Issue #7: December 2009

Issue #7
Date: December 6th, 2009

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s seventh issue of the Poptropican’s 911! This month we’ve prepared a very merry article for you to enjoy as the Christmas season is coming!


Need some help with Poptropica? The experts are here to answer your questions!

While I was doing Astro-Knights Island, I made my own rocket. Then I exited the page and when I went back to the mud, the space shutle wasn’t there. Now how am I going to get back up there and finish my game? ~Anna D.

To fly back into space, you need your space rocket. You can get it back by going to the top of the Castle of Arturus, where it will be waiting for you. For more help, click here.

I was wondering if there was some way to ‘return’ something purchased with credits (that were earned – not purchased). I purchased the Multiverse for 350 credits but I do not want it anymore. ~Jealbrecht

Unfortunately, there is no way to return a Poptropica Store purchase. You will have to buy more credits to get the item you wanted to buy instead of the Multiverse.


At this time of the year most people are trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for their friends and family. But what’s going on in Poptropica?

The Missions of Agent Cool Wing (Chapter 6): by Cool Wing

[Continued from November 2009’s newsletter!] As Cool Wing was going to the Coconut Cafe for her party she heard something come from the bushes. It was her triplet sisters coming for the party! “Trusty Heart, Perfect Ninja I’m so glad to see you!” Exclaimed Cool Wing. “We got a call from Zany Thunder! She’s our new neighbor!” Said Trusty Heart. “She said that she might make it.” “Hey there she is right now!” Yelled Perfect Ninja.

As Cool Wing says to Trusty Heart ” For a ninja she isn’t very quiet!” “I heard that!” Said Perfect Ninja! In fact all her friends were there on that plane! “To the Soda Pop Shop!” Screamed Fearless Paw, Skinny Snowball, Lazy Feather and Bendy Hero and believe it or not Ned Noodle Head! Cool Wing played with all her friends at Hoops And Paint War a lot because she loved those games!!!!! The end.

The Unknown Island [Part 4]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

[Continued from November 2009’s newsletter!] “I can’t believe this!” Green Seal yelled excitedly above the noise the plane was making.  “Me neither!” replied Friendly Heart, steering the plane steadily.  “Can you look to see where we are?”  Green Seal looked over the ledge of the plane, and said, “Okay, so we’re over Time Tangled Island right now… turn northwest right about…” She waited. “Now!”

Friendly Heart turned northwest, and it was only a matter of seconds before they were over Early Poptropica.  No wonder it takes so fast to get to another island on the blimp…, Green Seal thought.  “Keep going!” Green Seal shouted.  Friendly Heart was sure to stay between the clouds and the surface; otherwise they couldn’t see around them.

An hour passed, and Green Seal yawned and began blinking rapidly– she was tired.  She would have loved to just sleep, but she knew she couldn’t.  She had to look around for land, where the kidnapped poptropicans might be.  Green Seal sighed, and looked around her some more.

Suddenly, Green Seal shrieked to Friendly Heart, “An island!!!  Friendly Heart, hurry!”  She waved her slim arms to the direction wildly.  Friendly Heart reached the island in 20 seconds.  They first hovered above the island, on the lookout for guards.  There were 5 bulky poptropicans there, surveying the area.  Each of them wore a purple shirt, with the word “GUARD” labeled on them.

“What we need is–” Green Seal said, thinking, with one hand under her chin, “a distraction.”  “How are we going to distract them?” asked Friendly Heart.  Green Seal took her handbag from the passenger seat, and began searching through it.

“Ah!  Found it!” She took out a big perfume bottle filled with green liquid.  “What is that?” Friendly Heart asked.  Green Seal smiled, “Remembered the stink bomb for Big Nate Island?”  And before Friendly Heart could respond, Green Seal pressed the button on the bottle and the area where they were going to land on the island was sprayed with a stink bomb.  [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Incomplete Island – Part 4 – Paradoxes and Endless Chatter: by Golden Cheetah

[Continued from November 2009’s newsletter!] Golden Cheetah’s head was spinning, not only from the bump to her head that she had received as she was being chained up to the wall of Gldn Chth’s chamber, but of all the things that this led to. What was Kingskeep? And who was this bizarre person who was chained up across from her, obviously very eccentric?

The person had obviously been a wall hanging for a while; her wrists were chafed red from the rusty chain stolen from Astro Knights island. However, she seemed undaunted, her eyes were bright, her face broken into a huge grin. When all of the people had left, she gave a cheery wink.

“I’m Creepy Spider. But I never really liked that name. Do you like the name Creepy Spider? Yeah me neither. I dunno why I’m called that. Probably some weird name generator thingy. Whatever. What are you in for? Hey… you look an awful lot like that evil mastermind lady. Whatever. Just between you and me, I don’t think she’s really the brains in this thingy. No offense or anything, but she’s not the type of person who’s the cleverest tool in the shed. Wait… that can’t be right… brightest? No…” As the chatter continued, Golden Cheetah cut the girl off.

