Issue #2: July 2009

Issue #2
Date: July 5th, 2009

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s second issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! As usual, we promise that this is a page full of fun for every Poptropica player.


We’ve selected a couple of Poptropica-related questions from our PHB e-mail inbox this month to answer, so maybe this will clear up some confusions you might have had about Poptropica!

My username and password is too long.  Is there a way to change it without losing my games? Thanks. ~Vienna R.

Changing your password

Yes! To do that, just log in to your account as normal. Then click on the star icon at the top-right corner and wait for a blue box to pop up. Look for the “Change your password” button and click on it. Type in your current password once, as well as the new one you want to change it to two times, and you’re done! (You can’t change your username, though.)

Why can girls customise some boy stuff and boys can customise some girl stuff, but not others? ~Ruthrose8

We’re not sure about why some things are Costumizable and some aren’t for different genders. Maybe that’s just the way the Creators wanted it. Maybe some boys’ clothing is okay for girls, while some aren’t appropriate, and the same with girls’ clothing.


Let justice rule Poptropica! Defeat the bad and defend the good with these terrific Poptropica tales!

The Missions of Agent Cool Wing: by Cool Wing

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Cool Wing just bumped into her Hammock at Booga Bay. “Today is not going well!” On her way to the Coconut Cafe she met up with one of her Best Friends Fearless Paw! He was totally out of breath! “Cool Wing it’s an EMERGENCY!” He said. “Zany Thunder, Golden Eagle, and Serious Fox are MISSING!” Oh No! This was a job for her “Secret”Identity, AGENT WING! **Enter Spy music** “I’m on it Fearless Paw!” Cool Wing said as she put on her Sunglasses. Now how am I going to find them. Cool Wing Thought to herself. “Time for backup from Zany Skunk!” Said Cool Wing. Cool Wing went to her secret hideout on top of the Hair Club At Spy Island. “HELP!” Cried Golden Eagle [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Bendy Hero’s Quest ~ Early Poptropica: by the Bendyhero01’s Poptropica Blog Staff

I was visiting Early Poptropica and was playing some games in the Soda Pop Shop. All of the sudden that night something happened. I was sleeping in the pilgrim’s house because I am their hero. That night you could hear and feel skyquakes(earthquakes but in the sky). You can see lightning, hear thunder, and hear screaming. You can also see flashing multi-colored lights. I finally got some sleep when I put on my earmuffs.I finally woke up… [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Founding of Poptropica (Chapter 1 – Aboard the Ship): by Grey Flame


Waves rocked gently to and fro in the Tropican Ocean. A large wooden ship, the Pop Queen, was the only thing on this vast sea for many miles. This ship was on a seemingly impossible mission: the country of Tropipopi wanted to expand their territory and explore the new-found land on the East coast. The Pop Queen  had been sailing for two weeks now, and even the most optimistic sailor was having doubts now. The only Tropipopican that had a bit of hope was Captain Noisy Comet, who was constantly barking out orders to his crew.

“Mind the sails there, Striped Hawk”, he called cheerfuly out to the cabin boy, who scowled back at his captain. Captain Comet dismissed the look and dashed down to his nicely-fitted cabin, which consisted of a hammock, a bookshelf, a couple of benches, and a huge painted-gold table that took up the whole space. A map as big as the table was spread out on it, with Captain Comet studying it intently. The Captain scratched his head, obviously confused. He pulled out a compass and checked it, but still couldn’t tell where his ship was heading. Finally, he barked, “Panda, I need your help here! Get down this instant!”

An older, scruffier Tropipopican hurried in and stared at his Captain. His name was Wild Panda, the Cheif Navigator. “Anything to please you”, he mumbled rather sarcastically. Captain Comet replied, “I need to find where we are and where we’re heading, right now. I’ll leave you here to do your job, you can find me in the galley. Be quick”, and off the Captain went. Wild Panda also couldn’t tell for sure where they were, but he decided it best to tell the Captain that they needed to sail for another day to the East and the mysterious new land will be seen. It was better than having to eat the leftover cherry pie for being lazy, anyways. Whistling happily, Wild Panda skipped off to tell the Captain about his latest success.

