, what does dumbstruck mean? Never mind. We reached in twenty minutes. ‘Waste of time’ I thought.

There were many people drinking champagne, dancing, testing out technology and even some were hiding small pieces of technology in their pockets. Then someone ran off, their pockets full.

“Hmph!”I sat down on a comfy, white, leather couch while holding a glass of red wine. The party was boring, actually. Really boring. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Travel through the Games – Chapter 1:  Toto, we’re not in Poptropica anymore! – by Llama Lover/Cheerful Cheetah

Tough Cheese was proud. She had just finished her last island, Spy Island. She was now Director Cheese. “What will I do know?” she thought. Then she took the blimp to Time Tangled Island. “There should be another way to travel between islands…” she thought. “Oh! I’ll invent something in the Lab!” Tough Cheese worked on her invention. Finally, she finished it. “I’ll test it tommorow…” she yawned. “I’m so sleepy!”

The Next day, she hurried to the Lab. Today was the big Day! WHen she got to the lab, she booted up the machine. “This is it!” she thought. Astro-Knights Island, here I come! Then, she pressed the button.She woke up in some place different. At least it worked? she thought. Then, she saw some marshmallows with legs, running through the hills. What?? she thought. I must be dreaming. She rubbed her eyes and looked again, but they were still there. She herd a some whistling. When she looked up, she say some Donuts, flying through Through the air, and landing in cotton candy trees.

She looked down at the ground, and saw colored squares, leading in a path. Suddenly, a gingerbread ran by her. Where was she? She felt like Alice in Wonderland! Any second, she felt like she’d see a rabbit! But then, it all connected. “I’m in the Board Game, Candyland! OMG!” How do I get back? This is so confusing! [Will she be able to leave Candyland? Will she land back in Candyland? Tune in next time in the Poptropican’s 911!]

The Adventures of Shaggy Starfish (Part 3): by Shaggy Starfish

[Continued from December 2009’s newsletter!] Director D. Then the Binary Bard. And then now 500 spies. This mission is crazy, I thought. But I can’t let my spies down- The ringing phone interrupted my thoughts. Now what? I thought, reaching out for my spy phone. That spy called me up just a minute ago!

The ringing stopped before I even got it out of my pocket. I snatched it up and flipped open the phone. “1 missed call”, it read. The phone number was from the same spy that called me up not long before. There was a voice message that he left. “Starfish, I need you back in the HQ right away. It’s very important.” the spy said. Then he had hung up. What had happened? Were the spies trapped again?

Did Director D make an unexpected appearance? Or is it good news? I thought. I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket. I raced back to the HQ and just barged in, frantically looking around for the spy. “Director!” I heard someone call. “What is it?” I shouted back. The spy that had called me came up to me. There was nothing wrong with him or anything or anyone else. No one was in trouble – yet. “We recieved a call from a spy who has just spotted Director D and the Binary Bard,” he said. “They were seen using a yellow blimp (I think it was yours) but, well, they were seen…..” – the spy checked a small green paper with scraggly writing – “uh… seven minutes ago. The spy that saw them overheard them talking about a plan that involves an orange diamond.” He looked up from the paper.

“I’ve never ever heard of an orange diamond before. Sure, I might have seen that orange jewel in Nabooti Island… but I’m don’t think the orange jewel counts though; besides, that totem pole with all the diamonds have disappeared into space…” I trailed off, and pictured Director D and the Binary Bard in space, wearing spacesuits, in a spaceship, holding an orange diamond triumphuntly, with the totem bobbing around in the distance, without the orange jewel. I blocked out the thought, and continued.

“Anyway, what would they want with an orange diamond, and what happened to the totem?”

The spy took a deep breath, and said, “It’s possible they might want that orange diamond you’re talking about. But spies have checked the space radar, and the totem hasn’t been seen on the radar. They also checked near the sun, the pewter moon, the fire planet, ice planet and jungle planet, the asteroid belt, the alien territory, the black hole, and even that little place that the Bard teleported from. It hasn’t been seen anywhere, and spies suggest it might have disappeared in the black hole and destroyed forever. Some are also scientists, and they might be right.” “So it’s different from the orange jewel?”

