Issue #18: August 2014

Issue #18
Date: August 3rd, 2014

★The Popcorn★

Munch on the PHB’s pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine!

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of the Poptropica Help Blog’s fan magazine! The POPCORN is a delicious amalgamation of Poptropica treats from fanfiction, artwork, and everything in between. Enjoy!


Poptropicans find adventure anywhere – that’s just their nature.

Fearless Wolf: by Prickly Starfish (sunsetcake)

My name is Shy Wolf.

My sister is Fearless Wolf. She’s so adventurous and fearless, like her name. But I’m shy and scared of everything. Fear makes me shut up. But my sister says I’m amazing and full of the best qualities a Poptropican can ever have, but all I have to do is be brave and to be unafraid.

But in reality, she’s everything. She’s the amazing one. She’s the one who’s full of the best qualities a Poptropican could have. She has that thing I don’t have: Brave and unafraid. Sometimes I see her covered in bruises, but she never complains, and shuts up when I ask about it.

Our parents, Adventurous Wolf (our dad) and Wild Fox (mom’s maiden name) died suddenly, way back in memory lane, and we never knew how or why. I took it seriously. But my sister was still the same, and comforted me all the time. She didn’t seem to be sad. She was fearless. She never cried. I never saw her cry, except for the time I was being bullied by my enemies. They pushed me off a flight of stairs and I was in a critical condition. That was a week after my parents’ death.

She spent sleepless nights in the hospital. One time, I pretended to sleep. She started to cry, and I could feel her tears land on my shoulder. She was saying something. Once I heard it clearly, I realized.

She never looked like my parents. My mom had brown hair, my dad had blonde hair. They both had black eyes. I had blonde hair like dad. My sister had black hair.
When I was two, my parents said I lost my memory. They loved me. But they despised Fearless Wolf.

They hated her. Once I heard shouts coming from my sister’s room. I heard her saying:

“So what? It’s not my fault I was left on your doorstep so you left her and she fell from her crib! It wasn’t my fault I showed up suddenly!” She was shouting.

“She lost her memories! It’s important! Your presence almost killed her!” I heard my dad yell.

“And you should have never been born!” My mom cried out.

My head ached so I stopped listening. I’d forgotten about it until now. I regarded it as unimportant. I though they were just metaphors.

I went back to the time when mom and dad died. My sister was unaffected. Then I realized it all, that night at the hospital.

That thing she said: “I did it, sissy. I killed them because they were drunk and about to kill me. I covered the truth. They were never good to me. I was abused. Because I wasn’t the true child.” She said in between sobs. “But I loved you. You were my only family left. You had a golden heart. You made me happy.”

It soon made sense to me. Those bruises…being unaffected…not looking similar to my parents…that conversation…I never forgave her. She killed my parents.

I ignored her. I shut her out. When I was old enough to get out of our house, I got out, then settled in Reality TV Island to be a star. Right after, she thought I went missing. She rode the blimp and searched for me. But a bird pecked at the blimp. The blimp’s balloon ran out of air.

She plunged into the deep waters beneath.

I wish I forgave her. She would have been alive. I should’ve understood. If someone would want to kill me I’d kill them in defense. Well, know that I’m brave. Since my sister taught me to.

I never knew she had a hard life. All I did was complain about my life and asked for help. She was brave. She was the one who had a golden heart. She risked her life to find out where I was, if I was safe.

A Fearless Wolf indeed.

The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather – Chapter 1: by Sleepy Feather

Silver Wolf glanced around, up and down the aisle, and finally at the ring. “You guys need to behave,” she said to the two twelve-year-olds, both of whom were laden down with candy, chips and other assorted snacks. “Sleepy would kill me if anything happened, especially to you, Golden.”

Golden Feather laughed, playing with her hair. Despite being younger than Silver’s best friend Sleepy, she acted a lot older, and didn’t seem satisfied with being a kid. “Chill, Silver,” she said calmly. “We’ll be on our best behavior, right, Crazy?”

She nudged her best friend Crazy Tiger, who sat in the seat beside her. “Oh, yeah. Best behavior. Totally,” he said, shoveling some caramel popcorn into his mouth.

