Issue #3: August 2009

Issue #3
Date: August 2nd, 2009

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s third issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! Prepare to feast your eyes on a totally awesome page stuffed with imagination!


We’ve selected these Poptropica-related questions from our PHB e-mail inbox this month to answer, and maybe you’ll learn something new today!


Can you get a gun on Poptropica? ~Daniyal A.

Yes. There are some costumes with guns in the Poptropica Store, such as the Renegade Robot or Cowboy/Cowgirl. If you press the space bar while holding the gun, your character will use it!

I’ve been hearing about an island that never got published. It’s called Monster Island; do mind giving me some more info on it? ~Brad K.

There was originally an island called Monster Carnival, which was ”coming soon” according to the Map. However, for some mysterious reason, the Poptropica Creators deleted the idea, and it never got released. In its place came 24 Carrot Island. Click here to see a picture of what it looked like on the Map, here to learn about a costume leak, here to find out about our monster competition, and here to see the winners list. [Update]: Also, check out our Mystery of Monster Carnival article!


What’s going on among the most adventurous of all Poptropicans? Read these thrilling tales, full of action and suspense, to find out!

The Missions of Agent Cool Wing (Chapter 2): by Cool Wing

[Continued from July 2009’s newsletter!] Golden Eagle was soaring above attached to a helicopter by her HAIR! “HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP” She screeched. Cool Wing Went to jump off the Hair Club And FLY To The rescue! But Golden Eagle was sobbing so hard that she could see Cool Wing. Cool Wing Didn’t know what to do! Then She had a great idea. She didn’t want to cut her best friends hair she got a whistle out of Golden Eagles pocket and blew in it. The next second they were safely down on the ground and Golden Eagle was with Her GOLDEN EAGLE. But Golden Eagle had short hair! “I’m sooooo SORRY Golden Eagle!” “Its okay I’m just glad that I’m safe now Lets Get to the COSTUME PARTY! (Hosted by Zany Thunder) [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Welcome to the ASAP: by Quick Onion

A young Poptropican with blonde hair walked down the street of Spy Island. His name was Quick Onion. He was heading down to the ASAP Restaurant (formerly the BAD Bistro, until BAD’s evil ways were stopped by none other than Quick Onion himself). He entered the dining place. He read a sign on the wall that said Here we make sure you get your food ASAP(As Soon As Possible). He sat down at a table and a waiter came up to him and asked him what he wanted to eat. Onion looked at the menu when he heard the person sitting at the table behind him jump up. Q. Onion tried to turn around when the waiter lunged at him. “Oof”, says Onion as he’s tackled at hit’s the floor. He looked and saw a man in a chef’s hat come out of the kitchen and then… everything went black. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Journal of Silver Sun (Chapter 1): by Silver Sun

I hope someone is reading this on Poptropica, to know that we are safe. Please come find us. Here’s how the story goes.

One day I, Silver Sun, was traveling through space with my rocket from the Pewter Moon. There were no Space Sharks around, so I felt safe. I was traveling with my friend, Dangerous Socks, who told me that at the coordinates 80, 50 there was something REALLY cool. So, I set my rocket on autopilot and for the coordinates 80,50. It was going to be a long ride because my rocket is built for strength, not speed. So, Socks (if I can call my friend that) and I went to the back to get a sandwich. It was my last sandwich. We went to the top bunk to look out the window and I saw what Socks meant by “cool”. It was a BLACK HOLE! I jumped down and tried to get it off of autopilot, but the controls were jammed. Socks dropped his sandwich and it landed in the lever to change it. We were going to die. But, something extraordinary happened. We were right near the middle, when suddenly, we were falling. And falling. And falling. Socks was still up top so he could see below, and said there was land. I pulled the lever for the parachutes to come out of the back, and we floated safely down. I went up to look out the window, and we saw weird creatures gathering around our ship. They looked like snakes, but with two legs, and stood like humans. They didn’t have any arms. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Speedy Kid: by Crazy Flyer, inspired by the PHF

[Continued from July 2009’s newsletter!] Storm, Speedy, and Agent S. found the lair, and landed. They were prepared to have to decode some odd entrance pad or something, but they didn’t. They opened the door and stopped. The whole room was full of small robotic rabbits. “shriek!” shrieked Storm. “well, were not gonna kill’em standing here” said Agent S. they hopped into battle. But suddenly, Storm fell against a button, and the rabbits deactivated. They proceeded to opening the door on the other side of the room. They couldn’t open it. There was a sign that said “drones only” they put on their ears from 24 Carrot and opened the door. When they opened it, they removed their ears, and saw something terrible.