He nodded. “I think so. You have to track Director D and the Bard down. Now that you’ve got 500 trustworthy spies, it might be easier. But since Director D and the Bard have taken your blimp, it might be time to show you this…” He disappeared around the corner, and called me up. “Director! Come on over here!”

I followed the direction the spy had gone, and came out through the back door. The spy flung out his arm in the direction of… nothing. Was this a joke?

“Okay,” the spy said, sighing. “I can see, or not see, that you don’t see anything here.

But it’s a plane, and it’s invisible, like the Chameleon Suit. But unlike the suit, it remains invisible even when it moves. It’s called the Invisijet, because it’s invisible, and super fast. And if you don’t want to be invisible, you can…”  he pressed a button on a remote, and the silver jet appeared in front of my eyes  “make it, well, NOT invisible.”

“For invisibility, just press this yellow button here that says “I”. All these buttons work within 6 feet of the plane. And you’ll work out the other buttons soon.” He grinned. “It can be a luxury plane too, but you have to finish this mission first. Your butler is waiting for you inside.” My butler?

I walked up to the stairs leading to the door, and it automatically opened. I looked around and gaped in shock. There were white leather sofas, a flat screen TV, a bedroom with a big, pink bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, even a little indoor pool. It had pratically everything I had always wanted.

What the? I thought. What does this have to do with my mission?!
Sure, I was amazed at all the cool stuff, and of course, I needed to get around, but I wasn’t sure why I really needed this plane. The butler suddenly came out of the kitchen wearing a black suit with a little red bowtie around his neck and a white cloth on his arm, along with a glass of lemonade on a tray. “Here’s your drink, Miss Starfish.”

“Uhh… thank you.”

“At your service.” The spy entered and broke the awkward conversation up. “This plane is suitable for space too. Remember to empty the pool first though, there’s zero gravity in space. And don’t worry about everything else, it all stays in place. Um… except the food. And the toilet! You’d have to keep the lid shut there too. I’d hate to think about leaving the toilet lid open in space.” He scrunched his face up in disgust. So did I, thinking about it. “And here’s a instruction booklet for the plane. Do not, I repeat, do NOT lose it. Very important, you know.” He kept babbling and babbling. I held my hand up and laughed.

“Okay, okay, okay! I get it!!” Something caught my eye in the window behind the spy. A dark shadow in the shape of a blimp… I stopped laughing. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Counterfeit Case: by Neat Whale


Verizon Webmail Top News–DEATH, DESTRUCTION, AND WAR:
NYC victim’s mom: EMTs were ‘inhuman’ not to help
12/22/2009 10:53:00 AM
NEW YORK – The mother of a pregnant woman who died after collapsing in a New York eatery says the emergency medical technicians accused of refusing to help her are “inhuman.”

Neat Whale ripped off her glasses and rubbed her eyes in boredom. Yesterday, it was ‘Kevin Jonas’ Wedding’, the day before, ‘Pewter Moon may Explode’, and so on. Verizon was getting really annoying…. Neat Whale logged out, and typed the PHB’s web address ”” into the web browser. She grinned, reading the new post, saying that Counterfeit Island was online. She immediantly closed out and grabbed her time device, ignoring the pop-up exclaiming, ‘Theif out to steal The Scream!’


Neat Whale played with her bangs as she jumped off the blimp. She jumped as her cellphone ringtone went off, and groaned as she saw it was another prank call from Electric Bullfrog. Neat Whale picked up only long enough to yell into the other end, “Stop doing this, EB, it’s not funny!” and deleted her from her the contact list. She then sent out a text to her friends, saying she wouldn’t be avalible for the next few days, and shut off her phone.

“Taken care of…” she mumbled, stuffing it into her pocket, as she wandered toward the building to her left. She stopped to talk to a man with glasses for a moment, who told her, “I heard that someone’s out to steal the scream!” and they bid farewells and Neat Whale walked on. Pushing open the big doors, she stumbled into a man with orange-yellow sideburns.