“Wait, what are you in for?” Golden Cheetah ventured cautiously, eyes on the steel door.

“Well, you see, this lady, looked lot like me, she came and took me away from this Tomato person. Real nice guy. The lady was real serious, spoke in big words, too. But didn’t speak much, though she was all in pieces. Think she’s had a-” This was cut off again, as Golden Cheetah let out a gasp of realization.

“Paradox!” The sound bounced across the walls, and Golden Cheetah let the thought set in. Then, Creepy Spider spoke again, making Golden Cheetah think that if no one stopped her, the girl would speak forever.

“Paradox? What’s a paradox? You sound like… the other me… she spoke in big words, but I didn’t know them, because they took my pocket dictionary…” Golden Cheetah started. Creepy spider hardly seemed like the type of person to carry a pocket dictionary. She didn’t know what to make of this girl, but again had to interrupt.

“A paradox is a confusing concept. It’s like an alternate reality, like your opposite. These people, though I don’t know how, are like our opposites. They can’t really exist in our world, they’re from an opposite world, so they come incomplete. I think they need us to copy our body parts. It’s weird. We have to get out of here if we want to save Poptropica from becoming an utterly opposite, unhappy, un-Poptropic place.” When she finished, Creepy Spider muttered under her breath.

“A tad long-winded, but I suppose that’s regular. Thinks she knows everything, I’ll bet. You know, that’s actually not a bad idea though. Maybe I can help.” She drew a ray gun. “Will this help?” Golden Cheetah nodded enthusiastically, but mentally noted that this had required no interruption. Within a few seconds, she was on the ground, chains dragging along the floor. Quickly, she unchained Creepy Spider, who might prove useful in the near future, and notched an arrow into her bow. They slid out of the room; luckily, the handprint-pad responded to Golden Cheetah’s touch. She had never been very mechanically minded, though, so she new her opposite was. However, there was one thing that she had to depend on.

As they entered the main hold of the HQ, Gldn Chth was examining the features of a normal Poptropican. Golden Cheetah took a deep, quiet breath. Then, she slunk forward, one of the most observant Poptropicans alive, and prepared to grab the wrist of her opposite… [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Official Adventures of Silver Sneeze: Chapter 3, Magical Happenings: by Silver Sneeze/Berry Fudge Yummy

[Continued from November 2009’s newsletter!] “Whoa. Awesome!” I examined it and saw what looked like a map of tunnels. Of course. Baby Tushy (I really think that BT is a better name for him) wants me too come to him. But why? I tried to put these thoughts out of my mind, when Bubbles suddenly came in. I was staring at the computer.

“Oh, hi Bubbles. Congrats on the part! Oh, and- WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!”I started.

“Yeah, um. Do you have any Bubble Electro Remover?”

I was so shocked. She was covered in bubbles that electrocuted me when I touched it. “Sure.” I got it out and started pouring it onto the bubbles. At first nothing happened. Then there was a blinding blue flash of light.

“AAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!”Bubbles screamed. She fell down, dead. I quickly droopped to her with a panicked face.

“No. No! Call 911, somebody!!! She’s dead! Help-” I was interrupted by the entering of a tall girl wearing a purple and lime green gown. “Oh, she’s not dead, yet. She’s alive, the tiniest bit. Come. And bring her with you. I’m Mickayla from Earth. A witch.”she said.

“Okaaayy.”It sounded a bit like a question. Luckily, the bubbles didn’t electrocute me anymore. Mickayla made me follow her to a small cave, five miles from the PBE TV Studio.

“How do you survive walking here? If you’re a witch, couldn’t you just use magic to teleport us here instead? I-“I complained

“Shut up.” She rolled away a boulder and held Bubbles. Then she put her on a stone table.
“I really should change this table.” She waved her hand and the table became a fluorescent pink colour.
“Whoa!”I complimented.
“Mm, you better get used to it. We have a dangerous mission ahead of us.”
“Oh, you’ll see.” She plopped a dark-purple liquid into Bubbles’ mouth.
“What’s that?”
“A healing potion,” she replied. I sat down on a placsic Polystrene chair. I sat there for quite a while until Bubbles’ nose twitched. And twitched again. Then she moaned.

“Is that bubble-stuffed pork chops?” she whispered.
“Yup”said Mickayla. “I knew that smell would awaken her!”
“So, uh. Why have you come?”
“To help you on the mission. Look, I’ll put a spell on a sword and trap it in a rock. The one who frees it is the chosen one.”Mickayla opened a cabinet with dozens of antiques in it. She then muttered a spell and stabbed it into a rock. Then she tried to free it, but it wouldn’t budge. Bubbles slowly rised and saw what was going on. She tried to free the sword but was unsuccessful. Then I tried. It came out as smoothly as water.

“H’m. I told you!” said Mickayla. She gave me a rusty key and a piece of paper with ancient smbols on it and took her sword back to her antiques cabinet.

“What’s this?”