That was when the other ship arrived… [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Adventures of Speedy Kid: by Crazy Flyer, inspired by the Poptropica Help Forum

Once upon a time, there lived a young Poptropican by the name of Speedy Kid. He was famous with almost everyone in Spy Island as an explorer. He was always sticking his nose into one thing or another. One day, during his exploration,he came upon a secret note addressed to Director D, the head of Spy Island. The note was in some sort of code. Speedy Kid pulled out his trusty decoder ring from his beloved Cheerios, and decoded the message. He was shocked when he read it.

“Hello, Director D!” it read, “Meet me at the hideout for our EVILY EVIL meeting -Dr. Hare”

Speedy Kid instantly felt like hiding. What would Dr. Hare do if he finds out Director D didn’t get his message? Speedy Kid ducked inside the Hair Club. Breathing hard, he knew he had to tell the spies of the island what he had found, but how could he know who to trust? If Director D. was a traitor, there was no telling how deep the conspiracy goes. His only hope was to get help from heroes of another island.

But suddenly, the walls of the hair club exploded, and there, in the clearing dust, stood Dr. Hare. Speedy Kid’s eyes widened, and he burst into laughter. He couldn’t help it. He’d  heard that Dr. Hare wore a pink bunny suit, but he never imagined it would look this ridiculous! “What are you laughing at?!?!?” asked Dr. Hare. “Your outfit!” cried Speedy Kid. He finally manged to control himself. “Well, laugh if you will, but look at my new Rabbot! You will never stop me!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Suddenly, something pulled him from behind, and he found himself suddenly in a chair, being stared at by three agents. One had blond hair up in a pony tail holding a laser gun, One had dark blue hair, a slim shirt and tight pants, along with a small laser dagger holstered at his side, with a sword in his hand. It was glowing. There was a third agent, in some sort of robotic suit. “I’m Agent Storm.” said the pony tailed agent. “I’m Agent Fish” said the agent in the robot suit. “and I’m Agent S.” said the one with the blue hair. He sounded almost familiar, he had a bored tone in his voice….

“what is this place?” asked Speedy. this is one of our many bases,” said Agent Storm. “we’ve been monitoring the situation with Dr. Hare, Director D, and Binary Bard. When you intercepted that message, Agent S. notified us” she nodded at Agent S. “Do you know their plan?” asked Speedy “no, but we know that Dr. Hare, Dr. D, and Binary Bard attacked the Pewter Moon. They made the alien mechanics repair all their machines we’ve destroyed in the past, but with new powers and abilities that we don’t know of”  said Agent Fish.

Suddenly, they heard an explosion, and Director D stood in the rubble. “Well, well, well. Look what we have here! Some little teenagers and a little kid playing spy.” he said. “Director D!” said Speedy Kid. “yes. I’m here to take that!” and he took a green orb from a glass case Speedy Kid hadn’t noticed. Before anyone could pull a weapon, Director D. was gone.

“Well, we have a problem. With that orb, they have amazing power” said Agent S. “well, now what?” asked Agent Storm. “How does ‘me, Storm, and Speedy go destroy them, while fish finds Agent Ice, then come along with Ice’ sound?” asked Agent S. “Sounds good.” said Fish. They all took off in there custom ships, except Agent Fish, who stayed behind to look for Agent Ice. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

A Monster of a Meltdown: by Shifty Shadow

The sequel story to Shadow Dr. Hare, printed in the June 2009 PHB newsletter!

Shifty Shadow was sitting on top of the Rooftop Restaurant in Poptropica Towers. She had decided that today was the perfect day for lunch outdoors. It was sunny, and there were no clouds in sight. A waiter had just brought her a hamburger, and she was just about to take a bite when suddenly, the building shook! Shadow jumped up. “What was that?!” She yelled, starting to panic.

The waiter disappeared for a moment, and then came back. “Just a power surge,” he said before running back down into the restaurant. Shadow followed him. They might need my help, she thought.

Inside, the kitchen was a mess. The lights had gone out, and pots of water and soup had fallen off the stoves in the surge. The few Poptropicans who worked there were rushing around, trying to set everything to rights, but weren’t really succeeding. There was a smoke coming off the stoves, and food had fallen off the shelves of the refrigerator.

Shadow shot into action, helping clean soup off the floor, and then pulled out her cell phone to call 911. She told the officer the details, and he said he would send help. Within a few minutes, a police car sped up. Two officers climbed out, and examined the scene.

“Well, we don’t know what caused it, but this was no ordinary power surge,” one said.

“We’re going to get some experts in here to investigate,” said the other. “For now, we’d like everyone to evacuate the building. We’re going to bring in a clean-up crew.”