Keeping eye contact with the man, she asked, “May I come in?” But the guard anwsered that she couldn’t until the museum opened. Sighing, Neat Whale turned around and walked out, taking a small note on the ‘Help Wanted’ sign on the door.

She stopped a few times in-between her walk down to Down Town… one was to take pictures of the nautre she saw (“My friends will think this is sooooo pretty…”) one to check in with the internet (she couldn’t turn off the stupid pong or whatever game it had on already) tried to watch TV (“There’s nothing on”) Talked to a cute looking boy with a brown coat (Neat Whale vowed to go fix that list she had on her computer) and doodled on a canvas (she didn’t really doodle…she wrote ‘THE PHB ROX’ and walked away). Finally, she made it down to a clown store.

NW really didn’t exactly want to go into that store…she was afraid of clowns anyway…but it was better than the mime show going on. Asking the lady at the desk if she could have a balloon, she grabbed a purple one and walked down to the countryside. After all, there was something about Neat Whale that made her feel sentimental about the country…maybe it was since the time she saved a chipmuck litter’s life*, or maybe it was the time she saw a fox**, or maybe it was the tree colors in te fall and the fresh sweet smell of apples. She didn’t care.

In the country, she saw a boy crying, and a girl, probably his sister, beside him. The girl said something to NW in French, but Neat Whale couldn’t translate it…she only knew Portugeese and that was just to figure out that super-hero making site…but she figured he wanted a balloon. Neat Whal handed him one, and her eyes grew wide as he…FLOATED?!

Neat Whlae’s jaw dropped as she yelled to herself, “Oh no…this CAN’T be good!” and she followed the running girl. After a few minutes, she lost sight of her, and walked into the cute boy who was saying, “Have you heard about the balloon boy? It’s on the news inside!” Neat Whale walked in without hesitation.

Inside, she met a man who asked if she could get him a few of his tickets to tour an underground tunnel. Neat Whale nodded, and set off to find them. She searched into Down Town, and bought a cheese guidebook (“It shows how the make cheedar!”) and walked on. Suddenly, though, she walked by a trash can, and let me tell you the wind got pretty strong that day, and it knocked the guide out of her hands, and right next to the garbage. She was overjoyed it didn’t fall in the trash can or near that leaking fire-highdrent, and then she noticed something red at the bottom of the trash, Curious, she stuck her hand in a pulled out two tickets to the underground tour. She raced back to the man at top speed, and placed the tickets in his hand, but he insisted she kept one. Thanking him, she raced back off toward the underground tour.

Neat Whale had no clue she had gotten herself into deeper trouble than she meant to.

*:This didn’t happen…but Once I did help one chipmuck escape my stupid cat.
**:This acctually did happen…believe you me, I was so freaked it’s unbelieveable!

The underground tour was a little bit more boring than she expected it to be, but it was still an interesting place. Bidding her good-byes to the tour guide, she walked out of the exit, and jumped at the sight of a strange man with a scar. She asked who he was–A person that knows a little bit too much, the Sream will be stolen!–and he said she had to catch him.

He told her to sign up for the job at the museum and catch the theif when they broke in. NW nodded, and ran on, stopping only twice to pick up a couple of papers she found. Figuring there might be more, she put off what she was supposed to be doing and got 2 more. Then, she headed off toward the museum.

She talked to the guard that turned her down about an hour ago, and said she wanted the job. He nodded, and said, “Well, in that case, go speak to the assistant curator.” Neat Whale bounced happilly over, a bubbly as the bubble that always floated beside her.