Golden looked condescendingly at her friend, but said nothing. As far as Silver knew, they’d been friends for years, and despite the fact that Crazy was so much more immature than Golden was, they were still best friends. It was the only plausible reason why someone as shrewd and responsible as youthful and juvenile as Crazy.

“See, Silver?” Golden said, smiling. “We won’t do anything wrong.”

Silver relaxed in her seat. “Fine. But remember to behave, or you won’t be able to come here again.”

“No problem,” Golden said confidently.

Silver felt a buzz in her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. 1 new message read the screen. She clicked on it and read the message – it was from Spotted Dragon, her other best friend. CARNIVAL DANGEROUS. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. Silver laughed – Spots was her best friend, but she could be seriously paranoid sometimes, and this was one of them.

She shot back a reply: Don’t be paranoid. We’ll be fine.

Then she sat back to enjoy the show. But Spots’ text message couldn’t help but worry her, and there was a nagging feeling in her mind that told her that something was wrong. But what was?

The show started. A pair of clowns rushed into the ring and began throwing pies, juggling, making funny faces – you know, textbook clown stuff. Silver was bored, and hoped that the show didn’t go on like this.

Then the clowns left. “Isn’t the show so good, Silver?” Crazy yelled over the crowd. Silver nodded, not really meaning it.

A tall, thin, pale man walked into the ring. Silver stared. His face looked so familiar, but she couldn’t figure out who he looked like.

“Are you having fun?” the man yelled.

“Yes we are!” the children watching screamed back.

“Good!” the man replied. “Ready to see the carnival?”

“Yes we are!” the children answered. Silver leaned back, trying to figure out who the man looked like. He looked so familiar…

Just then, the phone rang. “Hello?” Silver asked, putting it to her ear.

“Silver. You have to get out of there,” said Spots’ voice urgently. “The Ringmaster is dangerous! He’s my – ” The phone cut off.

“Hello?” Silver asked. Understanding that this wasn’t one of Spots’ stories, she got up and shook Golden and Crazy. “Get up, you two. We’re going.”

“But we’re just getting to the good bit!” Crazy protested.

“Tough luck. No arguing. We have to go, now,” Silver replied, pulling Golden to her feet.

Golden huffed. “Fine. But we have to go out again in two weeks.”

“Sure,” Silver said. The two kids followed her to the entrance, but they were cut off by a burly man in a black shirt.

“Where are you going, then?” the man said, grabbing her and holding her up by her collar. Silver realized that she’d been led into a trap, and tried to back away.

Behind her, she heard a scream. Golden had been dragged off into the ring. “Silver!” she yelled. “Silver!”

Silver turned to see a horrible sight in the ring. An army of strange monsters ran havoc, breaking the seats and biting the spectators. Some tried to run, but were grabbed and attacked by the monsters. “Golden!” she yelled. “Crazy!”

The man held on to her arm. “The boss will want to deal with you…separately…” he said to her, pulling her off.

Silver shivered in fear. What did the Ringmaster have in store for her?

I should have left when Spots told me to, she thought as the man shoved her into a small room. She could still hear the screams of people devoured by the monsters. It was a horrible sound. Did Spots know the Ringmaster? Then it hit her. She knew who the Ringmaster reminded her of. It was so obvious – Silver was shocked that she hadn’t realized it before.

The Ringmaster reminded her so much of Spotted Dragon.

Poptropica Truth or Dare, Episode Two: by Quick Fang

(inspired by the first “Poptropica Truth or Dare” written by Golden Shell in May 2010 for issue #12 of the PHB magazine! click here to check it out!) 

Quick Fang:*Humming to “Happy”* Oh, hey Popcorn readers! This is Poptropican Truth OR Dare! *jingle plays* I am your host for this episode, Quick Fang!

Quick Fang: All right, let’s get started! *Goes to every island and puts every resident in my blimp.* OK, guys, here are the dares.

Myron Van Buren: Eat your chef’s poisoned meat and then find your way out of your mansion.
Harold Mews: Give the Black Widow all your money.
Ned Noodlehead: Use a wrecking ball to demolish your Comic Shop.

Quick Fang: Wait, what’s Harry Potter doing here?

Harry Potter: That’s what I was about to ask.