Shadow thanked the officers and left, forgetting all about lunch. That was really weird, a sudden power surge in only one building, and no one was sure of the cause. Yet, she reminded herself. No one was sure of the cause yet.

Shadow headed back to her apartment, and tried to get her mind off what had just happened, but couldn’t.  For some reason, her mind kept going back to Dr. Hare’s latest antics, when he had tried to destroy PHB. Could he be behind this, too? She thought.

Suddenly, Shadow realized that she hadn’t eaten lunch, and remembered her hamburger, which was probably still sitting on the table at the Rooftop Restaurant. “Oh, well,” she said to herself. A quick stop at the Soda Pop Shop would fix that. She grabbed her jacket, ready to head outside. Suddenly, her computer snapped on and started blinking. A new email message, she thought. I’ll just check it quick before I go. The email was from the PSA (Poptropica Spy Agency). It said:

Agent Shifty Shadow—

We have received urgent news from Hazmat Hermit at the prison on Super Power Island. The super villains have mysteriously disappeared, without a trace. Also, our beacons have once again lost Dr. Hare. Please keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and be prepared to act.

Sincerely, PSA

“Oh, dear,” Shadow said out loud. “I still want to go to the Soda Pop Shop, but after that, Super Power Island, here I come.”

Shadow ran out the door, down the street, and to the Soda Pop Shop. After a soda and a quick chat, she jumped into the Poptropica blimp and directed it toward Super Power Island.

Shadow jumped down from the blimp. It had been clear flying all the way here, and really quick, since Super Power is right next to Early Poptropica. She landed on the main street, where, once again, the citizens were in a panic. Shadow swam across to the prison, and surveyed the scene. Hazmat Hermit was standing by the entrance.

“Good to see ya, Shifty Shadow,” he said.

“Thanks,” she replied. “How can I help?”

“Well, we’re not exactly sure what’s happened. One minute, all the villains were here, and the next, they were gone. Not much more than that.”

“How long ago did this happen?”

“About an hour or so ago.”

“There wasn’t, by any chance, a power surge, was there?” She asked.

“How did you guess? I’d forgotten all about that. I went to go get some papers, and the power surged. I didn’t even think about it. When I came back, the villains were gone.”

“I bet Dr. Hare has something to do with this,” she said. “He probably still wants to control Poptropica. He wanted the monster Poptropicans PHB was giving out for the 1,000,000 hits celebration. And, when we stopped him, he needed another way. I bet you anything he’s released the villains, and is going to try to pull something.”

“I don’t know, Shadow,” HH said, “but I hope you figure it out. You’ve still got the handcuffs from when you first captured the villains, right? Well, when you capture them, just do the same thing. Good luck!” And with that, Hazmat Hermit disappeared into the prison.

“Well,” Shadow said, “I’d better get going. Just one question: where to search first?” She decided to head back to her house, and go on the PHB website. Maybe that would reveal something helpful.

There was a new post at the top of the page. In it, Codien said that somehow, he’d accidently lost 7 of the monsters!

“Oh, dear,” Shadow whispered. This wasn’t good. If Dr. Hare had gotten the monsters, he could already be using them to take over Poptropica! “Okay,” she said out loud, “I’m going to 24 Carrot. Maybe that’s where Dr. Hare’s set up headquarters!”

One hour later, Shadow had landed on Main Street of 24 Carrot. She asked around to see if anyone had seen or heard anything suspicious, but came up with nothing.

“You might try the factory,” suggested Charlie at Charlie’s Carrot Surplus.

So, Shadow set out for the factory. Now that she thought about it that seemed like the perfect place to have a secret hideout.

After climbing through the sewers, Shadow arrived in the enormous storeroom. “Hello?” she called, and then realized how stupid that was. Suddenly, laughter filled the air. Only, it wasn’t Dr. Hare, or Director D. It sounded like someone Shadow had heard before. Then, it dawned on her. Copy Cat! The super-villain!

“You can’t catch me,” Copy Cat yelled from one of the high platforms. “Dr. Hare’s clever. He’ll take over Poptropica, you’ll see!”

“Oh yeah?” Shadow yelled back. She was ready to get into a shouting fight with Copy Cat, to try to handcuff her, when the whole warehouse started to shake. An earthquake! Shadow thought, and just when she’d found Copy Cat. She pulled out her Carrot Transporter, to get out of the factory before it fell down on top of her! Bricks started to fall, and, closing her eyes, Shadow pushed the button on the Transporter.