Soon, though, her life sparked out as the museum curator told her to sort the art. Neat Whale wasn’t really a fan of art, either… just a fan of rock and country music, ghost stories, and cheese. Never forget the cheese. Yanking out her cellphone, she sent a quick text to one of her friends, asking where each art went, it’s picture, and the type it had to be in. (NW got disapointed though when she saw that ‘Nude Desnding a Staircase’ wasn’t in the cubisum section, because…her brother wanted that drawing…maybe…or is it because it was featured in Calvin and Hobbes twice? IDK)

Her friend quickly replied, and Neat Whale worked her way through. The assistant nodded his head and said she had it, and told her to step into the Forgery Detetion lab. Forgery Dectecton lab? NW didn’t like the sound of THAT. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Case of the Missing Merlin- featuring Shy Bug: by Katie P./Silver Star

“Hey Shy Bug whatcha doing today?” Silver Star asked.  “Nothing much,” Shy Bug replied, “Just going over to Astro-Knights to visit the princess and study her astrology posters.  “Oh,”  “You sound disappointed,”  “I thought you’d be doing something cooler,” Silver Star explained.  “Cool!? Astrology is cool! Tonight I think all do some star gazing,”  “Well maybe I’ll join you then, my name is Star,”  “Yeah, I’ll see you then,” Shy Bug said.  “Bye,”  “Bye,” Shy Bug hung up and skipped over to the blimp.    “Hey Princess,” Shy Bug said, “What’s wrong?”  “Someone stole Merlin!” The Princess wailed.  “Stole him!? That’s not good,” Shy Bug replied as she pulled out a note book. “Where did you last see him?”

“He was in Mordrid’s workshop, so I could keep an eye on him while I cleaned it up,”  “And then…?” Shy Bug prompted as she scribbled the information down in her note book.  “And then I left to meet this skater guy in early Poptropica- He’s really cute! So when I came back, Merlin was gone!”  “And how long were you gone?” Shy Bug asked.  “Oh I don’t know two, three hours,”  “I’d say that’s plenty of time to steal a mechanical owl,” Shy Bug commented.  “More than enough,” The Princess agreed.  “But let me ask you this: Are you sure Merlin didn’t fly away?”  “Oh no, Merlin’s battery was dead and charging by the time I left and since Merlin’s so complex it takes 12 hours for him to charge,”  “I see,” Shy Bug wrote this down. “I’ll ivestigate all this and figure out, even if I have to ask every person on Asto-Knights what they know!”    “Hey Shy Bug, what’d you call me over for?” Silver Star asked.

Shy Bug explained to her friend about how Merlin went missing, “I asked every single person on Astro-Knights and I came up with four suspects: The Planetarium owner, The Poptropica Store Cart merchant, the Princess’ assistant, and the society member in the rumor mill,”  “That’s good,” Silver Star replied.  “Yeah, take a look at my notes,”   Planetarium Owner -Intrigued by Merlin -Said owl was very smart about planets Alibi: Take Merlin to use as guide for guests Question: If he used Merlin for this purpose wouldn’t people notice him and report that the Planetarium Owner took it? Poptropica Store Cart merchant -Obsessed with money -Quote, “Poptropica would get so much more [credits] if only they could replicate and sell Merlin!”

Alibi: Take Merlin to replicate and sell Question: If she sold Merlin wouldn’t people that bought him realize she was the one that stole him? The Princess’ Assistant – jealous of the Princess – jealous of Merlin – wishes for more attention Alibi: Take Merlin and “find” him for more attention Society girl in the Rumour Mille – claims Merlin is a dark follower of Mordred – Hates Princess for keeping him Alibi: Take and destroy Merlin so no more evil is spread. Note to self: Mordred tried to destroy Merlin so why would this owl try to follow someone vile of him? However, Merlin was programmed by Mordred to follow him so wouldn’t it be logical for Merlin to be programmed to be a loyal follower of Mordred no matter what Mordred does?

“You have some nice leads Shy Bug,” Silver Star said.  “Thanks! I’m stuck now, though, I asked around a bit about those specific suspects, but no one saw anything suspicious.”  “That means the suspect is tricky,” Silver Star noted. They suddenly heard a door on the Astro-Knights main street open. Shy Bug looked and saw the Planetarium owner exit the planetarium and head towards the blimp. “I wonder where he’s going, ” Silver Star said.  “Who cares right now!” Shy Bug exclaimed. “The Planetarium must be empty, let’s go!”  “You mean sneak in there and have a look around!?” Silver Star repeated.  “Of course! I might strike gold!” Shy Bug replied
“Or you might not and and get cought. You’re crazy to try and pull a stunt like that!” Silver Star countered.

