Issue #22: December 2014

Issue #22
Date: December 2014

★The Popcorn★

Munch on the PHB’s pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine!

Welcome to the 22nd issue (and Series 3 finale) of the Poptropica Help Blog’s fan magazine, The POPCORN! (And apologies for the delay!) The POPCORN is a delicious amalgamation of Poptropica treats from fanfiction, artwork, and everything in between. Entries marked with a star (★) are hand-selected rather than submitted. Enjoy!


We’ve selected a couple of Poptropica-related questions from our e-mail inbox this month to answer… and here’s what we’ve got.

After completing Monster Carnival Island, I left MCI and went to another island that was not sound-updated, and I saw that my character got long sleeves and I can’t delete these sleeves. How can I delete the long sleeves from my character? ~Skinny Ice the DJ Samurai

Arm colors depend on the shirt (or pants) your character is wearing, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with glitches, just costumes. Some clothes are designed “sleeveless” so your arm matches your skin color. Other shirts/pants are “long” and are therefore colored. You can probably find shirts/pants of both varieties in all sorts of places on Poptropica, so keep looking around and try to find something you like!

On Arabian Nights, Ep: 1, when I smoke-bomb the guards’ faces, why doesn’t anything happen? ~Jon

You need to sneak up on the ledge above the two guards, then watch their conversation and wait until they move closer together. Then when you drop a smoke bomb, both will be blinded, and you can sneak into the palace. See our Arabian Nights Island Guide for more details.


What’s going on in the fictional fan-created universes of Poptropica?

The Adventures of Perfect Coyote and Her Fellow Explorers: by Perfect Coyote

Hello, everyone. My name is Perfect Coyote, and I have just received my exploration license! That means that now I can travel to the other islands of Poptropica and go on quests to ease all of its civilian’s problems.

To get a license, I studied for five years about all that I may encounter on my journeys. After those long, hard years I took a test on every bit of material that I had learnt. If I wouldn’t have received a 90 or over, I would have to retake the test, and if I didn’t achieve a high enough grade and that one, too, I would have to study for another year to take the final test again. And if I didn’t pass that, too, – well, let’s not get in too far.

Anyway, as soon as I stepped out of my family’s household I felt absolutely wonderful. The warm air (with a slight breeze) smelled of soda pops, and my first thought was, I need a soda. Right now.

I looked up and down the sidewalk. For once, there was no one there to tell me not to spend my pocket money on something silly like a soda pop. It doesn’t matter, anyway, I told myself happily, counting the coins in the pocket of my jeans skirt. There was a dollar and fifty cents left in case I explored too far and needed a bus ride home. Thrusting my hand back into my pockets, I walked briskly toward the Soda Pop Shop on Main Street.  Pink neon letters at the top spelled out “Soda Pop Shop”, and the familiar black and white checked walls seemed to welcome me as I entered the café.

At the counter stood five high stools with plump red cushions attached to them, and on one of those stools sat my best friend from school, Angry Wolf. She was sucking at a chocolate soda pop and looked thoughtful, even from the back. Being a year older than I, she had already taken her test and passed with a score of 95.

“Angry Wolf! Angry Wolf!”  I cried, racing up to her and swinging myself onto an empty seat. “I passed! I passed! I passed the test!”

“Good for you!”Exclaimed Angry Wolf. She put down her soda and asked, “Did you also get a 95?”

Angry Wolf had studied laboriously for several years and took pride in her final grade.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “When she passed back the tests, I only paid attention to the first digit: 9, because that meant that I had passed! Now I can go exploring with you and Giant Socks.”

“For sure,” laughed Angry Wolf. “Won’t it be grand, soaring around in a big yellow blimp, the three of us, helping Poptropicans wherever we go!”

I paused for a second, then said, “You bought a blimp?”

“Yup,” replied Angry Wolf. “Just for the three of us.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you,” I said. “So I don’t have to buy one? Oh, and it’s yellow?”

“Yes,” said my best friend. “Did you come to buy a soda pop, or did you just come to chat with me?”

