Issue #4: September 2009

Issue #4
Date: September 6th, 2009

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s fourth issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! In this month’s lovely newsletter, you’ll be exploring Poptropica in new ways by the thoughts of fellow creative artists!



We’ve selected these Poptropica-related questions from our PHB e-mail inbox this month to answer, and this will be great if you need some Poptropica gaming assistance.

Where is the princess [on Astro-Knights Island]? ~Jack B.

The princess is at the Binary Bard’s Fortress, which is on the Crystal Gate asteroid. For more help in getting there, please read our Astro-Knights Island Guide.

Do I have to do each island in order? ~Jamie M.

No, you can choose whichever one you want to do first. It doesn’t matter and makes no difference which island you complete first or last.

I need help with Astro-Knights Island. The space sharks attack me! What do I do? ~Sandy Roar

You’ll need to lure each space shark in turn to the black hole in order to eliminate them, but don’t get your own rocket wiped out too. For more help on how to do this, see our Astro-Knights Island Guide.


Some of the greatest Poptropicans alive are in grave danger. It’s up to heroes like you to stop them!

The Missions of Agent Cool Wing (Chapter 3): by Cool Wing

[Continued from August 2009’s newsletter!] “Hey Golden Eagle” Said Cool Wing. “Um Zany Thunder is still kidnapped along with Serious Fox!” GASP! “And do you know of anyone that would take you away?” “Do you know who did it?” Asked Cool Wing. ” She looked a lot like you Cool Wing come to think of it.” “Blue hair Looked like a ninja.” Said Golden Eagle. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Someone in the distance Screamed. “Oh No! That sounds a lot like Serious Fox!” Exclaimed Cool Wing! “Its time to call for backup from Skinny Snowball!” As Cool Wing didn’t know that the kidnapper was Listening to there conversation at the same time! “AHHHHHHHHH HELP! Said Cool Wing as she Plummeted to the deep dark depths of the Melted CHOCOLATE!!!!! [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Journal of Silver Sun (Chapter 2): by Silver Sun

[Continued from August 2009’s newsletter!] They didn’t have any arms. The fuel gauge said that we were empty. We had to find more fuel. Somehow. Socks and I opened the hatch and stepped out with our space helmets. My oxygen device said that the oxygen levels were high, like Poptropica, and the gravity levels were low. I took off my helmet and told Socks to take his off, too. As soon as we took off our helmets, the snake-creatures started walking towards us. Their mouths were open and they were licking their lips.

I jumped up, and flew towards the sky! I flew above the treetops and then I saw Socks jump up. We glided above the treetops and saw all the creatures. There were birds of all the colors of the rainbow, and monkeys the size of elephants! Did I mention that the trees were Redwoods? The biggest in the WORLD! We saw a cave and ventured inside. We saw a long shadow stretching across the cave walls. We heard a voice that shouted, “WHO GOES THERE?!?!?!” [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Speedy Kid: by Crazy Flyer, inspired by the PHF

[Continued from August 2009’s newsletter!] Several months went by, and things were pretty normal. No robberies had taken place, no large battles. Things were looking good. But they wouldn’t be for long…..

“its time I told how I had a chance to kill Hare” said Agent S. one day.  “Several months ago, you’ll remember I was missing. The reason is Dr. Hare had mind controlled me. But I eventually escaped the control, but he didn’t know, because I pretended I was still controlled. And one day, he was having me test a laser gun. I had a perfect shot at him, but I don’t know what I was thinking. I just……..i don’t know. I should have done it”

“don’t beat yourself up S.” said Storm “theres noting you can do now, so theres no reason to worry about it”  “I guess your right” said S. “Well, I gotta get home for lunch” said Speedy Kid. “OK, see ya later!” said Agent Ice. “Bye!” said Agent Fish. Speedy Kid left to go home, little did he know his life was about to change forever….

When he got home, he went to put his clothes in his closet, and was shocked to see what he saw. In his closet, was a door, a door that wan’t there before. He didn’t know it, but he had found the portal between Poptropica and the REAL WORLD. He ran to get the agents. When he got there he told them. “Oh no.” said Storm. “that portal was created by Hare, Director D, and Binary Bard. They were going to use it to travel to the real world several months ago. I thought we destroyed it…..”

“we better go by the villains’ base to see if they are still there” said Ice. But alas, when they got there the cages were burned through, with some type  of acid. “OH NO! THEYVE ESCAPED TO THE REAL WORLD!! WEVE GOTTA GET TO THE REAL WORLD AND DESTROY THEM!” screamed Fish. So they went back to base, and got ready to fight a fight they new they might not win. Once they entered the real world, they saw the rabbot. It was huge, and they new they had to destroy it with brains, not brawn. But they didn’t know how.

I’ve got it!” said Agent Storm “Reverse Psychology! If we turn them against each other, someone will destroy the Rabbot!” “Genius!” said Agent Ice. “I’m In” said Agent S. “Good plan” said Speedy Kid. So, Agent S. set began to sneak his way towards the cockpit of the Rabbot, while the other agents and Speedy stayed behind, rushing civilians to safety.

Agent S.’s climb was not easy. He had some trouble, considering it was moving, but he got to the torso fairly quickly. But then he realized he had a problem. The entrance to the Rabbot was on the back, and he was on the front. So, he edged his way around. He spotted the door, which surprisingly was not locked. He opened it, and went inside.