“Whatever!” Shy Bug replied. “C’mon!”  “You do your thing on your own, but if you get caught, don’t com crying to me!” Silver Star said, stubbornly.  “Fine,” Shy Bug looked around before dodging into the Planetarium. Sorry, this room is unavailable Shy Bug groaned, but fortunately, shy knew a cheat to get around that. She pressed the Back button, then the Forward button twice. It wasn’t long before the Planetarium appeared before her.

Shy Bug immediately rummaged through everything she could find but nothing interesting showed up, except for a letter. The letter said that the planetarium was going out of business and more visitors didn’t come than, the Poptropica creaters were going to replace him with a permanent ad.  “Maybe that’s why he wants Merlin, for more business!” Shy Bug wondered aloud. She left the empty Planetarium and discovered that Silver Star wasn’t located on main street. That is until her hair orange hair appeared out of the fountain.  “Shy Bug, you won’t believe such luck!” she cried.

“What?” Shy Bug asked.  “The ex-Mordrid followers are having their monthly meeting!” A smile appeared on Shy Bug’s lips.  “Perfect!” She said. “I wonder what she’s hiding up their in that barrel of hers!”  “Huh?” Silver Star was confused. “Up where.”  “Well, the society girl has to be attending the meeting, which means her hideout in the Rumour Mille is undefended.  “Well, I thought we could attend the meeting and see what they have to say, I even have some robes to disguise our selves!” She displayed two purple robes with silver star studded necklaces.

“That’s a good idea,” Shy Bug remarked. “How about you attend the meeting while I snoop,”  “Perfect!” Silver Star said, her smile wide, “I’ll call you when the meetings over so you can head back here before the society girl catches you,”  “Alright, see you then,” Shy Bug said, and they went their separate ways. “Omigosh!” Shy Bug exclaimed. before her sat a pledge the society girl wrote.    I Bridget of the Astro-Knights district Pledge that no matter what it takes, I will burn Merlin to nothing but ashes and display the evidence proudly at the good deed I have done. Everyone will think I’m wrong and lock me up but I will shed not a tear because what I have done will be noble and save many lives from the evil, Mordred has caused.

I am not alone with this, I have 5 other people with me and the signatures stand before.    The bottom of the pledge was blank but there were several editing marks all over. “The real copy must at the meeting,” Shy Bug realized. “Which means it’s not to late to bring Merlin to justice!” Just then the phone rang. “Hello?”  “Hey Shy B. it’s Silver Star,”  “Meeting over?”  “Yeah, and you’ll never guess what I found!”  “What?” Shy Bug was busily rearranging Bridget’s spot so it looked like she was never there.  “When I came out of the fountain again, I saw the Planetarium owner come back. He was holding a package.

A note slipped from it and he didn’t notice. I just found it,”  “What does it say!?” Shy Bug had slipped out of the Rumor Mill and was now heading towards the castle.  ” Uh… ‘I hope these tools help. the cloner’s in there too, – Spy Island eye doctor,’ I’m not sure what it means, but I think he stole Merlin to clone!”  “No way! So how did the meeting go?” Shy Bug was passing the castle grounds.  “Oh jeez, with all the excitement about the Planetarium owner’s note I forgot to tell you!” Silver Star laughed.

“Just a second I see you,” Shy Bug hung up and headed towards her friend.  “Alright so, what’d you find!?”  Silver Star grinned, “Oh it’s rich! The society girl brought this letter and she tried to get people so sign it but nobody would,”  “I found the letter rough draft at the Rumour Mille, so I know what it says,” Shy Bug added, “So no one would agree with her, was Merlin there?”  “No, I think she was going to steal him but one of our other suspects got to her first,”  “But we’d better keep an eye on her.”