“I came to buy a soda,” I giggled. “But you’re a two-in-one. I’ll talk while drinking my pop. Hold on.” I tapped on the counter and a white-clothed Poptropican appeared. “Hello, how may I help you?” the lady asked, brushing a strand of auburn hair back into her white muffin-shaped hat.

“Can I have a vanilla fudge pop?” I requested.

“Yes, dear. I’ll have it ready in a moment, dear. Just wait a minute, dear.”

“Thank you,” I said politely, tapping my foot in rhythm to the lively classical music that was playing from the loudspeaker overhead. In a minute, the lady had reappeared, clutching a small cup with fizzy vanilla fudge ice cream inside. I took a straw from a heaping pile, stuck it into my drink, and paid the woman a dollar.

“Enjoy your drink, dear,” called the lady, before disappearing into a side room. I took my drink and sat down next to Angry Wolf again.

“Okay, here I go,” I said, sucking on the straw. Bubbly vanilla liquid went into my mouth and I said, “Where’s Giant Socks, anyway?”

Angry Wolf giggled. “You said, ‘Wes Gian Socky, anywee’!”

“No,” I laughed, putting my pop down. “I said, ‘Where’s Giant Socks, anyway?’”

“Oh,” giggled Angry Wolf, trying to calm herself down. “Well, I think she’s in the temporary arcade thing over on the Temporary Avenue. They have nice new funhouse there each week. Giant Socks really likes arcades.”

As soon as we had finished our sodas we jumped up and “Excuse Me”d our way to the door. Wow, I thought. The Soda Pop Shop sure is popular.

We ran to the end of the block, where there were four arrows pointing in different directions. One said, “Early Street”, the second read, “Poptropica Towers”, the third bore, “Main Street”, and the last showed for all to see, “Temporary Avenue”. Angry Wolf nodded to me, and we ran on. “Uchh, another ad,” mumbled my companion as we hurried past the ad screen. Finally, we saw; right in front, a large green, orange, and blue neon sign that said “ARCADE”. We entered the place and looked around, and immediately spotted Giant Socks. She was playing “Paint War” with a boy who was wearing black sunglasses. After waiting a minute, Giant Socks appeared to be triumphant. She said, “Good game” to the boy and skipped off.

“Giant Socks!” we called. “Do you want to go exploring?”

“What?” said our friend. “Oh, sure. I was just looking around the arcade. It’s being taken down in six days, you know.”

The three of us dropped down and exited the arcade. “Look!” said Giant Socks excitedly. “It’s the Pop Art Museum!”

“We’re going to explore, not visit the art museum,” I said. “We can visit it any old time.”

“Right. Where are we going to, Angry Wolf?” said Giant Socks. “Time Twisted? Shark Tooth?”

“No. We’re staying right here,” stated Angry Wolf. I tried to hide my confusion as I asked, “Um, aren’t we in Early Poptropica?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t we be? Let’s go, guys! To Early Street!”

Giant Socks and I exchanged glances as we ran after the figure that already seemed to be miles ahead of us. “Wait up, Angry Wolf! You got a head start!”

Angry Wolf paused for a minute to allow us to catch up.

“Hurry up,” complained Angry Wolf. “There are so many things to learn and discover. Why wait?”

“Com-ing,” we panted. “We are hurrying. Just wait-a-minute longer, Angry Wolf.”

Five minutes later, the three of us were standing on Early Street before a roaring fire.

“Okay, so what do we do here?” I asked. “All I see are a couple of log cabins and a well. How are we supposed to “seek our fortune” and “explore the world”?

“And I thought it was “Explore, Collect, Compete,” said Giant Socks.

“We have to look around,” replied my best friend. She wandered off toward a group of weirdly pixilated men. “Hello,” she greeted them. “How are you today?”

“Three of our town’s most prized possessions have been stolen!” cried the man. We frowned and looked around. One man was standing by an empty pig pen. Another was next to a well, and a third was standing on a signal post.

I was jolted from my stare as Angry Wolf grabbed my hand and raced to the well. “Look down!” she said.

I did. No water. Just-a platform? Angry Wolf slid down the rope and through the hole. “Come on, guys! It’s okay! There’s even a soft landing!”