Inside, he found himself in a small room, with a window. He looked through the window to the cockpit. He began to walk down the passage in front of him, towards the cockpit. When he got to the cockpit, he opened the door, and the three villains turned and saw him. “Well, well, well. Look who came to  join the party.” said Binary Bard. “Well, what are you doing here, fool? You should stay outside to witness this machine” said Director D. “Well, see, me and the other agents thought that since we are going to die, we want to know which one of you is going to shoot the laser that kills us.” said Agent S.

And to his surprise, his plan worked perfectly. The villains began arguing. “Well, naturally, it’ll be me” said Binary Bard. “You?!?! you cant tell a a cheddar cheese stick with mold on one side from a carrot!” said Dr. Hare. “Well neither one of you created a hair removing laser satellite!!” said Director D. Then, things turned physical:

“Well your just some kings fool!”  said Director D. to Binary Bard with a push. “Your just some bald fool, playing with flashlights and calling them ‘lasers’” said Dr. Hare to Director D. “Ya, well your just some bunny-loving Easter-obsessed, freak!!” said Director D. to Dr. Hare. Then, Binary Bard did exactly what Agent S. wanted him to do, so he jumped out of the Rabbot with a parachute he found, along with two others, just as Binary Bard hit the self destruct button.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?! NOW WE’LL NEVER TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!” screamed Dr. Hare. “If I’m going to take over the world, I do NOT want to do it in an over sized Easter decoration!” said Binary Bard, but then, the Rabbot exploded, but unknown to the agents, the head of the Rabbot flew away, back through the portal to Poptropica, to land on an asteroid in the Potropican galaxy….. The agents were in there headquarters, when a large screen came down from the ceiling, and a silhouette of a man appeared.

“Director M!” said Agent Storm

“Director M?” said Speedy Kid

“Director M. is our boss” said Ice

“Agents, you and this young child–” began Director M. “Speedy Kid” said Speedy Kid “Agents, you and Speedy Kid have exceeded expectations with the defeat of Director D., Binary Bard, and Dr. Hare. Speedy, I hereby offer you a place on the agent team, as Agent Kid. What do you say? “I-I’m honored!” said Speedy.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” said Agent M. “Agents, I’ll be keeping you posted. And once again, congratulations!” With that, the screen went blank and rolled up.  “Congratulations, Speedy! Or should I say, Agent Kid!” said Storm. “well kid, I’m impressed.” said Agent S. “I believe a party is in order here!” said Agent Ice. And Speedy Kid realized, he was an agent, and he had finally fulfilled one of his many dreams. And he vowed he would fulfill the rest… THE END?

The First Adventure of Agent Squeeze: by Squeezy Hero

-Chapter One-

Once upon a time there was a girl named Squeezy Hero who lived next door to Big Nate. She had saved the island two times: one where she had to find a lost time capsule and one where she stopped Nate from turning into a giant and destroying the island, but that’s a story for another time(you’ll see me in the Poptropica Book of Records as Big Nate’s biggest hero).. When she grew up she wanted to be a secret agent. Squeezy new every villain there was to be. She was a great spy already. Squeezy would always find mysteries and solve them too. It was hard enough just finding mysteries. Her best friend Crazy Bubbles accompanied her but usually was no use. One day, while she was finding out more about the art of spying, she saw an ad on the side of the page saying ” Join the PSA for free.”

What’s the PSA?she asked herself. Squeezy clicked on it. The page was completely blank except for a small black link. It said “Join for free!” Squeezy clicked on it. A little box and some writing above it appeared. It said that Squeezy had to type in her adress in the box below. So she did. Then it said “fool! You think this is the PSA? It is not!”

“Ugh! Spam. Squeezy grumbled. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Crazy was holding a heavy looking parcel.

“Hey Bubbles!”

“I told you not to call me by my last name!” she said angrily.

“Sorry. I just think your last name is a better first name than your first name.”

“I have to hurry. This guy said he would give me twenty bucks if I gave this to you. He also said I’ve got an hour. So, bye!” and with that she rushed off with the help of her bubble-powered rocket shoes. Squeezy took the parcel up to her room and opened it.

“Pooey! Manure.” she moaned. There was also a hover craft and a letter. Squeezy read it. It said:

Dear PSA agent,

Inside this box is a hover craft and a bag of manure. Put the manure inside the hover craft and type in 5193. You will fly to Spy Island. Meet me in the headquarters.

Yours Spy-ly
Cheery Hamburger (a.k.a Director H)

“Okay so it wasn’t spam after all! That’s weird.” Squeezy set to work amd then flew to Spy Island.

The place was dark and creepy. Squeezy entered the PSA HQ. Director H was waiting for her in front of the locating computer. “Before I tell you anything, you can ask me some questions.”said Director H.

“Okay, first of all why is this so sudden? And why did the website say something about it not being the PSA site? Last of all, what does PSA stand for?”

“This is sudden because we can’t afford people turning back. The website said whatever it said because Dr. Hare is interfering with our site. Finally, PSA stands for Poptropica Spy Academy. We will train you here aswell as set you on missions. Wait! What is dry ice?”

“Uh, carbon dioxide freezed super cold?”

“You’re hired! And you don’t need to do training! Your first mission is to stop Dr. Hare from destroying our site! Here’s the coordinates. He’s in 24 Carrot Island. Good luck!! Oh, by the way you’re name ia now Agent Squeeze. Good luck!”


“Squeeze, not Squeezy!”

Agent Squeeze hopped on her hover craft and flew to 24 Carrot Island.

-Chapter 2-

It was a creepy place. The sky was a dull orange. The trees had no leaves on them and the ground was covered in gum. There was an eerie silence, except for the occasional hoot of an owl.