“Welcome! Your just in time to preview our latest invention before we use it to rule the world!” said Dr. Hare. Director D and Binary Bard walked up. “I should have destroyed you when I had the chance Hare!!!!!” said Agent S. “What?!?!?” asked Storm and Speedy. “It’s time I told you” said S. “about 3 months ago, I—AAAAGGHHHH!!!!!” Agent S. had been shot in the left arm. “I WARNED YOU NEVER TOO SPEAK OF THAT!!!!” yelled Hare. “S!!!!!!! NNNOOOOO!!!!” screamed Storm. “I’ll be……..okay……” said S. “No you won’t! None of you will!!” said Binary Bard. With that, he hit a button on the wall, and all three villains ran into the Rabbot as it took off. Speedy Kid realized it was a self destruct button. But he also noticed a vial on the ground marked “Healing Potion”. He grabbed it and poured it onto Agent S.’s wound.

“AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!!!!!!” screamed Agent S. But his wound healed quickly.  “Come on, we’ve gotta get out of here and destroy those guys.” they got on their hovercrafts, but the Rabbot had already escaped to deep space. “NNNOOO!!” screamed Speedy. “Hey!” said Agent Fish. He was with Agent Ice. “They escaped” said Storm “Dang!” said Ice .whenthey returned, Agent Ice got a great deal of scolding. “Where were you?!?! While we were out there doing our best to fight those criminals, where the heck were you?!?!?!” drilled Storm. “Don’t get so worked up” said Ice. “S. had it under control, didn’t you S? S? Agent?” but S. was nowhere to be found. “Gosh,frst Agent Ice disappears, now Agent S. at this rate–” but she was interrupted  by a loud boom. There, on a hovercraft, was Director D, with an unconscious Agent S. on the hovercraft behind him.

Agents Ice and Fish were furious, and they started bombarding the hovercraft with lasers. But they bounced off. Suddenly, Bard and Hare flew up and shot out a carrot gun, and Storm, Speedy, Fish, and Ice were thrown back off their feet. But Speedy had a back-up plan. He grabbed a piece of rubble and chucked it at Director D.’s craft. S. fell off, and Storm caught him in her arms. “I’ll take him to the medical wing” said Storm. Speedy Kid swung forward and slashed at Binary Bard, but his blade went right through. Then he realized. It was a hologram, a decoy. He turned and saw the REAL Binary Bard holding Agent Ice with a knife up to his neck, and Director D. holding Agent Fish with a knife up to his neck. “Call off your attack or they die” said Hare. but then, Agent Storm and Agent S. ran in, Agent S. still a little groggy. “Storm!! S.!! they’re gonna kill Ice and Fish unless we call of our attack!” said Speedy.

“Oh they wont!” said Storm. She chucked a piece of rubble and knocked the knife out of their hands. Ice and Fish turned around and punched Binary Bard and Director D, but they jumped onto there hovercrafts along with Dr. Hare, and they took off. But the Agents caught them, and they removed they’re powers, and locked them in an impenetrable jail, where they would be stuck forever. Or so they thought….. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The adventures of Sneaky Sneeze+Binary Bard+Director.D = Trouble (part one): by Sneaky Sneeze

Sneaky sneeze was sipping tea at the internet cafe when “sneeze!,sneeze!”Sneaky sneeze picked up his cellphone.”Whats up big wolf!”WE NEED YOU”!!!!But it’s my day off!Binary bard and director.D have formed some sort of alliance and created a giant robot!Huh,replied sneeze,on it.Downtown,Wow that thing is huuuge.This is for my day off!wow said scary dragon.Big wolf whispered to scary dragon”remind me not to get on his bad side”.All in a days days work said sneaky sneeze.Sneeze watch out! cried big wolf.AHHHHHH!!!!yelled sneaky sneeze.Everything went black.When he woke up lights flash and a weird smell filled the air.Where am I he asked.All of the sudden a voice boomed who are you and what are you doing here!?”Huh,you”!the voice yelled.Uh oh,sneaky sneeze thought.Dr.hare. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The New Poptropica Mysteries: by Fearless Paw


It was a dark night, and the clouds seemed to float around the sky in silence. An owl could be heard making a “hoot, hoot!” but that was all. On 24 Carrot, the night was silent-so silent that a pin falling on the ground could be heard.

Then, a sound broke the silence. It was the sound of footsteps treading on soft grass.

A man clad in black could be seen climbing an apartment wall. Silently, he opened up a window and stepped inside.

Inside, a small desk leaned against a wall, and a bed lay opposite to the desk. On the bed, a child slept away, unconscious of a stranger in his bedroom.

Silently, the man walked so silently that his breath was heard. Acting fast, he grabbed the boy and put a blindfold over his mouth. “Don’t say a word,” he said to the shaking, and now awake, child. Then he tossed him out the window.

Below another man stood below, and he caught the child. Then, he tossed him into a waiting car, and jumped into the passenger seat. Then, the car raced away towards Main St.

Much more was still to come.

Chapter 1

John Stoke woke up feeling very excited in cheery. But why shouldn’t he? He was finally going to leave Poptropica Towers for a two week vacation to Shark Tooth Island. He bounced out of his room and headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

“Morning, everyone!” His shout filled the kitchen as he sat down at the table. “Good Morning!” they all replied in unison.

