Issue #21: November 2014

Issue #21
Date: November 2, 2014

★The Popcorn★

Munch on the PHB’s pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine!

Welcome to the 21st issue of the Poptropica Help Blog’s fan magazine, The POPCORNThe POPCORN is a delicious amalgamation of Poptropica treats from fanfiction, artwork, and everything in between. Art marked with a star (★) are hand-selected rather than submitted. Enjoy!


We’ve selected a couple of Poptropica-related questions from our e-mail inbox this month to answer… and here’s what we’ve got.

I remember my password and character name but forgot my username. How can I can get it back?

Try contacting the Poptropica customer support. They usually can help out with that sort of thing.

Is there anyway that we can see our friend’s username? One the friends’ list. I forgot her username and so did she.

Check out this video for directions on how to find friends usernames.

Monthly Poptropica News

Read a monthly review of the newest happenings on Poptropica — you may find something you might have missed in the past month (October 2014)!


What’s going on in the fictional fan-created universes of Poptropica?

★ Poptropica – The Series – Prologue Part 1 – by YinWriter

Poptropica was once one island

But after a terrible war,

The Creators tore the land apart

Every island has a story

Every island has a problem

Every island has a Medallion

Only a hero can learn each story

Only a hero can solve each problem

Only a hero can find each Medallion

When the time is right,

SG and her Follower

Will visit the islands

And right what is wrong

Only when all the Medallions are gathered,

Poptropica will reunite

And become one whole island again

Silver Ghost sat alone in a booth in the Soda Pop Shop, reading those lines over and over. Her light purple notebook was open on the table in front of her, filled with small doodles of islands and medals. Other people around the juice bar were gossiping and laughing loudly as they sipped their soda, but Silver Ghost didn’t even notice. She was too wrapped up in her thoughts.

Someone suddenly slammed a glass of lemonade in front of her, startling her so badly that she nearly fell out of her booth.

“Heads up, Silver!” the waiter standing next to her laughed. Silver rolled her eyes and chuckled a little.

“Very funny, Popper!” she sighed, still smiling.

Loud Popper worked part-time at the juice bar, and it was hard to look at him without laughing. He hard dark brown skin, bright red hair and thick glasses. He always wore a goofy smile wherever he went, and he wore mismatched clothes all the time (Silver didn’t know if he mismatched them on purpose or if he just had a terrible sense of style). Popper could always find a way to make her smile, so in turn, she saw him as a great friend. He usually told her to ‘lighten up’, and every time he said that, she’d smack him on the arm.

“Lemonade’s on the house!” Popper announced. Today he was wearing a bright red shirt and faded green pants.

“Thanks,” Silver replied as she took a sip. Lemonade was her favourite. Popper glanced over her shoulder and read the open page of her notebook.

“Studying that prophecy again?” he asked. Silver nodded. “Geez, I’d be shocked if you hadn’t memorized the thing yet!”

Silver got a wistful look in her eye.

“I just find it so fascinating! I mean, Poptropica was once one island! One! It must’ve been huge!” She paused and looked a little glum. “I’ve never left home, Popper. I don’t know anyone who has. Our home is so small… I just want to go out there and see things! I want to do things! I want to meet people!”

Popper frowned.

“Yeah… This island is pretty puny… Well, I hate to say this, but unless you’re okay with swimming miles upon miles and probably drowning, I don’t think you’re going anywhere.”

“I guess the hero of the prophecy is gonna be a really strong swimmer!” Silver joked, though she still looked a little gloomy.

Popper placed a hand on her shoulder.

“You know, there’s still stuff to do around the island. Hear about the old part of town?”

“You mean the village to the east? No, what’s going on?” Silver was fairly curious.

“A thief struck overnight! Didn’t you hear? The settlers living there are pretty upset!” Popper informed.

“And…” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “… If you really, really want to make an adventure for yourself, don’t forget about the medallions. This is a Poptropica island too, you know!” Hearing that, Silver’s eyes lit up.

“You mean… You mean that there’s a medallion on the island?” She hadn’t thought of that.

Popper nodded.

“Has to be! I once heard that the medallions have all been passed around from generation to generation. Nobody knows where a single one is! But maybe someone’s holding onto this island’s medallion. Maybe someone’s just waiting until the hero reveals herself. And maybe…” The last sentence was barely audible. “… Maybe that hero is you.”

For a moment, Silver thought that Popper was just teasing her.

“Yeah, right!” she laughed. “Like I could be the Hero of the Prophecy of SG!”

“I dunno, Silver Ghost… Your name totally doesn’t have SG in it!” Popper nudged her.

“I’ve thought about that a few times, Popper, and I don’t have a Follower! … Whatever that is!”

“Maybe you’ll find out! And maybe you’ll get one! Prophecies are weird things, Silver… But if you ever leave the island, take some pictures for me, okay?” Popper gave her a goofy grin and hurried off to get back to work. Silver sighed a little, finished her lemonade and stood.

“May as well check out the old part of town…” she decided.