Agent Squeeze thought that best place for Dr. Hare to be would be in the Carrot Cake factory. The entrance was in toxic water. Agent Squeeze saw a sparkle. She went over there and found a perfectly polished crowbar. Just the thing for opening the entrance! She went in. It turns out she was in a vent system. She explored the place and found a small opening. Agent Squeeze crawled through it. Bubbles was tied to a chair!

“Crazy, what’s going on?”

“Hide! Dr. Hare did this. A bomb is attatched to my chair and to the PSA Head Quarters! Dr. Hare has also found a way to destroy the site!”

“Where is he?”

“In the room behind you. But it has security cameras.”

“Look what I have!” Agent Squeeze pulled out her homemade Lipstick Lasers: a tool she liked to carry around. She destroyed the cameras with it. Then she went in. Dr. Hare was sitting on a fluffy chair. Just as she was about to shoot him with the lasers and turned around.

“I knew you would come!” he exclaimed.

Agent Squeeze quickly destroyed the bomb wires. Then she ran to him and pinned him to the ground.

“Hey! I just brushed my tail. It took two hours!”

“I don’t care! Tell me how you are going to destroy the PSA website or I’ll tie a knot in your ears!”Agent Squeeze yelled bravely.

“Never! I need the money. Not!”Dr. Hare lifted Agent Squeeze and thrusted her at his electric cage. He pulled a lever and Agent Squeeze was electrocuted.


“Don’t worry, I’ll send someone to attach you to a helicopter by your hair and then drop you!” He laughed evilly.

Meanwhile, Crazy was struggling to free herself. Then she saw a Lipstick Laser. Squeeze must have rolled it to her! She picked it up and burned the rope. Then she entered the room and burned the electrocuting system. Dr. Hare turned around and pointed his gun at Crazy.

-Chapter 3-

“NO!”cried Agent Squeeze. She tried to free herself but the wires were too strong. Crazy pulled out something that also looked like a gun. It was made of things that looked liked stuff from a bin! Crazy pulled the trigger first but nothing happened. She then put a lipstick laser in it and tossed it to Agent Squeeze but Dr. Hare caught it first. Squeeze had the hover craft tucked in her shirt. She took it out and threw it at  Dr. Hare. He slowly fell to the ground.

Crazy rushed over to her and freed her then she paralysed him with a mouldy carrot. Agent Squeeze destroyed the website destroying machine and picked up her hover craft. She and Crazy picked up Dr.. Hare and stepped on the hover craft. They then flew to Spy Island. Crazy was awarded a medal and Agent Squeeze was rewarded a promotion! THE END.

Whoah: by Zanzy Clown

The sky darkened as Astro knights island was filled with with stormy clouds. The air turned deep cool as a single wave of ice cold wind hit Zanzy Clown on the face! Ouch! The winds affect stinged Zanzy Clown’s cheeks leaving him rubbing his cheeks in pain. He was knocked straight off his feet when it happened. His entire body was slumped on the ground.

The rain continued. The bright sun had been blocked out by the unforgiving storm. A poptropican hurridiely rushed past with his hood over his head. Everyone was uncertain what was causing the storm. The clouds just got darker and the wind just got faster and faster. Zanzy clown slowly came to his senses. All he could remember was arriving at Astro Knights island and then heading towards the planetaruim. He had seen a scientist dressed in a long white lab coat with stains of chemical substances on his shirt.

He was in a panic. As Zanzy Clown had slowly looked into the telescope he saw an object heading towards earth. It seemed slow but then accelrated it’s speed. It began to zoom towards earth. Then he saw that it was heading directly towards mainstreet. But for what reason? The object was circular and round in shape. At first Zanzy clown thought it was a meteor or asteroid. But after closely examining it he saw that the object was made out of steel and was twirling towards him.

“There’s not much time! Brace for impact!”, was the muffled warning of the scientist!

Then their was a storm. Zanzy Clown thought hard. What could it have been?

The storm grew even more heavy. Suddenly the top half of The Muesuem of Mordred was torn apart and was squashed into rubble and debirs by the storm. Then Zanzy clown watched in amazment as The Musuem of Mordred was ripped and squashed into rubble. The structure and wood came off and was sucked into the sky then magnifecently the structure itself was pulled off of the ground and crumpled into shards of glass and peices of cemment and wood that flew into the air and into the depths of the hallowing storm.

Zanzy clown managed to take refuge behind the planetaruim in order to avoid being sucked into the storm. He held onto the back of the building tight. First his right arm began to slip. He felt his fingers beging sucked towards the storm. It was almost as if the storm was calling him and luring him. Zanzy Clown used his left arm to grab hold of a pipe. The wind howled again and stung his face. He was being thrashed by the wind! He use his right arm to grap hold of another pipe. But no sooner had he grabbed it that the pipe itself broke off and was crumpled into a heap of junk. After a few minutes of clinging onto a pipe, the storm died down.

He slowly opened his eyes as he inspected the damage. The Musuem of Mordred had been destroyed it’s peices scattered across mainstreet. All else was just about fine. Some building has been slightly damaged. A few windows had shattered and a few doors had been torn off from it’s hinges. The storm had been a powerful one. But what was that? The noise what was the noise? It sounded like a deep humming sound!

There was a loud boom that echoed across the area. Zanzy Clown looked up. A UFO had risen from the ground. It had been buried under rubble and hidden until now. A single beam of brilliant and radiant light came out of the UFO Zanzy Clown squinted his eyes he saw two poptropicans being lifted onto the UFO. The UFO stopped in mid air for a slight moment then raced into the sky and into the dark vastness of space. Poptropicans everywhere heard the news.