“It’ll come in handy quite a few times. Keep it safe.”she said as she polished her sword. When she was done she handed me an address and two letters.

“Give them to Director D.”Mickayla said. And with that, she waved her hand which made me and Bubbles see black.
“See ya!”I heard Mickayla’s faint voice. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Shaggy Starfish (Part 2): by Shaggy Starfish

[Continued from November 2009’s newsletter!] I ducked before the laser could destroy me. “Arrrgh!” I cried – it kept shooting at me. I zig-zagged left and right and looked around for protection. I didn’t really trust the laser-proof Chameleon Suit I was wearing. The laser beam would probably make a hole in it; the laser looked way too strong. Then I saw the trash cans. I grabbed a trash can lid and held it in front of me. When the laser struck again, it reflected off the lid and zapped the satellite. There was a big explosion (I ducked again and held the lid on top of my head), and tiny bits of metal from the satellite rained down all around me.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Director D cried. He glared at me. “You may have gotten away (again), but next time, you will pay. You will definitely pay.” He shook his fist, and ran off. I called one of the spies that came with me – the first spy I rescued before. “Spy number one: Director D got away. Call everyone else and all of you come to the docks. Keep your eyes peeled for Director D.”

I hung up and sighed. We could track Director D down faster if we had more people. That’s it! I thought. I grabbed my phone and called the spy back at the HQ. “We need… uh… about, hmm…. 26 more spies!!” I cried. “And quick – send them to the docks.” I disconnected the call.

We had the three spies, and myself, and so 26 more would be up to 30. The three spies from before met me at the dock, and following them were 26 spies. I sent all 26 on a search-and-destroy mission. Then they left. Actually, they weren’t going to really attack Director D though, I had told them to capture him. The four of us were still standing there. We decided to look for him again. Then when the three spies were about to leave, my phone rang. The spy on the phone said, “We’ve had some news. Director D has teamed up with the Binary Bard. Now he probably will be impossible to beat, with the Binary Bard on his side. Now I will send 470 more spies to help you.”

“WHAT?! 470 spies?!?! That’s practically an army! And why would he go with the Binary Bard? I thought I had already defeated him!”

“The Bard had escaped after you left. He created a teleporter to Poptropica.”

“Oh great.” I muttered, and hung up. 30 and 470 more spies would now be 500. I didn’t even know they had that many spies. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Story Time: by Silver Star

“How do these jeans look?” Super Star asked turning around to view her back side in the mirror.
“Nice!” Shy Bug said examining them. “You should totally wear them tonight!”
“Are you sure?” Super star asked, “I don’t want to look silly at my gig tonight. do you know how many poptropicans are going to be there?” Silver Star laughed. “You look fine! Besides, I’ve seen you in far worst outfits.”
“You mean, you’ve let me go out in public wearing this hideous outfit while I assume I look beautiful!?”
“Uh…” Shy Bug stuttered.
“I’m definitely not wearing these jeans then!” Super Star said taking them off and replacing them with her pink skirt.

“Well I have some more things in the back of my closet,” Silver Star, “I should probably go through them and see if there are any to get rid of.”
“You’re going to get rid of some of your clothes!?” Shy Bug exclaimed, shocked. “If you don’t want anything, I’ll take it!”
“Go right ahead, you borrow my stuff anyways,” Silver Star said, amused. Shy Bug jumped into Silver Star’s closet looking for a cute outfit that was unwanted by her friend.
“Uh Silver Star… did you by chance buy this house from an old account?” Shy Bug asked from the back of the closet.
“Yeah, Poptropica retrieved it from an abandoned account. Nobody bought because it was one of the older one-story versions. The price slowly lowered to about 150 credits, so I decided to buy it. Why?”

“Wait, back up,” Super Star interrupted. “They were selling a house for 150 credits!? They must have been desperate! I had to earn all my island credits before I could even afford half of my house!”
“That’s because you like the big ones the only people that are smart enough to do the Poptropia Stocks can afford,” Shy Bug said. “Anyways, Silver Star, are you aware of a door in the back of your closet?”
“A door?” Super Star repeated, “Honestly Shy Bug, where does your imagination come from?”
“I’m actually not to surprised. The house came out when people could use erasers before Poptropica banned them,” Silver Star said.
“Erasers?” Super Star asked wrinkling her nose. “They have erasers on poptropica!?.”

“They used to,” Shy Bug explained. “It was a keyboard code. people started erasing things on the island including walls and people! The computer geeks were able to develope rooms out of them. Poptropica immediately caught on and banned them,”
“Oh,” Super Star said. “Well what’s on the other side?”

“I don’t know,” Shy Bug said wearily “The door’s locked. Really, what’s the point of keys now a days? It’s not like people can intrude your house unless you welcome them!”
“Like I said: Older house,” Silver Star said. “And there was one old key that came with it along with all the others. I couldn’t figure out where it went so when I had all of the other keys combined into one skeleton key I said ‘why bother with the miscellaneous?'”
Super Star groaned, “You would!”