Without hesitating, Giant Socks and I jumped after our friend and landed on a wooden platform.

“This is a well?” asked Giant Socks. I noticed weird aspects of the well, too. To start, I couldn’t see any water below me. What’s a well without water? Secondly, there were torches burning in brackets all around us. I felt the wall. It was made of dirt packed together with mud.

“Look! A crate!” said Angry Wolf. She pushed it down to the platform, which overbalanced and immediately rotated towards the side she was standing on. “Oh,” she said, interested. “It’s like a seesaw.”

Giant Socks and I joined her. The platform looked like celery and a rock was set into the center. “No,” I argued. “It’s celery.”

“Prove it.”

I bent down and stuck my finger into the “celery”. Instead of puncturing its surface, my finger was now dripping wet and sore from the hit.

“Told you,” was all that Angry Wolf said. She jumped off of the celery seesaw and landed on another, then slipped on stray water and fell into the water underneath. The current flow was too strong and although an expert in the pool, Angry Wolf was carried toward the wall slowly. She jumped out, spraying water all over Giant Socks and me. Now it was our turn to laugh at our friend.

“Oh, stop,” laughed Angry Wolf good-naturedly.  She hopped onto a moving platform and fell onto another one. There was a boy standing next to her, holding a green bar that was emitting an eerie glow.

“Glow sticks are the coolest!” exclaimed the boy. “I think I saw another one up to the left.”

Giant Socks and Angry Wolf stood there, staring, taking in the boy’s weird appearance. “Why are you wearing a bathing suit?” said Angry Wolf curiously.

I didn’t hear the boy’s reply because I jumped onto the moving plank and onto the celery seesaw.

“Wait up!” said Angry Wolf. “Don’t leave me behind!” shrieked Giant Socks. They hopped after me. I jumped-and missed-the next platform. It was moving! “Ahhh!” I shrieked.

“You’ll land in the water,” said Angry Wolf.

“Water? Yahoo!” I cried. I hadn’t been in a pool since I was six or seven years old.

“Geronimo,” Giant Socks answered, as I splashed into the water next to her. Because of the strong current, I was pushed into Giant Socks and underneath another-not moving-platform. “Wait!” said Giant Socks, trying to jump. She soared through the air and landed next to me. We both began to jump onto the next stick of wood, then a celery seesaw. Angry Wolf was waiting for us on the platform above. “Look what I found!” she declared proudly.

“It’s-a-um,” I said, climbing up the rope and examining her find.

“Glow Stick!” said Angry Wolf, holding it above her head like a trophy. “This will for sure help us on our mission!”

“Yeah, last time I explored Early Poptropica, everything was bright, not dark,” I muttered to Giant Socks, as we followed Angry Wolf to the top of the well again. Giant Socks shrugged in reply.

We blinked in the sudden light as we moved, sopping wet, back to Main Street, and collapsed on a bench. The fair-haired Poptropican who had been sitting there gave us a reproachful look and got up, before running into the Soda Pop Shop. Giant Socks pulled a towel out of her backpack and we dried ourselves off. Before we were even half done, Angry Wolf sprang up and bounced up and down. “C’mon, guys, there’s no time to lose,” she said eagerly. “We have to go someplace where we can use this Glow Stick!”

“Oh, yes, the sewers,” I said sarcastically.

Angry Wolf lit up. “Perfect!” she squealed, and dove for the hole that was surrounded by caution signs. Giant Socks and I stared at her. “Are you crazy?” I screamed. I had always been warned about what lurked down there.

“Well, I am a wolf,” said Angry Wolf. Giant Socks and I shrugged at each other. We couldn’t tell Angry Wolf that she really wasn’t a wolf. Reluctantly we followed her underneath the caution ropes and down the hole.

Once again we landed on a platform. Shivering at the sudden cold, we jumped off of the platform and landed on another one, on which someone else was already standing.

“Yipe!” we shrieked, leaping backward. The Poptropican, a Goth Girl, smiled evilly at us.

“Who-who are you?” said Angry Wolf.

Instead of answering, the girl said, “I hope you’re not afraid of spiders,” and ran away, blowing out her candle as she did so.

