Issue #6: November 2009

Issue #6
Date: November 1st, 2009

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s sixth issue of the Poptropican’s 911! This month, we’ll be bringing you so much awesome Poptropica entertainment, you won’t want to stop reading!


If you need to get some quick Poptropica facts, no problem. We’ve got you covered!

On the Poptropica Avatar Studio, the Creators say you can place your character on your blog or website. How do you do that? ~Calm Starfish

Copy the code!First, you’ll need to type in your username in the Avatar Studio. Once it loads, scroll down to where it says ”Embed”. Copy the embed code in the white box beneath it, and paste it onto your blog. Check it out!

I noticed that some of the items I got from quests within advertisements such as Bedknobs and Broomsticks were no longer in my account.  Is there another way to get to them or did they disappear after so long? ~Barbara C.

Advertisement building mini-quest items are usually limited time items. You can keep them for some time, but eventually it goes away. Enjoy them while they last!


Adventure is always close at hand; now you’ve just got to act!

The Missions of Agent Cool Wing (Chapter 5): by Cool Wing

[Continued from October 2009’s newsletter!] Cool Wing was walking through her yard at Shark Tooth Island. Then suddenly Serious Fox was flying out of nowhere! “HELP!!!!”She screeched. Agent Cool Wing Finally found her friend! “I’m coming Serious Fox!” Said Cool Wing as she dashed off to where ever her friend was going. Serious Fox was surrounded by none other that her fearless if not fear making captor! NED NOODLEHEAD?!?!?!

“What in the world?!” Exclaimed Cool Wing as all of her friends came out and said “SURPRISE!!!!!” It was all to cheer her up! “Guys, You are the best friends EVER!!” Cool Wing said as they shared a group hug! “Oh and Ned Noodle Head was dressed like you to Cool Wing!” Said Golden Eagle as they were playing Sky Dive! [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Journey to Club Penguin! (A Poptropica and Club Penguin Crossover): Part 2, HP and the friendly penguin: by Magic Storm

Here is what happened so far for those who came in late… Happy Paw, an ordinary Poptropican, one day noticed somethng strange in the sky on the way home from school. She then goes to investigate and soon discovers that Directer D, Dr. Hare and Binary Bard(or Mordread) have an evil plan to send the entire population of Poptropica into the internet game of Webosaurs. But then, when Happy Paw gets captured, a slight slip-up causes Happy Paw to be sent to Club Penguin.

[Continued from October 2009’s newsletter!]

“HEY! STOP! yeah you! Who and what are you and where are you from?” the policepenguin yelled.

I stopped. Ever since I’d been zapped to Club Penguin, I’ve been walking around, trying to figure out how to get out of here. But this was the first policepenguin I’d ran into. I had no idea what to say. What should I tell him? That I’d been zapped into a video game? I decided to tell him part of the truth.

“My name is Happy Paw. I’m a human and I come from Poptropica,” I replied as calmly as I could.

“Popwatica? Never heard of it! And what the salmon are you doing?”
“Er, Poptropica is, um, a bunch of islands and er, my boat sank while I was sailing and a storm tossed me here where I woke up,” I said shakely.

“WHAT!?! That’s the biggest fib I’ve ever heard!”
“Fine! I’ll tell the truth! Poptropica is a planet home to many different islands and these bad guys zapped me here in the Club Penguin game!” I cried. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a penguin nearby stopped and looked at me affectionly.
“I think you’d better come with me. We can acommedate you in an old cell,” he said theatingly.

“Aaaghhh!” I screamed and ran. He pulled on some of my hair as he tried to grab me, but the small bit he was holding tore out. I ran as fast as I could and hid behind the trunk of a tree.

“Psst!” said a voice behind me. Slowly I turned around. A blue penguin was standing there. Before I could say a word the penguin said.

“I believe you. Don’t say a word and follow me,”
I hesitated. I had not been given the warmest of welcomings. Could I really trust this penguin?
“Look, do you wanna get caught by that policeofficer or what?” asked the Penguin.
“No,” I said.
“Then come on!”