“Well,” Shy Bug called from the back of the closet as she examined the lock, I could try my hair pin.”
“Of course, the classic hair pin trick!” Super Star said sarcastically
“Well it doesn’t hurt to try!” Shy Bug pulled her hairpin out of her hair and jammed it in the lock. Everyone held their breath until they heard a little click.

“Did it work!?” Super Star asked eagerly.
“Yeah. You won’t believe what’s in here!” Shy Bug answered.
“What!?” Super Star and Silver Star said at the same time.
“Come look for your self” Shy Bug replied. The two girls joined their other friend in the closet. The door had unlocked a tiny room filled with books and a stack of The Poptropica News.

“Books!” Super Star snorted. “Nobody buys books!” On a shelf, there were also three shoe boxes. The girls opened the shoe boxes to see what was inside.
The first one was filled with Big Nate comics. The second was filled with Poptropica trading cards, something younger Poptropicans liked collecting. The third box had a heavy object sliding around inside.
Silver Star opened it while her friends gathered around. Inside was a compass and an old piece of paper. Shy Bug unfolded the paper and cried, “It’s a map!”

“Of what?” Super Star asked, craning her head to get a better look.

“It looks like there’s treasure hidden under the big boulder by the pond!” Silver Star said over Shy Bug’s shoulder.
“Treasure!?” Super Star repeated, sharing Silver Star’s enthusiasm. “Come on lets go!”
“Yeah, this is going to be fun!” Shy Bug agreed. The friends climbed out of Silver Star’s closet and ran outside into Silver Star’s back yard.

They gathered around the huge boulder, Silver Star suggested that they’d push it together. “On three,” She said. “One… Two… Three!” They heaved and groaned as the boulder was slowly moved aside to reveal a large patch of dirt.
“Now we dig,” Shy Bug announced. They pulled out their Nabooti shovels and started a hole. It was about 3 feet deep when the Super Star decided to take a break.

“You know, we should have been bound to uncover something sooner or later,” She complained.
Shy Bug took a seat on the boulder and sighed loudly. “I kind of agree with you Super Star,” She said.
Silver Star was sitting on the ground with her feet hanging loosely in the hole. She was fidgeting with the compass. “Do you guys know what this is for?” She asked.

Shy Bug looked at her, “I dunno, probably not important,”
“Hmm,” Silver Star opened the compass up and looked at the needle. Every time she turned it, it still pointed to the boulder. “I guess that’s north,” She said to herself. Then she thought up an experiment.

Silver Star slid her legs out of the hole and stood up. “Whatcha doing Silver Star?” Super Star asked. Silver Star didn’t answer. Instead, she began circling the boulder. With every move she made, the compass’ arrow moved so that it was still pointing at the boulder.

“That’s it!” Silver Star cried.
“What?” Shy Bug asked. She was looking at Silver Star with a puzzled expression.
“The compass’ arrow isn’t pointing north, it’s pointing to the treasure!”
Super Star jumped up and examined the arrow, “And it seems… that the treasure is in the boulder!”
“How are we going to open the boulder?” Shy Bug complained.Silver Star noticed a button in the center of the compass. She pressed it and a laser shot out while the compass began to hum.

She ran it over the boulder and the hum grew louder. “There must be some secret compartment this finds,” Silver Star explained. She jumped onto the top of the boulder and circled the laser around her. The hum grew louder and louder until it was as close as it could be to the hole. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!
Silver Star jumped down and held the laser so it was touching the spot on the boulder where it hummed loudest. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!

All of a sudden a compartment in the rock exploded reveling a small cubby hole in front of Silver Star. In side the hole was a Lava Boys lunch box. Shy Bug reached inside and pulled it out. “Lava Boys!” Super Star laughed.
“Shh! You’re ruining the mood!” Shy Bug snapped. Inside the box were black and white pictures.
“What’s wrong? Color wasn’t good enough for you!?” Super Star hissed at the lunch box.
“Oh my gosh!” Silver Star said. “These are old pictures of the early days of Poptropica!”

“Yeah,” Shy Bug said squinting at a photo. “Isn’t that a picture of 24 Carrot back before we caught Dr. Hare? It looks so new now!”
“And here’s the hair club before my band got popular!” Super Star laughed. “Look at them all playing head to head sky dive!”
“My favorite is the one of Charlie’s cat, whiskers attacking the camera!” Silver Star added with a chuckle.
“You know, Poptropica’s planning to put together a museum of Poptropica, showing it’s rapidly changing history. I bet they’d be interested in these!” Shy Bug commented.

“Yeah,” Super Star agreed. “Then maybe they’ll give us some money!” She added greedily.
Silver Star laughed, “Com’on’!””These are great!” The Poptropica guide said. They were at the Poptropica welcome center where Poptropica guides give a little info on Poptropica to newbies. “For your extra effort I reward you 100 poptropica credits each!”
“All right!” The girls high fived each other.

“Yeah!” The guide said looking down at photos again. “These will be great for the museum!” The end.