“What nerve,” I mumbled as we continued down.

“Aah!” cried Giant Socks. I could just barely see a faint outline of her body falling. I stretched out my arm and she grabbed it, now able to lower herself onto another platform safely.

“What was it?” I asked her.

“A s-spider,” she said, shivering with fear.

“SPIDER? Yipes!” cried Angry Wolf. “I can’t-go near them. Let’s go. We can’t-”

“Angry Wolf,” I said, tapping my foot impatiently. “You’re the one who told us to go down here. You can’t back out now.”

“I know, but-”

“Face your fears,” I said, smiling. “Now let’s go!”

I raced down to the next platform, narrowly avoiding being hit in the face by a spider. Giant Socks clasped Angry Wolf’s hand in hers and jumped down after me. Since she was a good dodger, Angry Wolf was actually having fun.

“WHEE!” she exclaimed, landing with a thump on the ground floor next to me. “PU-what is that smell?”

“A-pig?” I said, picking up the pink creature next to me. ”What’s a pig doing down here?”

“Maybe it thought this was his pigpen,” said Angry Wolf, holding her nose. She was right. The well really smelled. I carefully picked it up and lined my backpack with cloth so he wouldn’t get the inside dirty.

“Aah!” shrieked Angry Wolf, hiding behind Giant Socks and me.

“What is-“I started to say, then saw what she was talking about. A massive hairy spider was looming before us, baring pointy teeth.

Then I did a very stupid thing. I leaped over the spider and landed on the other side.

“PERFECT COYOTE!!” cried Giant Socks and Angry Wolf.

“Come on guys!” I cried. Angry Wolf squeezed her eyes shut, leaped, and screamed as she landed safely next to me.

“Thank goodness I’m alive,” she said dramatically, as Giant Socks landed nearby.

The three of us continued to the left and found ourselves in total and utter darkness. Angry Wolf groped for her backpack.

“What are you doing?” hissed Giant Socks nervously. “What if there’s another spider around here?”

Angry Wolf came up with the glow stick. “Tada!” she said. “I knew it would come in handy!” She held it up and the air was filled with a strange green light. “That way, troops!” commanded Angry Wolf, marching in the opposite direction we had come. She motioned for us to come, too, saying, “Forward march!”

We nervously walked to the left and climbed a rope. Angry Wolf held the glow stick above our heads. We ran to another rope, climbed it, and found ourselves in a dead end. Angry Wolf led us in another direction. “Come on, troops! We must continue on our journey!”

We ran to the right. Getting Warmer,  the wall read.

“Getting warmer to what?” said Giant Socks. I squeezed her hand encouragingly. We climbed up another rope, ran to the left, and lying on the ground before us, was…

“A golden egg!” cried Angry Wolf. Giant Socks heaved it into her backpack. “Why would there be an egg in the sewers?” she inquired. We didn’t answer. We didn’t know either.

Two minutes later, we were breathing in the fresh air of Poptropica Towers, above ground, safe and sound. We wandered around the area until Angry Wolf said, “Let’s climb the buildings!”

“Are you crazy?” Giant Socks and I yelled at our best friend. We couldn’t help it. The image of falling off one of those skyscrapers was-well, impossible to imagine.

“I am a wolf,” said Angry Wolf matter-of-factly. She jumped onto a clothesline and disappeared out of site. Giant Socks shrugged at me and followed her. I took a longer way, jumping up the windowsills.

“Hey, guys, look at this!” I said excitedly.

My friends joined me.

“It’s a costume,” I said emphatically. “I don’t have one yet!”

“Neither do I!” said Angry Wolf.

“Me neither!” said Giant Socks.

We all looked at each other. “Who gets to keep it?” said Giant Socks.

“Let’s not worry about that now,” said Angry Wolf. “We have Poptropicans to help!” I stuffed the costume, which had a tag that read, Hypnotic, into my backpack and continued up the buildings. Finally, we came to a rooftop restaurant.
“Hi!” we called to the the boy and girl sitting there. They didn’t answer, continuing to stare at one another.