I followed the mysterious penguin through a large forest. Then the forest opened out to- an old mine shack?

story pic 5

“This is the Club Penguin mine while many come here, they are almost always underground. Penguins hardly come to the outside of the mine shack.”

“Excuse me, but who are you?”

“Well, now that we have reached our desination, I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Peggy, Peggy Penguin and I have had a firm belief for years that there is another world out there! Seeing you amkes me think my theory is correct! So what is this Poptropica like?”

“Well, it’s-”
“THERE IT IS!!!” yelled a familier voice.
“OH NO! THERE HE IS!!!” cried Peggy.
Sure enough, when I turned around, there was the policepenguin I met before.
“RUN!!!” Peggy and I cried together.

Peggy’s flipper grabbed my hand and we dashed into the mine. There were mine carts inside.
“I’m not very good at cart surfer,” said Peggy.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you!” I reasured.
We jumped into a cart and pushed off.

“This isn’t so bad,” I said.
“No, but the corners are coming up!” Peggy yelled. She started screaming and covered her eyes with her flippers.
“LEAN RIGHT!!!” I yelled and leaned to the right.
“Ok!” Peggy leaned with me. Together we raced through the tunnels, leaning at the corners.

story pic 6

I could see just up ahead there was a really sharp turn. I turned around to look behind us.
“That Policepenguin is catching up to us!” I exclaimed.
“We’ll just have to hope we’ll make it. WAIT A SEC! I GOT IT!” Peggy cried. “Hold on!”

With this she held up the cart vertically above her head. I held on tight as she ran around the corner and then put down the cart. She gave it a push as she jumped in. I tturned around to have a look. Sure enough, with the shock of seeing Peggy do her stunt, he crashed into the corner.

“HE CRASHED!!” I screamed happily.
“His was a damaged cart. He has no spare lives for his cart. He’ll have to turn around,” Peggy said.
“OH NO!” she screamed.
“What?” I asked.
“Th-the-the track! It’s about to end!”

Ahead of us was the end of the tunnel- as well as the end of the track.
“AAAGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” we screamed as we flew though the air. Quickly, I grabbed Peggy’s flipper and jumped out, just before the cart smashed into a wall. We landed the floor.

“Where are we?” I asked as Peggy came to.
“The inside of the mine,” she muttered as she shook dizzy fog out of her head. Then she brightened. “We have to go!” She then grabbed my hand and we ran. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Unknown Island [Part 3]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

[Continued from October 2009’s newsletter!] “Are you crazy?  It’s absurd, illegal, and it’s… dangerous!” Green Seal said, her hands on her hips.  “Well, what other choice do we have!?” snapped Friendly Heart.  Green Seal mulled it over.  She sighed, “You’re right… I guess we have to do it…”


Friendly Heart tip-toed silently, then placed the wrapped box by the ground beside her.  She tip-toed back behind the Fly-By-Night Airlines building.  “Done,” said Friendly Heart.  “Good,” said Green Seal.

The unsuspecting pilot walked over to the box, and opened it.  He carefully took out a pair of goggles (turquoise-colored with engraved turtles on the sides) and held it up to the moonlight, where it shone like stars.  He beamed, and looked at the other contents of the box, seeming very intrigued.

“Three… two… one!” Green Seal whispered to Friendly Heart.  The two friends walked slowly, cautious to stay out of the pilot’s sight.  They tip-toed around the building, and went directly for the plane.  While the pilot was busy examining the goggles, Friendly Heart and Green Seal set out in the sky, the wind blowing in their excited faces, and the stars lighting their way. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Incomplete Island – Part 3 – My Half’s Keeper: by Golden Cheetah

[Continued from October 2009’s newsletter!] Every muscle tense, Golden Cheetah spun on her heel to face the  ghastly being in charge of this dreadful place, and saw… herself. But this creature was so horrible, so mutilated, that she could hardly call it that. “Welcome, dear, to my lovely home, soon to be, I fear, your permanent residence.”

The creature said, cackling wickedly, a dark glow in her empty eyes.
“What are you? What is this dreadful place?” Golden Cheetah could barely keep the shake out of her voice, and she was quivering madly. Even though the Merry Band-er always had sustained a tough exterior, she began to tear up in her eyes. “Why are you doing this?”