Quick Fang: Here ya go, Harry! *Tosses him into a portal *
QF: Anyway,
Slanted Fish and Samwow5: Climb Mount Rushmore, then hang-glide off the side.
Sickly Skull: Have a good atitude for once! (Sorry for spelling atitude wrong!)
Thomas Edison: Smash your phonograph, rip your blueprints then make everything again WITHOUT blueprints.
Dr. Lange: Dance to Gangnam Style with Annie from Red Dragon Island. For fifteen hours straight!!

Big Blue Zombie: Why did you hit me? 😦
Captain Crawfish: How did you make your skin gray?
Zeus: Will you let ANYONE handle your lightning bolts?

Refusing to complete a truth or dare will result in my choice for you to enter either the Closet Of Madness, or jump off the chasm in Mocktropica without all the narfs.

QF: OK, let’s start! MVB! Front and center please!
MVB: *Walks onstage along with chef and tainted meat*
MVB: *Swallows meat and dies.*
QF: Oh well. *Revives MVB.*
QF: *Kicks him into the Closet of Madness* Bye!

QF: Harold Mews and Black Widow!
Black Widow: *Snatches money and buys all paintings*
Quick Fang: Harold, since you didn’t HAND her the money, *pushes him off the cliff.*
Harold Mews: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

QF: Next dare! Ned Noodlehead! *snickers* Sorry! OK! *Hands him a wrecking ball and Miley Cyrus.* Whoops! *Transports MC to Earth.*

Ned: I’m Super Hot Dog Boy now, but OK. *Takes wrecking ball and… Breaks down in tears.* I can’t do it!

QF: OK! *pushes him in Closet of Madness*

QF: Slanted Fish and Samwow5! There’s Mount Rushmore, here’s some hang gliders!

⭐Two Hours Later⭐

SF: *Lands on the stage.*
SW5: *Does a somersault and lands.*

QF: Congrats to Samwow5 for the best entrance! Here’s a year’s supply of…. Cupcakes and adorable puppy pictures!

Sickly Skull: Let’s get this over with.
QF: Wow. Just… Wow. OK! Pushes SS off the side of the chasm. See ya!

QF: Alright! Time to change the course of Poptropican history!
Thomas Edison: *smashes phonograph, rips blueprints and rebuilds everything.*
QF: That’s impressive.

QF: *Turns on Gangnam Style.*
*Dr.Lange and Annie walk onstage and start dancing.*

⭐Fifteen hours later⭐

Dr. Lange: *Collapses*
Annie: *Collapses 15 mins later*

QF: Annie wins! Oh, and try not to get caught by the shogun.
Annie: *wakes up* What?

Shogun: *Drags Annie away.*

Quick Fang: *whispers* I’ll rescue you later!

Time for the truths! Everyone, say hello, and probably take out your anti-zombie guns while you’re at it.

Audience: *takes out anti-zombie guns*
Big Blue: *thunders on stage*
QF: Hello, Big Blue, thank you for joining us today. So onto the important matter… *takes out lie detector* Don’t bother lying.
So, why did you hit me when I was visiting Zomberry?
Big Blue: *grunt*
QF: Well, thank you again.

QF:Captain Crawfish, how did you make your skin clammy and gray?
Captain Crawfish: I was born with it.
QF:Thank you for being with us.

QF:Zeus, will you ever let anyone, preferably me, use your thunderbolts?
Zeus:Uh, yes…
*Lie detector goes wack!*
Zeus: Not changing my answer!
QF: OK. *Takes lightning staff and makes fireworks.* While I take this guy to Erewhon prison, Thank you for watching and bye!

The Undiscovered: by Quick Fang

Olivia walked around an unknown island that was overrun with moths, flies and red ants, while wondering why out of all had chosen her, along with five others stationed around the island, to find out exactly what had ruined their rovers they had sent to search the island.

Everyone from Poptropica’s major islands, Mocktropica, Night Watch, Spy, Mystery Train, Time Tangled and Cryptids Island had chosen one from their island to go to this mysterious one, and stop the force that cost them about 16 rovers. Olivia was the chosen one back from Cryptids Island and felt homesick already. She had helped her father, Harold Mews and the strange boy whom her dad had rescued from Gretchen Grimlock find proof of various cryptids.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Olivia muttered to herself as she trudged through the sticky mud. “I’d much rather be vacationing on Shark Tooth Island with dad.” After another four hours of searching, she found something. A note. It was torn and tattered, but easy to read. She noticed the spider webbings around it. As Olivia opened the note, she was bursting with excitement of what could be inside. She unfolded it and dropped it in horror of the cockroach inside. She picked it up again and read it. It said:

Fellow Villains,
Follow this map to the control tower.