“Oh, brother,” said Angry Wolf as we climbed up a vine. We appeared-the sky?

“Is this heaven?” I said, looking around. “Clouds!” I cried, and bounced on my head.

“Whee!!” said Giant Socks, bouncing too. Angry Wolf bounced all the way to a thorn covered foot.

“Ahh!” she shrieked.

The purple giant reached down, took the egg from a terrified Giant Sock’s backpack and said, “Because you brought me that which I need, I lift my club and let you proceed.” He lifted the huge, thorny brown club that had been blocking our way and we ran past.

In the next several minutes, we found the water bucket, and came across a-jetpack! “Cool!” We said in unison.

“Who gets to keep it?” said Giant Socks.

“Yeah, this isn’t just a costume,” I added.

“Since I’m the only one who hasn’t said anything, I’ll take it,” said Angry Wolf. She put it on her back and flew in the air. “Whee!”

When we got back on Main Street, I said, “We still didn’t find the flag.”

Angry Wolf flew over to a boy, who said, “How did the signal flag get way up on the water tower?”

“Aha!” said Angry Wolf, flying up to the top. She came back a minute later, holding it. We all ran to Early Street.

“At last, bacon for all!” said one man when I returned the pig.

“We raise our water glasses to you!” said another. Giant Socks blushed deeply. ‘It was nothing,” she said humbly.

“Now the ships can come to shore!” said the last one, when Angry Wolf handed over the flag.

There was a pause.

“Um, what do we do now?” said Giant Socks, running to the right. There was a man there, standing on a boat. “Thank you!” he said. He gave us a medallion.

“Smile for the camera!” said an unknown voice. We grinned, laughing at our success, and, Snap! a photo was added to our photo album. (THE END!)

Science Drama, Ep. 1 – Shrink Ray Island and the Tourist: by Magic Snowball

Chloe stood next to her booth. It said Balloons, fashion and electricity. She sighed. She knew she wasn’t going to win, she never did. It was always CJ. Oh how Chloe hated CJ. I can’t describe her hatred. But I can say it was very bad. CJ was a boastful, greedy, bossy person. She thought she was the best, but she wasn’t. No-one could stand her. Even her parents complain. The only person who didn’t seem to mind was Mr. Sliver, Chloe’s dad. Mr. Sliver was very interested in science, but Chloe wasn’t and same with her mother. Mr. Sliver was the reason she entered these science competitions, even though there was no point because CJ always won. Her dad always said,

“You will win one day. Keep trying!” but Chloe knew she wouldn’t. Her mom understood. If only she was still around, Chloe thought, holding the belt around her waist. Sadly, a while ago when Chloe was very young, Chloe’s mum, Jennifer got hit by a car. Chloe was young, so she didn’t understand what had happened, so her dad told her when she was older. Chloe poked the balloon on her head, thinking about Jennifer. Mom, wherever you are, I miss you. Chloe thought, poking her balloon again. Where is that stupid CJ,thought Chloe? She wanted to get this competition over and done with so she could do something she did enjoy. Will anything ever happen, Chloe thought? Suddenly, a tourist came running in. The tourist ran up to CJ’s bored looking parents and smirking Mr. Sliver. CJ’s parents told the tourist CJ was late and Mr. Sliver said he was worried, even though Chloe wasn’t sure he actually was. Then the tourist left and went Avenue A, where CJ lived. Mr. Sliver put an evil grin on his face and ran out after the tourist on his motor-bike.There he goes to do his stupid plan, thought Chloe. She stared at the ceiling, thinking what the tourist would think of that disgusting house. CJ’s house smelled like, smell socks mixed with toilets. It was disgusting. But luckily poptropicans don’t have noses, so they couldn’t smell the horrible smell. But Chloe knew that house, or apartment was yuck in other ways, like how dirty it was. Did they ever clean that place? Seriously… Anyways Chloe wanted to see what that tourist was doing, did Mr. Sliver complete his plan? How was the tourist reacting? Chloe had an urge to find out, and when you have an urge, you can’t stop it. So Chloe left the school and went to CJ’s smelly house to find the tourist. When she made it inside CJ’s house, she saw the tourist run into the bathroom. Mr. Sliver was hiding behind CJ’s bookcase, waiting for the tourist. Chloe went up to Mr. Sliver and confronted him

“Seriously, dad this is a bad idea.” Chloe moaned.