On Super Power island it had been printed on the newspaper 6 times. Ned NoodleHead almost choked on his hot dog when he saw the amazing report.

The Adventures of Magic Storm and Happy Paw! [Part 2: The Initials]: by Magic Storm

[Continued from August 2009’s newsletter!] “Three weeks ago, little 8yr old Scarlet Star was kidnapped. By who, no-one knows. Police and detectives have swept the area of Booga Bay, where she was last seen, for clues. So far, nothing has been dug up,”
“I feel so sad. My little girl(sob) was taken(sniff) I-I-(sob) I want to let that horrible kidnapper know that(sob sob) Oh!(cries)” cried Mrs Star.

“Look. We want to let-” started Mr Star before being cut off.

“Let the kidnapper know that we WANT, no, NEED our little girl back!” cried Mrs Star.

“Yeah. And if you don’t give her back, I’ll strangle you, cut you up, and boil you in motor oil!” growled Mr Star.

“Ha Ha! Well, er, there you have it folks! Scarlet’s parents! Ha ha! Well that’s it for now, from your favourite new news reporter, Magic P-”

The t.v swiched off. I sighed. After the events of yesterday, I had went back to the hotel, to look for more info about the case on the missing Scarlet Star. I had tossed and turned in my sleep, staying awake all night, worrying, just worrying, about little Scarlet Star.

The villian had left no trace. It reminded me of a saying I once heard- ‘the careful traveller leaves no trace’. I rolled over onto my back, before quickly remembering my tail and wings and rolled over to my left again.

“HEY MAGIC STORM!” chirped a loud voice behind me. Then voice was muffled- obviously the voice’s owner had a mouth full of food.

“How many times do I have to to tell you- don’t talk with your mouth full, Happy Paw.”

HP swallowed. “Does that include when it’s stuffed with food?”

“Yeah. Whatever,” I replied with a sigh and a nod.

“You sound sad. What’s wrong?” she asked.

“What’s wrong!?!” I shieked and stood up straight. “What’s wrong!?! I little 8 yr old girl has disappeared off the face of the earth, and you are worried about my condition!?!”

“No-well yes, but- (sniff) your my best friend, and, (sniff) I worry about you,” she said sadly.

I sighed, and tried to relax. “Look, Happy, I sorry. I’m just upset. I’m one of the top 10 amateur detectives in Poptropica, and yet, for the first time I can’t get a single clue!” I flopped down on the couch.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be okay,” she said, trying to reassure me. Then, her eyes brightened up. “I know! I’ll make you some hot chocolate! I’ll use your favourite- the caramel favoured stuff!”

I smiled. For the first time since, well, I don’t know! A minute later I was drinking my hot chocolate(although it was caramel favoured so technoloy it’s hot caramel). After I’d finished, I felt revertilized. In other words, ready to take on the world!

“Come on Happy Paw! We’re going to Booga Bay!”

Half an hour later, there we were, at the beach, searching for clues.

“Uh, excuse me who are you?” said I familier voice behide me. I turned around. I hadn’t met this Poptropican, but I reckonised her.

“Hey! You’re Scarlet’s mother, Mrs Star! I reckonise you from the news on t.v,” I said.

“Why yes I am! But please just call me Pretty Star. Or just ‘Pretty’,” she replied sweetly. “But who are you?”

“Huh? Oh, I’m Magic Storm. I’m an amater detective, wizard and explora,”I said, shaking her hand politly.

“Oh. How very nice to meet you, Magic Storm! Oh, is that your friend?” ahe asked, pointing at HP, who was buliding sandcastles, only to be upset but some mean older kids, kicking them down.

“Yeah. That’s my best friend Happy Paw. Hang on for sec,” I took out my wand and pointed it at the mean kids. ” Bidkidusliftupus,” I chanted. Imediantly, the big kids were lifted up, then gently placed in the rock pool built for babys. “Oi! Get out ov dere!” yelled a big, fat hairy baby pool supervisor guy.

Pretending not to notice I pointed my want at the broken sandcastles, where HP was weeping over the loss of her castles.

“Sandcastleus, Fixeruparus!”

Immediately, the sand ixed itself back into sandcastles. I smiled.

“Well, seeing as you were truthful about the wizard thing I think that I can trust you,” laughed PS “Incidently, I heard that you, like the other detectives, havn’t found I single clue. But this morning, I found this piece of paper on my doorstep,” PS handed me a piece of paper. On it read:

‘I have taken your child, but now nature has taken her. So long non-magic LOSER!
Signed Initals PMMP’

Why didn’t you show this to the police?” I asked, puzzled.

“Well, I only found it about 10 minutes ago. So I came to the beach, where I thought the police would still be. Instead I found you,”

“You know you would make a great detective,”

“Huh? Why?” Now it was her turn to sound puzzled.

“Because you have found the First Clue.” [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Unknown Island [Part 1]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

Green Seal stood on the beach, with the evening wind blowing her hair and the waves crashing gently against the rocks.  She gazed across the horizon and didn’t seem to notice the brilliant colors of the sunset.  The words, “Now what?” danced across her mind, tugging at her thoughts.  After the sun had set, Green Seal walked back to her house.

“I don’t know what to do nowadays…” Green Seal thought, forlorn.  “Islands are finished, 5 stars are reached…”  As she walked across the pavement, she failed to notice the crumpled paper on the floor.  After minutes of walking and pondering, she finally reached her house.  She got the key from her pocket, and opened the door slowly.