Incredible Typhoon’s Story: by Hapykidi1

Hi, I’m Incredible Typhoon and I’m a young girl, cousins with the most popular one in the whole family, Popular Ice. One day, Popular Ice was kidnapped, and I freaked. Mom freaked, Zany Dolphin even freaked, and he “hated” her. My sister freaked too, She’s Skinny Leaf. But still, me and Leaf went out to find Ice. We searched the neighborhood, then another, and another, and another. By then we forgot what we were doing, so we went to the park. A couple of steps in an Leaf shouted “LOOK! A NOTE!” We grabbed it. It said:

“Dear Typhoon,

Pay a ransom of 500 credits, or you will NEVER see Ice again. This is serious, and also, we are out for your mom, Young Boa. Pay the ransom and we won’t hurt Ice or your mom. Last time we met, you took something from me.

You better pay or prepare to play. You should know… You ‘know’ me.”

“What the?” This was really starting to worry me. Who do I know? well, Family, but Dolphin wouldn’t do that, he’s not really evil. Then i remembered about friends, it was so unclear. Maybe Icy Foot? No, she can’t even keep her own secrets. What about Tall Flyer? Nah… she’s a couch potato, to lazy kidnap anybody. I didn’t know anybody else who was worried.

Then Somebody ran up to me and said “Hey, wanna play cards?” It was Super Hippo,”We can play Go Fish with Leaf, then a game of War” she finished. “Yeah sure, c’mon Leaf.”I said, yanking on Leaf’s wrist. “Hey sister, Who do you think could have done this?”she asked was ran to the ‘Card Table’ which was just a  picnic table with a cards box super-glued to it, and a few decks of ‘Mini Cards’ in the box. We played a good game, and I lost at Go Fish, and beat Hippo at War big time. “HA!” I said to hippo as soon as she saw she lost. “I beat the ‘Champion’ of War!” I yelled. Word spread quick, even Hippo was happy! She was spreading the news like wildfire! the next day at school, me and Ice’s teacher had a talk, first she congratulated me on the win against War’s chapion of the island, and then got to work questioning me.

“What happened to Ice? She’s always at school, even if she’s sick!” she asked me in a deep concerning tone.

“I don’t know much, but yesterday I got a note saying she was kidnapped. They are going after my mom if i don’t pay 500 credits, and I am broke, Leaf is, and so is Dolphin.”i replied, shaking with fear as i felt somebody’s ice cold breath behind me. I looked be hind me, Nobody. “You seem agitated that I asked, but my lie detector says you’re not lying, so I’ll move on. Where were you when you realized she was missing?” she sipped her tea, and I felt an ice cold hand on my blonde hair.”At home I think, everybody was worried about her though. I realized a second after my mom realized, don’t remember what hour of the day it was.” The lie detector went off with a loud and long beep, but no lines. “You’re worried too much I can tell, but you’re telling the truth. Why?” she asked. A hand slid over my mouth, the same ice cold hand that touched my hair. I could talk through the hand though. I cried. How could I explain?

“Shhhhh… now it’s OK, tell me.” She cooed, coaxing out why. “I’m scared, First I feel cold breath on my neck. Next a hand on my hair, then the hand moves to my mouth and it’s still there, but i can talk through it and i can’t see it. I’m worried about Leaf, mom, and myself.” I said, then the hand moved to over where my heart is. I screamed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ice’s teacher grabbed me, and he skin was warm, then she felt it too. “Oh dear, you’re alright I hope. get to class now.” she said hurrying me out.

“Wow…” I looked behind me to see if whoever or whatever it was had shone itself, and all of the sudden I bumped into the wall, and it all went black. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Island Ideas

With Christmas vacation just around the corner, it’s time to pick your holiday spot and kick back, enjoying yourself! Where in Poptropica are you going today?

Ugly Island: by Silver Star

The book The Uglies is more of a book for older poptropica fans, so maybe the ones about ten and under could have a different Island based on a book that’s apropreate for thier age. In the book The Uglies, a girl named Tally is considered “ugly”. There are also “pretty” people. Pretty people are separate from Uglies and live in Pretty Town where all they have to do is have fun. But people can’t become pretty until 16 when you under go a required operation. On the Poptropica island, the age could be whatever the player’s age is.

In the book, Tally meets Shay and discover they have the same birthday. They immediatly become friends. The only problem is, Shay is against the operation –  unlike Tally. The night of the operation, Shay leaves for a society created by people who ran away from the operation. She leaves Tally cryptic instructions to the place in case Tally changes her mind. The next day, a woman named Dr. Cable whose in charge of the operation tells Tally she can’t get the operation unless she turns Shay in.

Tally’s desparate to turn pretty so she goes through the wilderness in search of her best friend. When she reaches the Smoke- Shay’s secret society- she realizes how great the Smoke is and decides not to turn Shay but to join her. What Tally doesn’t know, is that Dr. Cable had a tracking devise on Tally the whole time and the next day, the Smoke is attacked. The book goes on and forms a series but the Poptropica Island should probably end there with a battle between your charactor and Dr. Cable. On the Poptropica island, you would play as Tally.