“Well honey, it will be worth the money!” He dad whispered back to her, keeping his eye on the tourist. Chloe gave him a disgusted look.

“You’re always about the money! Why can’t you care for people for a change? Have, time for family, and listen to other’s suggestions. All you care about it stupid money!” Screamed Chloe. The tourist noticed Chloe and Mr. Sliver standing there.

“Uhh.. C-cc can I help you?” He asked softly. Chloe stared at the tourist for about five seconds, and ran out the house. Mr. Sliver continued his plan. Stupid little girl, he thought. Money is important but can be hard to get, and she doesn’t care, Mr. Sliver thought. Mr. Sliver only cares about himself and money but nothing else. What will happen next…?

The Adventures of Super Grape – the Encounter of the Master Mind: by Super Grape

Prologue: eight weeks had passed since Incredible wing had meet Super Grape he wondered how she was doing. It was a beautiful Monday morning and Incredible was walking on the beach as usual the seagulls were hunting for fish. Incredible saw some dolphins leap out of the water and dive back in. everything was pretty much normal but then Incredible saw something out of the ordinary a guy in a cloak came up to him. That’s odd usually I’m only up this early Incredible thought. It was 6: oo am and many people were still asleep but Incredible gets up early to collect sea sells he has a sea sell collation.

So it was vary unusual that someone else would be up this early too. Maybe this guy is lost or something Incredible thought. “Excuse me can I help you?” Incredible said. “Are you Incredible Wing?” the cloaked figure said. “Yes” Incredible said. The cloaked figure gets out a package. “Someone told me to deliver this to you” the cloaked figure said. Incredible know he shouldn’t take things from stagers but thought this was vary unusual. “Who?” Incredible said. “I can’t say they wanted to be anonymous just take it” the cloaked figure said. So Incredible takes the package and as he does the cloaked figure runs off. Hem….vary strange Incredible thought.

Incredible goes to his beach house and puts the package on the floor. I wonder who that guy in the cloak was. Oh well I guess I’ll never know Incredible thought. Incredible looks at the tag it read: to: Incredible Wing from: a secret friend. Hey maybe it’s from Super Grape but why would she have someone else deliver it? Incredible thought. Incredible opens the package and finds a black helmet inside. Cool I think I’ll try it on now Incredible thought. So Incredible puts the helmet on but as he does he begins to feel strange.

That’s odd I feel strange Incredible thought. Incredible starts to feel dizzy. “What’s happening to me?” Incredible said. Incredible calls the cops. “Hello come quick I feel strange and dizzy and…” Incredible said. Incredible falls to the floor.

A few minutes later the cops arrive. The cops knock on the door. “Open up police” one of the policemen said. No one answers. The police burst through the door. “that‘s not good the door was unlocked” one of the police men said. The cops look through the house but they cloud not find Incredible anywhere.

To the main thing: it is now 9: 00 am and Super Grape was relaxing she was at the comic shop on super power island. When her phone rings. “Hello?” Super said. “Hello Super I got some bad news do you know a boy named Incredible Wing?” the chief said. Super paused she had completely forgotten about him. “yeah we meet eight weeks ago why do you ask?” Super said. “He called us at 6: 06 am this morning something about feeling strange and dizzy and when we got to his beach house a few minutes later he was gone the door was unlocked and all we found was a package” the chief said.

“what was in it?” Super said. “nothing it was empty we don’t know what was in it but that’s our only clue” the chief said. Super got worried. “how long has he been missing?” Super said. “right now two hours and fifty four minutes” the chief said. “Okay well I hope you can find him” Super said. “Me too Super me too” the chief said. Super hangs up. I hope Incredible is alright Super thought. Suddenly Super hears someone say “Help!” along with an evil laugh. That sounds like it came from close by I better go check it out Super thought.

Easter Egg

Ready to try out a cool trick on Spy Island? Just follow the steps below!