Gldn Chth laughed. “Is it not obvious? Am I that dense? Let me explain…”The half-person gestured towards the wall, and Cheetah began to tune out. A hand snapping across her face brought the girl back to reality. “Don’t zone off, fool, this is important. I guess, I am the fool. I shouldn’t be telling you my plot. That’s the mistake of every great villain. You’ll soon see for yourself.” The evil counterpart spun on her heel and stalked off, leaving Golden Cheetah at the mercy of two partial B.A.D. agents, one of whom came forward with a large needle, and then, the world became very dark…

Golden Cheetah could feel a blurry figure in the edge of her consciousness, and dragged herself awake. She was in a metal room, looking at a window, her own face peering back. Gldn Chth looked at her counterpart. “Ahh. You’re awake. All’s  well. This laser,” she pointed at a large scanner that was rotating around Golden Cheetah’s body, “Is scanning the body parts of yours that I do not have. After that, I will receive replicas of them… and you will take up a rather permanent residence here, while I return to the outside world.”

Golden Cheetah struggled. “What exactly ARE you? I mean, you didn’t just…grow, did you?”
“A wise question, obviously. I began as an entity, a buildup of many things,” Gldn Chth gave a small half-smile, “I fear that I am your fault. I am YOU.”

“You can’t be! I gave up my plotting long ago!” “Ahh, but I am. I am a buildup of your negative thoughts, and you see, all of us are. None of us know quite how we became physical beings, but for one word. Kingskeep.” Then, there was a whirring noise, and a click, and the laser stopped its scan. With that word in mind, Golden Cheetah let the guards drag her away. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Dark City [Part 2: Tip of the Spear]: by Elmo Pwns

[Continued from October 2009’s newsletter!] Rain poured down into the streets of spy island. It was no ordinary rain; it was burning acid rain, the thing that was blamed for destroying and wrecking down entire skyscrapers when they were built ages ago. Now, no one had the material to even construct a single lair without failure in the production. This was no ordinary day either. It was the day when the common law was supposedly supposed to push back rebels in an all out force and battle. They said it would never fail. It wasn’t meant to fail.

They armed up with SMG rifles, full with silencers, scopes, targeting dots, and a dozen clips per round with 30 light round shots each that would have decimated the enemy on sight. It was not going to be an easy battle. The rebels had been gathering near spy island for years. Lurking in the shadows. It was their hiding place. And that was where they were going to exterminate the abominations of society.  General Zany Clown was seeing much more movement, on his cracked radar, than he had anticipated for. He was not liking the looks of it.

“All agents on the field, I repeat, all agents on the field, I want every man we got fighting in the front lines for humanity and this island,” was the shout.

Soldiers grabbed weapons and headed towards the fronts of the darkened city. They could hear explosions in the distance. It would soon be their turn to hold the line.

Near the main base, General Zany Clown approached the rest of the admiral members. Their rainbow wave of glimmering colors were a sight to behold. They saluted eachother briskly and made a last minute talk before the fight that was about to take place.

“Admirals, are you all ready?”

“Of course,” spoke the group at once.

“You have me till the end, sir,” spoke another.

“Good, then let’s take Spy Island back. Admiral Brave Dragon, I want you and your men to be positioned just near the docks while their ships begin boarding us. Admiral Serious Joker, I want you and your men to be a support group to flank the rebels on the left when they come in to the boulevard. The rest of you are at the other side supporting the main resistance. Are we clear?”

“Sir, yes, sir!” spoke all of them in unison like a machine.

Once they had left, the general spoke with the head captain in charge.

“Captain Popular clown, I heard that Shark Tooth Island is under attack by invaders,” spoke the general.

“Sir, that’s out of date, Shark Tooth Island is completely gone since last month. It fell,” spoke the captain in horror.

“Inconceivable! What else do you have for me?”

“There’s someone who just washed up on shore with one of those things that they called squids. It’s an amazing story. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw him washing up there myself.”

“What’s his name?”