Fairy Island: by Silver Star

On Fairy Island, the fairies are in danger of being taken over by the evil Drucilla. The only person that can defeat her is the so called chosen one. The Magic Acadamy on main street checks people to see if they have the mystical fairy powers to defeat Drucilla. Of course, your charactor does, so your given a fairy book full of magic spells. The magic spells are just different buttons you press on your keyboard. For example to turn invisible, you would press “I” on your keyboard. Once you have memorized the spells you take another test and if you pass that you get your “wings.” Since Drucilla purposely lives high up. Your wings is the only way to get up there. To defeat Drucilla, all you need is to use your magic against her and get her so she’s trapped.

The Runaways Island (based on a story by the Boot, which can be read on Poptropical Thunder’s Blog): by Neat Whale

What would you do if you got to meet Violet, Lesely, Storm, MolFlex, Sam, Aqua, Lili, Element, Fauna, Raven, and Freezy, and help try to stop Hytron from taking over the world? Well, prepare to find out on this island! =D

Bloody Jack Island: by Neat Whale

If you could go back to eighteenth century England, and meet ‘Bloody’ Mark Jacky Faber, her friend, Jaimy, and the rest of the crew on the Dolphin, would you survive the battles between the piartes, getting stranded on an island, and your biggest problem yet: keeping Jacky from being found out as a girl? Play this island (and read the book… but beware the swears in that novel…) to find out your path across the great blue sea!

YouTube Island: by Neat Whale

Oh, crud, now videos are escaping from YouTube and attacking Poptropica, and taking over an island? Well, this is perfect… help put the videos back on YouTube and keep Poptropica from being taken over from my brother… and my cousin… and don’t let me get started on Shane Dawson videos taking over our little world…

New York City Island: by Neat Whale

Now you can visit the big city without spending too much money… and if you could stop an evil criminal from taking over NYC, that would be even better…

Easter Egg

Swirly Cursor

Glitch hunter Neat Whale discovered a crazy Poptropica cheat that enables you to use the loading symbol as your in-game cursor! (That’s the blue dot that has two white arrows in it that comes up when something on Poptropica is loading – not to be confused with the loading screen itself.) This is how you do it:
  1. Make the loading sign come up.
  2. Keep pressing down on the mouse while the loading sign is up.
  3. When Poptropica stops loading, you will be able to use that thing as your cursor! (Warning: It gets slow after a few seconds.)

Tip: It works best if you’re in mid-air when the loading sign comes up. This trick only lasts for the room you are in – when you exit, it disappears.


Wintertime is here! Which outfits will keep you toasty while staying trendy?

Some smart Poptropicans have lit themselves aflame with the Torch item from the Poptropica Store to get the blood boiling in their systems, while others keep their mouths moving by chewing gum and chatting with other Poptropicans so their lips will stay in shape. 😀

A wise monk from Poptropica has equipped a lightsaber to defend himself from attacks! The sinister black monkeys could surprise you any moment with their intimidating wild hairdos and super bananas, so it’s never too late to be prepared. Oh, and there are fluffy pink bunnies to look out for, too – they may be cute, but they’re not as nice as they seem.

Fuzz Fashion: by Orange Tummy

Cute designs made on MS Paint, Fuzz Fashion is here to add color to your dull white shirts! Smiles, faces, hearts… Fuzz covers it all!

Fan Art

The artists of Poptropica are sure to bring smiles to children’s faces with their clever comics!

Identity Stolen: by Seth ”The Bobitator”

Oh no, my clone’s running around Poptropica claiming to be me!

Well Done, Kid: by Seth ”The Bobitator”

Looks like the little kid is confused about his own heroic efforts!

Don’t Thank Me: by Seth ”The Bobitator”

Are you sure you wanted that bright yellow afro anyway?

Plant Terrorist: by Seth ”The Bobitator”

Outta my way, cherry bomb, or else! Goodbye philodendron!

Director D Strikes Again: by Fast Leopard

Um, hey, I’m right here, Mr. Dark Spy…

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80 thoughts on “Issue #7: December 2009”

    1. Credit yourself. You made another part to your story.

      Hijuyo: Everyone who contributed to the 911 did really well! Thanks also goes to the readers who keep this going! 🙂

  1. this was a great 911! the comics made me lol really hard! 🙂 maybe I should send in a comic .. I got a few tricks up my sleeve…

      1. awww that sucks.:( Maybe someone could put it on the iCostume again but I don’t anyone would want to.

  2. do you guys like my comics? i wasn’t going to send the don’t thank me one, but i accidentally did because my email screwed up. the rest i liked. i got a huge one comin’ for january!

    Hijuyo: Yep, awesome comics, Bobitator! 😉

  3. I was thinking of entering my story on this blog but the story is over 100 chapters long. Which means that if you wanted to read it, it would take 100 monthes or 8 years.