Several seconds later, she found herself on Main Street. That was weird. Usually, it transported her to just outside the factory. What had happened? Why didn’t anyone else seem startled by the earthquake? She raced down the street, over to the factory. It was miraculously still standing, and wasn’t shaking anymore! But when she tried to get in through the pipes, she found they were blocked.

“What?” she said to herself, puzzled. Then, she smacked her forehead. “Of course! Crusher! He’d probably been shaking the factory, to make her think it was coming down! And then, they’d blocked the entrance!

Just great. The villains were probably all inside, and she’d just been locked out!

Suddenly, the sky started to dim from the cheerful light blue to a weird gray. The colors seemed to fade. Shadow looked down. Her outfit, which had been purple, was now gray! A weird humming filled the air, and then suddenly stopped. “What’s going on?” Shadow yelled. No one answered.

Shadow ran back to Main Street. No one was there. She pulled open the door to Charlie’s, and found Charlie inside. “What happened?”  she asked.

“I don’t know,” Charlie said, “but if you ask me, I’d say Poptropica just had a big power failure.”

“Uh, Charlie, I’ll catch you later,” Shadow said, and raced out the door. She had to figure things out. Back to Early Poptropica.

What’s  going on in Poptropica? What are Dr. Hare and Director D. up to? You’ll have to wait until next month to find out! [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Submit Your Own

What kinds of islands would you want to go visit on Poptropica? Here are some neat ideas from some special Poptropicans like you!

A Midsummer’s Dream Island: by Cheerful Claw and Neat Whale

What if you had to make Lysander fall in love with Hermia and Demitrius fall for Helena all over again? Puck, the fairy who put the spell on Lysander and Demitrius is distraught and in need of help, and you need to help him fix everything and fix Shakespeare’s great play.

Lego Island: by Neat Icicle

Your blimp lands in a world made entirely of Legos: the poeple, and even you. You have to find the pieces and bild the altar to the Master Builder, where Lego Island’s graphics will return to normal like other islands. And you have saved the island and get a suit in which you can look like a Lego minifigure.

The inhabitants are a collection of Lego sets in which you can receive sets or pieces towards sets in the game. The problem is, the natural order of the island is corrupted when the evil minifigs of each included sets form an alliance. But when they strike, the good guys are driven into hiding which is where you come in. You must help restore the balance. You must find and destroy the golden brick which is being controlled by Doctor Hair,who is in Lego form using brick to control the antagonists of the sets. Andto once again take over Poptropica.butyou must convince the good guys to put there tensions asideTohelp restore balance to the island. Dothis and the people will be restored to potropican form but the same characters will be there. so you can acsess there outfits. then you receive a golden Lego Stud as your medal!

Race Road Island: by Speedy Ice


So, what happens in Race Road Island is, that The giant stadium for the grand race has been broken to bits by somebody. This somebody happens to be one of your rival racers. He secretly works undercover for an agency  that wants no cars on  the road. Your aim is to thwart his agency’s evil plans by gaining access to his hideout and destroying it from the inside. Inside the hideout are the parts for the stadium. You must return them to director of the race, who will grant you permission to participate in the race. But remember, the agency will stop at nothing! They will try to stop you in many ways. You now need to participate in the race, and win the race, and when you win the race, you win the island medallion!

Easter Egg

Play any part of Astro-Knights Island in full-screen!

[Since this cheat may not work, here’s another one: use Ctrl + Shift + R to completely change whatever you’re wearing!]

Following up with Motionman95‘s trick to play Astro-Knights in full screen last month, Silver Shell has now found all the links to play on Astro-Knights Island in full screen for any of the rooms on the island, even if you haven’t unlocked the area yet! It really works!

Unfortunately, the Poptropica Creators have made it so that each room is a different URL, so to move from room to room, you must change the URL. He has managed to compile all the necessary URLs for AK Island, and also the URLs for some other islands (which will be revealed in future issues of the Poptropican’s 911!). Also, because Silver Shell has helped us all find a way to play Poptropica in a bigger screen, there is a possibility that the Poptropica Creators may release this cool feature to us someday!