“He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t remember. He must’ve had a past life somewhere, sometime. Doctor’s notes suggest that he’s had a dosage of Xenophorum Lexceduim. An overdose can lead to a brain coma or epelectural seizure and loss of nueral interface cells and memory. He’s highly skilled though. We’ve had him surrounded and unarmed though but with much resistance.”

“Why are you brining this to me?”

“Since I think he’ll make a perfect recruit in this battle and as a squad leader. I’ve already had him lead 5th platoon, 2nd battalion, sir. He sliced off those tentacles in only a few hits, they must’ve been clean easy shots, sir.”

“Where is he?”

“We held him in the base’s detention area.”

“Put him on the front lines, tell him that he’s been called to serve and defend Poptropica. Give him a gun, see how he does. If he resists, kill him, that’s one less citizen to worry about feeding.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lone Wolf was arrested on site. He was given a weapon, and, like the others, was forced to fight the never ending war. Operation “Tip of The Spear” was to make a full assault and exterminate all rebel forces. At sea, and at land, the general would make sure they wouldn’t see another rebel on Spy Island ever again.

Lone Wolf was pushed to the front and handed an SMG dual purpose rifle. Temptation filled him to flee but he wouldn’t do that now. He would find another opportunity in another time. He’d have to wait.

He saw the long wave of rebels. 20 of them, 40 of them, now he could make out a long line of 80, then he saw numerous waves, and he prepared himself for a battle of a lifetime. But wait, they were so close he could hear their threats and chants, there were easily 300 of them in vast long waves. Everyone was terrified. They backed up a step or two before they fired a decimating round at the invaders. Shots were fired, blood splattered into the air, bodies fell before them. The SMG rounds ripped through them like matches. They were all struck down and killed right before they could fire.

There was more continuous fire as more and more waves approached. This time, the rebels fired back their AK47’s and light round revolvers. The first shot was aimed and killed a soldier next to Lone Wolf. Soon, they all released a shower of bullets, machine guns, and heavy round lasers which sliced through them. The two sides returned fire at each other, each one more decimating than the last round. Bodies fell on both sides. The rebels were overcoming the small forces of the common law. There was the sound of cannons firing as the heavy projectiles rained down on the forces.

A fiery explosion killed a group of grenadiers. One of the rebels threw a grenade at them, it exploded and killed a turret operator. They soon broke the line and Lone Wolf took out his dagger stabbing each one of them that came near him killing a long line of the troops. Blood was shed, and the common law retreated in fear. They were pursued all the way to the meatball restaurant that had closed ages ago. Grenades exploded and broke the windows and buildings.

The rebels returned a volley of fire that killed some of the common law’s men. The common law returned the favor killing off the rebel’s front lines and almost destroyed their next few lines. There was so much blood now that the air was filled with it. There was no cover. Lone Wolf took out his SMG and loaded it. He fired a long accurate volley at the next line of rebels. Bodies fell at his feet. The rebels were coming way too close.

They were now shooting their lasers at the troops slicing through many at a time as they shot them. Air force arrived as the common law’s war ship, Iqouras, fired a wave of missiles at the rebels killing half of them on its first round. The ship was long and had two engines on the back which shot fiery flames. The battle was soon over as the remaining rebels were pushed back into a corner and were killed in hand to hand combat. The battle had cost many lives to defend humanity and Poptropica. Lone Wolf was terrorized to see what humanity had become.

Admiral Brave Dragon, location: docks, objective: destroy incoming rebel boats.

Brave Dragon was one of Zany Clown’s oldest generals. He knew what the war was like. He had witnessed it for many years. Now, he was struggling to keep back a line of enemy rebels from infiltrating through the docks and invading the city. With barely 40 troops left and waves of ships still coming at him, it was not going to be easy. The ships began to dock just 20 feet away from the troops.

“Ready…FIRE!” shouted the admiral as he saw the rebels charging out! They fired a volley of bullets from their SMG’s. The first wave was killed instantly but more and more warships docked. Another 60 or so troops charged out. The grenadiers were the first to shoot their grenades in a fiery explosion killing a group of at least 23. The next few waves returned fire killing some troops before being killed themselves and their bodies dropped lifeless on the ground.