Below it was a map leading through the jungle. “Finally, a clue!!” She squealed. Suddenly, something in the bush twitched, and out came… Ned Noodlehead wearing rabbot ears. ” Oh, for the love of Crawfish! Aren’t you supposed to be at your little comic shop?”

“Can’t talk, must guard control tower.” He said this in a robot tone.
“Um, hey, look! Kirk Strayer is signing autographs!” As Ned looked away, Olivia quickly pressed the off button. “Harold Mews’ daughter?” Ned said in wonder.
“I prefer Olivia!”
“Same thing. What are you doing here?”
“I– wait what are you doing here?”
“Ask Dr.Hare.”
“Oh, OK. Wait, Dr.Hare?”
“Yeah, he kidnapped me.”

There was the solution! The villains had all gathered in an attempt to “rule the world.” Olivia ignored Ned’s annoying questions the whole way to the huge, airport style control tower. She kicked the door while Ned kept on saying “Open Sesame!”On her fifth kick, it opened. They climbed up… Using the elevator. They got to the top floor and peeked around the corner. There was Captain Crawfish, the Black Widow, Dr. Hare and Binary Bard. “I am going to put my rabbot ears on every Poptropican I can! I have already put it on stupid Ned Noodlehead! ” Dr. Hare was saying. Ned started whimpering, and Olivia punched him in the arm, which made him start crying. Oh boy.

Binary Bard heard and dragged them into the open! As they discussed what to do with them, Olivia whispered, “Ned, break out your emergency plan number D7.” Olivia whispered to Ned. Ned took out a hot dog and they began throwing the hot dogs at each of the villains. The Black Widow started screaming, “No, I just took those from the dry cleaning!” At that moment, the other five explorers, along with the Poptropica President, and Dr.Jupiter, burst into the room. “Dr.Jupiter, arrest them!” “Aw, come on, we’re both doctors!” “My bite is much worse then my bark!” “But I didn’t get my treasure!” “You haven’t heard the last of me!”

The Adventures of Super Grape (Friday the 13th special): by Super Grape

Super Grape wakes up and stretches. Time to check the calendar super thought as she gets up and goes over to check the calendar. Super checks the calendar. She gasps. Friday the thirteenth! Super thought. Super had heard rumors that this day was supposed to be unlucky but she didn’t believe in superstitions. Super went to Incredible’s house. “Hey Super want to watch this movie with me?” Incredible said. “Sure” Super replied. The movie was titled Friday the thirteenth.

Super goes over to the couch with Incredible. “I got to warn you it’s scary” Incredible says as he puts the movie in. He sets down on the couch. They watch the movie together. Super hid under the blanket that was on the couch a few times. “Super you’re not scared are you?” Incredible asks. “What! No! You know me

I’m fearless Super Grape! Nothing scares me!” Super says bravely. “Okay if you say so” Incredible said. When the movie was over Super decides to take a nap. So she does. “Super wake up!” Incredible shouts shaking her. “Wow Incredible what gives?” Super asks. “We need to go! He’s coming!” Incredible shouts. “Who?” Super asks.

Just then a guy in a hockey mask burst through the door! “Jason!” Super shouts. “To the spy mobile!” Incredible shouts as he and Super run to the garage. Incredible takes the wheel. Super gets in. “Take us to Spy Island” Incredible said. “Spy Island located” The car said. The car teleports to Spy Island.

“WOW!” Super shouts. “I know right” Incredible said. Super and incredible go inside the spy headquarters. “Hello, Super” Director H said. “What’s up?” Super said. “Here’s the situation: Somehow someone was able to make an infamous villain become real from a movie and we don’t know who yet that is” Director H replied.

“So what do we do?” She asks. Director H gets out a list. “We have a list of suspects we need you to find out who’s behind this” He replied. “Can I help? My name is Incredible Wing by the way” Incredible asks. “Sure thing kid we need all the help we can get, but you’re going to need a cool spy name how about agent wing?” Director H asks. “Cool! I’m a secret agent!” Incredible said. Just then the alarm went off.