He loaded his plate with eggs and toast. He was just devouring the last crumbs when his sister, Emily, came in. She sat down and began to eat. Then, his father spoke from under the newspaper. “There’s been a kidnapping back in 24 Carrot,” he said. “11 year old boy right in his own house. His parents say that they didn’t notice anything until the next morning when they couldn’t find him anywhere.” “And what are they doing now?” His mother inquired. “They’ve organized a search party and have put detectives on the case. But they haven’t released the name of the kidnapped child or his parents.”

“Anyway, is everyone ready? We have to get to the Blimp within the hour,” Mr. Stoke said. At that moment, his older brother, Max, walked in. Behind him rolled a suitcase. “I’m taking our baggage out now,” Max said. He rolled the suitcases past them and out into the garage, where he put them in the trunk of the car.

“Are we ready to go?” Mr. Stokes asked. “Yes, I am!” John said, and everyone else said more or less the same thing, save for his sister, who insisted that she just had to go get her Mystery Guide. She went to her room and was back 5 minutes later. “Sorry, but I couldn’t find it! I simply couldn’t find it!” “Well, we’re late, so we’d better hurry if we intent to get to the Blimpport in time,” her father remarked. Everybody walked out to the car and sat down inside. Minutes later, they were roaring down the highway.

Everyone was talking. The Mr. and Mrs. Stokes quieted them down and tuned to KHZ 135 to hear the latest news. John tried to “buzz it all out,” as he had no interest in hearing about it. He clicked around on his new Nintendo while his sister buried her head into her book.

At last, they pulled into the parking space in the parking structure and all of them got out of the car. Max, John, and Emily each grabbed a suitcase and follow their parents to the shuttle station to await a shuttle that would take them to Terminal B. They waited for several minutes before a shuttle picked them up. A man came off and assisted them in placing their baggage in a storage rack. After this was done, they all proceeded to sit down in the seats provided.

“What Blimpline, sir?” the man asked Mr. Stokes. “Poptropican Air,” he replied, and the shuttle drove out of the structure and went down the street. They talked about what they were going to do at Shark Tooth but were interrupted as the shuttle swerved to the right. A truck was headed straight at them, on the wrong side of the road, at high speeds! “SCREECH!” the tires went. Would they make it out alive? [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Bendy Hero’s Quest ~ Early Poptropica (part 2): by the Bendyhero01’s Poptropica Blog Staff

[Continued from July 2009’s newsletter!] Bendy Hero woke up and since the chaos was happening in the sky. He was going to talk to the giant. The sky climbing guy told him that you can’t because the vine is broken! Bendy Hero left and went back home. When home he thought and thought and thought. Until finally “Wonder if I still have it?”, Bendy Hero said. He picked out his Jet Pack and spoke one final thing before leaving. Bendy Hero said,”Lets go.” [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Monster Carnival Island: By Zany Bird

“Zany! Zany! I can’t believe it!”

“Five minutes.” Zany Bird turned over in her comforter in her Time tangled island home. It was her  friend, Happy Spider, doing the talking.

“But this is important,” Happy pressed. “Right.” Zany closed her eyes.


“WHAT?” Zany cried getting out of bed.

“But-but- it doesn’t even exist!”


Zany ran to the bathroom, saying hello to Future Zany at the table.

“Have fun!” said Future Zany. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Magic Storm and Happy Paw!: by Magic Storm

Hello my name is Magic Storm. My friend Happy Paw and I travel the islands(and the planets) seeking adventure! Today, I shall recount one of my adventures! I call it: ‘The Magical Must of MERLIN!’

For us, Friday was just like every other day, we were out exploring. That day we had gone to shark tooth. I saved that island once(but that’s another story!), but today the usally happy-looking faces of the residents were no-where to be found. Instead the shark-toothians I found were in despair. I went over to a person called Small Socks and asked what was wrong. She said that island residents had been going missing lately. I thought for a moment before asking where the last person who went missing was last seen. she replied “At Booga Bay! But be carefull!” So me and Happy Paw went over to Booga Bay. I found an area that had been cut off to the public for ploice to investigate. I was about to slip under the tape when someone tapped me on the back. I turned around. A policeman was standing there. I noticed his name tag read ‘Powerful Magic’. “And just what do you think you’re doning? That area is ‘off-limits’ to the general public!” he snapped.

“Excuse me, er, Sergent Magic, but I am part of the PSAPA, otherwise known as Poptropican Spy And Protection Agentcy, and I’m here with my assistant miss Paw to investigate the dissappearance of several Shark-Tooth residents and tourists,” I said calmly.

“Hi!” said HP(Happy Paw)

“Indeed. You may pass. But just remember to be careful- anything can happen to you down here,” Powerful Magic winked.

“Ah, yeah. Sure. Come on Happy Paw,”

“BYE!” waved HP.

As soon as he left I began searching for clues. I found some footprints in the sand, giving the impression that the missing Poptropican had tried to escape. Than, all of a sudden, the footprints stopped. Weird, I thought seeing where the human footprints had ended and animal footprints began. I took a few photos. Something really strange was going on here.