“Yeah,” Silver Star agreed.  “I think I’ll go and report these findings to the Princess before we investigate the other two,” Shy Bug decided.  “Ok, I think I’ll investigate more here,”    “Hello?…Oh, hi! … Great, just great, ……….. How’d you find out!? ……. I guess that’s true, …………. But sales went down! ……… I, I mean we need the money! …….. well I need the money, …….. How come I’m not getting any money!? …….. Alright! Alright! I won’t! The little slugger’s gone anyway, ……… Don’t yell at me, yell at the Princess! She’s the one that lost him! …….. jeez, I already told you I’m not, bye.”

The poptropica store merchant sighed and went back to her stand.  “Holy cow…,” Silver Star murmured. Ring! Ring! Ring! “Perfect timing Shy Bug! You’ll never guess what I found!”  “You’ll never guess what the Princess found either while she was playing detective!”  “Me first! The poptropica store merchant was just on the phone with the Poptropica creators!”  “What’d she say?”  “I think they were chewing her up for thinking she could steal and sell Merlin.”  “So you think she’s off the suspect list?”

Shy Bug asked.  “Nah, she was really defiant talking to them, she still could have committed the crime, we can’t take any chances with this,”  “Right,” Shy Bug agreed.  “Plus, she could have see me there and rigged a phone call to make it look like she’s innocent,”  “You make me feel like you’re the detective,” Shy Bug said.  “Sorry, so what is it the Princess found?”  “Oh yeah! She’s was in her assistant’s room to ask for help and-”  “Was she there?”

“No, but the Princess found something even better: A diary!”  “No way! So what’d it say?”  “It said how jealous her assistent was of the princess and described a plan to steal Merlin and pretend to find him- just like my notes!”  “What’d the Princess do?”  “She jumped to conclusions of course, but after I shared what I found she calmed down a little.”  “So who do you think did it?”  “I don’t know…” Shy Bug answered. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Nabooti or Bust: by Calm Starfish

“NO!” Calm Starfish growled into the phone. “Please? Oh, pretty please?” Friendly Goose begged. “Friendly, I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a THOUSAND times, I’m just too busy for this kind of thing right now.” Friendly shot back, “OK. Fine. Just you go ahead and break the friendship oath you signed to when we first became best friends.”
“What oath?” Calm smirked. “I signed no such thing.”

“Oh yes you did. In blood.”

Calm just threw back her head and laughed. It was impossible to stay mad at Friendly. “Fine. You wore me down. Thanks a lot.”
“Yes!” Friendly hollered so loud Calm’s eardrums rang. “Come over to my place! We’ll get everything situated!” They hung up and Calm sighed. She slid on her shoes and turned off the lights and headed out to her blimp. Moments later she arrived at her  friend’s Time Tangled home. Calm knocked loudly on the door. It was flung open, and Friendly stood there in slippers. She put a finger to her lips and whispered, “Shh! The neighbors are asleep, and they are huge grouches.” She glanced around. “Quiet. Come in.”

Calm followed Friendly down the dark hall and into the den. Calm pulled off her sweater and shoes, tossing them to the couch. Friendly didn’t seem to mind. She leaped into her computer chair and typed furiously. Finally she pulled up a page, with the words Fly By Night Airlines plastered across the top. “Uuuggghhh,” Calm complained. Ignoring her, Friendly ordered two round trip tickets to Africa and printed out the receipts. “Here,” she said promptly, handing one to Calm. “Pack your bags. We leave next Tuesday.” Calm rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” she moaned. “A tour of the Diamond mines? Giza? A safari trip? Oh, the agony!”

“Come on! It’ll be the adventure of a lifetime!” Friendly cried. “I’m leaving.” Calm said. “I have to get home.”
” To get as far away-”
“-from me as possible. Yeah, yeah, I know your game. Stop pouting!” Calm grinned.

“Stay. Please. Watch a little TV with me, will ya?” Friendly asked. “OK.” Calm said. “I mean, I signed your stupid oath in blood, didn’t I?” [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Island Ideas

Poptropica is full of adventure – the more, the better! Where do YOU want to go?