“What’s going on?” Super asks. “He’s trying to break down the wall!” Director H replied looking at the security footage. “Quick get to the spy helicopter! I’ll try to hold him off!” Director H shouts. “But you’ll get-“Super starts.

“I said go!” Director H shouts. Super and Incredible get to the roof and get in the helicopter. A pilot was already in there. The helicopter takes off. “So……who’s first on the list?” Incredible asks. Super looks at the list. “Director D.” She replied. “Take us to the docks” Incredible tells the pilot. He nods and fly’s the helicopter to the docks. “Now what?” Incredible asks.

“Now we find out where Director D is, those guys in black outfits are B.A.D agents” Super said. “Right” Incredible said. Incredible tackles a B.A.D agent. “Wow! Okay now we need to question him, let’s go inside that warehouse over there” Super said. “Right behind you” Incredible said. They go inside the warehouse. Incredible gets a lamp. He turns it on. “What the-“The B.A.D agent said waking up. “Alright were going to ask you a few questions, where’s your leader?” Super asks. “I’m not talking, and there’s no way you’re going to make me” The B.A.D agent said. Super grins. “Well there’s a mad man out there who likes to kill people, it would be a shame if we were to leave you for death” Super said.

“You’re bluffing” The B.A.D agent said. They take him outside and wait. They hear a growl. “What was that?” The B.A.D agent asks starting to swat. “I don’t know, come on Incredible let’s go get ice cream” Super said. They start to leave. “Wait! Okay I’ll talk!” The B.A.D agent shouts. Super and incredible go back inside the warehouse. “My boss is at a top secret meeting at the bistro, but you didn’t hear it from me!” The B.A.D agent said. “Let’s go incredible well take those cool scoters over there” Super says pointing.

They get on the scooters and ride them to the bistro. “Now the element of surprise” Super says smiling. They go inside the bistro and hide underneath a table. “Look there he is” Super say pointing. Director D was setting at a table talking to two B.A.D agents. “What do you think their talking about?” Incredible asks. “Possibly about taking over the world” Super replies. “Right then crash this party!” Incredible shouts.

They come out from under the table. “Stop right there Director D!” Super shouts. “Super Grape!” He shouts in response. Super tackles Director D! “Alright, time for you to confess, we know you made Jason become real now the question is why? Super asks. “What are you talking about it wasn’t me!” Director D shouts. “You’re not behind this?” Super asks. “No! I heard there was something eerie going on but I’m not behind it! And who’s Jason?” Director D asks.

Suddenly Jason breaks down the door. “That’s Jason” Super replies pointing to the guy wearing a hockey mask. “Oh!” Director D said. “We better run!” Incredible shouts. Super and Incredible run out the door leaving Director D behind! Super realizes this. “We got to go back for him!” She shouts. “Um……..Maybe they’ll get along after all their both bad” Incredible said. “Um……have you seen Jason vs. Freddy?” Super asks. “No” Incredible said. “Me neither” Super said. They both hear a scream. “Let’s get moving! “ Super shouts. They run to the blimp and climb up into it.

“So who’s next on the list?” Incredible asks. Super gets the list out and crosses Director D out. “Next is Dr.hare” She replied. “That guy in the bunny suit?” Incredible asks. “No the guy in the bear costume, yes the guy in the bunny suit” Super replied. “But where could he be?” Incredible asks. “He’s supposed to be in jail, so to Super Villain Island!” Super shouts. So they take the blimp to super villain island and go over to the prison. “(Gulps) Ladies first?” Incredible asks shaking.

Super go in first and he comes in after her. They go to the warrant. “We’re here to visit Dr.Hare” Super said. “Fellow me” The warrant said. They fellow the warrant to Dr.hare’s cell. “Well hello Super” Dr.Hare says with a scowl. “Hi Hare” Super said. Incredible laughs a little.

“Alright how did you do it?” Super asks. “How did I do what?” Dr.Hare asks. “I’m guessing you’re not the cause of the eerie things going on” Super said. “I’ve been in this jail the whole time and I don’t know anything about this, what’s going on?” He asks. Super whispers the events in his ear. Dr.Hare looked shocked.