“Oi, what are you doing here?” Powerful Magic asked rudely behind me. “I already told you, I’m from the PSAPA and I’m here to do some work now please leave me be,” I said before turning around to see- not Powerful Magic. Instead there was a shurly and buff-looking policeman. “Oh sure, and I’m Santa Claus,” he mocked sarcastically.

“Can have lollies, a yo-yo and a teddy bear called teddy for christmas, Santa?” asked HP sweetly. The policeman ignored her.

“Look, Santa Claus, I understand your just trying to do your job, but what I am saying is true. I even have the identification card to prove it,” I said, pulling out my card which identified me as a member of the PSAPA. But some how, even THAT didn’t convince him.

“Look, babies I want you out of the crime scene that you’ve made a playground of. Now SCRAM!!!” He yelled angrily.

“Well I can see I’m not wanted, but if you need help on this case, you just give me a call,” I replied.

“Bye, bye angry Santa!” said HP happily. “Oh. We didn’t get any clues,” said HP sadly.

“Don’t worry,” I smiled, “We have a clue- and a suspect.”

And we walked back to the Shark’s teeth Hotel, where we could get some rest, and I could do some research. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Power Failure?: by Shifty Shadow

The sequel story to Shadow Dr. Hare and A Monster of a Meltdown!

Shifty Shadow sprinted down the main street of 24 Carrot. Everything looked so weird. Nothing had any color! It was all a mix of black and white. In fact, it looked like she was in a movie—a really old movie, back when they didn’t have color!

She needed to get home—fast. The bright, cheerful colors of Poptropica had suddenly faded, and so had all the noise. Everything was eerily quiet. And, there seemed to be almost no one around—even the occasional Poptropican disappeared indoors quickly. Shadow vaulted into the blimp, and directed it toward Early Poptropica. The blimp took an impossibly long time to take off and land, and Shadow could tell it was running out of power. If she didn’t hurry, it might stop altogether.

Things weren’t much better in Early Poptropica. The color was completely gone here, too, and there was absolutely no one outside. Even the Poptropicans who always seemed to be outside were gone. Shadow ran to her apartment, and slammed the door shut. Even in her apartment everything was gray. And—her computer wouldn’t turn on. Darn! Shadow sat down in a chair and started to think. What was happening in Poptropica? It seemed to be happening to all islands, and pretty soon, all of them would be shut down! Dr. Hare had to be behind this—didn’t he?

Suddenly, Shadow got an idea. The Poptropica Creators! Wouldn’t they know what was going on? But, how would she contact them? Suddenly, her phone vibrated, and Shadow pulled it out. A new message had come up; from the Poptropica Spy Agency.

Agent Shadow:

We have urgent news that the escaped convicts from the Poptropica Prison have just kidnapped Ned Noodlehead, and are on their way to an unknown island. We need you to follow them, and rescue Ned. The blimp has stopped, so you will be transported by boat. Please meet at the Early Poptropica Docks.

“By boat?” Shadow said out loud. (She’d never piloted a boat before). “Okay then…off I go!”

There were dark clouds in the sky when Shadow approached the docks. A speedboat was waiting, and so was a PSA agent. “Hello, Agent Shadow,” he said. “I’ll pilot the boat for you, but you’ll need to tell me where to go. We’re tracking the Villains on the GPS.” “Okay, that sounds good. I’m just wondering something…how did the Villains manage to kidnap Ned?”

“Apparently, Ned was in need of a hot dog, and, Ratman nabbed him at the hot dog stand.” “Oh.” The agent started the speedboat, and off they went. It was odd, not traveling by blimp, but Shadow tried to get used to being in a boat. And, it was exciting, getting to see a new island! She wondered what it’d be called, once the Villains were captured.

A few minutes later, they’d gone past all the other islands. Just open sea ahead. At least, for a little while. If she squinted, Shadow thought she could see land. On the GPS, it said that they were nearing the island. A sputtering sound interrupted her thoughts. The motor!  The PSA agent was fiddling with it, trying to get it going again. “What’s going on?” Shadow asked. “I think the power being out is affecting the motor. I don’t know why it would, but it is!”

“Can we get to the island?” Shadow asked. “I think so. But we’ll have to hurry! There’s a storm on the horizon—and, if there’s lightning, there’s going to be trouble—not just for us, but for all of Poptropica!” “Why?” “Well, it’s complicated to explain, but, with the power out, lightning could damage the whole Poptropica System!”

Shadow didn’t say anything. She was too stunned. Of course! This was what Dr. Hare was planning! He’d take over Poptropica while the system was damaged! This wasn’t good. They had to rescue Ned and stop Dr. Hare before he did any real damage! “Are we close to the island yet?” Shadow asked, starting to panic. The motor was still struggling, the GPS had just shut off, and it was starting to drizzle rain. “We’re almost there. We just have to”— THUMP! The boat ran onto the sand of the island.