She sighed and sat down on her leather couch, looking for something to keep her occupied.  There, sitting on the table, was her purse, that was bulging with stuff– some useless, some not.  “I might as well clean out my purse, I think it’s getting too heavy…” she laughed, reaching for the pink bag.

Green Seal opened the purse and dumped its contents on the floor beside her.  She made three piles: the essential pile, the junk pile, and the not-supposed-to-be-in-this-purse-but-still-important pile.  She fished through the items, some more foul-smelling than others, and put them in their appropriate pile.  While she was doing that, she came across a small, folded note.  “What’s this?”  Green Seal opened the note.  It read:

Green Seal, this is your Aunt Blue Starfish, and I have something urgent to tell you:

Green Seal was instantly interested, and her eyes scurried to the next paragraph.

I know you’re still a kid, but you’re our only hope.
I can only trust you, you being my niece and all.  You see, your uncle, me, and about 50 other poptropicans have been kidnapped.  We don’t know by who, or where we are.  I managed to get this note in your purse by making a deal with a poptropican who can teleport things by using his mind.  All I know (which isn’t very much; sorry!) is that we were heading about northwest of Early Poptropica, where me and your uncle were before we were taken away.  I know it isn’t on your map, but I’m sure you will find a way.  Please, Green Seal.  Save us.

[To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Shark Tooth (Chapter 1: The Winning Ticket): by Maya

KohlipeI was standing on my front porch in Time Travel Island wjen I heard Emma’s voice yelling. “Hey Melissa!” Screamed Emma. “What is it?”  I said. She replied, “Guess what! I had entered for that raffle last week and…” I said excited,”You mean… You won us three tickets to Shark Tooh Island?” “I’ve always wanted to go there!”

I was so excited about going to Shark Tooth, but then I asked,” Wait, I am going with you to Shark Tooth right?” Then Emma smiled and said,” Of course you are, you and Kristen are coming with me.” “We are leaving in a hot air balloon tomorrow, so pack up tonight!” “Ok, but what about Kristen?” Then she said,” Oh yah, Thanks for reminding me!” And she zoomed off towards Kristen’s house. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Fast Runner’s Adventures [Here Kitty!]: by Fast Runner

Spy Island..a place where spies unite to defeat that evil organization called B.A.D…

…Or where people get some cool eyewear! But where?? In Spyglass eyewear of course! Ok, enough of the advertising, lets go to the story.

Fast Runner's story

It was a cold, dark, night, and my eyes were getting to blurry, So i needed glasses badly. While on my way to Spyglass eyewear, i saw something dark-colored.As i said, my eyes were getting blurry, so i didn’t know what it was. So i tried to stay away from it, because i thought it was a bunny, and I’m allergic to bunnies!

Then i saw a person, and it happened to be Dr. Spyglass! “What are you doing here? come on in.” he said. Then he let me in, and gave me a nice pair of glasses. But then, before i even had a chance put them on, my eyes weren’t blurry anymore! Thank you, Dr. Spyglass! when i went out, that b-dark-colored thingy was still there. It turns out it was a cat!

Then the cat seemed like he wanted a picture, so i took a picture. They said i couldn’t keep it as a pet, so I left it there, went to the blimp, and said goodbye. Like some people say, some stories just don’t have happy endings… But some day, I will see that cat again.. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Incomplete Island – A Poptropican Tale: by Golden Cheetah

Golden Cheetah couldn’t even gasp for air before her sopping head was thrust back under the murky water by a surprisingly ferocious current. Her carefully placed bun was ripped free from its golden threads, wrapping in tendrils around her face. Then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over.

Gasping for air, Golden Cheetah pulled herself onto the sandy banks of this odd island. It was very polluted, and she couldn’t see any landmarks for the usual islands. She was standing at the point of a small penninsula.  A wooden sign had been hammered into the soft white ground. ‘Under Construction-Proceed With Caution’, it read, in sloppy black letters that drippped down the face of the sign.

Golden Cheetah shook her head, loading an arrow into her bow. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this one,” she muttered darkly to no one in particular. Stepping forward slowly, she glanced around, then out to the water. “That’s silly. Nothing can come at you from back there…”

There was a loud grating sound, and the ground gaped open beneath her feet, sending her tumbling down, and down and down, loosing arrows randomly into the black whizzing by.

“Oof!” Landing with a dull thud, all of the air shot out of Golden Cheetah’s lungs with a painful burst.

“Hey!” A voice shouted through the blackness. Opening her eyes to dim glo-stick light, Golden Cheetah could see a figure, holding the dimming stick from Early Poptropica. He had antennae poking up from his head, and a red baseball cap was pinned to the moist earth behind him, revealing his tuft of brown hair. “Mind where those arrows go!”

Obviously, this person had gone a long time without food, yet Golden Cheetah couldn’t shake the feeling that he was familiar…

“You’re -hic-Sca-hic-ry Tomato! Fr-hic-om that -hic- Blog!”

“Yes… and you are?”

“Golden -hic-Cheetah. I -hic- thin-hic-k that the -hic- fall gave -hic- me the -hic- hiccu -hic- hiccups.”

Then another voice, low and resonating, joined them. “That won’t matter where you’re going.” And the dim glo-stick light showed Golden Cheetah something that scared the hiccups right out of her forever… [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The adventures of sneaky sneeze+ Binary bard+Director.D=trouble [Part 2]: by Sneaky Sneeze

[Continued from August 2009’s newsletter!] I will destroy you with my mini rabbot,oh muhahhahaha!yelled Dr.hare.In front of sneaky sneeze was a small rabbit toy.Your gonna beat me with that,said sneaky sneeze confused.HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Not that,that is for my nephew he’s here for the weekend.In the distance was a baby with a shirt that said “daddy’s lil’ intergalactic conqueror”.Cute,mumbled sneaky sneeze.Anyway behold my mini rabbot!,screeched Dr.hare. This rabbot is controlled by this suit I’m wearing see?Every thing that Dr.hare did the rabbot did.