“Okay listen I may be able to help you out you see I once know a guy who had exercises with special effects his name was Earl Stevenson and right now he owns a company that produces that it’s called Monstrous fright and magic or MFM for short” Dr.Hare said. “Um…..that does sound familiar I think I saw something like that on an island that’s off the coast of 24 carrot” Incredible said. “I bet if we go there we’ll find out who’s behind this, Hare do you think Earl could

have something to do with this?” Super asks. “You didn’t hear this from me but one time Earl did talk about of how he would one day build something that would bring movie characters literary right off the big screen!” Dr.Hare replied. “Don’t 3D glasses do that?” Incredible asks. “Incredible come on were going to MFM next, Thanks Hare!” Super shouts as they leave. “Don’t mention this to the other villains okay?!” Dr.Hare shouts. They get on the blimp and fly to the island off the coast of 24 carrot. They walk to a building that had the latter’s MFM on it. “This is the place” Incredible says recognizing the building. “Let’s go inside” Super said.

They enter the building. They look to see workers working on movie stuff like holograms and stuff. They spy something shining over in the door that read: Top secret! Keep out! They enter it. “Super look! That’s the Friday the thirteenth movie on the screen!” Incredible says pointing. “Your right!” Super said. “But it looks like Jason is missing!” Incredible points out.

Super spies a device and goes over to it. “Incredible take a look at this!” She shouts. He comes over. “It says: Movie realization 9000!” Super reads out load. “It looks like someone turned it on for a test run! Look blood on the floor!” Incredible shouts. They follow the blood to find a body of a man. The man was wearing a name tag.

“Is it-“Incredible starts? Super reads the name tag. “Earl Stevenson director of Monstrous fright and magic” She reads confirming his theory. “Look a journal!” Incredible says picking up a handwritten journal. “This should explain everything” Super says opening it up. They read the entries together.

Earl’s diary day 1: Dear diary I am eager of building a device that will bring movie characters to life! Soon people all over the world will be able to interact with them and have a fun experience! And I believe I have found the key! The answer lies in the movie itself! I will start building right away! Sincerely, Earl.

Incredible took notes as they read. “You never know when this could come in handy” He tells super. They turn the page and continue to read. Entries two, three and four weren’t that much interesting so they skipped those entries.

Earl’s diary day 5: I have finished making the device and it only took me three days! Now all I need is a movie to test it out! I’m going to the movie store later to get my favorite horror movie: Friday the thirteenth! Wait that’s it! I’ll test my device on that movie starting with the character Jason! No need to worry though I have programed the device to make even the meanest characters friendly! Sincerely, Earl.

It didn’t take Incredible and Super long to figure out what had happened next, but to confirm their theory they turned the page.

Earl’s diary day 6: To whoever found this journal if you are reading this then that means I’m dead! My test went horribly wrong! I put the movie in and went to the device and zapped the character Jason but before that something in the device malfunctioned! I thought it was a minor glitch so I didn’t check it witch was my big mistake! The character stood right in front of me!

I dropped my notepad and shouted “Yes! Success!” But then Jason tried to attack me and I dodged the attack. I quickly went over to the device and saw what the problem was: The character switch that was inside had been switched from Friendly to Original movie setting! I panicked and quickly wrote this in my diary. The only way to fix this is to get the character to come back here and press the “Back into movie” button. Once you do that please destroy the device! I never should have made it! Sincerely, Earl P.S I hope whoever found this is good!

Super and incredible close the book. “Poor Earl” Super said. “Well now that we know how to fix this mess how are we going to lure Jason here?” Incredible asks. “One of us is going to have to be bait” Super replies. “Not it!” Incredible quickly shouts. “Me and my big mouth” Super mutters. “I bet he’s still on Spy Island, I got a huge sack” Incredible says getting out a sack. They exit the building climb into the blimp and head back to Spy Island. “Listen incredible maybe we should rethink this” Super says nervously.

“Relax you’ll be fine” Incredible said. Super waited shaking. A few minutes later they hear some footsteps. “He’s coming! I hope you got that sack ready!” Super shouts. “If this fails can I have your iPod?” Incredible asks. “That’s not helping!” Super replies. Then there stood Jason. Super gulps. No more running I am fearless! Super thought. Super takes a deep breath and stands tall.