Harry Potter Island: by Friendly Comet

On Harry Potter island, there was a treasure stolen from Gringots and hidden at Hogwarts Castle. You have to go all over the castle and find the keys to the treasure. In some places there are books which tell you special spells or information that lets you get to some of the keys. There would also be some non player characters that would help you by giving you clues. When  you get all the keys, you would have to match them to the locks on the treasure chest, and then it would open, and you would return it to Gringots.

Cheese Island: by Enclosed Lightning

Let’s face it. Cheese. You got to love it. Your job is to separate moldy cheese from clean cheese. Chef Queso is  counting on you. Once you’ve separated yin and yang, the NATIONAL CHEESE INSPECTORS order you to make a delicious cheese dinner or else.

Danger Island: by Mighty Fox

Your character will shiver as you land your blimp on the island with streets of dark beckoning you to come in … As you explore the island you see no one except a few goth poptropicans and police. as you walk up to the police you hear them say something about the danger devil, who has commited a chain of crimes and has been known of scaring people to death….. you must defeat the danger that lurks in the streets of danger island and defeat the devil.

Easter Egg

”Multiplayer Rooms Coming Soon”

Shared by Fearless Hero, here are the steps to perform this mysterious glitch:

  1. Go on Early Poptropica Island and make screen larger by doing Ctrl and scroll wheel at the same time.
  2. If it doesn’t work, try and do it again as fast as you can again.
  3. When it does work, there should be a blue box below the normal part where you walk like in the picture.
  4. Click on the box, it should say “multiplayer rooms coming soon”.

What could this mean? We already HAVE multiplayer rooms on Poptropica… so will they be updated?


With Christmas just recently over, many seasonal Poptropicans were still sporting Santa hats, jackets, and some candy canes. For the casual, some chose to put on helmets, detective hats and suits, and also a beret! Unfortunately, the party began to carry a putrid smell when someone came in with a dead fish in hand… 😛

Fuzz Fashion 2: by Orange Tummy

If you like cheese, penguins, or perhaps skulls and bones, Fuzz Fashion 2 is just for you!

The Addams Family: by Popular Walker

Meet the Poptropica-style Uncle Fester, Morticia, and Wednesday from the Addams family!

Fan Art

Art is a way to express yourself!

Eat Your Cheese!!: by Neat Whale and Ron

The best part? IT INVOLVES CHEESE! =D

Hard Hat: by Seth ”The Bobitator”

A big comic revealing the inconveniences of wearing a mine worker’s hard hat! Click to view in full size.


My Hair!: by Fast Runner

I was hanging outside the Hair Club when I saw a Poptropican, looking worried.

Mime Time: by Lazy Feather

Um… don’t I look like a mime to you?

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)



50 thoughts on “Issue #8: January 2010”

  1. what scroll wheel? where is the scroll wheel?

    Hijuyo: The scroll wheel is in the middle of your two computer mouse buttons.

    1. I did the glitch, but no blue boxes came up. Although, two square white ones did. They had nothing with them.

      1. Thanks Hijuyo and Green Boa! I had nothing to do that day, so I made the comic. 😀

  2. i think the easter eggs should be a alot more exciting i did not like this one that much, i mean i like the comics and pictures but i read these mostly for the easter eggs and i think they should be more exciting.

    Hijuyo: If you know of any cool Easter Eggs for the 911, you can send them to [email protected] or post about it on the PHF. 😉

  3. The island idea thing reminded me: I once had this dream of a mini quest where you had to go around a mansion place for a girl to find some stuff, which I think were gems. Or jewelery. Anyway, when you found them all, you gave them to her and she gave you a prize. There were tons of different rooms you had to search through, it was fun! 😀

  4. Hey Fishy, I’ve been wondering this for a long time… Do you know how someone was able to obtain a black electrify in the past, as shown in the picture above, above “Fashion”? Please reply.. 🙂

    Slanted Fish: Not sure if it still works, but you can try the strategies from this old PHB post. 🙂

    1. Okay thanks a ton Fishy! 😀 Btw I checked it out, and that’s pretty interesting… I did try it out myself, but unfortunately had no luck. Still I find this pretty interesting! 😛

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