    1. I’m a fast reader and I’ll proabably take less time than that to read it. Although I’m not sure I can finish the story!

  4. Great Issue! I like the idea for a YouTube island on Poptropica. Your little Poptropican can interact with all the popular YouTube sensations, like Charlie the Unicorn.

    Purple Unicorn: CHAAAARRRRLLLLIIIEEE! Hey Charlie, wake up!
    Pink Unicorn: Yeah, you silly sleepy head, wake up!
    Charlie: Oh, God, you guys This better be freakin’ important, is the meadow on fire?
    Purple Unicorn: No, Charlie, we have to help Friendly Coyote get to Candy Mountain!
    Pink Unicorn: Candy Mountain, Charlie!
    Purple Unicorn: Yeah, Charlie! We’re going to Candy Mountain! Come with us Charlie! Help Friendly Coyote!

    And everyone who’s never heard of Charlie the Unicorn before will now stare at this comment with a look of horror, confusion, and displeasure. O__o So, if you’re one of those people, then type in Charlie the Unicorn in YouTube and prepare to be amazed…

      1. pink unicorn: charlie!! its the leoplurodon

        bluw unicorn: the maaaagical leoplurodon

        pink: it will show us the way!


        blue: the leoplurodon has spoken!

        im not sure if i quoted it right, anyway if u love charlie(like me) youll ABSALUTELY ADORE! potter puppet pal(like me) watch snapes diary

        ron:i like prunes!
        dumbledore:did somebody say prunes!?
        ron: i said prunes!*whisper* how did he know?

      2. Hello, haven’t you forgot Fred?
        Fred:Hey, it’s FRED!I and I really like the neighborhood squirrels.They’re so nice!But my mom doesn’t let me play with them.But your safe with me little squirrel thing…AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t live with you!(throws squirrel out the window and it falls into meat grinder)Sorry, neighborhood squirrel.


      3. What about,
        Hey, it’s Fred, and I love gangsters.
        I wanna watch him swim. Get in the water!
        *throws Hip Hop in the lake*

      4. Okay. Nevermind.
        Hi, I’m FRED and I want to know if gangsters can swim.
        *Hip Hop comes*
        Oh! here’s one! *grabs and shakes him*
        *Hip Hop screams*
        *throws him into the pool*

      1. Dumbeldore:Here it is…Your mother is a( beep )loringmipsim( beep )agidimvenom( beep )turagula( beep )hippopotamus( beep )republican( beep )indangil vanclif( beep )with a bucket of( beep )in a castle far away where no one can hear you( beep )soup( beep )with a bucket of( beep )mickey mouse( beep )a stick of dinamite( beep )magical( beep )alakazam!!!!!!!!

        From the potter puppet pals episode:wizard swears.

  5. cool issue! 🙂

    i thought all the comic strips were very funny. 😀 lol

    i have some ideas that i might submit for the next newsletter

    1. Fuzz Fashion is by Orange Tummy (the same one who made the comment above mine). I added it into the fashion section.

      The other two fashion pictures, showing many Poptropicans with all kinds of styles hanging out in Multiverse rooms, were taken by me. 🙂

  6. I love Boot’s Runaway’s story, you know she made book two of it called, Never again.

    Everyone on PT’s blog made it with Boot, we still enjoy it on Boot’s blog to.

  7. The Attack of the Vampires:
    Chapter One:The Gravely Discovery:”Wake up Rough Icicle!”Said my cousin,Yellow Singer.I crawled out of bed.”School?It`s Summer though!”I shouted.”Not that,we`re going exploring!”Yellow Singer said.We went outside and got on the spaceship we made back on Pewter Moon.We then went to Jungle Planet.We then went on the swinging platforms.We swung to the other side and moved on.We got to the unicorn cage and then went back to our ship.We went to Fire Planet.We went to the volcano.We explored deep into the volcano.We got to the Dragotank`s lair.We went to our ship to do research.We then went to Ice Planet.We went up Ice Mountain.We went back to our ship.”Poptropica here we go!”I said.We landed on Poptropica,Astro-Knights Island.We took our blimp to Haunted House.That`s when the weirdest thing happens.I saw yellow singer on a gravestone….Sneak Peak of Chapter Two:”You are dead Yellow Singer!”I screamed.I ran into the house and locked the basement door.”You cant escape me he yelled and busted the doors open!I hid on a shelf.He left and I went up.I saw a ghost cat.”Ahhh..just in time for death!”It said I ran up the stairs and saw a portrait of a vampire.It said it was a portrait of my couisin,Yellow Singer.”He`s a vampire?Oh man!”I groaned.