“We made it!” Shadow cried, relief filling her voice. She and the agent pulled the boat farther onto the sand, and started walking up the beach. There was a small cliff, and she climbed up it. A large, scrawled sign met her:


“Oh, boy,” Shadow said. This is it, Poptropicans. Next month, Shifty Shadow will have to face Dr. Hare…stay tuned! [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Submit Your Own

Where is your dream island on the planet of Poptropica? Here are some submissions from cool Poptropicans with some ideas based on books or just their own imagination, and even an idea for a Store item!

How I Survived Middle School Island: by Neat Whale

Jenny is very excited when she gets partnered up with her friends Sam and Chloe for the English progect. Now it’s surely not going to be a bore working on a small scene of a play to act out in class! That is, until, one of the Pops ends up stealing their report. Sam and Chloe are both suspecting Addie, but Jenny isn’t so sure. Can you help Jenny find the real thief?

Main Street Island: by Neat Whale

Flora and her sister, Ruby, have been living in Camden Falls for over one year now, and have made sevral new friends, like Olivia, Nikki, and Willow! But their friendships are at stake when a big fight starts between them. Only you can help settle this fued! The girls are counting on you!

Emily Windsnap Island: by Neat Whale

Ever seince she found out she was half-mermaid, Emily Windsnap’s life was never easy. So, when she ends up finding a missing peice of a big puzzle in the mermaid world, and Neptune gets invloved (AGAIN?!?) Only you can help her solve the mystery!

Mythic Island: by Ruthrose8

You go to a strange island where an anciant wiseman tells you the greek gods have been captured by an evil emperor.2 gods and goddesses are hidden somewhere protected by a strange beast such as centaur,medusa,griffin,pheonix and so on. when you save al the gods exept 2 ,zeus and hercules, you face the emporer you fight him using a weaopon of strenght,courage and beauty combined to defeta him.once you save zeus and hercules you get an island medallion and become a god yourself!

Science Island: by Ruthrose8

A mad scientist had created a series of mutated creatures who have captured him and taken him to a hidden valley. you must fight your way through all of them while saving citezens who have gotten hurt.once you find the mad scentist,Dr. Motato, you get mutated into a beast you have to find the medicine man at the top of the isalnd to curre you.the citezen of the year gives you the medallion.

Electric Island: by John (Thirsty Fox, age 7)

John's Electric Island

There is a secret passage and you press a button and you go down and you have to get a waterball before you get past the red gate – they are lasers and you use the electric ball and it will squirt the lasers and they won’t work. and on the other side there is a key and in the purple building when you go there are stairs you go up and there is a elevator there will be a key and you use it to get in that secret room and in there is a time machine and then the purple building called time is just a hangout and then you climb the rope to a buikding in the sky and there is maps in there, you have to get the right one and you use the time machine and go to the dinosaurs and when you get there will be a laser pen and theres teradactals everywhere and some are in the sky so you have to find a way to get them and bring them into time.

Joke Island: by Brad K.

In the big wacky adventure your character meets a person who needs a task done when you complete the task he gives you a key that he doesn’t know what it goes to. So you find a big door that the key goes to. the task is that tell a good joke to swap for the key. The joke you must answer is: Why did the chicken cross the road? Pick the right option to win the key!

  1. There was food at the other side.

  2. To get to the other side!

  3. Because he just felt like a walk across the street.

Poptropica Store Item Idea (Mechanical Owl): by Sneaky Wolf

A new great item to add to the store is….. MERLIN!! Remember he’s the owl from Astro Knights island. That would be so cool. A mechanical owl just following you every where. Let’s have him for a pet!

Fashionista Style Island: by Cheerful Cheetah

The glamorous poptropicans of Style Island are having their anual ah-mazing  fashion show…. but all their makeup, shoes, accesories, and all the clothes that were going to be in the show have been stolen! Their detective is having a vacation on Shark Tooth Island, so since you’ve had spy training, you will be Detective Lipstick! In the end, it’s Dr. Hare’s sister, Dr. Bunni. She has no style, so she took all that stuff to make a style rocket, that will brainwash all of poptropica! But, using your Lipstick lasers, and smackin’ handbag, she’s no match for you!

Olympic Island: by Incredible Flipper and Calm Starfish

The Emperor and his wife are deeply troubled. Their three sons have been captured by a terrible cyclops, and they are offering a gracious reward to the bravest, fastest, and strongest warrior who can defeat the monster. In order to find out who is worthy to attempt in taking down the great beast, they are holding an Olympics! You must enter at town hall (a shanty on main street made of tin and wood) and head down to the Coliseum.

There are three events: footrace, swim race, and chariot race. You may try as many times as you’d like, but can not possibly be victorious unless you are in possession of the Running Shoes of the messenger god Hermes, which can be found deep in the forest. There is one catch though- the shoes are guarded by Ceburus, the horrendous three headed dog. There is one simple way to pass the monstrous canine. On Main Street there is a man splitting wood. Take some and hurl it away from Ceburus and the running shoes. He will be distracted and you will have access to the shoes. Grab them, and return to the Coliseum. You will easily finish first on the footrace.