The next few ships were massive. The admiral wouldn’t be able to take on that many troops. He fired his pistol repeatedly and his soldiers did too firing and killing half the troops before losing half their men. The next few minutes was disastrous, more and more soldiers died in the hands of the rebels and the admiral was the only one left. He had already devised a plan on what to do when there was no hope left. With still many more ships docking, he had set oil barrels in the area.

As he lit the fuse, he killed himself in the process. The dock exploded within seconds and shards of wood, and bodies, boats, and guns, flew in the air in a mad explosion. The battle was over on both sides. AA guns positioned near the towers had taken out the last remaining boats in a fiery explosion. The rebels were defeated, the island was humanity’s again, and General Zany Clown had studied up on “Lone Wolf” and recognized him immediately. If Lone Wolf didn’t run like he did, he would have been dead and killed in minutes. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Official Adventures of Silver Sneeze: Chapter 2, Hamburger Goes Missing: by Silver Sneeze/Berry Fudge Yummy

[Continued from October 2009’s newsletter!] “Lady, will you be quiet!” said Stunning Nails.
“Sorry!” Bubbles grabbed a cup of coffee and dumped it on Nails’ desk.
“Whaddid you have to do that for?! I’m getting Boa!”She started dialing a number on her ShellPhone. Soon, Boa came.
“Oh, good. I’ve wanted to see you-“Boss said.
“Boa, she dumped-“Nails’ started.
“Yeah. Whatever. Okay, so first of all, where is Sneeze? I can’t find her. And congrats on getting the part!”
“Thanks! Oh, she’s around the cafe.”

“Best. Girl. Ever!” She slapped her hand and walked away. Nails poked her tongue out at Bubbles. Menawhile, at my office…
“Hey, Bubbles. Okay, Bubbles got the part!”Boa announced
“OMG. OMG! Oh. My. Gosh. Oh my gosh!”I was super shocked!
“Yeah, yeah. Calm down! So, you have to make an ad with ‘er in it. Here’s the photos from the photo shoot” Boa handed me a few photos made of bubble paper.

“Oh. And I can’t find Hamburger. Seen her?”
“Oh, well. She’ll turn up soon.” Boa accidently thrusted her clipboard on the floor without noticing and walked out. I’ve always wanted to see what kind of work she does so I picked it up. There was a tiny letter on the front. HAE45R.
“What on Reality TV Island is that supposed to mean?”I said loudly.
“Did you say something, dear?”Boa was only halfway out the door.
I hid the clipboard behind my back.”Uh, no.”
“Yeah, I might get a hearing aid tomorrow.”she kept walking.

I searched on Google for HAE45R. It was on Wikipedia.
The HA45R tunnel in Masachusetts, USA is believed to be the home of the great villian, Baby Tushy. To access it you must dig exactly under the Molly Hover Platform Station. But no one dares do it. HAE45R is believed to stand for Hot America Episode 45 Rewind.

“Baby Tushy? What kind of a name is that? Hot America? My favourite show to watch in the US!! Okay, now.” I started to search for episode 45 of HA. Then I rewinded it. Suddenly I felt a strong wind that seemed to be coming out of the computer. Then ‘ching’ a shovel seemed to go out of the computer and landed on my desk. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Poptropinstein – Great Poptropica Classics: by Sneaky Sneeze

One day,beyond the great towers of poptropica lays Sneaky Steins castle.His assistant,bigor was helping with a very important project.For in these troubled times you needed to impress the people with money to at least get a few cents of money.He was doing something remarkable,for this thing was no easy task.Bigor hunched over and trudged to a switch.”Bigor,it’s time,Sneaky Stein annouced,”Flick the switch!”He did as told.