  8. My favorite part of this issue….Silver Star’s ‘Uglies’ island idea!! I LOVE the book! Don’t get me wrong, EVERYTHING in this issue was amazing, but I’m biased, so…. XD

  9. The Diabolical Plot
    Chapter 1
    One beautiful afternoon, at the Soda Pop Shop, Golden Shell was sipping a raspberry soda and chatting with other Poptropicans when the phone started ringing. “RING! RING!! RING RING!!” The counter girl headed over and picked it up. “Hello, this is the Soda Pop Shop, how may I help you?” she asked. Her expression suddenly changed. “Oh, uh-huh…yeah, she’s here.” Then she handed the phone to Golden Shell. “It’s for you.”
    Golden Shell held the phone to her ear. “Hello, Golden Shell speaking,” she said. “Golden Shell, we need your help! The prisoners escaped again!” the voice cried. Golden Shell immediately recognized it as Hazmat Hermit’s. “I’ll be right there,” she said, and quickly hung up and gave the phone back to the counter girl. Then Golden Shell left a tip of fifteen dollars on the counter and zoomed out of the Soda Pop Shop, leaped onto her blimp, and headed straight for Super Power Island.
    When she got there, she quickly activated her flying superpower and flew right to the prison. The large asteroid had been removed and the hole had been patched up, but the patch had a huge hole in the center of it.
    “What the—” Golden Shell gasped. Hazmat Hermit shook his head sadly. “We have no idea what happened,” he said. “The patch is so strong and can’t be cut by anything except for lasers, and we made sure that the prison and the prisoners don’t have any lasers at all.”
    There was the patch guard, named Brock, who was standing next to the Head Policeman, looking worried and serious. “I swear, I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP AT NIGHT GUARDING THE PATCH!” Brock cried frantically. “So don’t blame me!”
    “We know, Brock,” the Head Policeman said wearily. “But the prisoners must have escaped when you weren’t looking.” To Golden Shell he said, “Come on, let’s go inside. Maybe we’ll find a few clues.” They headed into the prison through the huge hole in the patch.
    The air was musty inside the prison, with the floors made of concrete and the walls of dusty red brickwork. Old light bulbs hung from the ceiling, covered with tattered lampshades, and there was even a shattered light bulb lying in a corner. A huge concrete stairway led up towards the empty prison cells as well. But there weren’t any clues lying around—no piece of a prisoner’s shirt or hat, no lock of hair, nothing.
    “They were pretty smart to cover up their tracks,” the Head Policeman said. Golden Shell jumped at the sound of his voice, she had totally forgotten that he was still there. “Well, of course,” Golden Shell said. For a moment, she thought, “Were any other Poptropican villains involved in this?” In an instant, images of all the Poptropican villains sprang to her mind: Dr. Hare, Director D., Mordred aka the Binary Bard….Well, not exactly Mordred. He was still trapped in space.
    Golden Shell suddenly tripped over something lying on the floor. “Oof!” she said as she landed, sprawled out on the floor. She dusted herself off and suddenly noticed what she had just tripped over. It was just a little bronze key, with the initials E.V.H. engraved into it. “What does E.V.H. stand for?” she wondered. But she tucked the key away into the pocket of her dress, just in case.

  10. Four Jewels Island: by Golden Shell
    On this island, there are rumors that four mythical, valuable jewels have been smuggled in from one of Poptropica’s biggest allies, the legendary land of Qanoka. These four jewels have belonged to kings and queens, princes and princesses, and thousands of people have lost their lives in an attempt to own at least one of these precious gems, but they always manage to slip out of firm grips. They are the ruby, the sapphire, the emerald, and the diamond. The ruby is the Fire Jewel, the sapphire is the Water Jewel, the emerald is the Plant Jewel, and the diamond is the Air Jewel. They are all hiding somewhere on the island, and the wicked Dark Wizard Lopotant is plotting to steal them and use their sacred power to rule all of Poptropica. He has even captured and enslaved so many innocent Poptropicans. Can you free all of Lopotant’s slaves, find the four jewels, and use them to defeat Lopotant before it’s too late?

    1. Annoying orange is more annoying, though, like:
      orange: Golden hero!! Geuss what?
      orange: Chicken butt! *laughs*
      pear: That’s the twentith time you said that!
      bird: *sings party rock anthem*
      marshmellow: Yay! I love parties!
      bird:*finishes song*
      orange: Hey, hey plum!
      plum: WHAT!?
      orange: Knife!
      plum: AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!*screams as knife cuts him*
      everyfruit and poptropican: AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

      1. Like this, too!
        Hey! Hey poptropican!
        Call me Hip Hop, not poptropican.
        Oh. Hey, hey Hip Hop!
        Chicken butt! Hahahahahahahahaha!
        Orange, this is the fifth time you said that.
        Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
        What? What is it?
        Can you do this? Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-
        Orange, are you listening to him?
        Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
        Screw up your underwear. Hahahahahahaha!
        Hey! Hey Hip Hop!
        *farts* Hahahahahahaha!
        *groan* Are you kidding me?
        No! Skunk!
        Huh? AHHHHHHHHHHH! *falls down and screams loudly*
        Wow. That was such a knockout. Poor Hip. Hahahahahahahaha!
        *screams so loud that his stomach hurts*

  11. sally score: give me the ball and i’ll score a-
    sarah snooty: not even a little girl can play soccer

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