The swimming competition will be simple, so I wouldn’t waste time on it. The chariot race will be most difficult. Build and customize your very own chariot! Have fun, but save time. Once you are done with your vehicle, you immediately are to begin racing. When all of the races are completed, The Emperor will present you with a sword. Please note that unless you have completed every race and taken first every time, you do NOT get the weapon. Now go to the Cyclops’ cave. The three sons of the Emperor are in a cage hanging from the ceiling. Beneath them is the Cyclops himself, and an enormous pile of bones. Make your way carefully but quickly up the pile. The Cyclops has a deadly bow and arrow, so you must watch yourself or else. The sons will give you a special power, contained in a crystal. It will make you invincible for merely three hits of the arrows. If you are struck three times, you must wait for the power to recharge. Get close enough that you may thrust your weapon into the cyclops’ terrible heart. Then you appear at the Coliseum. You are given…The Island Medallion!!Congratulations!!!

Rock Star Island: by Blue Shield

On rock star island you must find clues that lead you to a wherehouse and the rockstars are kidnapped in it and you fight the kidnapper with a sword you find in the tunnels of the warehouse you fight the kidnapper and take off his mask and find out that the kidnapper is the one and only master kidnapper!

Mario Island: by Blue Shield

You get in the levels and try to find the flute. the flute will teleport you to world five and you have to beat the rest of the levels until you get to bowzers castle and fight bowzer and get the princess.

Easter Egg

[Just in case the below cheat doesn’t work for you, here’s another one: use Ctrl+Shift+1/2/3/4 to act emotions anywhere, not just in multiplayer rooms!]

Play any part of Big Nate Island in full-screen!

A good friend of the Poptropica Help Blog, Silver Shell, informed us of this:

Building off of the way discovered to play Astro Knights in full screen [see July 2009’s newsletter], I managed to find the necessary URLs to play other places in ANY island in

A) a full screen format
B) Without having “unlocked” the area.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? And the greatest part is that it actually works! Here are the instructions (please follow carefully!):

Unfortunately, the Poptropica Creators have made it so that each room is a different URL, so to move from room to room, you must change the URL. I have managed to compile all the necessary URLs for Big Nate Island, and I hope to add more soon.

To use the cheat codes:

  1. Go to and enter your user name and password
  2. Go to
  3. Close out of

To change rooms:

  1. Click on the address bar in your browser (it should currently say “” (without quotes) if you are at Big Nate Island and are viewing it in full screen
  2. Highlight desc=BigNateMain&island=BigNate
  3. Press the backspace key on your keyboard and delete the text
  4. Copy the URL text for the area (or room) that you want to go to, and paste it where the desc=BigNateMain&island=BigNate used to be.
  5. Press enter to go to the link.

Room URLs for Big Nate Island:
Main Street:             desc=BigNateMain&island=BigNate
Pop in Shoope:       desc=Shoppe&island=BigNate
Klassic Komics:      desc=Komix&island=BigNate
Cap’n Salty:            desc=Saltys&island=BigNate
Studio:                   desc=Cheese&island=BigNate

School Street:         desc=School1&island=BigNate
Inside School:         desc=School2&island=BigNate
Science Lab:           desc=School3&island=BigNate
Detention:               desc=School4&island=BigNate
School Basement:   desc=School5&island=BigNate

Playground:             desc=Playground&island=BigNate
Playground House:   desc=PlaygroundHut&island=BigNate

Puffin Point:            desc=Puffin&island=BigNate
Under Water:           desc=Oyster&island=BigNate
Puffin Island:           desc=Puffin&island=BigNate
Seal Island:             desc=Seal&island=BigNate

Have fun playing your favorite parts of this islands, and remember that it’s possible to skip parts you don’t want to play this way! 🙂

Fan Art

Poptropica isn’t just full of gamers, but also dedicated artists who make wonderful drawings to share with the rest of the community. Take your time to enjoy these pictures; and you might just consider picking up that pen and trying to make one yourself!

Drawn Squeezy Claw: by Squeezy Claw

Squeezy Claw drew a portrait of his character on the computer!

Drawn Squeezy Claw

Shaggy Onion: by Shaggy Onion

A nice pencil drawing of Shaggy Onion’s Poptropican character!


Poptropica Comic Alien: by Green Seal

Caught lying to us, little alien?

Comic Alien

Scary Tomato’s Poptropican: by Scary Tomato

A scanned image of ST’s self-drawn Poptropican character using black marker and colored pencils!

ST Drawing

Poptropican Postcard: by Noisy Hopper

Greetings from… Shark Tooth Island!

Shark Tooth Postcard

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)

129 thoughts on “Issue #3: August 2009”

  1. 1st comment kool. i loved it it was awesome! TY for making it so fun ST codien and smockers and all fellow poptropicans! :mrgreen:

  2. Yay! Your a REALLY Awesome Artist Scary Tomato! Just Thinking About Monster Carnival and Reality TV Makes Me Wanna Explode! (Mostly Monster Carnival, It Looked Like the Best Island! Ah… The GOOD ol’ Days.) (Kinda. I Like AK)

    ST: Thanks, super power! 😀

  3. You have Lots of Great ideas ppl!! GOOD JOB!!

    Shifty Shadow- U r keeping me in suspense! I want to know what happenes next! :mrgreen:

    ST- Ur drawing is amazing! Where did u learn 2 draw like that?