All of the sudden a car with a giant drill in front of popped out of the roof and on Dr.hare’s rabbot!The driver of the vehicle was big wolf.Dr.hare you are going to jail and as for you sneeze you will be staying in the astro knights island castle.In the castle,greetings sir sneeze,said the king.Here is your personal entertainer,moorse joker.Sneaky sneeze thought,moorse joker,binary bard. It’s a small world we live in.

Welcome to Evil Island: by Shifty Shadow

The thrilling conclusion to the Agent Shadow trilogy! Continued from Shadow Dr. Hare, A Monster of a Meltdown, and Power Failure!

Shifty Shadow stared up at the sign. WELCOME TO EVIL ISLAND. “This is the place, all right,” she said.

“You go on ahead,” said the other agent, “and I’ll be your backup.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Shadow stepped up to the entrance of a large cave. She wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going inside, but she had to catch Dr. Hare and rescue Ned Noodlehead. Besides, the weather was really kicking up, and if she didn’t stop Dr. Hare now, this storm might entirely destroy Poptropica. If she thought about it, though, it really didn’t make sense; Dr. Hare wanted control of all of Poptropica, but with this plan, he’d destroy it!

The cave was completely dark. Of course it was, though; the villains wouldn’t want anyone anyone discovering their hideout. But, Shadow got an increasing uneasy feeling as she stepped inside. She was only a few steps in when suddenly, a large bolder slid in front of the entrance! It was pitch dark, and she was trapped inside!

A loud, chilling laugh echoed through the cave, and Shadow shivered, immediately recognizing the laugh as Copy Cat’s. A torch light appeared near the top of the cave, revealing Copy Cat.

Shadow backed up a few steps, but heard growling laughter behind her, and turned to face Rat Man, also holding a torch. One by one, Crusher, Sir Rebral, Speeding Spike, and Betty Jetty also appeared. And then, a large hover platform came down from the ceiling, and Shadow came face-to-face with Dr. Hare himself!

“Hello, Shifty Shadow, and welcome to my secret lair. You’ve thwarted me one too many times, and now, it’s time you meet your doom!” Shadow pulled her spy communicator our of her pocket and pushed the mayday button. The other agent appeared on one of the walls, ready to hop into action. “Ah, I see you’ve brought backup. You know, though,” he said, turning to the other agent, “I think it’s time you revealed to Shifty Shadow your true identity.”

To Shadow’s dismay, the agent took off his sunglasses, and then pulled off his own hair! “DIRECTOR D!” Shadow gasped. “Surprised?” Director D threw back his head and laughed. “As you can plainly see, Hare and I have joined forces, and I think there’s someone else you should meet.” Another hovercraft came into view, and on it stood none other than Binary Bard! Shadow nearly fainted. What was she going to do?!

Suddenly, a loud cracking sound was heard outside. Thunder! Lightning would strike again at any second! And then it hit. There was a blinding flash all through Poptropica as the system was hit with lightning. But it wasn’t destroyed, as Shadow had thought. Instead, Dr. Hare showed on a TV screen what was going on in all of Poptropica. Poptropicans were running through the streets and shouting, “All hail Dr. Hare! All hail Director D! All hail Binary Bard!”

“Of course, you have to compromise to get power. I would rather they say, “all hail Dr. Hare” all the time, but, without Director D and B. Bard, I would never have been able to build a machine powerful enough to control all of those minds. Which is what I’m offering you now, Shifty Shadow: join me, and convince the PHB staff to join too, and you will have a share in the power. Or, you can run around and say, “All hail Dr. Hare” all the time. Your choice.”

Shadow was silent. Maybe, she could buy some time… “Well, Dr. Hare, I need all the terms and conditions”— “Ach! I’ve seen that trick before. You have precisely five seconds to decide. 1, 2, 3, 4,”

“I’LL JOIN!” She hoped this would get her into a better position to escape, and free Ned. “Perfect! Now, Shifty Shadow, you are beginning to feel very sleeepyyyy…” Shadow felt herself going into a trance, but was powerless to stop it. Soon, “all hail Dr. Hare” were the only words that filled her mind.

Suddenly bright sunlight filled the cave, and Shadow snapped out of it. A giant robot had crashed through the front wall, and out jumped Hijuyo, Codien, Smockers, Gazek, Golden Eagle, Motionman95, and Ned Noodlehead! Behind the robot, all the PHB members crowded around, ready to capture the villains!

“WHAT?! NO!!!!!!” Dr. Hare yelled as he was captured on his platform. Poptropica police arrested him and all the other villains on the spot. “I don’t understand,” Shadow said to the PHB staff, “How did you get here without being brainwashed? And, how did you know I was here? And what about Ned Noodlehead?”

“Well,”  Hijuyo said, “We all received a message that there was a fake PSA agent roaming around the docks, and to go check it out. So we did, and then we got word that you’d been seen, too, and we figured he’d kidnapped you. So, we came after you guys.”

“And then, Motion, Codien, and Gazek found a way for us not to be affected by the lightning while we gave chase on the water,” Smockers added.

“And, Ned was never really kidnapped at all; the agent just told you that to get you to come. They were trying to get you out of the way so you couldn’t stop them,” Golden Eagle said.