The roof slowy opened up and was giving a high piched squeal.Suddenly,the chair he was working on rose up and went thorough the roof.It layed in a lighting storm just sitting there.When it got struck by lighting it quickly got pulled in.A groan escaped from under a sheet,as it rose up.”Yes,Sneaky Stein said proudly,”It’s,it’s…ALIVE!”In front of him stood a stiched up poptropican,with a strang,patched up face.It was at least 7 feet tall.It reached out a hand at Sneaky Stein,and held him up.”No”,escaped his throut,”no,no,NO!” [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Shaggy Starfish: by Shaggy Starfish

I went to Spy Island from Shark Tooth Island to check on Director D after I stopped him from turning Poptropica into a land of hairless people. I went inside the Head Quarters (it was empty), and went up to where Director D was prisoned. But instead of seeing Director D, I saw a laser cage stuffed full of, well… spies. “Get us out of here!” one of them yelled angrily.

“How did he do this?” I muttered out loud and shaking my head. One of them replied, “He called me because he was hungry, and then when I came up here, Director D got this gun out and zapped me in this laser cage! I called help and then he zapped all of them in here. Then he lasered his way out of his own cage and escaped. And now he’s looking for you!”

I spotted something that was dropped on the floor. The spies couldn’t reach it from their cage. Director D must have dropped it while he was on his way out, I thought. I picked it up. It was a remote. I pressed the large red button on it. Instantly, the laser cage went out and all the spies walked away. The spy who had explained everything to me had stayed there. “Director Starfish, you need to find him and bring him back. We believe he is hiding somewhere near.”

“But how do I catch him?”

“That’s up to you. You’re the director here – you should know what to do.”
Then he walked away and came back to me with the three spies that I had rescued from my last mission. “You may need some back-up,” he said. “Director D has stolen some gadgets from Dr Spyglass. He is more powerful than ever, so that’s why you’ll need to bring these spies with you..”

“Alright, then,” I said.

“That’s not all,” the spy replied. “Dr Spyglass has invented a new Chameleon Suit, so it’s bullet proof and laser proof.”

Then the spy gave me a phone. “Call me if you need more spies. Good luck on your mission, director.”

I left the Head Quarters with the other three agents. They were dressed the same as me. I took charge. “Split up and see if we can find that culprit. Call me if you find him, or if you need help!” I said, waving my new phone in the air. The spies headed off in different directions. I headed for the docks. I put my phone in my pocket and got out my laser gun, just in case someone decided to fire off at me. I knew the suit was protective, but still. Anyway, the spy in the trash can hissed, “Psst! Over here!”

“Okay,” I said. “Have you seen Director D?”

Then the spy’s eyes suddenly open wide, and I got a feeling of what – who – could be behind me. I slowly turned around, seeing Director D, gun raised, ready to fire at me. I didn’t put my hands up. I raised my gun just like him, and we began to circle each other.

“Ah,” he said, relaxed. “The annoying Agent Starfish.” I felt my cheeks grow red. “It’s DIRECTOR, not Agent.” I said, annoyed.

“So what? I don’t care either way. You’ll never stop me this time. I’ve even got more weapons than you.” Director D pointed to a satellite that was behind him. “It’s my brand new satellite. It doesn’t only get rid of people’s hair, it gets rid of PEOPLE! And hopefully you’ll be my first victim.” He grinned. Now that set me off! I fired at him and he jumped behind a trash can. I saw Director D get out a remote and press a button on it. I looked behind me and the satellite turned so it was aiming at me. Then it shot out a huge, big red beam at me. “Oh no…” I said. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Island Ideas (Submit Your Own)

Exploration isn’t all about land and water. Here were a couple new ideas hatched up for this month!

Harry Potter Island: by Neat Whale

You can meet Harry, Ron, Hermione and everyone else as you journey through Hogwarts and help Harry on his exciting quests!

Pet Island: by Britneyspearsb2

10 pets was kidnapped by an poptropican named Alfie who hates pets and your mission is to find the pets. First, you will have to find 10 keys hidden across the island. Then you go to Alfie’s house and see 10 cages. Easy? No way. Alfie’s friends will be guarding the keys and if you want a key, you will have to defeat each of his friends. They are very strong so if you are not strong enough to defeat them, you will never get the keys.