    Green Seal- Lol that comic is funny! 😀

    Noisy Hopper- That postcard is fantastic!

    Evryone else- great stories!

  4. Oh, wow, I think this one was the best yet!!! Thank you so much for printing my story, and all the other awesome ones, too! I love seeing what stories other Poptropicans can come up with! 😀 The island ideas all sound really cool, and the drawings are absolutely fantastic! I love Grean Seal (Sparkle Star)’s comic, and the Shark Tooth Island Postcard is awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, you guys! That really means alot to me! And, sorry, I can’t exactly tell you what happens next…I don’t know myself!

      1. Thanks, Incredible Fish! 😀 It was just a small thing I noticed when I was exploring Pewter Moon…

      1. Thanks! 😀 .I hope this isn’t off topic or anything but I created it in Microsoft Powerpoint.

  5. I like the comic Lol.
    😀 Very funny! “…”
    I thought if it was real it would say that.
    🙂 And the big drawing is COOL! I wish I could do that!

  6. Okay, first of all: The Full Screen hack has been fixed. I don’t know why it was included here. I found a way to bypass Poptropica’s fix for the fullscreen hack, but I wasn’t completely successful because I can’t get it to use your current Poptropican and not a randomized one.

    ST: I’ll replace it with another awesome cheat. :mrgreen:

    1. It worked for me when I bypassed the fix. I had my account open before I went into the full screen and there I was. What are the other island links for full screen? I can only get Astro-Knights, Big Nate, and the main for Spy.

    1. Oh.My.Gosh. There is now a simple way to get the dog and cat outfits! I checked the cheat on Poptropicalthunders blog and it really works. 😀

  7. i found a cheat how to costimise the cat and dog for dog you need the chamelon suit 1:put on chemelon suit 2:go inside where the dogs are 3:click on dog 4:click on costimise shirt 5:click on store 6:click on astronaut outfit. and la la you can costimise

    1. I tried that the first time and i got afro dude! (the one whos skin is all black that wears a white tanktop) Then i tried it the second time and i clicked on a different costume and i got to costumize the animals!

    1. Pff! Load of rubbish!
      If the creators made an island for Big Nate, then they could possibly do one for mario or sonic or pokemon or something like that!!!
      You can’t lose hope! Who knows what the creators have in store(and i don’t just mean the poptropica store! 😆 ) for us!

      1. Rubbish is an awesome word. We had a British sub and she told us to put “Our rubbish in the bin”. It was so awesome, and she was so nice. Later we had her again and she said Brits pronounced aluminum like Ah-loo-mini-yum. We were like WHAT? It was funny.

  8. Prehistoric Poptropica!Episode1,The Triassic Period.Hello!Im Yellow Singer.Im also the same person who is Rough Icile from other comments[XD!].I live at Time Tangled,so you could always meet me at Party Time Tower,even though I go to other islands.Note.this is a work of fiction.I have a cousin who lives at Astro-Knights Island,so we have to go millions of miles to visit each other.Today I had to wait one day and night for him to get here.finally,he showed up.His name is Red Foot.We went to Pendulems Lab to the Aztecs.But when went to the aztecs,we were in the time of the Dinosaurs!Wow,where are we?RF[for short]said.were in the time of the Dinosaurs!I replied.What are Dinosaurs?RF asked.Ok I your from mideivil history,but dinosaurs are creatures even older then you,and this is the Triassic Period,at least I think.I awnsered.Oh,ok then.RF said.Then we explored around until we found Eorapter[Dawn Thief].Whoa!I think this is a dinosaur!Can you identify this for me Yellow Singer?RF asked.Ok,sure.Uh,Eorapter I think.I awnsered.Then we found my evil otherself,Anti YS!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Its your evil self!RF screamed.Wait,Ill handle this.*Playing Rock Paper Scissors*No!Uh oh.Anti YS said.Pow!Wham!Slam!Yes!I win.I said.But my senses tell me its the end of the Triassic Period.[To be continued]FAQ.Q.How long did dinosaurs live?A.They lived for millions of years but became extinct about 65 MYA.Q.What are dinosaurs?A.Like I said in the story,dinosaurs are creatures,but what they really are,here it is.Dinosaurs are reptiles.Q.When did dinosaurs live?A.dinosaurs lived in three periods,the Trissic,Jurrassic and the Cretaucuos.Now its my bedtime.Bye!

  9. I’m making a story. Here it is. (If you’re wondering if the other character in the story – Nervous Fish – is really my friend, ask her for proof, because she really is!)

    I was walking around in Shark Tooth Island, when I heard someone come up from behind me and wrap my mouth with a black scarf. They giggled. I rolled my eyes, took the scarf off my mouth, and turned around. It was only my friend, Nervous Fish. “Hey, Shaggy Starfish, want to go to the Coconut Cafe?” she asked. I agreed. So when we went inside, I talked with her and some other Poptropicans. After a while, I got bored and left the Cafe without my friend. But as soon as I stepped outside, someone dressed all in black grabbed me, threw me to the ground, blindfolded me, and tied me up. Then they dragged me away.