Shadow felt really stupid. “Don’t feel bad, though,” Golden Eagle said, as if reading her thoughts. “He tapped into your spy communicator. It actually happened to all of us. So, we went to HQ to get it fixed, and that was where we were told you needed help.”

A police officer came up. “Thanks to all of you, Poptropica is safe again. Good work.”

ONE MONTH LATER: Shifty Shadow sat in her apartment. She was sorting through the mail when she found a postcard, addressed to her; on it was a picture of Dr. Hare behind bars, and it said, ‘Greetings from Poptropica Prison’. Shadow laughed. That was just the right place for him. As for the island, a reporter had examined it, and told his studio it’d be great for a Reality TV show. Hmm…Reality TV Island? That sounded fun.

Thanks to all you Poptropicans who put up with me till the end; who knows what’ll happen in the future?

Island Ideas (Submit Your Own)

These creative Poptropicans really let their brains take on a whole new level this month as they thought up of all these new islands that they want to see on Poptropica!

Toys Go Out Island: by Neat Whale

Stingray, Plastic, and Lumphy are alone for the weekend, because Honey and her parents are away on a vacation. When the friends discover there are little peicies of gold throughout the house, a scavenger hunt is made! Can you help the friends fing all the gold, and help them sort out problems?

Bridge to Terabithia Island: by Neat Whale

You’ll discover the wonders of Terabithia, magic of friendship, and the lesson of letting go.

Movie Star Island: by Shiny Toes

In this island the main objective is to return the star next to the MOVIE STAR 101 logo, because the people of Poptropica only watch the movies because of it’s pretty logo.. If the star isn’t returned the company will go bankrupt and so will the actors. First you find the pieces of the torn movie script scattered around the island and return it to the director. In return he will give you a crystal. Then you trade it with the movie FX head and he will give you the formula to a fake fog (it works but don’t try it at home) which is boiling water or carbonic acid mixed with dry ice (carbon dioxide freezed super cold).

Then you go to the bank and say over the speaker that there are robbers and everyone has to get out. Then you get 2000 dollars and go to the mystery store.. Say you would like to buy something. They will say they only have one thing and they lost it but you can see with a metal detector. So you go to the acting school playground, find a shovel and dig near the school sign. A robot spy mouse and a metal detector will come out. Pick up the MD. The spy mouse will follow you so go to the science and make the fake fog. Then use it and the mouse can’t see.

Bring it to the mystery store and search for the metal which turns out to be a key. Then go to the swamp and swim across but jump over the frogs. Bring it to the oracle and she will give you a piece of paper with symbols on it. Find the phone and alien alphabet translater in a vault. But first unlock it with the key and solve the little puzzle. Then get it. Translate the symbols which mean 5557392004. Then dial it on your phone. You will get a text message saying to go to the acting school and talk to the headmistress. So do it.

She will say that the secret of acting is to fly and let your body go with the flow. Your character will say “Okaaaaaay”. Then go to the Mechanic Master Warehouse and give them your money to make a hovering platform. Then jump on it and wait until the fuel runs out. Quickly jump on the tower and get the teleporter. Press “teleport”. You will go to where Hermes and Hercules are playing Mancala. They will shoot fireballs at you. Dodge them and quickly get the star.

Then teleport back to Poptropica and give it to the Movie Star 101 head and not only will he give you a meddalion but also a short movie and a necklace with P on it for girls and a camera alien mask and short movie for boys.

Epidemic Island: by Seth K.

You’ll arrive in a town where the civilians are catching an unknown virus and you have to break into goverment files, work with Poptropica’s best doctors and scientists, start fundraisers to provide funds, and find a cure before it is too late!

Mystery Island: by Seth K.

The police have been tracking down some criminals who are stealing trucks full of grapes harvested from the vineyard and they have asked you to follow the criminals, find out why they are stealing the grapes, and stop them before they can escape!

Mystery Island 2: by Seth K.

You’ll arrive in a town where there is peace throughout the island. But when someone lights Main Street on fire everything is destroyed. You can’t go in any buildings. Not even the Multi-player room. If you leave main Street you can’t come back until you complete the island.( The blimp moves to somewhere else)You then search throughout the whole island for clues of where he is.

And when you find the fire-starter you turn him in to the police and you will receive the island medallion and you will see that Main Street is rebuilt! You can go in all the buildings!(The multiplayer-room, the Police department, the Jail, and the best for last the costume store ( you get any costumes out of there for free if you are wearing your island medallion( Not costumes from the Poptropica Store)!

Communist Island: by Golden Hawk

The inhabitants of this island want democratic reform! Help the dissidents fight for democracy by running errands, warning them of the secret police, attending demonstrations, and finally, getting elected as president. (Very educational.)

Mexico Island: by Sneaky Sneeze

On a near by farm in Mexico the towns goats have ran off.So you have to look around the island for the five missing goats Lucky,Sparkles,Grace,Lome and the baby goat Raul. But then disaster strikes,a chupacabra comes for the goats!So you have to find items around the island to make a trap for it!And when you trap it they want to send it faraway.But you feel that it can help on the island so you look all over the island till you can find something for it to do.

There is several obstacles but the creature will get you through them.Then you have to fight a villager that does not like the chupacabra.Then you take control of the monster and try to beat him!Then give it a the job and go to the founder of the town and he will you your medallion with a picture of a cactus on it!Then you beat the island!And by the way,if the creators are visiting your blog do you think one of our island could actually be real!? Well just keep a sharp eye out…

Stupid Island: by Paige T.