Once you get all the keys and free the pets Alfie will come and attack you. He hates garlic so use the garlic you got from the grocery store on your way to defeat him. He will start to run away. Go back to the main street (the animals will follow you) and look for a lady crying. She has blonde hair and wears a black dress. Talk to her and say I found your pets. She will then start to smile and give you the islands medallion AND she will let you keep a pet of your choice. Your mission is done!

Easter Egg

Tap Dancing
Tap Dancing

Tap, tap, tap. Get your feet on the restaurant table and show off your groovy moves to the BAD gangsters! Skilled tap dancer Elaineyw instructs everyone to do the following:

  1. Go to Spy Island.
  2. Go right until you enter the B.A.D. Bistro.
  3. Run over to the table where the BAD folks are seated.
  4. Jump onto the table.
  5. Click on the bald man with the mustache (not the woman!).
  6. You should now be tap dancing, Poptropica-style. 🙂

This funny glitch may also be done at the Super Power Island jail, according to Coderkid.


With Halloween just over, many Poptropicans have decided keep their scariest suits donned on! The winners of PHB’s Halloween 2009 Costume Contest were chosen to have their costumes shown to the rest of the Poptropica Help community.

(Note: The account owners may have changed their costume since the time of this issue being issued.)

But best of all…

^Yes, Hippie Man encourages chocolate milk. And colorful swirly shirts with a peace necklace slung around your neck. 😀

Fan Art

The Poptropica Help community this month will be entertaining you with lots of cool comics. 🙂

Cool Wing’s Haunted Comix: by Cool Wing

Based on the Haunted House, Cool Wing created a spooky comic for fun. Click to enlarge.

Bad Puns: by Neat Whale

When will these Halloween characters stop making puns?!

Bad Puns

Good Luck With That: by Neat Whale

You’re not getting any help from us, Arturus guy! 😈

Good luck with that

Run if you love your ears [Cool Wing’s Comix]: by Cool Wing

Wait… Poptropican’s don’t even have any ears!


Halloween Spook Feast: by Magic Storm

What will we eat tonight – shall it be see-food or living pumpkin?

Halloween Spook Feast

Poptropica Palz: by Magic Storm

The adventures of friendship with Funny Lion, her hummingbird, and her buddy Magic Storm!

Poptropica Palz comic

Bronze Moon and Calm Thunder (Currin): by Bronze Moon

An awesome hand-drawn image of two friends exploring outer space! Click to view in full size.

The Head Mechanic’s Worker’s Trickery: by Happy Storm

NEVAH… Trust aliens…

Head Mechanic's Worker's Trickery

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)

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  4. Harry Potter Island! LEMME IN! LEMME IN!
    *starts dancing* YAY TAP DANCING!
    *Becomes hypnotized because of awesome stories* MUST…KEEP…READING…lol
    Awesome Issue. Congratz to everybody!

      1. Oh then zoom in. Sorry for double posting. please combine this and the m=comment above together, plz?

      2. Thanks again! PHB? Is it ok if I keep saying thank you to everyone that likes what I made? Or is it spammin’? If it is I’ll stop it.

        Hijuyo: I suppose it’s fine if the words are a little different each time. Congratulations on your successful comic! 😉

    1. I know! They shunk my comic! it was so awesome 2!!!
      Oh FRUITCAKES!!!
      how dare they….. after all, werewolfes who eat teachers are cool!!

      Hijuyo: It is a cool comic, but the file was too big to fit the entire page. We had to shrink it so that it wouldn’t get cut off. 😉

  5. Yes! My picture got in. Thank you Hijuyo… or Smockers… or CoderKid…. or whoever let it in. I noticed it’s the only portrate of a poptropica, though. Were there other ones that didn’t get included?

    Hijuyo: Not this month, but your drawing was awesome! 🙂

  6. I should take up comic making! 😆 Thanks to everyone who likes my comics! Poptropica has weird things in it so comics for Poptropica shall nevah be extinct! Nevah! NEVAH! MUAHAHAHA *cough, cough*! Ugh… choked on spit… HUMILIATING!

    1. Do poptropicans have ears……
      Think about this.
      There is NO MUSIC on poptropica. Why do you think this is? because we don’t have ears to listen to music with!