Screenshot 2014-11-22 20.53.23

Note: Check out the PHB’s Spy Island Guide if you haven’t gotten the bowtie yet.

  1. Go to your inventory and equip the Grappling Bow-tie.
  2. Go back to your game and climb up the Spy Island Headquarters.
  3. Run to the wire attached to the Headquarters on the right of it. While jumping on the wire, click on the bow tie on the bottom left of your screen and click below the character, and make sure the bow tie hits the sidewalk. (Sometimes it will hit an advertisement on the middle of the Headquarters and Dr. Spyglass’s building, which makes your character fly back up, or the bow-tie will hit the sidewalk with the character falling from the wire. This will take several tries.)
  4. Your character should be under the sidewalk with the wire underneath his/her feet.

Neat trick, huh?


This costume knocks the rest way out of the ballpark!

DJ Baseball Fielder Ninja: designed by Skinny Ice

  • Screenshot 2014-11-09 21.41.54Baseball Cap and Baseball: Baseball Fielder (Pop Store)
  • Ninja clothing: Midnight Ninja (Pop Store)
  • Headphones: Boy listening to MP3 (Lunar Colony Island)
  • Necklace(To look more like DJ) : Hip Hop (Reality TV Island)

Fan Art

Check out the creativity of these Poptropica artists!

Dark Astro Knight & more: by BlazingAngel123

Poptropica Winter Songs: by Trusty Biker

inspired by the PHB winter header:


Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Poptropica’s so delightful.
And since we’ve no choice but stay,
Let us play! Let us play! Let us play!

Here’s another one:

Jingle bells, Crawfish smells.
Raven laid an egg.
Director D lost his hair
and Widow is everywhere!

Fishy and the Twin Gangster Teens: by The Twins (Massive Fish and Calm Biker)


Based on the ad game for Wimpy Kid book 9, The Long Haul: by Skinny Ice


Super Drummer and HPuterpop: by Super Drummer


Slippery Raptor and Muddy Kid: by Muddy Kid


My Pop character in real life: by Cuddly Knuckle


Balloon Boy’s self portrait: by Cuddly Knuckle

3ha5uz8ghsysog8wcgkVan Buren and me: by Cuddly Knuckle


Samwow5, Wild Shark, and Massive Eel: by Wild Shark and Massive Eel


Take a look at our main magazines page for more information about the PHB’s POPCORN magazine issues and learn how you can submit an entry too! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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    1. So I’m going to be posting some stories each week (with permission from the blog) and you can let me know if I should continue.

      Today we start off with a certain poptropican….


      January 14, 8:32 am

      My name Is Harvey O’Hara!! I’m starting this
      Journal so that eventually when i pass on, My
      Story can be told throughout the world!! Well, it
      hasn’t Really Started yet, but i have a feeling that everything is going to change for me! I’ve been doing plenty of research on the web for openings for scientists! Anyway, My life hasn’t been so good lately. I’ve got major problems with my eyes, so I have to wear these honkin’ glasses all the time!! But With My Freshly pressed lab-coat, My glasses, and my braces I’m a perfect scientist in the makings!

      3:56 pm

      WHOOPEEE!!!! The National Institute of Silly Science has called me up and they would like me to take an interview for the job!!! Tomorrow it begins!

      January 16, 5:28 pm

      The interview went fantastic because…I got the job Opening!! I had a good feeling about this one! I will start my shift in the morning.

  1. For the first question of Ask the PHB (the one asking about sleeve color), it depends on the color pants you are wearing, not shirt. 😛

    1. I wrote the science fair story. I’m sorry if it was a bit short, but I don’t have a lot of spare time. I tried my best.


      can people put in there own stories?!?!?! I REALLY WANT TO MAKE MY OWN STORY IN THE POPCORN SO BAD

  2. Hey, Fishy. How did you like me and Sasha (Calm Biker)’s Fan Art with your Pop character in the middle??

    Slanted Fish: It’s cool. 🙂

      1. it brings tears to my eyes. everyone’s so busy. now ive lost… nevermind. i just want some popcorn. is there a cook here??

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