To use the cheat codes:

  1. Go to and enter your user name and password
  2. Go to
  3. Close out of

To change rooms:

  1. Click on the address bar in your browser (it should currently say “” (without quotes) if you are at Astro-Knights Island and are viewing it in full screen.
  2. Highlight desc=AstroMain&island=Astro in the URL.
  3. Press the backspace key on your keyboard and delete the text.
  4. Copy the URL text for the area (or room) that you want to go to, and paste it where the desc=AstroMain&island=Astro used to be.
  5. Press enter to go to the link.

Room URLs for Astro-Knights Island:

Main Street:

Main Street:        desc=AstroMain&island=Astro
Mordred’s Museum:    desc=Mordred&island=Astro
Secret Sanctum:        desc=Order&island=Astro
Planetarium:        desc=Planetarium&island=Astro
Crop Circle Inn:    desc=Crop&island=Astro

Castle Street:        desc=Castle1&island=Astro
Princess’ Chamber:    desc=Castle7&island=Astro
Castle Entrance Hall:    desc=Castle2&island=Astro
Castle Libary:        desc=Castle5&island=Astro
Maid’s Chamber:        desc=Castle4&island=Astro
Throne Room:        desc=Castle3&island=Astro
Dungeon:        desc=Castle6&island=Astro

Mill Street:        desc=Mill1&island=Astro
Mordred’s Hideout:    desc=Hideout&island=Astro
Inside Ye Olde Rumour Mille:    desc=Mill2&island=Astro

Pewter Moon:        desc=Astrozone1&island=Astro
AstroZone Store:    desc=Astrozone2&island=Astro
Your rocket (on the moon):  desc=RocketMoon&island=Astro

Your rocket (Ice Planet): desc=RocketIce&island=Astro
Ice Planet 1:        desc=Ice1&island=Astro
Ice Planet 2:        desc=Ice2&island=Astro
Tigercopter Battle:        desc=Ice3&island=Astro

Your rocket (Jungle Planet): desc=RocketJungle&island=Astro
Jungle Planet :    desc=Jungle1&island=Astro
Mother Phoenix Battle:        desc=Jungle2&island=Astro

Your Rocket (fire planet): desc=RocketFire&island=Astro
Fire Planet 1:        desc=Fire1&island=Astro
Volcano Tunnels:        desc=Fire2&island=Astro
Dragotank Battle:        desc=Fire3&island=Astro

Crystal Gate (with key):    desc=Asteroid&island=Astro
Binary Bard’s Fortress:    desc=Cathedral1&island=Astro
Binary Bard/Mordred Battle:    desc=Cathedral2&island=Astro

Fan Art

We’ve found so many talented Poptropica artists this month, that there isn’t enough room to put everything onto this page! Here are some of the cool artworks we’ve chosen, though.

Mah Noo and Improoved Wallpaper: by Boot Brother, submitted by Incredible Fish

[Image no longer works. :(]

Quick Flame’s Hand-Drawn Self Portrait: by Quick Flame

Click here to see Quick Flame’s Poptropica avatar!

Quick Flame's Drawing

Poptropica Neat Whale Portrait: by Neat Whale

Poptropica: the place where kids can explore, collect, and compete!!

Poptropica Neat Whale portrait

Mordred is Cool: by Incredible Fish

I have the universe!

Modred is cool

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)


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      1. Agent S is one of the agents, and the robot suit fish is wearing… well, it’s basically a prop.

      1. – item6.swf are Early Poptropica items. item7, 8, and 9 are games. item 10-16 are Shark Tooth items. item 17 is a game. item 20-36 are Time Tangled items. item 27 and 28 are games. (item 28 never released) item 40-47are 24 Carrott items. item 50-54 are Super Power. item 60-69 are Spy items. item70, 71, 73, 74, 75, and 77-88 are Nabooti items. item 90-92 are Big Nate items. item 110-129 are Astro Knights items. item 2000-2025 are spiecial Yogos and Fuit Loops items. items 3000-3049 are store cards. 🙂

        ST: There is information about this on the Cheat Codes page, but thanks for sharing. 😉

      2. On the Cheat Codes Page, I posted a complete list of item SWF links, which, if used in the way the cheat codes page says, can show you every item card that exists or is in development.

    1. WAIT!!!!! Remmember the Got Green Screen? post? Well i mentioned that in the backround it looks like a teleporter, like on spy island. What if the spy item is for THAT island?!

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      1. Yeah, my sis’s characters name is Golden Paw (crazy! i know! 🙂 ) and i met a another golden paw in a chat room.