Silver glanced at her reflection in the window as she left the Soda Pop Shop. She had slightly tan skin and dark brown hair that went down her back. She was wearing a grey-and-white shirt, grey pants and a purple hairband today. Silver had never seen herself as overly beautiful, but she’d been told a few times that she was ‘kinda pretty’. Oh well. Better than being ugly.

As Silver made her way down Main Street, she reminded herself to step around the puddle right underneath the water tower. That thing always had the tiniest leak… She wondered when someone was gonna head up there and fix it. She decided not to dwell on it. As she made her way past the arcade, she heard the faintest buzzing sound… The sound got louder and louder… until…


An insect slammed into the back of her head.

“Ack!” Silver shouted as she whirled around to see the bug. The small creature looked a little disoriented after the collision. The creature was white and had a stinger on its abdomen. The insect had two small horn-like things on its head and had two wings. It stared at Silver with big eyes.

“Ouch…” Silver muttered. She was thankful that she hadn’t gotten stung.

“I’m so sorry!” a quiet, silvery voice quickly apologized. Silver’s eyes got huge.

“… Did…” She stared at the flying creature. “… Did you… just… talk?” The insect nodded.

“Yes… I’m sorry. I… I… I’m lost…” The creature didn’t have a visible mouth, but it seemed to be communicating just fine. Silver looked like she was going to pass out. Nobody else on Main Street looked like they were paying attention, thank goodness.

“You’re lost?” Silver asked gently. The creature nodded again.

“I… I don’t… know… this island… very well…” the insect whispered.

“Wait. Island? You’re…” Silver swallowed hard. “You’re not from this island?” The answer, apparently, was no. “Wow… I’ve never seen something like you before. What type of bug are you?”

The creature looked confused.

“Bug? No… I’m… I’m not…” There was a pause. “… I’m not a bug.”

“What are you?” Silver prompted. The creature mumbled something that couldn’t be heard. “Pardon me?”

“… I’m… a Dryad…” the female creature repeated a little louder. “… I’m a tree spirit…”

Silver was mystified.

“Wow… Why are you here? I mean, on this island? Where’s your home?”

“I-I don’t know…” The Dryad looked like she was about to cry. “T-There was this storm and… and I didn’t get inside my tree in time… and… and… there was so much wind… I… I landed here…”

Neither of them said anything for a few moments.

“… It’s okay,” Silver reassured gently. “I can protect you.”

“R-Really?” the Dryad sniffled. Silver nodded.

“Of course. If you travel with me, I can keep you safe,” she promised. The Dryad just stared at her for a minute or two, and then even though Dryads don’t seem to have visible mouths, Silver could’ve sworn that the insect-like creature smiled at her.

“May the Elf Queen bless you!” the little Dryad exclaimed. “You’ve been so kind to me, and I don’t even know your name…”

“My name is Silver Ghost, but you can just call me Silver for short,” the Poptropican girl beamed. “And what’s your name?”

“My friends call me Rad…” The Dryad looked a little glum.

“Well, Rad, I promise that I’ll help you find your home in any way I can,” Silver vowed.

Silver was pleasantly surprised when Rad flew down and nuzzled her cheek. The Dryad’s touch felt warm.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! I’ll stay with you and I’ll follow you!” Something clicked in Silver’s mind at that moment.

“… Follow… Follower…” Her eyes lit up. “Rad! You’re my Follower!” She quickly took out her notebook and showed the little Dryad the prophecy.

“‘When the time is right, SG and her Follower will visit the islands and right what is wrong’!” Silver read aloud, barely containing her excitement. Just then, she saw a flash of gold out of the corner of her eye, and when she turned around, she nearly screamed out loud. Right there, in between the Soda Pop Shop and the local museum, a golden blimp was floating, just waiting for someone to use it. The blimp had a large basket that could hold about five people maximum, and a long rope hung down from the basket.

For just a moment, Silver was frozen, rooted to the spot.

“… We can leave the island…” she whispered. “WE CAN LEAVE THE ISLAND!” she shouted. Silver began running as fast as her legs could carry her towards the blimp, with Rad flying right behind her. The little Dryad didn’t know exactly what was going on, but she had a feeling she was going to find out. Silver ran and ran… and it really did look like she was gonna get to the blimp first… Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t meant to be.

★ A New World: Early Poptropica: by TurquoiseGlobalAngel

Day 20 Of Sailing, 11:58 PM, The Middle Of The Ocean

Land ho! Finally. We’d sailed, or more accurately floated for twenty days for this one. Make that twenty-one. Jeez, I can’t believe it’s midnight and I’m wide awake. If I was home right now, I’d be snoozing off to Dreamland.

Home. That’s where I would be right now if I’d been rational, like I always did. But I wanted to escape, and so did my friends. They wanted to escape the horrid world that we were once a part of. No more, they said. We’d all had enough, so we ran from it all. Quiet Bug, Silver Fish, and myself, Tall Shell. We ran.

Oh, and about our obviously made-up names… we were told by the woman who sent us here that we weren’t supposed to use our real names, or else we’d be sent back to our world. The old world we ran away from. And we couldn’t go back.

See, this lady came up to us and told us she was a scientist, and that part we believed. She told us of how she knew that we needed a new home, and we learned that she and her team were monitoring us. We were all creeped out by then, but we continued listening. She told us that she had discovered a new world, not unlike ours, inhabited by people not unlike us. By then we were skeptical, but we gave it a shot, anyway.