  7. I think this is a issue that should be on poptropica itself!
    I am shocked that the issue is so good! 😮

  8. Meerkat Detective Island:When you arrive,you meet with the meerkat detective team.They tell you that all the meerkats have been kidnapped!They give you a detective kit including a magnifing glass for clues.You find a portal and you go in it to go to the past.You see a black-hooded man with a sack on his back.You then use your lasers and zap him.You discover that he`s the kidnapper!He then quickly goes into the portal you used to get to him earlier and you chase him and in a flash you are in the future!You get on the monorail and boost up and discover your future self kidnapped them!Then the boss battle begins!When you beat him they give you one of the meerkats for a pet!He has special powers that help you to fly anywhere.

    your fan,Rough Icicle

      1. It’s a cool island idea, exept for the end. The poptropica creators took away the flying cheat, so they probably wouldent make the meerkat help you fly. Though, (just a suggestion) maybe the meerkat could follow you around everywhere on that island.

      1. Thankies! I’m LOVIN’ THIS DAY!! You know I made this back in August! No kidding! Really! LOL! 😆

  9. I simply love 911. And cool comics, Cool Wing and Neat Whale. Your “Ears” theory, Cool Wing, is, is, um, err, very hard to notice, well at least for me. 😀

    Detective Cupcake

  10. “The head mechanic can fix that ship of yours, he’s inside.”
    “Can you fix my ship?”
    “Not a chance!”
    lol 😆

  11. LOL! “RUN IF YOU LOVE YOUR EARS!” I love the warped to Club Penguin story, it combines the two greatest games on the planet in one AWESOME story!

  12. Hey one question if no one submit anything for the PHB GASP well do u guys make ur own story/glitches/hacks/ or something?

    Hijuyo: Hopefully, that won’t happen… but if it does, we might make our own or ask people to contribute, otherwise it could get canceled. 😛

    1. interesting now another question If poptropica was canceled right now(GASPGASPGASPWHEEEEZEGASPGASP) what will happen to ur blog?

      1. Lol, Sanzulines… don’t think so negatively. 😀

        We’d probably make a post about Poptropica being canceled and stop updating the PHB if that did happen, though. But it better not! 😛

  13. Well I’m not so sure thinking of rainbow and lollipop will help you when you’re surrounded by a mob of assassins 😛

    Hijuyo: Quite a strange analogy, but true… xP

  14. It was certainly interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  15. Then may I ask…..How do you feel?xD

    Hijuyo: That would depend on what was happening in our lives. We should stay on topic with this Poptropica page, though. 😛

  16. Lol, another great issue as always!

    RUN IF YOU LOVE YOUR EARS! Oh wait, Poptropican’s don’t have any ears! xD

    Keep up the awesome work! I can’t wait for the next issue! =D


  17. LOL! The Halloween people are all like, “I’ve never felt so alive!” and “This party needs some wrap music” and “Have you seen my mummy?” and Neat Whale’s like “I wish these people would stop saying puns…”
    P.S. Oh, by the way, Hijuyo or whoever sees this first, how do you make those Poptropica comics?

  18. Whoa! So THAT’S how Poptropica met Club Penguin! LOL. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (Man, you guys are making me laugh too much.)

  19. “W.H, you’ll never gonna win! Don’t enter! Like RTV is gonna put YOU on their show!!!!!!”
    Greasy Seal, Funny Sword, Red Pickle, and I were watching a commercial for Reality TV, and my friends were riduculing me for entering in for a chance to win and go on the show. I ran out and I put the card in the mailbox. “I hope I win!” I said, running back into my hotel room. I was spending a few days at this island for the summer break at the Poptropican University of Shark Tooth Island. My summer house was here, and I convinced Greasy Seal and some my friends to come with me. Everyone was watching Poptropican Idol when I came back inside. “Ahhhhhhhhhh, come on! Scary Tomato was kicked off?????!!!!!!! Seriously?????????????? Scary Tomato was WAYYYYYYYYY better than Green Hamburger!!!” shouted Funny Sword.”Hey guys!” I said “I just entered in!!!!!”

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