The Island of Smarticle was Attacked by a evil gang of talking monkeys! They have used they’re Laser Zapers that they borrowed from Director D, making the brilliant people of Smarticle Island, into Extremely stupid people. Your mission is to find the monkeys one by one all over the island, till you reach the top monkey. There will be a showdown, and all that next. In the end, you will get your medal!

For the showdown, the monkeys are in the jungle section of the island. They have their lasers, but you have something stronger. Their weakness! Bannana Arrows! So then, there are a bunch of monkeys. They’re shooting lasers at you, and you need to avoid. You;re trying to shoot the arrow at them, and if you get a good shot, they’ll catch it! But, since they’re fairly stupid, they’ll eat the bannana on the arrow. But, the bannana has sleeping potion in it, so they just fall asleep! You alson have cages that you’ve acquired from a zoo keeper on the island.

You have to get 4 monkeys,and at the final monkey you get a bushel of bannanas, then put poison in them. Then you meet the boss monkey! He has a even bigger laser, and a bannana powered rocket! So, he’s flying away, throwing stuff at you, and everytime he hits you, a monkey comes back awake, and you need to shoot him. If you get close enough to the monkey with the rocket, you throw the bannana bushel at him, which is impossible to miss. Then, you go to the mayor of Smarticle Island, now smart again, and get your medal!

Maze Island: by Hapykidi1

There should be an island where you are in a  giant maze and there are OVER TEN ROOMS!You enter the maze and you have a ton of rooms to explore and…you can meet other people while exploring in the maze!! (Kind of like a multi player room!)Also if you can start a little adventuring party of five people by inviting them in the maze!! After you have a party you can communicate with each other with scripted chat!! (even if you aren’t in the same room!!) And to get out of the maze you need to give each N.P.C. an item and they give you something back!! and you and your party share items!

Clone Island: by IamUnknown

You meet this poptropican on clone island who looks exactly like you and tells you that the whole island is in danger of this guy called dr. clone, and it is up to you and your clone to stop him because dr. clone is making clones of himself to take over the island. all you have to do is find some items to stop dr, clone’s clones from getting in your way, and a dr. clone outfit to help you get past his guards, since dr. clone will only allow people through his laboratory with an outfit like his. some of the items you get will be to stop dr. clone and to destroy his clone maker 3000 in his laboratory on top of a hill.

Poptropica Store idea (Sale): by Clover

Here’s an idea about something new for the poptropica store! The thing is, a sale you could open by yourself in poptropica! Like you take your old cloths and sell in the garage sale day! Then another poptropican will buy that old things and you can have more credits!

Easter Egg

Holding the Glow Stick

Remember the glow stick from the Early Poptropica Island Quest? Here’s a little cheat to let you be able to hold it again, kindly supplied to us by Pokelord5000. [Note: You need to complete Early Poptropica Island to do this.]

  1. Go to Early Poptropica Island.
  2. Go left to the Poptropica Towers.
  3. Put your jet pack on.
  4. Walk a little more to the left until you see a manhole. Climb down to enter the sewer.
  5. Take off your jet pack.
  6. Go back up. You’ll be holding the glow stick!

Have fun shining your stick around wherever you go! 🙂

Fan Art

Poptropica has inspired several artists to make some cool graphics! Check these out:

Poptropica, Golden Lobster: by Mousyblack

This is a picture of Mousyblack’s Poptropican, Golden Lobster, which she carefully drew on her computer.

[This image is no longer available. 😦 ]

Doggy Comic: by Incredible Fish

Two dogs having their typical conversation!

Doggy comic

Head Mechanic’s Problem: by Neat Whale

Then how come he didn’t? You answer this one!


The Creators of Poptropica Wallpaper: by Muhammad

The gang from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog are glad to meet you!

The Phb

Gabe’s Poptropica Character: by Fearless Hero

Fearless Hero (Gabe) drew an awesome portrait of his own character, which you can also find here!

Gabe's potropica guy larger

Making Advertisements for Gym Gear: by Magic Spark/Mudkipgal

How to become a Poptropica superstar in the adventures of Happy Feather! Click to enlarge image.

Two Cousins Having Fun: by Maroon Thunder and Grumpy Ninja

These two artists are cousins, and they worked together to make these brilliant Poptropican pictures!

Maroon Thunder

Maroon Thunder2

Maroon Thunder3

Maroon Thunder4

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Thanks you guys so much for printing my story! This is so awesome to see my stories in print! Hmm, now what should I write about?…

      1. Yeah, your story’s really cool. I checked your blog every Wednesday for the next installment.

      1. Thanks, S. Tornado! You mean the part about Director D? Yeah, it even surprised me! I didn’t even think of it until I was into writing it; I just thought, hey, this works!

  2. i love the poptropica 911 thing it is really funny cool and well put together i cant wait till next month
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      Hijuyo: Because it takes a lot of time to make one issue of the 911, and we don’t have enough time to make it more often than once a month. 😉

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    Slanted Fish: Your ship should be on top of the Castle of Arturus on Astro-Knights Island.

  6. Location: Reality TV Island
    While his classmates were listening to the principal, Hip Hop heard a loud shriek. Then, his classmates laughed loudly, but not the teacher. “Get a hold of yourselves!” shouted the principal. Hip Hop put his head down. Back at the office, the principal shouted: “No fighting at the office! That’s against the rules!” Rickie Rock looked behind her desk and saw Hip Hop sleeping.
    The End

  7. I loved the Agent Shadow Stories! It was Agent SHADOW, right? With the PHB being stolen by Dr.Hare and the escaped villains and Evil Island? Right?

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