  10. lol wow green seal, thats hilarious. “that’s strange… i thought poptropica was launched in 2007.”

  11. Reality tv island part 1: full story(not a true story). It was a late night in astro knights island Wildhawk was on guard duty he was waiting paitiently for reality tv island to come out, sadly he got bored . After guard duty he left the castle not to many steps away a hole opend up and sucked him right in! How could that happen! Just a cold hole creeped Wildhawk out! He fell in the deep black cold hole while he was seeing stars he felt a….. Whack!!! a bull hit him , he managed to jump over it unto a rock . Then he noticed a sign nearby it said Reality Tv Island! How could it be then he wanted to explore the island but before he could he saw a Hippie man come up to him. Hello I’m the owner of tv shops in this island do you want to be a star? Yes he said TO BE CONTIUED……..

      1. No, Merlin isn’t. As Mordered will exclain at the final battle, he’s a traitor to Moredred.

  12. thanks here’s part 2:Yes iv’e always wanted to be a star! great let me show you around ,wow Wildhawk thought his mind i almost thought they canceled this island.He said well then heres the tv shop the biggest on the island.Wow there were so many choices of tv’s he fainted,after he woke up the hippie man was still there he said are you okay? yes i’m fine ok then remember it’s night time so the shop is about to close so hurry then go to the tv room across the street by the way my names busy tamato (not his real name), thanks my name is Wildhawk. after browsing all the tv’s he walked to the tv room while he was walking two ninjas grabbed him tied him up and put him in a sack.What in the world he said! he struggled to get out till finally he got out ripped the sack open and ran as fast as he could to the tv room siging hard he met busy tamato he told him what had happend , busy tamato said those are the two mild gang there very dangerous you nust have skill to get past them sorry before you become a star you must find a way to put them in jail Wildhawk thought im going to be here for a long time (sighs)

    U know it’s been my dream to become an author……..
    So who liked my story? I can give you some sneak peeks:
    1. Magic Storm meets her magical match!(and perhaps her fate!)
    2. Happy Paw makes a new friend!(of a different kind………)
    3. MS and HP’s ticket to defeating the enemy is someone who is unwilling to help…
    So there you have! Three sneak peeks!
    And you can be assured that I WILL continue writing this new series. But who knows where MS and HP’s adventures will take them?

    1. Even though i came to this blog after the stories had been done, i loved the stories! It’s my dream to become an aothor, too!! To bad most did not finish their stories, though some did. Most of the good stories were never finished. But some of the completed ones were good,too.

      1. It would be best if you sent them to the Poptropica Help Blog through e-mail. Their e-mail is at the bottom of the newsletter.

      2. Well… you can post them in Popropica Chat, as a comment, not in the chatbox, if you can’t do e-mail. Or the 911 home page.

  14. Looks like the creators listened to the Merlin idea… cause phb has discovered The Follower idea if u dont know…

  15. The Adventures of Bony Lion #2:Finding Pickle
    RIIIIIIING!!! Went Bony Lion’s alarm clock. “PICKLE!” yelled Bony Lion, but when she called for him, he didn’t come!! “That’s strange”, said Bony Lion. “Pickle usually comes when I call him.” Suddenly, Bony Lion saw a swirl of light, and then she heard ringing noises, then, POOF! She was in the JUNGLE!!! “Darnit! I’m going to be late for work! Arrgh!” said Bony Lion. Then she saw Pickle! “Pickle!” yelled Bony Lion. Then she saw the diamond he was holding!!! “Good boy!” Bony Lion said to Pickle. They returned to Poptropica and with the diamond they bought every single cape. THE END

  16. Olympic Island will be a perfect match to Mythology Island. I would like to tame the Cerberus again, and besides, whoever heard of having shoes for Poptropicans? Huh? That’s what I would like to know. You bet. I would.

  17. perfect poppers adventures #1 one morning perfect popper woke up as usual and as always she went to feed her dog breakfast. as she called her dog she noticed it didnt come,” thats strange”, she said,” pop never misses food” she said. she dressed up and went to look for she walked around the neighborhood she noticed her bffs car was there “shes probally still sleeping” she said. as pp walked asround more she noticed her bffs neighbor wasnt doing her usual walk “well thats just strange” she said everybody isnt here!!! later on in the day she went back out to look for pop she found his collar seven miles away from the house “I wonder how this could have gotten here” she said. right as she turned around someone grabbed her and took her somewere strange as the strange poptropican reavealed its face pp gasped TO BE CONTINUED…

  18. Here, lilly. I’ll complete it for you.
    Pp looked everywhere and found her dog-lying on the ground. The poptropican who grabbed her was Cuddly Knuckle. “Let go of my hand, Ck! Ck did not listen. Pop woke up and moved next to Pp. Pp went home, leaving Ck crying.
    The End

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