She gave us this blimp and a map, and when we’d packed, we set off immediately into the portal in her lab.

Aaand…we’ve reached full circle.

Time to get… erm… floating.

Poptropica – the Adventures of Super Grape (Part 1: in the encounter of the master mind): by Super Grape

Prologue: eight weeks had passed since Incredible wing had meet Super Grape he wondered how she was doing. It was a beautiful Monday morning and Incredible was walking on the beach as usual the seagulls were hunting for fish. Incredible saw some dolphins leap out of the water and dive back in. everything was pretty much normal but then Incredible saw something out of the ordinary a guy in a cloak came up to him. That’s odd usually I’m only up this early Incredible thought. It was 6: oo am and many people were still asleep but Incredible gets up early to collect sea sells he has a sea sell collation.

So it was vary unusual that someone else would be up this early too. Maybe this guy is lost or something Incredible thought. “Excuse me can I help you?” Incredible said. “Are you Incredible Wing?” the cloaked figure said. “Yes” Incredible said. The cloaked figure gets out a package. “Someone told me to deliver this to you” the cloaked figure said. Incredible know he shouldn’t take things from stagers but thought this was vary unusual. “Who?” Incredible said. “I can’t say they wanted to be anonymous just take it” the cloaked figure said. So Incredible takes the package and as he does the cloaked figure runs off. Hem….vary strange Incredible thought.

Incredible goes to his beach house and puts the package on the floor. I wonder who that guy in the cloak was. Oh well I guess I’ll never know Incredible thought. Incredible looks at the tag it read: to: Incredible Wing from: a secret friend. Hey maybe it’s from Super Grape but why would she have someone else deliver it? Incredible thought. Incredible opens the package and finds a black helmet inside. Cool I think I’ll try it on now Incredible thought. So Incredible puts the helmet on but as he does he begins to feel strange.

That’s odd I feel strange Incredible thought. Incredible starts to feel dizzy. “What’s happening to me?” Incredible said. Incredible calls the cops. “Hello come quick I feel strange and dizzy and…” Incredible said. Incredible falls to the floor.

A few minutes later the cops arrive. The cops knock on the door. “Open up police” one of the policemen said. No one answers. The police burst through the door. “that‘s not good the door was unlocked” one of the police men said. The cops look through the house but they cloud not find Incredible anywhere.

To the main thing: it is now 9: 00 am and Super Grape was relaxing she was at the comic shop on super power island. When her phone rings. “Hello?” Super said. “Hello Super I got some bad news do you know a boy named Incredible Wing?” the chief said. Super paused she had completely forgotten about him. “yeah we meet eight weeks ago why do you ask?” Super said. “He called us at 6: 06 am this morning something about feeling strange and dizzy and when we got to his beach house a few minutes later he was gone the door was unlocked and all we found was a package” the chief said.

“what was in it?” Super said. “nothing it was empty we don’t know what was in it but that’s our only clue” the chief said. Super got worried. “how long has he been missing?” Super said. “right now two hours and fifty four minutes” the chief said. “Okay well I hope you can find him” Super said. “Me too Super me too” the chief said. Super hangs up. I hope Incredible is alright Super thought. Suddenly Super hears someone say “Help!” along with an evil laugh. That sounds like it came from close by I better go check it out Super thought. (end of part 1)

Video Recap

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Costumes in the Multiverse: crazy as usual. 😉

multiverse oct2014

Fan Art

Check out the creativity of these Poptropica artists!

★ Poptropica Art: by CutManTimeManPower

Poptropica: The Stars and You: by MuzzKin


Janet van Dyne/Wasp: by Hannah L.


My Pop Character’s Self Portrait: by Massive Eel


The Teenage Diving Hazmat does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: by Massive Eel


Rockstar Superhero doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: by Wild Shark


Safely reaching the ground after falling???: by Cuddly Knuckle


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    1. Fashion entries should come with a clear image, preferably taken from the Avatar Studio or modified in an even more creative way (such as in Mashimai’s from previous issues). As it was, yours was an uncropped screenshot from within the game (which makes your Poptropican look tiny in context) and barely visible because your character had the Phantom power on. If you would like to submit a fashion idea, please use a good quality image!

  1. Trying not to be rude, but why did you attach my comic to two other pictures and called it “Poptropica Art: By Megan J”? (I believe that all three of these pictures should be sent in by the same email, which is why you named it that.) Anyways, nice magazine! 😀

    1. They did all get sent in by the same email address (from “Megan J”), which is probably why they were lumped together (as of the previous issue, HP now takes care of the PHB magazines). However, I’ve gone back and labeled them according to who sent in what (Massive Eel, Wild Shark, and you – Cuddly Knuckle). 🙂

  2. Another great addition. I’m going to try to send in some Island Ideas for the next issue. Also, just pointing out, in the beginning of the issue it says “The 21th Issue”. I almost missed it, but I was reading the intro for an example ;p

    Slanted Fish: Thanks for catching that – it’s fixed now. 🙂

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