      1. If I remember right, it was a Sticky Seagull that won the Halloween costume contest on PCB. And, I ran into a Quick Flame in the Hair Club the other day, and they didn’t look like the Quick Flame that had his/her drawing in the 911!

      2. And I got:
        -Moody Ring (entered the Halloween contest)
        -Friendly Heart (a commenter on this blog)
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  9. Also, because Silver Shell has helped us all find a way to play Poptropica in a bigger screen, there is a possibility that the Poptropica Creators may release this cool feature to us someday!

    It is realeased. Press F11 and you get full screen.

    ST: No, that just takes away your toolbars and stuff to make it seem bigger. The actual game screen’s size (where it shows the Poptropica world) stays the same.

    1. Wow, that is weird, and I am thinking it’s from an old ad building. Something like Open Season 2, or somethin’ else.

    2. It might’ve been from the dogs in the Spy Island warehouse! That’s what it looks like, anyway. 😯 Cool.

      Calm Spinner – I don’t think it’s from the Open Season 2 ad, because I don’t remember seeing that from any advertisement buildings before. 😉

      1. That’s what I think too, ST, because the collar gives you polka dots (the dogs have them too) and her eyes are bloodshot (like on the dogs).

      2. I tried customizing them, and it didn’t work, but it is those dogs! It has the same collar, the same eyes, the same nose…

      3. I think the person who got it first did a glitch similar to the cat glitch (before it used to be customizable) and how we were able to get the cat ears, whiskers, etc.

      4. Your right! The collar is slanted like the dogs in the Warehouse unlike striagt around our(invisible) neck. And our eyes normally dont look like that!!!

      5. I once had the collar, but I took it off… I should have kept it! I had it on just a few days ago, but since I didn’t like it, I took it off…

    3. Its funny because u can actrully buy a dog suit like that with ur credits but the store dog costreme doesnt hav a collar that is leaning to the side and the store dog costreme doesnt have blood-shot(i think thats what u call them) eyes. Whats more I remember very well but i dont think the costreme, (althought i think u can change the colour of it)is available in that very colour!

  10. WOOT WOOT! My story got published 🙂

    I know it wasn’t that great, and many people (including me) couldn’t care less about history, even if it is the history of Poptropica.

    So… did anyone read/ like/ love it? Heh, heh?

    Oh, and bagels (cookies are geting boring) to everyone that submitted an entry, whether or not it got published here! I’m sure you’ll make it someday soon 😛

    1. Let me guess: You found that on Youtube, where it is a vid of someone falling and going to different places. It’s not real… sorry!

      1. I know! You cant really fall and go to different places. But i really wish we could teleport to the places we unlocked on the same island. Its annoying to go from The Mill to Main Street by going across one other place

      2. NO! ITS REAL! it happened to me once. I dont know how but. You see i was falling of party time time tower and next thing i know im on the mask of the ship in early poptropica then when i jumped off it im on shark tooth falling from the sky! Then i ended up on super power, spy, 24 carrot before finally stopping on shark tooth. Its weird because shark tooth is my fav island and i didnt end up on big nate or astro knights! But then this happened when astro knight was only available eo those with early acess passes! But of course theres still the chance i could of ened up there. And yes i hav seen the vidio clip but the other funny thing was that this strange teleportation glitch happened to me the day AFTER a watched the vidio! It was weird but really cool anyway! But still. I wonder how it even happened. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else here on this blog? If so, please comment!

      3. Let me try it if you really insist that it’s real. But I doubt it will work.

      4. Of cours it didnt work! even though I DID use the teleportation glitch, i dont know how to activate it! so if no-one knows how to activate the giltch, then no-bodys going to know how to use it