“I’m not afraid of you! Hit me with your best shot!” Super shouts. Jason starts to come towards Super. “That’s it a little bit closer” Incredible says from the spot he was hiding in and got into position. Jason was now five feet away from Super. “Incredible anytime would be good now!” Super shouts. “A little closer” Incredible says opening the sack and throwing a grappling hook. Jason was now in front of super getting ready to strike. “Incredible to the rescue!” Incredible says swinging in and successfully captures Jason in the sack. “That was too close!” Super said.

Incredible nods and they go to the blimp and go back to MFM. Super points the device at the sack as Incredible places it on the ground. “Hasta la vista Jason!” Super says pushing the “back into movie” button and it zapped the sack. “Did it work?” Incredible asks. “Check the sack” Super said. Incredible slowly opens the sack to find it empty. “It worked” Incredible says smiling. “Great now let’s destroy the device so that this never happens again” Super said.

“Agreed” Incredible said. Super and incredible destroy the movie realizer 9000 by burning it. “We did it!” They both shout. Suddenly Super wakes up from her dream. “Incredible you won’t believe this I had a super cool dream!” She shouts. She tells Incredible all about her dream. “That sounds awesome but it was just a crazy dream” Incredible says when she’s done. “Yeah guess your right” Super said. So after Super’s awesome dream everything is back to normal. But the question is what it really a dream? Or did it really happen and they decided to pretend it was a dream? The end?


In addition to the everyday, casual costumes, Poptropicans also brought in balloons and other exotic items from their wardrobes for the PHB’s sixth birthday party, which we celebrated this past month! 🙂

aug2014 fashion

PHB6 recap

Fan Art

Enjoy this showcase of Poptropica creativity!

No Space Suit Allowed: by Scary Plug

no space suit allowed

Real Life Dr. Hare: by HPuterpop


Shark Boy with relatives: by HPuterpop


Van Buren & Me: by HPuterpop


Best Day of My Life – Poptropica Music Video: by Magic Fire

Love Story – Poptropica Music Video: by Magic Fire

★MVB: by Brave Tomato (1313cookie)


PHB’s 6th Birthday: by Massive Fish and Calm Biker

“We drew this on a drawing website named FlockDraw during the PHB’s 6th birthday party.”


Collage for the PHB’s 6th Birthday: by Little Toes (Catrick33)

“I made something to say thanks for the party.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 8.25.30 pm

Monty Python & Poptropica: by Enclosed Lightning

“Costumes include Cupid’s Foot, Sir Arthur (King of the Britain), Maniac Bunny, a Black Knight, and a knight from Camelot.”


5 things you may not know about Poptropica: by Mashimai

How to get infinite points in triple jump in Poptropolis Games 2013: by Mashimai

How to get a pipe mouth on Poptropica: by Mashimai

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25 thoughts on “Issue #18: August 2014”

  1. I’m at the birthday photo collage 😛
    I’m the one that drop bottles of cola at the multiverse :3

  2. BTW, if anyone is wondering, The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather is being rewritten. That’s why the story in this issue is different from the one sent in for issue 14.

  3. Whoa. The 5 facts about Poptropica was……. surprising to say the least, but the Poptropolis Games cheat was AMAZING. I have always struggled to get a decent score on Triple Jump but now I will be WAY ahead of the other tribes on the leaderboard. Thanks so much you guys, I truly do appreciate your help. Even though I don’t use the walkthroughs (I consider it cheating, no offense intended), your website has so much other awesome content it’s kind of hard NOT to be attracted to it. I used to use Poptropica Secrets (run by Fierce Moon) if I needed a bit of help for a harder island, but then I discovered your site whilst searching for Poptropica easter eggs and glitches, and now I go on it all the time. Once again, thank you for getting the brainwave to make this site. I should say that it has helped hundreds – thousands actually – of the 500 million registered Poptropicans. Keep up the good work. This is my one stop shop for Poptropica related stuff and I hope this site will continue to grow and develop alongside Poptropica.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I understand you must be very busy running the site and I have kept my comment as short as possible. Bye for now. I look forward to reading the next issue of the PHB Popcorn.
    Fast Flame

  4. I have written Black Widow’s backstory. I don’t have an email, but is there a way I can send it in anyway?

    Slanted Fish: You can post it as a comment here. 🙂

  5. What about Issue #19?

    Slanted Fish: It’ll be released on the first Sunday of the month. 😉

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