  11. Do you like my story,

    I arrived on beautiful white sand shores. I saw a cabin boy and asked him where I was. He told me I was on Pirate Island! He also said that they must find Davey Jones treasure to rebuild there ship. I went to look around and found a piece of a key. I found one of 5 pieces. When all 5 pieces are put together you can open Davey Jones treasure. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a ship. It was the Barnacle. I went to it and saw the bottom was missing. I made my way up to the deck and found that I also need a pirate flag and probably a hammer and nails. I found the hammer on the ground but there was still the bottom, the flag, etc. I went back in to town and found a hardware store. I saw a sign that said “Help wanted, we pay in nails!” So I went in. The man inside said “What do you want.” I told him I wanted a job. He said ” OK but you must put together a miniature pirate ship to prove you are qualified.” So I made a pirate ship model and he gave me my first payment. I was on my way out when I saw a manhole in the middle of the store. I used the hammer to pry it up. I looked around and saw a pirate jacket. I grabbed it and made my way out. The hardware man said ” Thanks to me all of his customers left because rats came out of the open manhole while I was looking around.” He fired me but he forgot to take my card that says I work there. I went out in the street and saw a man with a pirate flag for a coat I traded him the coat for the flag. I went back to the ship and used my scuba gear from Big Nate to dive to the bottom of the ocean and I found the bottom of the ship. I put up the bottom of the ship and the flag and went into the captains quarters. I found a piece of key and a manual of how to drive a boat. I went to the wheel and started driving. I took a look at a map in the manual and went to Sea Shell Rock. There I battled the rock monster. Inside him was the third piece of the key. I went back to my ship and headed to Bling Bling Point and found my next key part. Finaly I found the final part of the key on the beach of Davey Jones Locker. I looked around for a treasure chest and found a door. You neede a harware store card to get in and I had one. Once I got in I saw the owner of the hardware store. He had stole Davey Jones treasure. Then Davey Jones showed up. He said I must beat my foe at a battle. We sailed out and did battle. I sunk his ship and he gave me his treasure. When ever you go back he says “Take the treasure. You have earned it.” and you can coustimize him. I brought back the treasure to the island and they celebrated. The captain gave me a gold madalion for saving the island.

    1. geez everybody who wrote stories is like freakin awsome!!! by the way im like new here and my characters name is perfect popper and im at the soda pop shop peace out!!!

  12. You can tellaport on Poptropica!When you go into the factory at 24 Carrot Island,you get a Carrot Transporter and when you use it somewhere on the island,you telleport in front of the factory!And thats how you telloport!The video is`nt real,but the abillity in it is[somehow]!

  13. The Adventures of Bony Lion #1:
    RIIIIING! went Bony Lion’s alarm clock.
    She woke up. “PICKLE!” she called to her bulldog puppy, Pickle. “Arf!” barked Pickle, happily. Bony lion poured dog food into Pickle’s food bowl. Pickle’s bowl was lime green, and on the side, it read, “Pickle”.
    After breakfast, Bony lion headed down to the soda pop shop with Pickle. Even though he was a bulldog, Pickle was freindly. Bony lion chatted and played a few games of pathwise, then she headed off for work. She was excited,though. She was going to be a police officer, witch ment she got to fly her blimp again!! She had used to be a waiter at the soda pop shop but she got bored of that, so she was going to be a police officer!!! Anyways, when she got there, she found out 2 new things: 1:Her bosse’s name was Speedy Crush. 2:She was the ONLY police officer with a police dog!!! Speedy Crush told Bony lion she would be working with Red Beetle. “OK”, said Bony Lion. The next week, on Tuesday, she found out 2 of the villians had ecscaped!!! “OH MY GOSH!!!” Bony Lion yelled at the top of her lungs. Speedy Crush told her the 2 villians that had ecscaped were Copy Cat and Speeding Spike. “I’m on it!” said Bony lion. She ran to the bank. Sure enough, there was copy cat, standing next to the safe. “Ha ha, you’ll NEVER catch me!!” shouted Copy Cat. But Bony Lion was, well, faster than Copy Cat, who only managed to make one copy before she was caught. Pickle caught the copy, and Copy Cat went back to jail. Bony Lion RAN to the train where Speeding Spike was. Luckily, Bony Lion caught him quickly, with some help from her bulldog, Pickle. THE END Please note that Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, and Bony Lion are all REAL poptropica charecters. Pickle is the white bulldog from the spy island warehouse. Awesome story,huh? Well, I guess it is.

  14. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

    Hijuyo: We apologize, some of the images may no longer be available due to the artist taking them off the internet for whatever reason.

  15. I just like the helpful information you provide to your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test once more right here regularly. I am fairly sure I will learn lots of new stuff right right here! Good luck for the next!

  16. Location: Reality TV Island
    “Help me!” Hip Hop yelled. “What’s the matter?” Magic Mervin asked him. Hip Hop cleared his throat and said:”I can’t be wrapped around that tree branch forever!” His friends saw him suddenly wrapped around that tree branch. When Slim Slam had an idea, he grabbed Hip Hop by one foot and freed him. Although he was wrapped around that branch, Hip Hop was skinny.
    The End

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